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Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter One


I'm here for EVS and can't remember if I need to say that in the review but I am (again, there's only one rule I consistenlty remember :P)

I have go to back to the top and talk about all the things I loved -- 

Alright so I can tell you're going to make us live through one of those relationships where it's painfully obvious to everyone but the MC who they should be in a relationship wtih. Obviously Quinn is perfect for James but I can't believe she dated Albus. Despite what I think are repressed feelings for James, dating her best friend's brother????!!!????? I'm shocked. Both that she did it and that it all ended okay for them. 

I really feel like I got to know Quinn and her family and her relationship with James in this chapter. Right away everyone felt like I've been reading them for a long time and that they are characters I need to read more of. So, great job with that. 

Is the thing with Ethan going to be a thing? Because, that felt like something important. o.o And while there are hit wizards in canon I haven't really thought much about what that life would be like AND NOW I'M JUST SCREAMING A BIT FOR MORE. 

Right, also. I had a laugh about the type of girl Ethan always ends up with. I know people like that. *sigh* 

So, i'll be back soon to shout about more stuff. 


Name: Noelle Zingarella (Signed) · Date: 04 Jun 2019 07:53 PM · [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Five

Hi Kris, I’m here for our swap! :)


After Quinn almost got herself killed in the last chapter, I definitely wanted to find out what happened in the aftermath. Quinn’s thoughts about how her ego is going to be the death of her and that it should be mentioned on her tombstone were spot on—and hilarious. Actually, this whole scene of her and James lying next to the Lake and trying to calm down after the near-death experience was really sweet. I was disappointed when the eagle butted in and interrupted the moment.


Speaking of which, ugh, I wish that Quinn’s parents would shape up, but I suspect that that will not happen any time soon. I think you’re doing a great job pacing the reveal on all of the issues that Quinn and her family have. The first time we saw them, they seemed pretty normal (for wizards), but the further I read, the more I see their problems.


I wish that I had a kitchen full of house elves that would make me firewhiskey and hot chocolate when I am having a rough day. I’m glad that Quinn and James have that place to go to. And when Quinn, maybe half-jokingly, asks James if he thinks she’s an alcoholic because that’s how he always suggests that she cope—well, I feel that the two of them may just work things out after all. It seems that Quinn is able to talk to James more than anyone else in her life, and she does seem to recognize the problems that she’s dealing with, even if she’s not quite ready to move on doing anything about them. But knowing they’re there is a good place to start. It is pretty amusing at how much she seems to be in denial about her feelings for James and his feelings for her…but I suppose those will come to a head sooner or later. ;)


The whole bit with Jackson Wood was hysterical! Of course Oliver Wood would have a love-child with some veela supermodel. And, of course said child would cause trouble among the ladies at Hogwarts. I loved the flirting between Quinn and Jackson—she’s got such a good handle on herself—I love her confidence!


I also loved how she dealt with catching Scorpius and Lily. The “if they’d rather shag and starve” line had me in stitches. 


I am dying to know what’s happened to Granddad and Ethan. I hope that they are okay, although I suspect they can take care of themselves. I also hope that they haven’t done too much illegal in the process…And what is going on with Dom and Teddy?


I’ve never thought about it before, but having a bunch of teenagers who can do magic living together for most of the year must provide a lot of opportunities for destruction and mayhem. This moment when Jonathon magically throws Ash’s stuff back at her in front of everyone in the great hall was spectacular—and embarrassing to read (in a good way). I can imagine that sort of a scene happening from time to time and the teachers just shaking their heads because “it’s part of growing up.”


This was another great chapter! You’ve got me hooked and I’ll be back soon to read more. Thanks for the swap!



Noelle :D




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Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Thirteen

i know you requested your review a very long time ago and i read this IMMEDIATELY after it was published but my thoughts remain the same:

ive fallen and i cant get up

also i LOVE that quote from Billions..... like, big love and it screams grandpa jones SO MUCH and

jaflajf every interaction with quinn and fred is pretty much hilarious. "why are you talking like a sixteenth-century lady" is gold. your dialogue is always on point and it's amazing thank u for coming to my ted talk 



can both my babies stop blowing holes in tHEIR OWN SHIP???? 

20/10, loved it, would have my heart ripped out by angsty jinn every time 

- love, emily 

Name: adorably cute (Signed) · Date: 19 May 2019 03:21 PM · [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Five

Hey Kris, here for our swap!


Ok, "I suspect it wasn't so much stupidity that killed me, but my foolish competitive nature" is gryffindor af and I relate to that so hard. But a scary moment for Quinn there and ughhh this owl interrupting an almost kiss. WHY?


I'm less than surprised that Quinn's parents have the assistant team manager send her a letter about their win, given them being them. Spiked hot chocolate is an AMAZING comfort drink, idk why Quinn is complaining that this is what James brings her! (but I love that she admits she just wants to feel like they were by the lake, she totally wants him and just can't admit it!)

Ohhh a enw character! Jax Wood literally just going for it in the middle of a secret passageway while they're walking to class, what an introduction! And that Dom and Ash have a bet for when he would get with Quinn? I'm intrigued!


loling at James thinking about selling illegal potions. what a business sense. Ohhh ok, so Ash and her boyfriend are DONE...which means she and Fred can get together? I hope? Since something definitely happened there earlier. And Dom HAS a new boyfriend but there's still Teddy to think about. Very curious. Great introduction to Hogwarts, Kris! Can't wait to see where this goes next!


Author's Response:

hah, yeah, quinn is very much a gryffindor through and through...maybe some slytherin tendencies here and there but they're so overpowered by her gryffindor nature (and mostly with the more problematic parts of being a gryffindor in the grand scheme of things...) that everything else just fades in retrospect :P


owls are evil. especially when they're interrupting things. and jax wood is welll......haha a lot of people didn't like him at first but as the story progresses we see more of him and even though he really is a huge flirt who likes sex, he's okay with that. and quinn is someone he wanted to get together with for a while (of course, for quinn it was more fun to torture him with something he can+t have), hence the bet between ash and dom.


i headcanon james as being awesome at potions, something he inherited from lily but, being who he is and who raised him/who his namesakes were, of course he's bound to turn that talent into something...like brewing&selling illegal potions haha :P ash is done with her boyfriend. whether or not jonathan is done with her remains to be seen. as for fred... he's a bit of a coward right now :P


thanks for the lovely review and for swapping with me!

Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 18 May 2019 11:09 PM · [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Twelve

Hellooooooo here for our swap!!


First of all, I love that Quinn has a lucky sports bra and I am entirely unashamed to admit that I also had a lucky sports bra for all my cheer and dance competitions in high school so I very much relate to her on that one.




Aww, I love Ginny - she’s so wonderfully supportive of Quinn, which is great since Quinn’s own family doesn’t seem to be doing it too much. And I love all the fun ways the other Gryffindors have come up with ways to support the team - an enchanted lion and a super artsy banner both sound super dope.


Hahahaha Quinn is 100% a Lannister, no questions asked.


And wow, that match was intense! Quinn’s strategy was probably the better one here - playing dirty sucks, but when it’s what you’re up against, you do what you’ve got to do. Speaking of dirty playing though….  I really wanna know what went down between Lily and Scorpius there? I feel like she might’ve used their relationship against him as a way to distract him so she could go catch the Snitch?? Which is devious as hell but also kinda perfect?


Oh god you could cut this locker room tension with a knife. James and Quinn really do have a thing for creating immense sexual tension in Quidditch locker rooms, don’t they?


Quinn is quite obviously very jealous of Trinity and gets very petty as a result - and I love that James calls her out on that. And then !!!! (I actually don’t have a sentence here. My actual reaction to this section is literally just !!!!)




But like, also, OF COURSE Quinn couldn’t just like, accept her feelings and admit that she and James are good together. Nope. It’ll be interesting to see how she addresses *that* one in the morning. (Or if she addresses it at all? I also wouldn’t put it past her to just try to pretend it didn’t happen?)



Author's Response:

*_* YES FREAKING FINALLY!!! but yep, sneaking out in the middle of the night probably wasn't quinn's smartest move.


ziggy in a tiny gryffindor scarf conveniently makes an appearance in chapter 13 so.......


yes, ginny is a cool character. she's not like molly, who would pry and pry and try to meddle - she knows quinn might take her up on the offer to stay with them if she wants (and she stays at the potter house a lot during holidays) but she also won't actually talk about the problems she/her family are having. so ginny tries to support her/be there for her in ways that won't make quinn annoyed.


quinn's strategy was the better one, but james would never start out with a dirty play - he's too noble for that. but he's also competitive and wants to win so when he sees there's no other way to play it, he goes along with it. haha lily is a devious girl sometimes....she does have james for an older brother ^_^


well, they do spend a lot of time in quidditch locker rooms half naked so....sexual tension abounds *_* at least this time it was...uh...resolved...later...a bit... :D


kris *_*

Name: Noelle Zingarella (Signed) · Date: 18 May 2019 10:29 PM · [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Four

Hi Kris! I’m here for our swap :).


I’m really seeing now what you mentioned earlier that Quinn’s family has some problems. How sad it is that neither one of her parents can be there before she leaves for a whole school year away from home. Especially since it’s her last year at Hogwarts—after that who knows where she’ll be headed. I guess I can understand one parent having to work and not being able to get out of it, but you’d think that the other parent would want to be there for the kids then even more…and it seems like Quinn might be a bit (understandably) resentful about it.


So, now that I’ve got that off my chest, I loved how you opened this chapter with Quinn and Ethan boxing!!! For some reason, Quinn became so much cooler when I pictured her boxing—not that she wasn’t cool before—but dang! It seems to suit her so well too, maybe even more than Quidditch…although Quidditch might be safer? Anyway, this whole scene with her brother is so well done—her anger, Ethan calling time because she’s getting too rough, how she tears off her gloves with her teeth—I loved all that.


And then to bring us into this crazy scene where Grandad is being threatened by some strange witch—for some reason that struck me as hilariously funny. I somehow wasn’t even surprised that Grandad would have some young witch threatening him—or that he would be totally cool about it, taking it in stride. He seems to have the situation under control. This line in particular:


‘“This escalated quickly,” grandad said with an eye roll. He sipped from his cup.’


had me in stitches. I seriously love Grandad and fervently hope that he isn’t going to turn out to be a bad guy.


I love how Ethan immediately has a knife on the girl (Ethan may seriously need his own story someday) and Quinn is trying to take it in like what the f— is going on here?


Selene is amazing, she’s so calm even though she’s running for her life apparently. I really want to know how Granddad got wrapped up in this and why he has dirt on so many people. And I loved the detail about how the magical patent works! Brilliant!


The next scene where Quinn has the mirror conversation with James also had me in stitches. Their dialogue is so fun and witty and kinda sweet, even though Quinn seems to want to pretend to be too cool for it. I loved when Quinn could tell that James was counting to himself to calm down—and I love that James wants to keep his cool and not yell at Quinn. He seems like a really good friend.


The moment when James tells Quinn that he loves her and she drops the mirror—brilliant! But, by the way the conversation proceeds from there, I’m guessing that he means friend love and not romantic love. Which, I guess, is fine for now…but I like him way better than Logan…just saying :-).

I’m sad that Quinn has to go to King’s Cross alone. I hope that her brother is okay, and I wish her parents would get it together and give her some more attention.


I really enjoyed the dialogue on the train—really your dialogue is always so great—especially Quinn’s monologue about how James Potter I got to be head boy. I totally believe it. That is my new headcanon now :-).


Quinn’s comment about how she’s not a Hufflepuff because she’s not nice was hysterical. If I’ve somehow neglected to mention it before—I love Quinn.


I simply loved the last scene—the stars, the flying, the almost dying, and how James held onto Quinn after he saved her life. It was beautiful.


Great chapter Kris! Thanks for the swap—it’s always a pleasure!






Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 18 May 2019 09:23 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Ten

Hello, Kris! Here for our swap! :D

First of all, I have to tell you... you have such a wonderful sense of humor! I chuckled a lot while reading this chapter, especially at the breakfast scene. The whole exchange between Quinn and Jax, and later Fred, was wonderful, and I especially loved the dare thing and Odin's arrival! why are all your pets fucking psychotic? That, Freddy, is a question I've been asking myself since this story started... :P But also, it's part of the charm of it! ;)

James and Trinity... at first, I was as shocked as Quinn when she surprised them. Then I dismissed it as all your characters being overly hormonal... but after your question in the author's note... did he do it on purpose? To make Quinn jealous? You mentioned the detail of the Map in his pocket, and maybe it wasn't just a casual detail... did he see Quinn coming and made it so she would surprise him like that? Maybe I'm reading too much into this... anyway, if his purpose was to make her jealous, he achieved it. Even if she hasn't recognized it yet...

