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Name: Crimson Quill (Signed) · Date: 12 Nov 2018 02:33 PM · [Report This]
Story:Complex Chapter: Complexity #3




Here for our swap/November RvG (and bc i love this story and you!)


So this chapter has a masterclass on characterisation for Abby. This chapter makes me love her so much as a character. I think she's so feisty, dedicated and hardworking but at the same time she's hilarious and endearing. I thought it was great that you went into office politics with this story about her having a tough time with men in her office, they suck but it hits home because it's issues that women face everyday.


I really like that we got to see her at work, I was really looking forward to seeing that when you announced the sequel. I'm really glad that we didn't see any James in this chapter because he wasn't needed. This chapter really highlights Abby as the star of the show (or fic) because she doesn't need to one half of a couple to be interesting. 


man, I love sassy harry. seriously. he's the best and I loved it so much. Harry is quite hard to write I think but just loved him in the chapter. death eaters 2.0 is basically hilirious but shouldn't be. I thought it was good balance between some humour alongside more serious aspect of the murders. 


Hassan Rajhi sounds like major trouble but I like his introduction, I'm kinda shipping him and dom already? is that bad, jury is still out but i can't wait to see that develop as well as molly and her possible new crush? v.interesting.


I'm sure there is like a million more things to say about this chapter as it had lots going on it but I'm going to leave it here. this is the best chapter so far though.


- Abbi xo  


november - RvG - team gold


Name: adorably cute (Signed) · Date: 04 Nov 2018 06:16 PM · [Report This]
Story:Complex Chapter: Complexity #2

Hi Taylor! Here to finally (maybe) catch up and get Team Red rolling for November's RvG!


FREDDY IS STILL HEARTBROKEN OVER CAROLINE, be still my beating heart, I am dead. I loved the first scene of him messing with James and Abby after walking in on them. It's so classically Freddy! As was his engagement gift, which is hilarious.


James and Lily's sibling interaction right when they arrived was awesome. Very sibling-esque. Him refusing to show her any pictures of the ring and her caring more about that than seeing him even though it's been months is way accurate siblings everywhere. I also loved when he threatened not to buy her a Christmas present and she just--kept going, totally wasn't having it. She knows better than this, James!


I love that their end of the table is basically all their friends from Hogwarts! It reminds me of holidays at my grandparents house, when we were all relegated to the kids table no matter how old we were. I loved everyone teasing James for his inability to committement when literally none of them are in relationships of their own. Absolutely hilarious all around. (except for Freddy's cutting comment about unrealistic expectations Hogwarts relationships which is accuate EXCEPT FREDDY IS STILL HEARTBROKEN OVER CAROLINE AND I AM HEARTBROKEN FOR HIM)!


I am super dying to know about what happened that called Harry and Hermione away from dinner and can only assume we are starting to dive into the actual murdery parts of the story! Another lovely chapter, Taylor!

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 03 Nov 2018 06:12 PM · [Report This]
Story:Complex Chapter: Complexity #3

 Not only is this story excellent, but also suddenly super relevant?? Her struggles as one of the junior members of the department where people don't take her seriously, and the whole office is dudes - this is something that NEEDS to be written about because this is still reality for a lot of women. So thank you!  ‘‘‘ (<- idk if that will show up properly but those are applause emojis)

Also,  even though the summary says that there's a wizarding massacre so I knew what to expect, the announcement of that during the meeting was pretty chilling just because of how close it hits to home, what with the things going on in the news in the usa especially this past week. For a fanfiction, this is in some ways not that fictional...

I know the timing was inappropriate but thank goodness for Al bickering with his dad about the name death eaters 2.0 just for lightening up the chapter a little. Also Dom ordering a random drink that she doesn't even care what's in it, lol. I love that girl.


