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Story:bring your curses home Chapter: Hudnall

And I'm back O/!


Ahh, the Quibbler article! I love it -- I especially love that Voldemort was spotted working at a McDonalds, of all places. 


Can we talk about the Floo Fighters for a minute? Because that's hilarious. Like, top hits include "Learn to Fly...a Broomstick", "Timeturners Like These", and "Clabbert Wrench" ;). Ahaha! I'll stop now! I can't imagine that dealing with neo-Death Eaters is going to be easy on Anthony. And while Neville raises a point that contacting Harry might be helpful, Anthony is also right in not wanting to drag him back into the fray when clearly he wanted out. Also, embarrassing yourself in front of 20+ children must be a royal pain -- I'm so glad I'm not a teacher.  


Yeah, you'd think that Bellinger would have gave him a head's up instead of giving him that quip about certain body parts being tattooed on someone. Especially with Anthony having been through the war and clearly experiences PTSD (at the very least, on occasion).  However, it doesn't really seem like Bellinger was one for sympathy or anything of the sort. 


Also, I hope it's overkill, too, but I'm very glad that Neville sent Anthony a bunch of defensive stuff...just in case. Also, casting the Imperius curse on someone for any reason isn't a good reason...plus, I'm surprised she enjoyed being under the curse, but to each their own, I guess. 


Actually, that's another very good point -- where are they getting the idea to willingly use the imperius curse on one another. Like, yeah, nobody's been hurt/killed YET but that's just it... that's definitely something worth looking into. I wonder what Anthony is going to uncover with his poking about.


Again, this is very very good! I'm excited to read more once I get caught up on these reviews ;_; .  



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Story:bring your curses home Chapter: The Ministry Prosecution Service

Hey! I'm finally here with your bonus reviews for the Summer Prefect Challenge!


I really love how this was structured, opening up with two Daily Prophet articles. It was an interesting and effective approach to lay out some backstory before leading into the meat of the plot, without having to resort to an infodump. The idea that Harry leaving his Auror position because of disagreements on the treatment of Death Eater captives is definitely plausible, but I wonder if that's the real reason! It has also left me very curious to see what Bellinger is going to bring to the story, and how his "fresh blood" is going to aid the prosecution department. 


So, Bellinger is the same kind of old I am? ( :P I'm never going to stop teasing you on the matter, you know.) At least you haven't described me as grizzled yet, but yeah, I remember Bellinger way back from the universe's creation (he was "grizzled" then, too) -- I'll stop ;), ha! I'm really happy to see Anthony Goldstein playing a role in a story, too. It's refreshing, not because he's a minor character, but because he's a minor character I haven't seen explored yet. 


I love the very crime-office feel as Bellinger starts dolling out the cases, plus the whole tattoo bit was hilarious. You know, aside from the Imperious part, because the Imperious Curse is not cool, especially to use it on your girlfriend for...that tattoo...and the abusive boyfriend part. And it definitely makes sense that Anthony has some PTSD from the second war -- that was absolutely horrific for anyone to have to go through, not to mention children and teens. Luckily, the others seem to be pretty sympathetic to his condition (at least Kaur does).


So, this is a really awesome start and I'm excited to give the next chapter a read! Great job! 




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Story:bring your curses home Chapter: Althea Nettle

Hi for a third time, Emma! Here for QuodPot Match 3 this time! (Yay) :)

Right off the bat, I really enjoy this editorial article you’ve written about the anti-muggle violence act. There’s always two sides to every story, and this definitely shows in the editorial. Okie dokie so you have some lovely correspondence between Neville and Anthony throughout the chapter, which I enjoy because sometimes letters don’t actually do anything to move the plot along, but here it does move it along and gives details that would otherwise be laborious to write in regular format and feel out of place, so good job with that! The interview with Althea was written very well too -- I’m glad you were conscious to put in the warning (I’m fine with everything, but for those who need it, good job) because even without you directly saying anything, the allusion to possible acts performed, etc. is enough to get how and why Althea acted the way she did the following day. I’m honestly hoping for more correspondence between Neville and Anthony in future chapters because I just love letters, and especially letters between besties that know each other extremely well, as Neville and Anthony do. Great job so far with this story, Emma! :)


~MadiMalfoy x

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Story:bring your curses home Chapter: Hudnall

Hello again Emma, here for QuodPot Match 2!

Oooh this time it’s a Quibbler article and not the Daily Prophet, nice! Also, very nice graphic too :) Also, I love the thinly veiled “Floo Fighters” playing on the speakers. YAS I’M LOVING THEY/THEM NEVILLE. That is such a good friendship you’ve portrayed here omg, like, I truly like that you’ve not only expanded the DA friendships to different houses but also kept them friendly years and years after the fact. Neville’s unwavering support and offers of help to Anthony just speak to Neville’s fantastic, nurturing nature that you’ve captured here so well. And the little package of potions ingredients and list of wards, so kind of Neville! I really like how you pull the reader into Anthony’s headspace about the Dark Mark Imperius case. I got frustrated just like Anthony did when Hudnall didn’t seem to get Anthony’s reasoning for wanting to further examine the case and recreational use of the Imperius curse. I’m curious to see if you’re going to bring in more information about the post-war Auror department and also post-Harry leaving Auror department for Anthony to work with (or against, who knows). Great job!