Damned Osborne! I hope this isn't going to end up too bad... so nice of Al to warn James about it... with all his flaws, I still insist that Al is a cutey! <3 It's weird that Jax didn't say anything, though... but also maybe he doesn't want to get involved... although being on the Slytherin team and having this "relationship" going on with Quinn, he already is? I don't know... :/

Ziggy is the best character! I know I say that at every chapter, but it's just the truth! :P

Wonderful chapter! You are such a great writer! (Side note: let me tell you that you have such a lovely style, and also that your English is so good and I'm envious...)

Thank you so much for the swap, always the greatest pleasure!
Lots of love and snowball hug,


Name: beyond the rain (Signed) · Date: 15 May 2019 05:35 PM · [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Fifteen

Hey Kris! Here for the review swap. I'm sorry this has taken ages but I'm here now and wow SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED WHAT HAVE I MISSED?! 


Quinn seems to be under a lot of pressure right now. I mean quidditch is important to her, school is happening amidst all of the teen drama. Then there's Jax...and James - and yeah. I feel for her a little bit because there's a lot going on in her life. Is she just seeing Jax, does she feel something for him - or is he just a bit of stress relief? Quinn can be so difficult to make sense of sometimes! I like that she put her studies before a night of fun with a really hot guy. 



Long stares and the unspoken sexual tension between Quinn and James is finally overflowing - finally! The shouting in the classroom, and then the fighting was bound to lead to him kissing her. Or her kissing him...I mean it happened, which is all that matters! 



I can't believe nothing came of it though. It makes sense that she stopped it going any further - she is seeing someone else. She values James' friendship more than anything and she's scared of ruining that. But James seems to think it can work. They need to talk about this more!!! I'm excited that their relationship is moving forward though. Even if it's just a little bit! 


This chapter was so angsty, but I lived for it. Teen drama is never fluffy - but I hope things get better for all of them soon!




Name: crestwood (Signed) · Date: 14 May 2019 04:46 PM · [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Ten

Hi Kris! Here for our swap.

Quinn really loves to compartmentalize the things she’s feeling in the back of her mind, something tells me she’s going to confront them all at once at some point, sooner rather than later.

You’re so good at writing antagonists like Osborne - he and his friends seem so menacing, but also desperate in a way? Like, they’d do anything to get a leg up over Quinn, which is really what makes them dangerous. I guessed that something was definitely up with them when Jax reacted to them the way he did, even the one that he seemed to have been friends with.

I can’t help but wonder if James orchestrated this run-in behind the tapestry, knowing that he had the map on him. But also, I’m not sure about the logistics of that, or if he’d want to even do that in the first place, so, not my most confident prediction. Above all, I want Quinn to realize why she was bothered by walking in on that scene! She absolutely refuses, but it’s got to be a matter of time.

I love the introduction of the game of dares and look forward to seeing it implemented at a pivotal moment - since Fred totally teased that we would see its return.

All of the pets in this story are hilarious and their fandom has taken on a life of its own for good reason.

I want to know what is going on with Quinn’s family so badly and apparently her grandad will not be much help at all. I can’t tell if he’s really being watched so closely or if he’s simply paranoid.


The Slytherin team’s plan for the game isn’t really surprising, but it is definitely surprising that Jax didn’t warn her about it. He’s going to deserve whatever Quinn decides to do about it. I just hope she’s able to outsmart them somehow - I would hate to see how she’d react to a bad game in front of scouts. I’m enjoying the storyline quite a lot - still in awe of your juggling of so many different threads! Excellent work, and thank you for the swap!

Name: Downlow (Signed) · Date: 14 May 2019 03:22 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Fifteen

I don't know why but for some reason I'm all for Hardwood in the medium term, because, Ew Trinity. 


Another splendid chaptere. I love how you've captured the emotional dilemma. And damn girl your sex scenes! You really know how to write them. 


I wonder though... What has Ashley gone through with that asshole? Is he going to die? Will it be painful?


Make it painful. 

Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 12 May 2019 05:45 PM · [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Eleven

I am one chapter away from the sexual content warnings, so clearly things get verrrryyyyyy exciting after this? And I’m HERE for it. (This to say, I will happily continue swapping with you at any time, haha.)


(Also my bad on being like two days late on this review.)


Anyhow, Quinn continues to win awards for massive levels of obliviousness. Like, she’s waking up cuddling with James and acknowledging that looking at him helps her forget about the drama going on in her life? How does it NOT smack her in the face that she’s head over heels for him?


Also the whole ‘Amortentia taking more than a month to brew’ thing?? Why do I feel like this is going to become relevant in a future chapter? ;)


I love Quinn referencing Odin in her note to Freddy as a threat - that’s a great detail - although I really do wonder what Freddy’s thoughts are regarding James and Quinn, especially having woken up and seen them sleeping like they were. Because Quinn gives him a lot of shit about him and Ash, and it’s kind  of surprising he never tries to do the same thing back. Although maybe he knows how James feels and James has made him promise to not comment on it? Idk.


And Jax… I understand why he didn’t tell Quinn - he likes her, and he knows that admitting that he doesn’t have control over his own team probably isn’t something that makes him look attractive in her eyes - but at the same time, he should’ve known she was bound to find out somehow anyways. And it probably would’ve been way better for everyone involved if he’d just, like, *told* her himself instead of letting her find out through the rumor mill.


Hugo as the resident spy, collecting information on other people’s relationships and reporting back, is honestly just the funniest thing to me. Also, that’s a good business model and he should try to turn a profit for it - with these characters, it seems like he’d probably turn  a pretty solid profit. 


Also LOL at Fred telling everyone to refer to James as “The Captain” - it makes these scenes sound so much more dramatic than they are. But also, Quinn’s actually a pretty solid teammate to both Seth and Lysander here; I know she says she’s the wrong person when people need reassurance, but I think her being incredibly blunt works well - it’s clear that she’s not just playing nice for the sake of soothing nerves, and it’s reassuring in a weird sort of way.


Wooooof, this argument between Lily and Quinn got real intense real fast - they’ve both got pretty short-fused tempers though, so I really shouldn’t be surprised by that. But Lily definitely should’ve known better than to just suggest they kick Quinn off the team - she’s newer to the team than Quinn is, not to mention how *good* Quinn is - and that suggestion was absolutely doomed for failure, especially with James as captain. 