I watch as Molly reaches out and grabs a section of hair that the girl missed, adding it to her messy hairstyle as she wraps a hair tie around all of it. I also don’t miss how Molly’s hand lingers there just a little bit longer than it probably should.  -- SHIP SHIP SHIP

Awesome chapter. I'm stoked you're working on this for nano

Name: Crimson Quill (Signed) · Date: 26 Oct 2018 01:21 PM · [Report This]
Story:Complex Chapter: Complexity #2





OMG. FRED IS THIS CHAPTER. I love it. your dialogue is exceptional. It's always so fun, banter is perfect and it all go towards building these relationships between the characters. Fred is such a fun character but I think you're giving hints or more likely little flashes of his real emotions like the moment when you say '"Unrealistic expectations that all Hogwarts relationships would somehow last in the real world?". That's so honest and blunt?? it's almost too much there. I kinda wanna give Freddy a big hug here. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Freddy in the future chapters hopefully get a bit more of his emotional side and get Caroline back in the picture!!



I think what this chapter has really well is create such a family atmosphere. You've created really nicely balanced chapter which includes lots of characters but it doesn't feel overwhelming. you've played the dynamics well that we get see lot of people. I like Ginny's little role in this chapter too! like mirroring between her telling James off for bad language then Molly telling her off is fun. James is playing with the baby, OMG. MY HEART. Go Abby for not taking his name (or at least thinking about it!). may I suggest that they combine their surnames to make a new one like Potchester? hahah.



I'm really interested to see what happened to Harry and Hermione rushing off to the ministry! It sounds very juicy! wonderful tease there for next chapter! I'm really looking forward to see her work life storyline to kick off. It'll be great to see you write mystery/crime aspect. I love that snippet from next chapter! You know how to keep an audience interested!!


- Abbi xo



RvG - Team Gold



Author's Response:



Fred was by far the MVP of this chapter. He's such a little shit for so much of it, but you also get little flashes of some of his underlying feelings - especially that comment about unrealistic expectations. (Freddy's never been good at reading the room, so his comment IS a little too much there.) Caroline does come into the story at some point though. ;)


Working with all the Weasleys and Potters at once is SO HARD. There's SO MANY OF THEM. They've all got such BIG PERSONALITIES. So I'm so happy it turned out well! That moment where Ginny gets on to James and then gets scolded by her own mum like an hour later was so funny to write, and seemed spot-on for her.


POTCHESTER IS THE BEST SHIP NAME EVER. Even if Abby decides to change her last name, Potchester will be their ship name forever and ever.


And yes, crime/mystery is coming!! Thanks for reviewing, Abbi!!



Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 22 Oct 2018 09:54 PM · [Report This]
Story:Complex Chapter: Complexity #2

Hello hello! It's me again, purveyor of well-intentioned mobile reviews that unknowingly get sabotaged by my autocorrect. I loved this chapter and Weasley family dinner gatherings are the best. I loved Ginny calling James out for his language and then not too long later Mrs Weasley does the same to her XD Some things never change!


You are brilliant and so it this: "the mixture of loud music and insanely strong spirits almost always foretells the death of good decision-making skills." A+ (for wittiness, not for their decision making skills haha)

Also I feel like it's been a long time since I mentioned how much I love Dom so here goes: I love Dom. Her joke about wizards chess was perfect haha.


Harry and Hermione disappearing to the ministry is ominous. Based on the snippet for the next chapter I assume they are learning about the Death Eater 2.0, that was definitely Harry's idea and not Hermione's amirite :P But, yikes, what happened??


Poor Freddy. I feel like he's only as obnoxious around James and Abby because he still misses Caroline so much. :( I mean, he'd still be obnoxious anyway because he's Freddy, but this is like... bitter obnoxious.


Awesome chapter! <3

Author's Response:

Hi Kristin! I love your well-intentioned mobile reviews, haha. <3


Ginny tries to be a strict mum sometimes and then it eventually bites her in the butt when she realizes she was totally a rebel child as well. And OMG I'm so glad you caught that Augurey line - I loved writing it so much and felt so proud of myself for coming up with it so it makes me so happy that someone else caught it. Dom's wizards' chess comment was another one of my faves, lol. And Freddy is definitely missing Caroline, and he usually covers it pretty well, but it pops out every so often.


As for Harry and Hermione's disappearance, well, you'll see next chapter. And yes Death Eaters 2.0 was all Harry - if Hermione had been involved in that naming process she would've shot that down before Harry had a chance to use it in public and get made fun of for it.


Glad you enjoyed this chapter!!



