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Story:Of Bookshelves and Baby Carriers Chapter: Chapter 4


Hey Kayla,


thank you for the warning for this chapter! It was just wonderful but has you reaching for the tissues because I think you've done a great job at making these two cute and relatable so I feel really invested in their story.


I thought the emotions in this chapter were totally spot on because it wasn't some crazy scene. It was just a guy grieving in his own way, it feels perfect because he didn't want to show these emotions too but opening up didn't feel over dramatic. It was emotional and sad but it felt so real. I thought it was just wonderful and it was in fitting with the tone of the rest of the story (thought this was a sad bit obviously!)


Sirius was so adorable and this is the type of godfather that I know that he would have been to Harry if things have been different in canon. I love getting a look into his life as a godfather but it does make me very sad that Lily and James aren't around especially Harry is so cute but he is lucky to have Sirius there. 


I thought Remus' thought process was really well done. It flowed really nicely and I think that all of those thoughts just came across natural. He is still a huge awkward dork but it worked. He was unsure of himself and the situation but he was just perfect in the role that Sirius needed him to be which is why I know they'll be great partners together. 




great job on this chapter!


- Abbi xo


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Story:Of Bookshelves and Baby Carriers Chapter: Chapter 3


Hey Kayla!


I'm back for more, I've really loved this chapter, They moved away from the bookshop but it was so cute. I'm basically dying right now from this story being beyond adorable. I just love how natural it is, it's just some guy living his life, doing normal stuff. It works really well. I love how you've moved their relationship forward in such a believable way (but in awkwardly Remus way!)


I thought it was really interesting that we got to see a bit more of Remus' life in this chapter. It's cool to see him opening up to Sirius about some of the tougher stuff in his life. I can really relate to him when he talks about being at uni and not having stuff under control anymore. I think you're going down in interesting route with that plotline and looking forward to getting to know Remus better. I'm really proud of him that he opened up though.


THEY ARE BEYOND CUTE. just roirhnioehoribr that was an excitable crazy keyboard smash btw. Just Sirius asking for his number, Remus being dorky cute then THE HEART <3 OMG OMG. MARRY HIM. I ship them so hard rn.


I need more of them in my life!


- Abbi xo


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Story:Of Bookshelves and Baby Carriers Chapter: Chapter 2


Hey Kayla!


I'm back, yay. 


I thought this chapter was really interesting and I'm really wondering how you're going to tackle some of the issues in canon in a muggle way but you seem to have hinted about some things that are going on. I thought the first section had some relation to him having an health issue which is equivalent to his werewolfism (totally not a word) but it's cool that you're building on Remus' character having that detail.


I need the heart shaped eyes emoji for a lot of this chapter. Sirius came back looking for him. He is totally interested in Remus! his excuse is totally lame about why he came back again but I love it. They are dorks for each other and I'm here for it. I adore that little bonding moment over their 'weird' names too. Another detail but I really like how Sirius is kinda referring to Harry as a friend. '"With a K, mate." because my husband  talks to Leo like that so I feel this in my real life.


I really like that you're keeping your headcanon even in this AU setting. I saw a quick thing about how the next chapter is going to be sad. I think that is hinted at quite strongly in this chapter with Harry (being adorable) recognising images in the book. It was super sweet and I'm really interested to know the context of all of that. 


- Abbi xo


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Story:Of Bookshelves and Baby Carriers Chapter: Chapter 1


Hey Kayla!


So you're known for being an amazing angsty writer but it's so awesome see you reading fluff here. I'm excited to be here as it's been a story that I've been meaning to review for a while!


This story gives me huge Notting Hill vibes. I love it. I don't know if you've seen it before? I love that movie and I just love the idea that Remus is working in this little bookshop. Just watching the people going by, I totally understand that feeling of watching people in the rain and just thinking 'mwhaha' at least it's not me. 

I thought you've made Remus is relatable character because I love how awkward he is with Sirius. He is such a dork but I love it so much. His inner monologue is so wonderful because he is so funny and I just think that we've all been there right? trying to be cool in front of the hot guy/girl. I just love awkward situation humour as I was just IN LOVE with this whole chapter basically.


I love the description that you've used in this chapter, I think you've done a great job at describing Sirius, I totally imagine him and I can see why Remus is more than interested. I thought you had a lovely description of Harry, he sounds so adorable. He is just a beautiful baby, I love that he picks out Dr Seuss book because Leo has Dr Seuss books. I thought that detail was just so sweet. I love Harry's characterisation even though he's a baby. he seems like a happy chap.


I'm really looking forward to seeing more of hot Sirius and awkwardly adorable Remus along with little baby Harry. 


- Abbi xo


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Story:Of Bookshelves and Baby Carriers Chapter: Chapter 2

Hi! I'm back to review more of this story... finally. Sorry it took me so long. It's just as wonderful as I remember it, though. <3


"Maybe his life is kind of sad and boring. So sue him." - HA! That made me laugh.


Okay, so this chapter explores his "furry little problem" a bit more. I'm still not convinced I know what's going on here, but if this is connected to "silence. death.," then I am suddenly very sad.