~MadiMalfoy x

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Story:bring your curses home Chapter: The Ministry Prosecution Service

Hi Emma dearest!! Here for QuodPot Match 2! :)

Okay NOW I understand why you had the riddle with Anthony Goldstein :P I LOVE the opening with the two different Daily Prophet articles set a few months apart with Harry and classmates leaving the Auror department and then with the new head of the new department Ministry Prosecution Services. Secondly, I also quite enjoy the creation of this new office because it just makes logical sense after the War, in my opinion. The larger Magical Law Enforcement office can only do so much especially as Aurors are not lawyers. The flashback bit for Anthony when he sees the fake dark mark tattoo felt SO accurate and precisely done to me and sets the tone for how this case is likely to go for him (maybe, I guess we’ll find out next chapter!). Also, I think it’s cool to have Anthony be a Jewish wizard because #representation but also just because it provides a more unique perspective on the British Wizarding World as a whole. Kaur seems like she’s going to be a steady rock and friend for Anthony and I’m SO HERE for that strong friendship! Please have more of them being friends in future chapters because that is a dynamic you can definitely work with. Onto the next chapter!


~MadiMalfoy x

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Story:bring your curses home Chapter: The Ministry Prosecution Service

Hey Emma!

I'm finally here for our swap! :)

And, wow! This story sounds so exciting already! And your writing style is wonderful (well, I've read a little bit of your work already so I should have known... still...)

I loved the articles at the beginning (why did Harry leave the Auror office, btw?) and I loved your narration and your introduction of the MPS members. It was so well done, I seriously envy your descriptive skills.

A question... why are wands against Jewish law? I'm sure you have a precise reasoning behind it and I'm curious. :P

You wrote Anthony's panic attack so well! Poor boy, I can't blame him after the terrible experiences he must have had during his last year at Hogwarts... I'm glad Kaur managed to calm him... I like her, btw, she seems so kind and caring. :)

Okay, but... why would someone Imperio someone into getting a tatoo? (I'm talking about the case Sassoon mentioned, not about Anthony's case... which is much more disquieting, honestly, but makes slightly more sense? Maybe? Maybe not?)

Talking about Anthony's case... neo-Death Eaters? (No, that's not surprising, just scary) And if this woman was part of the group, why was she Imperiused to get the mark? What the hell is going on? What's up with the cases of people who agreed to be Imperiused? This is all so intriguing (if a bit creepy) and I know that you have a very well built plot in mind, so I know that all the answers will come. Anyway, this is so, so good so far!

Remind me to come back, if I don't do so on my own. I really want to find out what's going on and how Anthony will deal with everything.

Love you so much, my dear!


PS are Anthony and Zacharias a couple? That's an unusual pairing but I'm not going to complain if that's the case... :P

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Story:bring your curses home Chapter: Hudnall

i am here!!!!


LOL at voldy working in mcdonalds - that's hilarious!!!!!


floo fighters. nice! :D


aw, look at neville being all awkward and saying not helpful stuff.


ayy, justin is hilarious - i love his first line!


i can totally understand anthony not wanting to burst his friends' happy bubble. but i also think it's wise he let neville know - it's not something he should go through (and work on!) alone :o


i see there's some, eh, animosity? anthony feels towards harry? what's up with that? are we going to see at least some harry in this? why doesn't he come to DA meetings? i get it if he wants to, like, live in the future, not the past but still...


also are we going to find out more about how neville identifies? i suspect we will - i'm looking forward to seeing a whole new side of neville (but i also think you captured what we know about neville from the books very well, especially how they didn't care about not really being mentioned by the media - it's so neville! it's important what they did, not how the media and everyone else who reads about it sees it.) and awww at how caring neville is about the students <3


and omg, that ending with hudnall was just so REAL. like, not caring about the deeper issue and looking into things just on the surface :/


another great chapter!



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Story:bring your curses home Chapter: The Ministry Prosecution Service

hey emma!


i wanted to leave you a review here even though i read the first chapter on AO3 :P


while you were posting around the forums about how you were writing this story you got me really interested in it and after reading the first chapter i just want to read more!


it's kind of like i'm watching a netflix show i don't want to stop and i just want to binge watch it (read it haha)


the whole premise is very intriguing and i'm dying to know what happens next :)


i also think that the articles at the start are a great way to add the background info needed for the story.


all the themes you mentioned on the forums that this story will deal with are something i never read before in fanfics and tbh i think you're very creative and original with the story idea :D


i'm looking forward to reading the next chapter!



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