Name: Crimson Quill (Signed) · Date: 12 Oct 2018 09:27 AM · [Report This]
Story:Complex Chapter: Complexity #1


Taylor <3


YAY, new story! I'm really looking forward to this story so it's so cool that you've dived in with getting this up and running. I love how it's still got vibes of Complicated like not so much as changed but it feel more grown up! Poor Abby! still struggling with the media interest so I can't imagine how she is going to plan this wedding with them around! I do like how wise she is to the media and knows how to play them by now with the little ring shot. 


I love this chapter has a mix of characters in. you haven't over loaded us with new characters and lots of information. you're taking your time with the set up as you mention in your blurb about a string of murders but currently no mention of that but we didn't need it yet. It was a really smooth introduction to her work environment with new character, Aaliyah and Al. I hope Aaliyah is going to be a good friend for Abby because she needs that! I liked the dialogue and think they have a great chemsitry as friends. You were always very talented at using your dialogue to build relationship between your characters. I hope this story does have a bit more of Al in (just because I love Albus Potter!). I'm so happy that he marries Cecile. I'm really rooting for those two to have happy time after Complicated. 


YAY, THEY ARE ENGAGED. *EXCITABLE SCREAM* just love them as a couple! They have always been a great couple because you've built them up as friends before getting into that relationship. They have brilliant banter together and such a great sexual chemistry which always seem to be bubbling away! PARISSSS. HOW WONDERFUL. (ok, I've over used the caps locks in this review!)


- Abbi xo


Team RvG - Team Gold. :)


Author's Response:

Hi Abbi!!


There's definitely still tinges of Complicated in here, but you're right in that it's a little more grown up. It's probably at least partially because I plotted Complicated when I was like 16, and plotted Complex this year... and a lot can change in worldview in a few years. Aaliyah is a delight to write - she's a bit girlier than Dom, but just as much of a fireball - and Al is fun too, and it's kind of hilarious that she spends so much time with her fiancé's little brother. And yeah, Al and Cecile definitely deserved a happy time, and there's going to be continued growth from that storyline in this one as time goes on. 


Thanks for reviewing!! And I love the overuse of caps lock - my reviews are usually like that as well, lol.



Name: godslayer (Signed) · Date: 08 Oct 2018 02:17 PM · [Report This]
Story:Complex Chapter: Complexity #1

Taylooooor! You're the entire reason I'm even on this site, so yes I've read a bit of Complicated (ADHD banter meant I gave up somewhere around chapter 9, nothing on you, that's just my attention span) so I'm at least a little familiar with the characters. 

First impression: Yes this can totally be read as a standalone. Their relationship milestone has just happened so it's already established that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. There's no wading through eight hundred dates, which just means the reader hits the ground running and I like it. 

There's a nice balance between refreshing, witty dialogue and action. Honestly I'm weak for that initial hair tucking thing! And the whole cake thing - it feels to me like James trusts Abby's judgement on the wedding planning and the whole input from the family... the going at it like rabbits. It's very honest and just feels relatable and fresh. 

Going on to things I liked/noticed: 

Do I smell that independent research becoming important? I'm curious as to what Abby's career as an Auror is going to launch at her and how it'll affect her relationship with James. 
James not having a job he's passionate about. It's just a mood and a half, I'm sure bills are still a thing even in the wizarding world!
And can I just talk about that summary.... you know how to attract a gal, I swear. I smell some angsty crime happenings and I cannot wait. 

All in all, I love it! It's a great opening, a solid introduction to the characters (especially since I don't honestly know them that well) and I'm excited about what's going to develop out of Abby's career path as an Auror. 

Author's Response:

Hey Em! 


I'm glad this seems to work as a standalone - it's ideally meant to be read after Complicated, but I like the idea of it making enough sense to be read without it as well.


I've tried to make everything seem fresh here, despite the new characters, and to make everything seem realistic as well!!


And yes, that independent research might be useful in the future, I'm glad you noticed that ;) But yep, James' lack of attachment to his job is all-too-real - I'm lucky enough to really love the work that I do, but a lot of my friends aren't as lucky, so I wanted to capture that in here. 


And OMG I'm glad you liked the summary - angsty crime is exactly the vibe I've been looking for. <3


Thanks for reviewing this for me, your input is lovely!!



