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Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 03 Dec 2018 01:41 AM · [Report This]
Story:Marigolds Chapter: marigolds

Hi Gina! Here for your wishlist, and so excited to be reading more of your work while I wait (im)patiently for the next chapter of Project Azkaban ;D The summary of this one stood out to me right away! I have never seen Cho/Marietta before and I am here for this.


I love that first scene when she gets her office and is finally a Healer! I'm so proud of her! And I am already shipping these two SO MUCH.


This characterization of Marietta is not at all what I was expecting of her, but I love it - the thing about reading the letter with her leg up in tree pose, and that she just ate avocado toast, haha.




I’ll love her until it hurts and I’ll go home feeling stupid and lonely because loving your best friend is a shitty thing to do when your best friend can’t love you back. But I’ll go, and I’ll keep loving her anyway, because I don’t physically know how to stop. -- I AM BROKEN. HELP


The thing about how Cho has just gone for casual dating ever since Cedric's death rings really true to me. Harry was really bad about understanding her but she had just gone through something absolutely horrible, no wonder she was upset about that, and it makes perfect sense that she would have trouble letting herself get close to people as much after that.




Alicia's timing is not ideal right now THEY WERE IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMETHING


The end of the party scene is sos heartbreaking. When you mentioned Marietta's insecurity and hinted about her difficulty making friends, how she is so introverted and stressed out by conversation, it made me think of how horrible it must have been to have Hermione's curse spelling out 'sneak' on her face. Like, it was of course unkind, but now knowing a little more about what Marietta is like as a person and how she's already kind of anxious in social situations, that must have made her life hell. I feel so badly for her. And then of course you finish the scene with Alicia rubbing it in, bringing up that memory for her again. Poor girl. I want to hug Marietta. And I hope that Cho takes that insult to her friend personally and stops seeing Alicia.


It also hurts so much to see how this betrayal still weighs on her so much, even though it was ten years ago. A lot of people do stupid things when they're 16, and it sucks that this mistake is one that had such far reaching consequences and probably is a huge reason her self-esteem is so low - I hope she's able to forgive herself eventually.


Cho sets down her fork and says, “Mare, how did you know you were gay?” -- 'Asking for a friend', right? :D :D :D


A week passes and I don’t hear from Cho. I begin to worry that I said something wrong or weird or overwhelming -- Omg I feel called out by this XD I have never related to Marietta so much as I do right now, this is me after every awkward social interaction.


Ahh, I am so glad they finally got together, it was really sweet, even though Marietta is still plagued by all this self-doubt and her feelings that she's not good enough for Cho. The last section is very hopeful, though, with it ending on her reminding herself that she is worthy - it bodes well for her beginning to love and forgive herself. I loved the reappearance of the marigolds at the end too.


Last but not least, you are wonderful at showing as opposed to telling. The way you described Marietta was really well done, as you dropped these clues to her personality but it was never directly stated. You are such a good writer ♥


I really loved this fic! Wonderful job!!

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 05 Jul 2018 05:01 AM · [Report This]
Story:Marigolds Chapter: marigolds

Hi Gina! <3


I’m here to judge the entries for my challenge!


Okay so as always, your writing style is just beautiful. It’s always the first thing I notice whenever I read your fics, the seemingly effortless ways your words just tie themselves together into pretty descriptions and memorable characters, and it was the first thing I noticed here. I love the idea of exploring characters like Marietta (and Mariette/Cho is such a good ship idea) who in the books aren’t presented as the most reliable characters – though, let’s be honest. She was sixteen or so. She doesn’t deserve the hate lol.


The idea of Marietta becoming a Healer is so amazing! And the fact that she’s an introvert makes sense with her characterization in the books, and also I like it because I, too, am a total introvert. So far, I’m liking her characterization a lot; it’s subtle and not too loud, and it suits your writing style so much.


Also, what? Cho sent her flowers?? Signed with “Love”? And Marietta thinks there’s no way Cho has even the tiniest inkling of feelings for her? Girl, I’m about to smack you. You’re totally deserving of Cho, and I’m sure there are so many reasons for Cho to love you. (Also I love that the flowers in the title came into play so early on; marigolds are beautiful flowers.)


Can I just say, this is the best description of the hospital smell I’ve ever heard in my life: “like manufactured lemons barely covering the scent of melting plastic.”


CHO ASKED HER ON A DATE. Ohh I love this trope, where two people who secretly love each other take each other as “platonic” dates to some sort of event, where they get to act all cute and date-y and such while internally drowning in their own emotions. And the event seems to be going well, despite Marietta’s reservations! I’m glad that she found conversation easy with the blond man, but I’m more concerned with how she converses with Cho here hehe. God, the chemistry between these two is astonishing, I just want them to make out and get together so badly.


Oh no, Alicia. Why did you have to say that? A sixteen-year-old girl’s mistake, as terrible as it is, isn’t worth a lifelong resentment. I’m so glad that Cho came by and settled misunderstandings, though. And Marietta’s introspection at her own past behavior says a lot about whether she’s changed or not, I think. Also! Cho’s question about how Marietta knew she was gay? Very telling. I’m onto you, Cho. *wink wink*


Good on Marietta for taking the initiative and visiting Cho’s flat! AND OMG OMG OMG THAT TURNED OUT BETTER THAN I COULD HAVE POSSIBLY IMAGINED. First of all, how did you write such a beautiful kiss? I’m like weeping with envy right now. Second of all, they kissed!! They made it!!! Cho’s bi, and she said it aloud, and I’m so proud of my girl right now!!!