AHHHHH this last scene!! They’re so close and that was almost a kiss and DAMMIT FREDDY!!  "Well, you've been doing that since the day I met you and I'm still here, aren't I?" I just adore this and gosh darn it let them kiss already!! (Or, uh, more than that - I have my fingers crossed that the warning on the next chapter specifically pertains to James and Quinn.)


As always, excellent chapter! 



Author's Response:

i admit, i'm a sucker for the trope of amortentia scenes and like...being oblivious, like, what the...what's that familiar scent???? WHAT COULD IT BE? but i also like writing their potions scenes together :D


fred is the person james is closest to (after quinn) and he's also someone who would not laugh at james if he told him his feelings about quinn...so you might be on the right track there (judging by his behaviour in previous chapters and in this one). but he's also quinn's friend and he knows the way she is. he wouldn't want to do/say something that could possibly cause a rift between his friends (well...friend and cousin, especially if he knows the way said cousin feels...) because he can't be certain of the way quinn would react. sure, everyone might think they'd make a good couple, but everyone also knows quinn quite well...


i love my hugo headcanon as a sly slytherin who completely takes after hermione in terms of her smarts, after ron in terms of being good with people (not girls obviously) but then turning those qualities upside down and using them and just being this sort of person who likes information and knowledge for power.


hah, quinn tried her best with people...sometimes /often it doesn't work in her favour, being blunt, being sometimes obviously uninterested but then again, when it's something or someone she cares about (in this case her quidditch team because quidditch is important to her and by default her teammates are important) she wants to do what's right. her grandad is much more manipulative when he wants to be (he was a slytherin after all) but quinn doesn't have it in her to bother with manipulation (again...a gryffindor quality)


lily really doesn't like quinn. she thinks that she messed with al's feelings (she did..but al knew what he was getting himself into), she thinks she's bad for james...and lily is the type of person who puts her family first and sometimes likes to meddle (sort of like molly weasley). and it's not like quinn tries hard to be friends with her. but yeah, expecting james and the rest of the team be okay with kicking off a good player, especially quinn, was stupid to expect.


haha 'gosh darn it let them kiss already' made me giggle :D and, uh, yeah, well, kiss...or something more. because quinn and james aren't known for doing things halfway :P



Name: adorably cute (Signed) · Date: 12 May 2019 03:09 AM · [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Four

hey kris! here for our swap and (finally!) getting back to this like i have been so meaning to!


okay, such an exciting start to this chapter! we go right into some action. i read the selene one shot for our last swap so it was exciting to see her introduction in this chapter. honestly, after reading her oneshot and how she's introduced here, i think i agree with quinn- she may just be a sociopath! but such an exciting entrance. clouded with mystery. i'm curious to see what will happen with her!


I LOST IT when james told quinn he loved her! omg i think my heart stopped for a minute before i realized he wasn't actually committing to it. a little sad for quinn when she says that people don't say they love her-it's definitely a sign of her upbringing and i love how james is there to reassure her that even with all her flaws she's still loveable!


yayyy we're headed back to hogwarts! i'm excited to see quinn take on hogwarts and see her, james, and fred take on quidditch! i love the tradition quinn and james have of going flying together their first night back! i love super cute friendship traditions like that. but we really see some more of quinn's recklessness here and how it affects james! i'm curious to keep reading and see what happens with this-we've had a few instances in this chapter alone where her recklessness has affected james somehow and in love with her or not, i have to imagine he'll get fed up with it eventually! great chapter!


Name: Noelle Zingarella (Signed) · Date: 11 May 2019 11:48 PM · [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Three

Hi Kris, I’m here for our swap!


So, I really wanted to come back to TAOBN and I see what you mean about Quinn’s family having some serious issues in this chapter. I like Quinn’s grandfather even more now, as I read about how upset he is over losing Quinn’s grandmother. He must have loved her very much, and how horrible for him that he feels he has to deal with his sorrow by locking himself up alone. The fact that he won’t even see his son—the only other person it seems who might really feel as much pain as he does on such a day—is so sad! This family seems to have some serious communication issues. Do they all pretend that they don’t have uncomfortable feelings? Do they all feel that they have to ‘be okay’ all the time? I’m very curious to know more about them.


I’m also very concerned about Quinn. I’m glad that James is with her on this sad day, although I see that he is enabling her drinking—which seems to be a bit of a problem from her friends’ reactions. I see that Quinn is a little defensive about being judged, but I would hope that her friends are mostly worried about her. I am glad to see that James wants to take care of her and that he is a little worried (even if he did bring the bottle over in the first place). 


I enjoyed reading about James trying to protect both his brother Al and Quinn from themselves. And I’m not super surprised that Quinn managed to slip away from it all with Logan and forget everything for a bit. I was amused the morning after when Logan was trying to take her on a date and she was opposed. She just wants something simple, an escape if you will—not a boyfriend. She’s got James for emotional support, after all.


I seriously cracked up when James, Ethan, and Granddad all yelled at Quinn when she got home after her adventure with Logan. They were all obviously worried about her, and it came out as anger as often happens with men (and parents, in fact). I am glad that she was honest and she really should have told someone before she went off. The ending moment with James was really sweet too. I want things to turn out well for Quinn—I like her! I think she probably does feel things more deeply than she lets on. 


Your characterization is wonderful (I loved the bossy Lilly and the tantalizing bits about whatever is going on with Teddy) and your dialogue is fun to read. I like your details about the pets being frenemies too and sort of hanging out together. 


Thank you for the swap! It’s always a pleasure!




Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 11 May 2019 09:30 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Nine

Hi, Kris! Here for our swap! :)

Oh, wow! This was an intense chapter! First the fight, and then Ethan... poor Ethan, btw... I know I told you already somewhere, but I could never do his job... :/

Anyway, let's go with order.

Dom: the whole Sean/Dom/Teddy/Victoire quadrangle is kind of a huge mess, actually... and I think I agree with Quinn for once (I'm sure I told you already somewhere, too...) "Well, tell Teddy to make up his damn mind. What kind of a person stays with someone they feel miserable with? And then shag that person's sister for over a year?!" Exactly my precise thoughts right there. I get that Victoire is difficult, and I suppose Teddy does care about her and doesn't want to hurt her... but at the same time, this situation is not good for anyone? I would like to have a talk with all your characters, now that I think about it...