Name: adorably cute (Signed) · Date: 06 Oct 2018 03:58 PM · [Report This]
Story:Complex Chapter: Complexity #1

HELLO I am here and for the time being ready to revoke your title of monster since I'm so excited about this (though I am reserving the right to bestow the title upon you again at anytime based on previous tweets about this sequel). I am here for Team Red for RvG, for Gryffie Review tag (to kill a few birds with one stone), and because there's no way I WOULDN'T come by to read and review this, quite honestly.


Even though I already knew James and Abby started this off with an engagement, I am STILL SO EXCITED for them! I love how Abby plays it off at the start, and her purposeful motion of tucking her hair behind her ear with her LEFT hand is so Abby.


New character! Aaliyah sounds super cool and I'm excited to meet a new work friend of Abby's! They seem like they have a good friendship going and I can't wait to see what kind of role Aaliyah takes on. Also, Al! I loved Al in Complicated and I'm happy to see more of him! It'll be fun to see him and Abby working together.


I like seeing her in the workplace environment! It's really neat to see her doing something she loves.Alternatively, it sucks that James isn't really happy with what he's doing, except it's pretty relatable for young 20s peeps. I'm curious to see how that plays out--or if it plays into anything--and hope that he does find some career that truly makes him happy.


I love seing James and Abby still so them--cute and funny and kind of sarcastic. James' quip about the wedding cake was awesome and I agree with Abby 100% that the cake is all he cares about--besides getting to actually marry Abby, he couldn't care less how she plans the rest of the day as long there's a good cake! It's so funny to me that they're still getting caught even at this age in their own home but I love it and I can't wait for chapter 2! Already excited for the return of Freddy! Great start Taylor!

Author's Response:

Monster title status: currently revoked. Approximate return of status: chapter 10? Or did I already get it back for that Jily drabble?


Lol Abby at the start is simultaneously so nonchalant and so dramatic and I love it. And Aaliyah's a great character, as is Al, and they've got this fun little work squad that'll continue to be significant throughout the story. And James... I've got plans for him and his career path. :)


Freddy literally could not waltz into this story in any other fashion. He's a little shit all throughout chapter 2 because of it.


Thanks for reviewing, Sarah!!



Name: javu (Signed) · Date: 06 Oct 2018 12:40 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Complex Chapter: Complexity #1

Hey Taylor! I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot already, but I’m really glad you’re making a sequel to Complicated. You ended it on a good note, of course, but James and Abby have their whole lives ahead of them. I’m looking forward to what you’ll bring them.

Okay, so one of the first things I noticed is Abby’s growth as a character. Particularly how she handled the reporters. Abigail in chapter 1 of Complicated might have walked past the reporters too, but Abby’s attitude toward it in Complex is different. She handled it with maturity. She understood the consequences of her words and actions.

Another area of growth was how she didn’t use her position for her personal advantage (getting out of work). This was already something that changed in her character in Complicated, but I still took note of it.

I’m happy to see that James did her right by making a big deal out of the proposal. And of course Freddie helped ;)

As a side note, Complicated was the main reason I joined HPFT. After HPFF closed down, I was really struggling to find a place to read and write fanfiction. There are other sites out there, but much of it is, well, a darker side of fanfiction, one could say. Incest and orgies. And I’m, uh, not in to that. At all. And to have to sift through all of that stuff to get to a few good stories… well, needless to say, I was happy when I found HPFT. At the time, there was maybe just over 400 members (and to think how well it’s growing!). Basically, I was searching for a site that I could make it my homebase. I looked through the Top 10s and F.R.O.G.S. I love Next Gen, especially James centered stories. So, I chose Complicated to read. I liked it, and decided to join the site. So… thank you :)

As always, I’m looking forward to see what you write! Keep it up!

- Javu
Written just because. And for review tag and RvG challenge. Go Gold!

Author's Response:

Hi!! Ok, so first of all, the fact that Complicated is part of the reason you joined HPFT makes me so happy! This is definitely such a fun and supportive little corner of the Internet, so I love that I was able to help you find it. <3


Abby's definitely learned a lot about the consequences of actions through Complicated, and it informs a lot of how she behaves in this first chapter and throughout the story. And James definitely did her right with the proposal - it had all the level of drama that they deserve, lol.