Oh my god that ending. That ending line. The arc in this story was so good, and I adored every second of it. Thank you for writing such a beautiful piece!


And thank you for entering in my challenge!



Name: Downlow (Signed) · Date: 04 Jul 2018 11:35 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Marigolds Chapter: marigolds

This is one of the best written pieces I've read on the internet. Your characterisation is spot on and the flow is so effortless. You have the three sections nailed to a decimal - the beginning is intriguing, the mid gives so much of context to the end and the end strikes the heart directly. You've tgien so much of thought to the individualism of the mind. It's astonishing. 

Please write more pieces like this <3

Name: facingthenorthwind (Signed) · Date: 03 Jul 2018 10:31 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Marigolds Chapter: marigolds


Okay Gina I got MASSIVELY DISTRACTED so this review is a bit late but I am here and I am ready to feel at least SEVEN EMOTIONS about extremely minor characters.


And then I'll actually write something for JulNo. Sure. Yes.


I'm so glad Marietta has a kind and good mentor. Also, I first started shouting at her at the word 'date', because OBVIOUSLY there are more platonic ways to phrase that!!! So she must have done it deliberately, you fool!


Okay, no, the point where I REALLY started yelling was: "When I broach the subject, she laughs and claims that she simply hasn't fallen in love, but I see the reluctance in the way she bites her lip, the avoidance of eye contact, the nervous flutter of her laughter." My girl, that isn't 'I'm too sad to date because my first girlfriend turned into the moon/my first boyfriend was murdered by Voldemort'. That is DEFINITELY 'I want to date you but don't think I have a chance with you'.


Also I will go to Susan Bones's address and explain my passions, how DARE she mistreat Marietta like that! Rude! Marietta has had such a rough time of the dating scene. :( All of this is so Accurate to lesbian culture, I'm cackling -- the absurd obliviousness, your exes running away together, I'm Not Gay I'm Just Happier Around You. Perfection.


I looooved the whole work function -- I can't even articulate why, but the bit with the Russian gentlemen was great?


And then JUST WHEN THEY'RE ABOUT TO FINALLY GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER (how on earth can you possibly misinterpret that EXTREMELY BLATANT "I love you", Marietta), Alicia Spinnet ruins everything! Are you SURE you can't think of why Cho is flustered, Marietta? Any reason at all?


Choooooooo, Cho, you should have run after her!!! I know you think you were doing the right thing by telling Alicia that she was in the wrong but Alicia would've got that message if you'd ditched her in favour of Marietta as well! Choooooooo.


I super love how you address the Sneak incident -- I mean it's Marietta's defining feature in canon, so it feels like you *have* to address it.


Whyyy didn't Cho contact her for a week? I mean, presumably it's because she got nervous and worried that she blew it with that question about when Marietta knew she was gay but you know. Cho, why. Stop making bad decisions.


Look. Cho. Cho I JUST TOLD YOU to stop making bad decisions. Going on a monologue about your dead boyfriend and then immediately asking to kiss her? Not your best decision, mate.


But then they KISS and it is GOOD and they WAKE UP HAPPY and that is very satisfying.


And then they have a very emotional conversation about Marietta's debilitating lack of self-esteem, sure, but ultimately they are IN LOVE and they both KNOW IT and then they KISS AGAIN and ugh it's SO GOOD GINA. EVERYTHING IS SO GOOD.


As you might have gathered, I really liked this story. It was really well-written, and the characters were perfect -- Marietta's low self-esteem never felt like...all-consuming and woe-is-me, if you know what I mean? Like, I say that as a person with also low self-esteem, but when you read about it, it can get grating and this never ever does. And Cho is soooo good, I have been struggling to write a slow burn myself and you have helped by giving me an excellent case study in "it's very obvious to the reader but not to the character". You should not be nervous at ALL about posting this, it's fantastic. <3


Name: TreacleTart (Signed) · Date: 02 Jul 2018 06:37 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Marigolds Chapter: marigolds

Hey Gina,


I was searching for something to read tonight and happened upon this story. Cho/Marietta sounded intriguing, so here I am.


you already know I love your writing style. This story was no different. I was immediately sucked in and what’s more impressive...within a few chapters I was feeling sympathy for Marietta. That’s particularly impressive because I never liked her character. The Gryffindor in me hates that she tatted everyone out to Umbridge and I never really was able to move past it. This was really eye opening.


The relationship that is growing between Marietta and Cho is so sweet. I was giggling like a school girl as I realized Cho felt the same way. I almost wanted to shake Marietta and be like “Open your eyes! She’s in love!” It was like she was completely blind to it all.


And when Cho finally tells her she’s in love and they kiss. Gah. I want love like that. It was such a sweet ending.


I will say that I find your choice of flowers interesting. Maybe it’s just because I’m around Latino culture a lot, but Marigolds are the flowers used to decorate graves and alters on Día de Los Muertos. That makes it seem like a morbid choice to send to a girlfriend. 


Just one minor piece of crit. At one point when Alicia Spinnet shows up, you call her Hannah instead. Just a small typo is all.


All in all, this was stunning. As good as ever.




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