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Name: dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap (Signed) · Date: 15 Aug 2018 03:28 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Masquerade Chapter: Masquerade

Quodpot Reveiw Match 3

After all, if I could get him that involved then I would have a decent chance of hanging on to him, particularly if we miscast the contraceptive charm and I ended up pregnant.

Jeez! I’ll be honest Mel, I didn’t think the story was going to be anything like this given your description. I thought I was going to learn about an entirely different Pansy but instead here was Pansy being Pansy. 

She’s kind of awful, isn’t she? I don’t want to say she’s 100% awful because I actually feel bad for her. I wonder if her parents actually put this pressure on her or if this is just something she’s concocted in her head that she has to be powerful and Draco is the way to get there. 

If she was really as smart as she seems to be you would think she would choose someone that wasn’t powerful and instead work to make them powerful because then she could be herself and she could control them. That’s what I would have done. 

She can’t control Draco. She also can’t stand him. Who wants to live a life like that? 

I actually admire how deceitful she is. It’s borderline ridiculous but smart so I can’t completely bash her here. Hoping to accidentally get pregnant? I can’t believe women actually do that but they do! Whenever I hear stories of women “forgetting” to use contraceptives and stealing it and…well…I don’t think I need to get into detail here but if she was a muggle woman going after someone with famous or money I could totally see Pansy turkey basting it!! The horror! 

I appreciated the part where it said Draco would be her undoing. She clearly doesn’t know how true that is because he hasn’t left yet for Voldemort and when he does come back he’s going to be completely different. This charade isn’t going to last any longer and Pansy Parkinson is either going to have to find someone else or be herself. 

Also, I kind of do believe that purebloods would have gone out and slept with Muggles just because. It would give them something to giggle about later. I don’t know why but when she kept mentioning the guy she slept with it didn’t even phase me because I believed it. 

Wonderful job here! While she’s not a redeemable character I found it quite interesting to get inside her head. 

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