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Story:A Hallowed occasion Chapter: A Hallowed occasion

Hi hi hi! :) Ofc with the Magical Menagerie on I just had to stop by because, well, it's my favourite pairing in my favourite era - it would have been rude not to :P 


I like that you chose Gellert's first impressions of Godric's Hollow (and, well, Albus :P) for this - it's not usual in the pairing for that to be the focus of the story. It gives such a well-rounded look at his character: at that kind of manipulative, winsome way he has about him - convincing his parents to let him go to stay in England, which is what he wants to do - how charming and convincing he can be, how he's neat and tidy (which I love about him; it definitely makes for an interesting contrast to Bathilda, haha, who sounds like my absolute nightmare :P), how he's a very practical person - he's been expelled, his parents want him to go away, so he'll go somewhere useful to him. You've created such an interesting version of him here: how he's so bored when his parents are telling him off - he's not upset at being expelled, not frightened of his parents or worried about what'll happen now. He's just... apathetic. Calm. Detached. It reminds me a lot of teenage!Tom Riddle in the books, yk? 


I love how he first meets Albus, of course :P How it's only a few seconds, but you convey so perfectly that moment when they see each other for the first time, how they appraise each other, how they both notice a kind of immediate attraction between them; how something so simple as a handshake gives them both ~feels~. I love as well how you included that mention of 'he hadn't reacted like this to a boy in quite a while'. It's such a great detail, because it says so much: there's been other boys, not many and probably not for long; there's never been a girl; Gellert wasn't perhaps expecting that level of attraction nor so soon. It sets it up all so well for their relationship to go from there. 


(Also, you end it on such a good note: "I think we may have more in common than Aunt Bathilda thinks" oh Gellert if only she knew, mahaha! :P Definitely got a lot in common! It adds a lovely humorous touch to this - which is a great counterpoint to the darker beginning, with Gellert's parents (which seemed singularly unkind and unemotional people, unconcerned by what he does - it sort of explains Gellert's own detachment, in that sense) - and gives it almost a cliff-hanger-style ending of what happens next? There's this lovely sense of possibility with it which I just love - it's a real skill to finish a complete story on a cliffhanger but you nail it perfectly.) 


This is such a great story - my only complaint is that, being an avid shipper, I'd have liked more but what can you do :P :P 


Laura xx

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Story:A Hallowed occasion Chapter: A Hallowed occasion

Hello Mel! 



I'm here for a review for the Gryffindor Red vs. Gold Review Battle for November 2018!



You know I've seen lots of stories about Gellert while he was in Godric's Hollow, but I don't know if I've ever actually read one about his first impressions of Godric's Hollow. I like how you imagined this. Gellert seems very manipulative and I like that you show exactly how he perceives Bathilda's home. He says that everything is okay while simultaneously being disgusted by her mess.



I also like how you show him being immediately attracted to Dumbledore and you hint at Dumbledore being quite taken with him as well. I like how that's the turning point for him too. He suddenly realizes that maybe his stay with Aunt Bathilda will be more promising than he'd originally anticipated. A bit tragic really considering we know what happens in canon.



His family's view of him getting kicked out of Durmstrang is interesting. I guess I see why they are ashamed that he was obvious enough to get expelled, but at the same time he's parroting the things they taught him. They don't seem to be very caring or understanding.



I wouldn't mind seeing a follow up one-shot about this showing how Gellert and Dumbledore began their friendship after this initial interaction. Actually, to be honest, I wouldn't mind a longer Albus/Gellert piece in general. *hint hint wink wink*



Good job!



Name: Crimson Quill (Signed) · Date: 14 May 2018 12:32 PM · [Report This]
Story:A Hallowed occasion Chapter: A Hallowed occasion


Hey Mel!



I'm here to review for my new beginnings challenge! It's great to see you writing again!


So, this was really interesting concept to explore and it's not something I have seen a lot considering it's such an important missing moment from the wider story. I thought you've really created a great version of Gellert here, from your first sentence it's obvious the type of person he is. It feels no remorse for his actions which got him expelled. I can imagine that Gellert's parents reaction to be as you've portrayed them, very similar to Sirius' parents really. I find it very telling that his father is already knows Gellert has a idea/plan for his time in England. 


I thought the use of the theme for 'new beginnings' was very good as this new relationship is a huge turning point in wizarding history so perfect to explore. Gellert's thought process throughout this piece was really well written and portrayed. He is so self aware that it's quite unnerving! I love that tense as he met Albus for the first time. I like that Gellert is quite aware what his feelings are for Albus straight away as I had always considered their attraction to be a bit more unknown/beneath the surface but for Gellert to know what his feelings are from the start does make sense in the way you've portrayed him. 


Thank you for entering my challenge!


- Abbi xo


Name: TidalDragon (Signed) · Date: 12 May 2018 10:49 PM · [Report This]
Story:A Hallowed occasion Chapter: A Hallowed occasion

Howdy Mel!


In my quest to familiarize myself with eligible Gryffindor stories for the POGS, I have arrived here.


I've always enjoyed missing moment stories and I think it's intriguing to get a view of things - and particularly their first meeting from Grindelwald's perspective. I'm not sure whether I'm in the majority or not, but I always thought that Grindelwald sort of played Dumbledore's heartstrings a bit, trying to manipulate him. Here you present him much differently - someone who was genuinely interested in Dumbledore including attraction - rather than simply a useful partner in his quest for world domination.


I also liked seeing behind the scenes of his arrival in England. Obviously he came from a different place - perhaps more different in wizarding society than Muggle society, given the differences between Hogwarts and Durmstrang, but we don't necessarily have an idea of how he views things. Obviously not favorably - aside from one.


Of course the factual reveals aren't all of it, you give us a good idea of Grindelwald's personality at this point in his life - definitely manipulative and arrogant - and you do it through the way he visualizes things primarily which is neat.


Thanks for sharing!

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