James: I think it's hilarious (and sort of endearing, too) the way he's constantly following Quinn to make sure she's safe. And annoying every single person around them in the process... :P The fact that Dom and Ash would talk about girlish stuff to dissuade him but him being completely unfazed is even more hilarious. :P Although, I can understand Quinn to an extent... she's an independent girl and proud of it, so James being overprotective would annoy her, especially because she can't see the reason for it (which gets me back to my last review... but I'm not going to get there again...) And while she was uselessly cruel to him (she's Quinn, after all... *rolls eyes*) I can understand that she would lash out that way, especially when she's so nervous about a lot of other things. (How am I so much on Quinn's side in this chapter? Weird...)

Side note - the tension at Quidditch practice was great! Poor Lily, though. Although, once again, I have to agree with Quinn... Quidditch is meant to be brutal, so if you decide that you want to play you have to accept the possible consequences. Although maybe Lysander and Quinn were a bit too... enthusiastic? Well, either way...

Albus: I'm glad they finally talked and agreed on where they stand. I mean, I don't think either of them is quite over the other yet, but at least this is something? And they even managed to joke about it a little, so maybe Al is getting over his heartbreak? I hope so. Albus really need to move on now.

Ethan: the poor boy... I found it sweet that he seeked his sister in that moment... he's so devastated right now, but still needs to put on a brave face... I'm so glad that after the chat with his sister he was feeling almost normal again. :) But, wow, their family is such a mess! And what does it mean exactly Grandad is too busy with politics right now to reply to letters? Anyway, that was a great siblings moment, and I live for siblings moments!

The final scene: that was such a lovely moment, too. James knows her so well... when will they sort themselves out? (I did get there in the end, apparently...) But for now I guess I'll just be happy that he's there for her, and that she apologized and is grateful for him being there. But really, all this denial is starting to get unsufferable...

In case it wasn't clear from my semi-rambly review, this was a great chapter!

Thank you so much for the swap, always a pleasure! :)

Lots of love and snowball hug,


Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 04 May 2019 08:47 PM · [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Ten

Hi Kris! Here for our swap, and figured I might as well continue with this story. :)


Quinn walking in on James snogging Trinity while she’s holding hands with Jax has to be the single most awkward walking-in-on-someone situation ever, because they’ve *both* essentially walked in on each other. Admittedly, Quinn and Jax holding hands is a lot less… salacious, but given that she doesn’t really like most people much (and that James fancies the hell out of her) it’s honestly just about as intimate.


And god, Quinn’s *so* oblivious to her own feelings that it’s almost hilarious. ‘There was no reason for me to be annoyed with him, and yes, I was’ AND WE ALL KNOW WHY EXCEPT YOU, QUINN.


Also, in a weird sort of way, I’m actually starting to like Jax? He’s a bit of a mess and probably one of those people that I would definitely end up punching in the face in real life, but idk, he’s also a pretty good match for Quinn? I mean, without James in the picture, I could definitely see them being good together - they’re pretty similar people and tend to play off of each other really well, in addition to having really good chemistry.


LOL, the dare thing is *such* a Gryffindor thing, and it’s even MORE Gryffindor that none of them have actually figured out what happens if they don’t actually follow through because none of them have backed down.


I feel like I’ve mentioned in a past review that I adore how much personality all the animals in your fic have, and this moment with Odin is absolutely no exception. I love that Fred is just absolutely terrified by it, and that Quinn ends up in a staring match with the owl, and that Jax is just a bystander through the whole thing and absolutely laughing his ass off (which, in fairness, I totally would be too).


AND ZIGGY. THE ICON. Honestly, Ziggy is the MVP of this chapter for successfully intervening and protecting James and also just because, based on what we know of Trinity already, he seems to have a pretty good read on people. (Also I’m just really excited about cats in general right now.)


Ohhhhhhh, shit. Osborne was an ass in the last chapter, but convincing an entire team to target a player and try to ruin that person’s career is just really, really low. And that’ll certainly make for an interesting match, what with everyone except Scorpius and Jax going after her - I’m assuming that’s a thing that’s coming up soon? (And dammit Jax, right after I said I was starting to like you, you keep this giant ass secret? Not cool, my dude.)


Also Quinn’s closing line is a goddamn mood and a half. That is all.



Author's Response:

.............or maybe james is a secret mastermind in making quinn jealous because he knows her too well, knows she'll definitely use the shortcut............and so he....lets trinity jump him. and lets quinn walk in on him. but yeah, he probably didn't expect quinn actually freaking holding hands with jax because that's so weird for her ^_^ so she messes up his plan a bit :P


ah, quinn just..... she really doesn't want to admit it to herself (and you've read chapter 12 so you know what happens soonish) that there might be something more between her and james because...all her "relationships" (if you can call them that) are heavily influenced by her very skewed view of the world where people who are supposed to love you just...sort of leave you or disappoint you or seemingly don't care enough to even, idk, escort their kid to the hogwarts express or, er, have kids and then leave said kids to be taken care of by their grandfather (who is cool, but still....with living and breathing parents it's a bit...bad.) that she can lie to herself/fool herself into thinking that her friendship with james, who has never once in the years that they've been friends, done something like that to her, is just that - friendship, because if it were something more (and really...the way the two of them act sometimes, it almost is like a relationship) then that would mean there's a huge risk involved and however much of a reckless gryffindor quinn usually is, there's no way she would willingly let herself risk being hurt they way she would if james ever did...leave.


haha, jax is someone who seems to grow on people as they read the story - they usually hate him at first, then warm up to him. and yep, he's messy...too messy for quinn, tbh, and the fact that they're so similar will prove to be a problem later...i actually wrote a post in my WJ about why jax&quinn would ultimately not be a good couple if you're interested ^_^


lol i've been asked multiple times to write a fic about ziggy and odin (the adventures of ziggy the cat and odin the owl is my...working title for this nonexistent fic) :D one of these days i might actually do it.... :D


yeah, osborne is an awful human being. there's also a bit about him that we don't know yet that might influence his actions towards quinn and pro quidditch...i'm bad at foreshadowing lol. and jax has a sort of a reason for not telling her, but eeh, teenage boys act stupid sometimes, it can't be helped.


that closing line is my life motto so...haha


thanks for swapping *_*



Name: crestwood (Signed) · Date: 04 May 2019 05:50 PM · [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Nine

Hi Kris, here for our swap!

