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Name: Ineke (Signed) · Date: 31 Jul 2018 10:13 PM · [Report This]
Story:dinbolly Chapter: tahiti is a lovely place


Hiii Emma!




I’m here because you requested a review from me on this so I hope this’ll make you happy <3




First of all – why are there rules and what are they? Like, I get that the boys (or Albus, really) think that it’s nonsense, but I’m still curious as to what’s brought it all on, and why only flooing by head is acceptable but full flooing is not. If you get what I mean. It’s late. Forgive me.




Also I wanna hug Scorpius, not gonna lie.




Oh. Yeah. The reacting poorly because it’s Albus en Scorpius we’re talking about and the parents did not get along (and that’s putting it mildly. Sorry. Went into CC mode here.). I can understand why they wouldn’t be happy – or more like why the Malfoy’s wouldn’t be so happy. I’d think that in a way, while the Potters wouldn’t be happy, they’d also want Albus to be happy and that’d overrule everything. And that’s me making an opinion despite having read the prequel to this.




Why would Harry kill Albus for asking that? Is it because of security nonsense? Because even then the floo wouldn’t make much sense if people can just floo from the Leaky because like, what?




I want to hug Scorpius some more. ALSO SUPPORTIVE MALFOYS I AM HERE FOR IT.




He’s also making me melt with the how happy he is and how right it all feels, seriously.




Ah, yes, I also wouldn’t be keeping going after him to check if he was okay if it keeps on happening. Seriously. isn’t it a bit stupid to keep making the same mistake?








Of course Astoria loves them too. They’re perfect. God.




Jup, I feel Scorpius. Like no escaping, no avoiding, and just being put on the spot like that.




Why France?




Why are they exchanging a look?




DRACO JUST CALMLY EATS A CHERRY oh this image is great.




Seriously, what is it with the French speaking countries? There are a lot of countries with English as their main language, why not go for them?




That’s the summary, Draco. Great job.




Jesus Draco, what a reaction. Why. Seriously. Oh hold on, I think I misunderstood it and thought he asked why as in why albus but not the why did you pretend or do we have to go along with it.




Astoria is amused oh my god.




Oh she is savage.




Oh I’m glad she’s able to see the best in it, and how she’s so happy he doesn’t have to endure what they had to endure and how different the circumstances are.




OF COURSE DRACO REACTS LIKE THAT. Also is Al a Puff? I think I missed that bit.




Snorts Oh my god Draco. OH MY GOD. THIS IS JUST. OH MY GOD.




Oooh, Ginny not gonna bring him to the door then? Like I know hes like a teen and doesn’t need it but still she might’ve wanted to talk stuff over…




Yeah I wouldn’t worry too much about that, Al.








Now I wanna know what happened between Astoria and Ginny. Prequel of it all, perhaps?




Oh my god Albus when you yawn people can show teeth too why the hell does a cat make you scream oh my god.












Oi there is nothing wrong with milk in tea. Honestly, those Brits make it so strong I actually need it because sugar alone won’t cut it.




Of course Draco approves.




If Scorpius can do that, he’d be a damn hero.








I’m putting money on Hermione too.




Hermione still not over him then?




Draco grinning well then.




OH HAHAHAHA. This is too much.




Harry would die laughing probably. God. This is briljant.




Great fic, Emma! I really enjoyed it, but I meant what i said about that prequel! Also I hope you didn’t mind me doing a live review and this fits the general thoughts thing you wanted! x

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