REMUS. Gosh, I want to shake some sense into him! Of course Sirius came back to see you and of course he's flirting with you! Poor guy is a bit clueless, or maybe he just can't accept the fact that this guy he's falling for is also falling for him. I think Sirius is going to have to convince him that he's serious (okay, I really didn't mean for that pun, but I'm leaving it now) before Remus will accept that it's real. And I am going to freak out when it happens.


I'm not entirely sure what Harry was pointing to when he mentioned his dad, but it felt bittersweet. I wonder what happened to James in this version. I'm assuming he is gone, along with Lily, but I'm curious to see your interpretation in this AU.


It's so nice to read more of your writing. I always enjoy it. Happy holidays!



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Story:Of Bookshelves and Baby Carriers Chapter: Chapter 4

Hi, Kayla. It’s my pleasure that I could stop by your Sirius-Remus ship after my story challenge. I read through 4 chapters. You have carefully written how they meet in the AU world. Your plot is good, Remus works at the bookshop and Sirius happens to visit there with baby Harry under the circumstances, heavy rain and seeking for fun places for Harry.


The story is told from Lupin’s POV, I feel like he is you who loves Sirius so passionately. :D It’s a great thing that you focus on writing about Sirius. I smiled at each mind movement you wrote, sometims mumbling, "Go for it, Remus. Sirius likes you." And then my guess is right. Sirius fancies Remus. 


However, the thing is not simple. There lies the fact, James and Lily died in a car (accident?) and Sirius has been suffering from the loss but he can’t heal himself caring for Harry's happiness. Oh, the idea came up. Were Harry’s parents killed by bad guys just like J.K.Rowling's basic plot? Then another mystery will begin from here? :D :D (hahaha, I am going back to Auror's Tale Host mood.) 


You are adept at writing suffering people. I am curious to know how you will develop the story from the next chapter. :D

Keep writing, Kayla!



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Story:Of Bookshelves and Baby Carriers Chapter: Chapter 3

Hi hi! <3


Remus is me anytime I develop a new crush lmfao. “It’s just… like, yeah, he’s ridiculously beautiful, but he’s also so… nice?” is so funny because I feel that in my soul omg. Anyway, aside from Remus’s extensive Sirius daydreams and thoughts, I’m really curious, too, about the truth of the situation behind Sirius taking care of Harry.


SIRIUS WENT TO REMUS’S GROCERY STORE AHAHAHA. REMUS, YOU ARE THE LUCKIEST MAN TO HAVE EVER EXISTED. And he brought Harry!!!!!!!!!!!! (I am so so sorry for the excessive exclamation marks, but omg anytime I think I can’t possibly love Harry more, I do. Because MATCHING SUNGLASSES?? I’m like over here having a seizure just imagining a chubby little baby wearing sunglasses. Also I’d like to apologize for the excessive caps lock usage, as well. I should really tone that done.)


Oh my god did Sirius just ask Remus out?? I mean, I guess not, because Harry’s going to be here, but still! Also I need Remus to get into his head that he can totally do this. *smacks* Look how smitten Sirius is even with Remus acting like a totally awkward introvert, and now imagine what he’d be like once Remus gets used to interacting with him.




That entire park scene gave me so much joy. Sirius is such a good father figure?? I just. I need time to recover from this omg. First of all. Let’s appreciate how cute Harry is, and how amazingly you’ve written him. If you have any other stories featuring adorable babies, just send them my way because I will read tf out of them. Second of all. That conversation between Sirius and Remus was the greatest thing ever (Wolfy McWolf lmfaooo).


Oh my god I just realized I’ve been smiling like mad at my screen for the past who knows how long, and I can’t seem to stop smiling?? That bit when Sirius was trying to get Remus’s number and he was being Awkward was so funny, I don’t know how you do it. This story is just so good?? And I can’t wait to read more of it. I love it so much, and I’m so thankful you managed to get three chapters in before I started judging!


Thank you for entering this in my challenge!



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Story:Of Bookshelves and Baby Carriers Chapter: Chapter 2

Hi, I’m back! <3


I don’t know what it is exactly that Remus has, but I hope that he doesn’t suffer too much from it. At the very least, I hope he takes care of himself (though, to be fair, I’d also probably spend half an hour whining to a friend about embarrassing mistakes, so I can’t really blame him for forgoing the hot bath).


Also I love that Remus was expecting a nice and normal and boring afternoon, because I was 200% prepared for Sirius to walk through that door and surprise Remus with his re-existence, and he did! And I was happy! And I’m sure Remus was utterly delighted as well. I was made even happier by the fact that Harry was, once again, there with Sirius! Strapped to his chest, again!!! (I love baby Harry so so much. I think my love for babies is becoming a slight problem in the face of productivity tbh.)




(Maybe I should be focusing on the more plot-related point, which is that Sirius actually came in looking for Remus! As soon as Remus called out of work sick I had a feeling that Sirius was going to miss him, and I’m just flailing at this development. But also baby Harry is so so so cute and of course I have to give him a bunch of love.)


That entire little dialogue between Sirius and Remus about their names just made my day.


