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Story:Good Things Come in Twos Chapter: Summiting the Mountain

Hi! Dropping a happy new year review.

I am intrigued by two spots you wrote, Madi.

1 I wonder what exactly Harry told Hermione and Ron. About a good timing for proposal to Ginny?

2 I am eager to know what Harry consulted about with Carlie. I wondered if it was Harry who had secret, bisexual things. What a surprise! It was ...unexpected, then the question was not answered. What advice did Harry get from Charlie?

The scene with Arthur is very impressive and heartwarming. Many authors wrote the similar episode related with family heirloom, yours is the one of top ten.

Totally, I really enjoyed reading the pair's excursion in Switzerland. I even enjoyed their preparation for building a tent up. You built up how wonderful the world would be when you were released from hard work or training. 

Naming the pretty station Grindelwald is unique and I felt it interesting you wrote cautious Harry when they arrived. And I smiled at the description it was Ginny who influenced and changed his calm demeanor into exciting one. I like the way how you caught the both canon characters.



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Story:Good Things Come in Twos Chapter: Summiting the Mountain

Hey, Madi! I'm here with your review for the Prefects' challenge.

The beginning you've set up here is really adorable. I love seeing Harry and Ginny in a happy relationship, talking about normal things like work and vacation rather than having to deal with being the Boy Who Lived. It's refreshing, and I think you've done a good job at setting the tone for the story in the opening paragraphs. And I really loved the first hint that something else is on Ginny's mind -- the topic of importance that she wants to discuss. I want to know what it is! :P

Also, Harry and Ginny washing dishes together muggle style is everything. ♥

You had a lot of strong details, which made it a lot easier for me to visualize the story as I was reading it, which is something I always enjoy. I thought it was really cool that you used the magic of the Patronuses and spells to make fire; it felt really natural for them. :) I especially loved the fact that not everyone recognized Harry and Ginny through their travels and they had no complications, but were recognized on the Alps; it felt realistic to me.

I'm pretty sure I'd love camping a lot more if magic was involved!

So I thought Ginny's coming out came as a slight surprise, but you were able to make it work and you handled it well; I'm glad they had the chance to be open with each other before taking their relationship to the next level -- nothing quite like hiking in the mountains to give you time to share your deepest thoughts. I thought Harry's reactions were true to character and he was very sweet.

Harry's proposal was sweet and romantic, not over the top -- very much like I'd imagine he would do.

Just a small thing: I would've liked to have seen a bit of the Charlie/Harry conversation, just because I love Charlie and I'd be curious to see him playing the roll of the big brother to The Boy Who Lived, but I can understand why you took left it as an alluded conversation.

This ended on a very cute and fluffy note! Harry and Ginny deserve all the happiness and I'm glad they had this chance to be normal and have a great vacation.

Thanks for entering the challenge! ♥

Author's Response:

Hey Jill! :)


This was actually quite a difficult piece for me to write -- not only have I never written a "true" proposal scene, I've also never included LGBTQ+ themes, so this was the perfect chance for me to do so! I loved the themes for this challenge too, so S/O you all for hosting such a lovely summer writing challenge for me to get back into things!


I've always had a soft spot for domestic Harry and Ginny, and since we had an upper limit of 7000 words, I figured why not go for showing some of that? I'm happy you liked it and the normalcy of their relationship. I felt it strengthened their bond and their love for each other by showing they can do those things without much fuss or even magic sometimes! The devil is in the details, and boy did I stress over those, so I appreciate that you thought they were good and helped with the visualization.


Camping is something I've done for years with my family, so it was pretty easy to transform it with magic since they require less "gear" than we do as muggles, lucky them. To be honest, it also came as kind of a surprise to me -- I think I was getting nervous about the word count and felt like I'd spent too much time focusing on Harry and wanted to switch the focus to her, but didn't do a great job with giving her the preparation time for it. I'm happy you thought it came across okay though -- I think I'll definitely do some deeper research if I end up writing more LGBTQ+ fics in the future so I have a better background for it.


Harry's proposal is honestly kind of an emulation of what kind of proposal I'd like to have, so I'm not sure what that says about me :P I didn't include Charlie & Harry's conversation because I've never written Charlie and couldn't settle on a tone for him, so that's why I left it out. But maybe in the future! Harry and Ginny always deserve the most happiness!


Thanks for the detailed and lovely review! :)



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Story:Good Things Come in Twos Chapter: Summiting the Mountain

This review is for the quadpot, match 3

First I like your title, a spin-off of bad things come in threes but so much more positive. I also like the Weasley dinner. You effortlessly waved familiarity into it with Molly’s cookies, Charlie’s burns and George’s newest jokes.  You’ve also set up a bit of a mystery here with two mysterious conversations, first with the trio then an hour long one with Charlie. Something is up and I wonder if it will all happen in the Alps. The conversation with Arthur clues us in a bit more. (Although, if I was Harry, I would be a bit annoyed that my future father-in-law just thrust this ring on me, didn’t even ask. Supposed he had already bought a ring or was planning on using one he found in his Gringott’s vault, etc.)

Also, nice touch with the town of Grindelwald-good detail to tie it back to the books. The proposal was simple and a bit bumbling but perfectly Harry.

I was a bit confused about the conversations at the Weasleys. Why did it take 30 minutes and an hour to discuss, what I’m assuming was the proposal and perhaps the characters could have shown a bit more emotion after the talks (ie relief by Harry or a good-natured arm around him by Charlie.)


Sweet story about their engagement. Thanks for sharing it with us.  

Author's Response:

Hey Barbara! :)


Aha, thanks for catching onto the title there, I wanted to have a bit of fun with it :P Writing the Weasley dinner was actually probably one of the more challenging things for me, what with having that whole cast of characters to remember and where they were sitting/who they were talking to etc so thank you for the lovely compliment!


I wanted to feature Charlie a bit (although in retrospect perhaps Harry should have talked to Bill, as he is the one that's married and all, but I want to say that Charlie was always Ginny's favorite brother, so I think that's why I had Harry talk to him instead -- he knows Ginny better as a person. The situation with Arthur in my mind was more of a "here's an option for you, if you don't already have something planned" kind of thing, but I can see how I didn't really write that very clearly, so thank you! I also am not sure why the conversations took so long -- probably poor time management on my own part, to be honest! I think Harry wanted to do his darned best at surprising Ginny because he knows how wily and intelligent she is, she doesn't miss a trick with six older brothers, so it was more-so for the element of surprise to be maintained.


It was actually a very intentional city selection -- it's an actual city in the mountains of Switzerland, so I thought it fitting when I was just scrolling through Google Maps looking for a reasonable location for them to go to, and then that came up so I just had to use it! Harry's not one for big speeches, so I'm glad you liked his proposal! This type of story was a bit different than my usual, but I'm glad you enjoyed it as a whole. :)



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