I really like the dynamic when James is following Quinn around, if only because it leads to more scenes between the two. I can’t believe that Dom is so open about the Teddy situation lol, I still feel that might backfire on her at some point.

Four hours of practice sounds brutal - although none of James’ practices sound particularly enjoyable.

I do think it’s a good thing that Dom is sending Teddy this incredibly long letter - they’ve really got to think about what they’re doing here and at the very least confront it. This is one of the most intriguing storylines to me because everyone involved is so in the wrong and they absolutely know it. I want to see what they decide to do about this and whether Victoire will prove to be as volatile as everyone thinks she will. Above all, I feel very bad for Sean!

I really loooove Lysander in this story. I know he isn’t a main character or anything, but he’s just delightful.

It’s nice to see Quinn apologize to Al, however brief. He seems to be in somewhat high spirits, all things considered. Of course, the appearance of Ethan is the Big Thing here. Seeing him so upset is pretty jarring because he typically has so much positive energy. I suppose this is a part of having such a dangerous job, but of course that is not how you think of things as they happen to you.


The connection between James and Quinn was, once again, highlighted so well at the end of this chapter. It feels like she might be figuring things out little by little, which um, is very, very exciting! I can’t wait to see where you take this story. I don’t know how you juggle so many characters and subplots everywhere. It’s incredible that you’re capable of pulling this story off - I am always so satisfied after these chapters. Thank you for the swap!  

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 04 May 2019 02:44 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Eight

Hi, Kris! Back for our swap! :D

I'm starting to get impatient, honestly... why is Quinn so oblivious? Why is James so... not straightforward, I guess? I mean, I think I know why James is not saying anything, he's scared of ruining everything, and with Quinn being Quinn I can't blame him... still... :/

Fred and Ash, too. I've been shipping them since the very beginning, I know they would be so cute together... but I suppose I need to wait a bit longer...

Poor Jax, he doesn't know what he's getting himself into... I think he's a nice guy, all in all... but whatever is going on between him and Quinn is not recommendable... (and btw, James' jealousy was delightful, as usual. I wish Quinn could see it for what it is, but we discussed this point already)

Osborne really is a git. Not to mention, sexist. Quinn is so bad, though, bragging like that for breaking his nose... she is so bad in general... I mean, I love her, but... *rolls eyes*

I'm still the number one member of Ziggy's fan club. Just a reminder. :P

I had no idea pranking the Slytherins was still a thing? That was so bad, too, but I have to admit quite funny. :P

Quidditch practice in the downpour... that's a classic, but always funny as well. :P And I loved that ending... but also... (see questions at the beginning of the review)

Lovely chapter as usual! Thank you so much for swapping!

Lots of love and snowball hug,


Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 03 May 2019 01:28 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Fourteen

Hey there Kris!

I am here for our Swap/EvS battle for team Silver!

the tension between James and Quinn is so thick you could cut it with a knife, and the fact that james is “making a go of it” with trinity is so coincidentally soon after Quinn refused to admit feeling anything for him. Poor James but it makes me wonder why he thought she was ready for that yet. Oh but I love those two! I worry they’ll never get together and yet hope they do. The suspense and the slow burn here Kris is just amazing (I love me some good long slow burns)

i really really like Jax, I liked him before but this chapter really opened up a part of him that I hadn’t thought about.  He knows he is good looking, good in bed etc, but that Veela charm that he has to be carful about, just WOW. How he has such strong feelings about using it and abusing its benefits is so heart warming confirming that he is truly a good guy. 

That was extremely well written, how And steamy smut. You are really cut out for writing smut you know.  I hope I get to read some more smuttiness.

i hope Jax sticks around for awhile I really enjoy him as a character and I hope to get to see more of Seth too!

great writing can’t wait for the next chapter xo


Name: Downlow (Signed) · Date: 02 May 2019 04:07 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Twelve

All right so I read up to Chapter 14 and cam back to review one by one. 


Like... Wow. I loved the match dynamics. I loved how they handled it, specially James. His leadership was very admitrable. And the stunts they pulled off without calling fouls... Wow. But I do want to know one thing. What happened between Scor and Lils? It's driving me crayzy!


And the uhm... sex? Wow. You really know how to write sex scenes. I loved the intensity their locked up emotions brought to this scenario. James being James and Quinn bein Quinn. Of course she is gonna back away now and create so much of drama (Which I loved too, by the way). 


Cannot wait to see what happens with Jax ;)

Name: crestwood (Signed) · Date: 30 Apr 2019 11:31 PM · [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Eight

Hello Kris! Here for our swap and EvS.

This chapter was relatively calm for this story and I think that gave you a great opportunity for some excellent character development across the board. I feel I have a much better sense of who everyone is after reading through this a few times.

Nicholas is a really fun antagonist because he doesn’t seem to have any line he isn’t willing to cross, which gets him into trouble since Quinn is the exact opposite of a pushover. I can’t say that I’m particularly surprised that Quinn lashed out at him, nor am I upset about it. He should probably avoid talking about her family from now on, haha.

Any scene with Jax in it is awesome and this one is easily the best. The fact that his first reaction to the situation he stumbled upon is to burst into laughter says plenty of about him. He and Quinn wouldn’t be bad together, I’d say.

I’m starting to think that Quinn may be especially interested in Jax usually because of how he occasionally reminds her of James - but that is to be determined.

Again, you write kissing really well - I can’t write much more than a single sentence on it before I lose steam and forget what a kiss is even like.

Jax asking Quinn to Hogsmeade would be huge! You know, if she didn’t turn him down. But, at least he is making his intentions clear.

I love the nod to Dom and Teddy’s thing in this chapter - sometimes I forget that these stories are all connected, but oh my, do I love it.

Ohhh, I think I know what Fred was going to say. It really is a wonder that Quinn doesn’t know, but then, I think she has a blind spot where James is concerned.

I love the ways the story of what Quinn did was mixed up and distorted by everyone, lol. That really is how rumors spread in school.

The last scene is just honey for my Quinn/James sweet tooth. At first I wasn’t sure if they’d ever realize it, but now I’m starting to think they might - maybe sooner rather than later? I suppose I’ll have to keep reading to find out, I just love how you’ve written them in their scenes together and how based in friendship their chemistry is. Amazing job on this chapter, it’s always a pleasure stopping by here!



Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 28 Apr 2019 03:40 AM · [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Nine

Back for part two!


Hahahahaha, yep, I knew *exactly* what Dom and Teddy were meeting up for. But it’s funny that she’s writing the whole letter before she meets him but not saying any of it to his face. It’s good that she’s finally saying something though? It’s not fair to anyone to keep dragging this weird rectangle thing on for so long - someone’s gonna get hurt and/or there’s gonna be a massive explosion if things continue for much longer.


Quinn’s outburst is… well, it’s not entirely unwarranted, because yeah, it’d be pretty damn annoying to have someone acting like you need protection all the time, but, as always, she’s probably a little too angry for what the situation calls for. She obviously doesn’t recognize that James has other reasons for being so stupidly overprotective - it doesn’t justify him hovering, but it gives it more context. But the fact that he doesn’t rise to her level gives the argument good dimension - it’s almost worse that she’s so angry and he’s not reacting to it at all.


Lol this whole team is just composed of people with short tempers. I appreciate Quinn intervening and telling Lily off - getting hit *is* a part of the game and she should get used to that - but like, ya know, a bit pot calling kettle black in telling her not to get in a fight with a teammate.


Haha I totally appreciate Quinn sending fanmail to George RR Martin. Someone needs to get that girl access to HBO somehow because I’ve got a pretty good feeling Winds of Winter is never gonna actually get finished.


Anyways, it’s good that Quinn is using her weird guilty feelings to finally own up to the fact that how she treated Al at the party was wrong and it looks like things might be getting better between them? At the very least, Al is trying to move on and they’re able to joke with one another.


Gah, Ethan sounds like a wreck. This is in the aftermath of No Mercy, yeah? (I still need to make my way to the other fics in that series, but truthfully my attention is much more captured by Jinn things at the moment lol) Anyways, it’s good that Quinn steps in to take care of him and talk to him, although it seems like he’s still not coping well with it. (Although truthfully, I *also* have a horrific tendency to laugh at things that aren’t at all funny as a method of coping, so.) But it’s also good that Quinn finally got the real backstory from Ethan, although it seems that Skeeter’s article did, at least somewhat, get things on the nose? Which doesn’t seem like good news for Quinn’s parents.


And then Quinn copes by punching things. Which I also totally understand - there’s something super cathartic about getting your anger out that way. And of course, the fact that James shows up is even better because a) it’s adorable that he knew exactly where to find her and what she’d be doing, and b) I love that he just knows exactly what she needs in that moment - someone to literally fight with. At least with boxing gloves on, she can’t break anyone’s nose. :P But they definitely needed this moment to make up, and Quinn definitely needed someone to talk to about everything.


“The feel of his body so close to mine was not unfamiliar but it felt different. He felt different.” just. asdedfh;aojaf.


Alright, that’s all from me for today! Feel free to come back and request again or to swap with me anytime! :)



Author's Response:

dom is...complicated i guess. she's wanted teddy for so long. now she finally has him (sort of) and she's feeling guilty but also not guilty and she genuinely enjoys hooking up with him (she's a teenage girl after all...she likes sex) but she does want more. so writing him a letter is easier than telling him in person because teddy is a master at distracting her from, well, everything.


quinn's angry outbursts are regularly overdone because when she spends so much time ignoring stuff that shouldn't be ignored, refusing to talk about her feelings, refusing to even acknowledge that she has any sort of feelings at all and transferring everything into anger which is so much easier to deal with because you can yell or punch or whatever. so bottled up stuff comes up to the surface and she ends up lashing out even though the other person may not deserve it (like she recognises this with james but she's too proud to straight up apologise - no she first sort of runs away (not really since it's hogsmeade but still) and then wants to deal with her anger in the familiar way of boxing it out. and james knows her well enough to know that so he does his best to 1) not fuel it more than it already is by arguing with her because that's never a good idea and 2) knows that sometimes you really do need to let everything out in a physical way if you're so difficult with emotions that saying things is way harder than doing things.) (i'm also a huuuge fan of battlestar galactica and in that show there's also a very awsome and important boxing scene between two people who are in love with each other...it doesn't have anything to do with TAOBN in the literal sense but i loved the meaning of it in the show...i'll stop rambling now)


and yep, ethan showing up is at some point after the events of no mercy (and lex talionis) and he's definitely a wreck who doesn't know how to cope so he resorts to alcohol. quinn obviously can't quite control that because he's her older brother, a grown man, but at some point somebody will need to help him. just not quinn...she's not equipped to deal with that. it's a good thing they have a grandfather who cares :)


i seriously love reading your reviews so...thank you....and i'll be back *_*

Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 28 Apr 2019 02:28 AM · [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Eight

Hi Kris! So I’m gonna tag team your requested review with our swap and hit up two chapters of this story at once! Mostly because I feel like I need to catch up soon based on all the teasers I’ve seen on Twitter.... ;)


Oooooof, Osborne really is a major asshole. He knew saying all of that would get a reaction out of her, although I suppose he didn’t realize *what* that reaction would be, haha. Although I’m surprised he didn’t expect that - I feel like Quinn’s known for not putting up with people giving her shit. And then Jax’s response to just laugh at his teammate and then take Quinn with him is great. I truly can’t decide if he actually likes Quinn or is just into her for the thrill of the chase and the occasional kiss - him asking her to Hogsmeade makes it seem more serious? But lol at Quinn just leaving him there.


And ohhhhhhh, James-y boy is a little jealous here. Also extraordinarily defensive of Quinn, and can, as usual, read her better than anyone else can, but I also would bet money that he’s the reason that ink pot exploded for ‘no apparent reason’ - the fact that James already doesn’t like Jax and then has to hear about whether or not the girl he likes has been shagging him….. that seems like the perfect set-up for an unexpected magical outburst, haha.


ZIGGY. “looked at me with what he probably thought was his cute face, but it was actually the sort of scary and psychotic face he had when he caught a mouse or a gnome or something” I adore this cat so much.


Also, I 100% forgot about Sean when I was reading Young Gods - this isn’t just a love triangle, it’s a whole freaking love rectangle. But uhhhh, given Young Gods, I feel like I’ve got a pretty solid idea of exactly what ‘meeting Teddy’ actually entails, lol.