Oh. Oh, my heart broke a little bit just now. Because Sirius is getting these books on Hinduism to teach Harry about his father’s culture, right? And for a second, I genuinely hoped that James and Lily survived and were available to take care of Harry, and that Sirius was just babysitting Harry…but as soon as Harry said “like appa” I felt like crying a bit. Of course I’m speculating a bit, and I’m curious to see what happens further on.


Wow I never knew I could love a story this much. The combination of flirtatious Sirius, awkward Remus, and baby Harry just makes this so, so perfect omg. <3



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Story:Of Bookshelves and Baby Carriers Chapter: Chapter 1

Kayla! <3


I’m here judging entries for my challenge! Thank you so much for entering.


First off, that summary is just plain adorable, and so is your title. I’d be dying to read this even if it wasn’t written for my challenge, just from the way your story shell is presented haha. Second off, your Remus omg. Okay. The snark that saturates his internal dialogues is so completely, utterly perfect, and he is literally the most relatable person ever, from “From the safety of the small bookshop where he works, Remus Lupin watches the scene outside with a mild sense of pity” (because yes it’s sad that they’re getting so wet, but at least you’re dry, amirite) to “On one hand, he’s desperately bored of looking at tacky, painfully heterosexual cover art; on the other hand… people” (people are, in fact, my greatest enemy and I do my best to avoid them at all costs).


Also the fact that Remus works in a bookshop! That’s literally my dream job right there, I would kill to work in a bookshop.


Remus’s reaction to Sirius had me smiling so much. The description of Sirius (alive and well, yay! I’m never going to be over Sirius’s death in the books, never, nope) had me smiling so much too. THE BABY STRAPPED TO SIRIUS’S CHEST?? KILLED ME. I LOVE BABIES. IS IT BABY HARRY? I LOVE BABY HARRY EVEN MORE. Also Remus’s reaction to seeing pretty Sirius is literally the exact same reaction I had once walking into class and bumping into literally the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen in my life. He is so relatable omg.


After having now read the description of baby Harry, I can confirm that it is, indeed, baby Harry. Also MR GODLIKE BEAUTY OMFG. Remus, get it together. *smacks* You totally have a chance with this guy, but you have to, like. Talk. (Also I’m literally the most juvenile person ever but the children’s sections of bookstores and libraries are always my absolute favorite places to be; I just feel so happy and calm in them, and so your description of the bookshop’s children’s section made me feel all warm and cozy inside. And then the way baby Harry reacted to it!! My heart just about melted.)


HOT DAD I’M CRYING. And literally anything baby Harry does, I just want to give him the biggest hug ever. I. Love. Him.


Oh, no, is Remus sick? The walk up the stairs carrying the books tired him out a lot. :(


SIRIUS PLAYING WITH BABY HARRY. SIRIUS LOOKING OVER AT REMUS AND WINKING. SIRIUS FLIRTING WITH REMUS??? I’M DEAD. (Also, when Harry said “Buh!” I was pretty much just melting into a puddle in my seat. Have I mentioned I love babies and when they attempt words? I love them. And you write them so well I’m crying.)


Oh, yes, Remus. Sirius definitely looked disappointed at the lack of further interaction. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a tragic mess like yourself?


I love this omg.



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Story:Of Bookshelves and Baby Carriers Chapter: Chapter 1

Okay, I'm finally here for your requested review. And, full disclosure, I validated chapter 3 of this story so I already know that IT'S ADORABLE and therefore I'm going to live-squee everything. Starting with...


"He’s not sure whether he’s relieved or annoyed. On one hand, he’s desperately bored of looking at tacky, painfully heterosexual cover art; on the other hand… people." - KAYLA. STOP IT. This is freaking hilarious and I love how easily you make me love Remus Lupin. This characterizes him so, so well. I love how you do this. This is a prime example of the "show, don't tell" rule. Bravo. Seriously.


"Hot Dad (oh, **** no)" - CAN'T. STOP. LAUGHING.


"His doctor has given him stern warnings about it more than once" - WHY? Is he okay? I have a feeling that this plays into your Muggle interpretation of his "furry little problem" and I'm looking forward to you fleshing this out.


Okay, I'm not going to quote the whole paragraph, but I adore your description of Sirius--what he's wearing and how he's sitting. It just feels so... real. I don't even know how to explain it. I was going to say it's like you totally know and understand Sirius, but that sounds silly now that I think about it because Sirius is totally your baby. I have to say, though, you write such an authentic Sirius. He is slowly becoming my headcanon. And I'm not mad about it. ;)


The way you describe baby Harry makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I know it's because I totally have all the mom feels now, but AWWWW. He's walking and falling on his bum and picking out a book! Babies are the best. And Sirius is adorable with Harry. By the way--how old is Harry here?


Okay, I have reached the end of the first chapter. Some concluding thoughts: I adore Remus. He makes me feel better about myself for second-guessing literally everything, because that's exactly what he is doing but it's so freaking ENDEARING. I just want to go and hug him because REMUS you totally have a chance with Sirius. He WINKED at you, dummy!


This was such an enjoyable read. I will most definitely be back to read the second chapter and to re-read (more thoroughly) the third chapter. And to yell at you some more in reviews. :P

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