But omg, Fred and Ash snogged and she doesn’t remember it - oh damn, that’s gotta be rough for poor Freddy, because he obviously fancies her but at the same time, how do you go about casually telling someone ‘oh hey, we made out while you were blackout drunk.’ (The correct answer is you don’t, and you just awkwardly let it stew like Freddy’s done here. There’s no good way to enter that convo - been there, done that.)


“And enemies who shag is definitely more scandalous than Quinn Jones committing an act of violence. That’s basically your everyday behaviour.” hahahahaha I love this.


And then the moments at the end are just so perfect - James getting embarrassed about seeing Quinn getting dressed and justifying it with a “Yeah, well, none of them were you,” but then immediately going to mess around with her and chase her back up to the castle. It’s just such a perfect representation of where their relationship is at right now, haha.


Anyways, loved this chapter, onto the next one!



Author's Response:

hey taylor! *_*


yeah, osborne is really awful. ever since that first flying lesson when quinn kicked him for saying that girl's can't play quidditch (i mentioned this...somewhere...maybe chapter 3 lol) he's hated her. he's actually a hufflepuff (this comes into play a bit later) - but obviously, he entails the "bad" parts of the house, like being loyal only to those he considers friends, with slytherin as his secondary house so he's also quite ambitious and wants desperatly for him (and his house) to win at something. and quinn is an easy target for riling up - he knows she'll lose her temper but he doesn't expect her to break his nose and he's too much of a misogynist to actually tell people about it.


hah, jax is very fun to write because he's so..shameless. even more than quinn lol. they've known each other for seven years, and he definitely does like her character and he's been trying to hook up with her for a while (and with lots of others...) so when she eventually does respond, i think he's sort of caught off guard, especially since she refused him so many times that he didn't even think she ever would for real, so flirting with her was just his way of being friends (at least that's how i see it in my head) so when she kisses him he realises that it might be worth asking her out for real.


ziggy has somehow become people's favourite characters (i've been asked to write 'adventures of ziggy the cat and odin the owl' a couple of times already haha so it's probably inevitable that it will happen at some point) - i have a soft spot for cats and own a lot of them so it's always fun to write a grumpy cat (who is of course, lovable).


yes, james has been getting increasingly jealous...which means he's starting to annoy quinn who is of course oblivious as always :P but soonish that changes. sort of. maybe.


hah, young gods actually takes place a year before TAOBN happens - teddy&vic are a year older than dom&quinn and the rest (because for me it would've been super awkward if i wrote this whole thing while teddy was...older. so i decided to throw canon years away) so there's no sean in the picture at that time and dom just broke up with her then-girlfriend but obviously, they've kept this thing between them going for so long that now there's sean. and vic. and yes, a rectangle :D


fred is just...a seriously nice guy who is struggling with his fancy of ashley and the fact that he absolutely does not want to pressure her into anything or possibly embarass her so he doesn't say anything to her, but at some point he had to tell james because it was difficult keeping it a secret for too long. and when quinn decides to meddle (sort of...by calling him out and later with more stuff) you know it's grown into something even she can't ignore :P


james is so awkward right now. he likes her. he knows she'd go crazy if she actually knew. so even when he blurts out silly stuff like that line about none of the girls being her he immediately does soething to make the possible tension disappear because he doesn't want her to freak out like when he blurted out 'i love you'.


thank you for the awesome review *_*

Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 27 Apr 2019 03:45 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Twelve

Hey Kris I am here for the EvS battle repping team Silver

All coherent thought of how to review this chapter has currently left my brain and I am sitting here internally shrieking. Gimme a minute to breathe. 

The Quidditch match was very well described and written.  I don’t think I’ve read such a great sporting event, and honestly it captured me I was so worried about how it would go. The change in James when he okay-D the foul play was just awesome.  I love James and his sexy little smirks. 

Its really sad, but extremely accurate at how the crowd reacts to the gryffindor team, especially Quinn who is so highly disliked by people.  She really doesn’t make it easy for people to like her. 

The last scenes where James and Quinn end up in bed together, woah, didn’t expect it so soon to be honest. I thought she’d end up with jax or Seth that night. And the fact that she is terrified about it after leaves quietly and swears at her actions is such a Quinn reaction, and doesn’t bode well for my favourite potter.  

Okay I can’t hold it in any longer



okay I’m back.

so many questions: is Seth like totally into her?  What’s going to happen? Was James too drunk to remember? Is Quinn going to freak out? (Of course she will duh) oh my gosh I can’t wait. 

Great writing as usual



Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 27 Apr 2019 12:30 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Ten

Hey Kris! I am here for our EvS Swap for team silver 

SO in answer to your question I have a few ideas of why James allowed trinity to jump him in THAT particular nook. He had the marauders map so I’m assuming he knew that Quinn was headed that direction, assuming she would use the short cut there to get to the great hall he snuck in there with trinity.  He was likely trying to get a rise out of Quinn.  I think he’s been catching on to how she’s starting to feel, or better how she’s starting to realize she feels. There has absolutely been a lot of chemistry between them this year (I’m not sure how they were previous years, but this feels very new to Quinn at least.) and it’s not a coincidence in my opinion that he hasn’t hooked up with anyone since The Howler. My suspicion confirmed with Quinn saying that was an oddity for himx

I know Quinn is likely wanting to punch Jax here, and that however James feels about Quinn he didn’t like telling her not only because of worrying her about Osbourne but also because now Jax has been revealed as having kept something from her.  He knows Quinn well, and must know she would be livid and I think of James as very honourable and there’s no honour in him trying to make Jax look like the bad guy so she wouldn’t seek his attention.  So it’s a difficult thing all around on top of his worry for her safety of course. 

Love this story as always 


Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 26 Apr 2019 03:37 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) Chapter: Chapter Nine

Hey kris 

here reppin Team Silver for the EvS battle!

oh my heart, poor Ethan. He really is such a love of mine in this story universe. His best friend dying hit him so hard and it makes me so sad for him.  And how he is easily able to shut it all off. I wonder if there is a spell to turn off emotion because he of all people needs it. The whole HIT wizard thing is REALLY cool.  How did you come up with that? are you going to have Ethan return again?

i cannot stress enough how Quinn and James friendship dynamic makes me all bubbly and warm inside. Apart from all the obvious signs that they are meant forave you got a friend like this? (You can devoid it from the romantic part of their relationship I just mean how close they are?

Havinn read the Dom story, this one makes me so sad for Dom. The poor young woman is just so smitten for Teddy. It’s a sad time for here here. I hope to learn more about her and Teddy.  



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