Thanks for the review!!!



Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 06 Oct 2018 09:58 AM · [Report This]
Story:Complex Chapter: Complexity #1

Ahhh lemme just tell you that this story was exactly what I needed to find after the past couple of weeks I've had. I'm so glad you're writing this!AAnd 35 chapters! Yesss!

I love seeing Abby as an Auror. Also love that all the junior aurors names start with A. XD That's like, level one dream team. Omg, they are literally the A-Team. I look forward to more A Auror Antics in the future. Ah, paperwork. It's amazing how realistic Aurors can seem haha, in theory is all spells and chasing down dark wizards and all kinds of crazy magic, but in practice: the same work that like everyone in the world has to deal with once in a while XD


James proposal sounds so... James, haha. It was perfect. These two are adorable together and I'm glad you let them have this fluffy chapter bc I know things are going to get more Complex and some of your tweets made me worry about james and Abby. But for now at least, I can be happy to know that everything is perfect.


Awesome chapter and I'm so excited for this sequel!

Author's Response:

Hi! I'm so happy this was what you needed. :)


And omg, I didn't realize all their names started with A until I was almost done with the chapter, and was like 'huh, that's interesting.' There will definitely be an A team joke somewhere in this story because of it.


I'm glad you enjoyed the fluffiness of this chapter, but yes, things will definitely get a little more Complex in the near future. ;)



Name: Sleepingbagonthesofa (Signed) · Date: 06 Oct 2018 04:38 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Complex Chapter: Complexity #1


Yay! I get to be the first review and can I just say IT IS ABOUT TIME TAYLOR. I'm already nervous for what is about to happen. It's all way too perfect, something big is going to go wrong. Even your tweets and comments about this story have made me want to put James and Abby into a special box for safe keeping. 



Agh that opening!! You throw us straight into the action, bombarding us with questions that both tell us exactly what's going on but also give us a view into Abby's new life. For the girl who hated the Hogwarts rumormill she seems to have become very good at dealing with journalists making up lots about her. It tells me how much she's grown up and become a little desensitised to the idea, since I cannot imagine our old Abby dealing with it so calmly.

At the same time "I swear to Merlin, if I had a galleon for every time a reporter accused me of being pregnant I would never have to lay a finger on my trust fund" is just SO old Abby. I read it and smiled because it has her personalty in every word.


So far I like Aaliyah, she seems sweet and is defiantly a good friend for Abby in work- speaking of YES LOOK AT HER BEING ALL AURORIE! I can't wait to see the wedding madness affect her work as it unfolds. Being engaged to the bosses son is going to be an amazing catalyst for drama in the workplace! Especially if things get ahh... complicated... later in the story. You've set this up to be a really interesting plot with a lot of potential!


Now finally on to JAMES AND ABBY!! Ahh they are still so perfect together. His proposal was-- no other way to say it -- just SO JAMES. You've written their chemistry so well and they're relationship just feels much more relaxed now. I love that she seems so close with all of his family and not just the old crew. The mention of the tiara ring was the levels of fluffy callback to the start of their relationship that I needed. It was perfect.

As, however, was the ending. Girl you really know how to write cliffhangers that interrupt them in certain moments, don't you? Lol I loved it. It was the perfect opening chapter and all this review was really saying is YES TAYLOR IS BACK WITH ANOTHER NOVEL!! 35 chapters of this? I am so in.


All my love 


PS this was left as part of RvG - Team Gold! 


Author's Response:

Hi Deni!!


Starting this story off at a point where everything is perfect is so exciting for that reason - things can only go downhill from here. *laughs maniacally*


That opening was, for the longest time, the only thing in the doc for this chapter. I had that planned out and couldn't figure out where to go from it, but it felt right to start it there, with those comments that show how desensitized she is to everything but also how there are definitely still bits of the old Abby present.


Aaliyah's great, and putting Abby in the workplace is fun - and only gets more fun from here. The complications of being engaged to the boss's son come less from Harry himself, and more from other people. It means that there's always going to be a subsection of people who think she's getting things because of her connections to the Potters, and not of her own merits, so she's constantly having to prove that she really belongs there.


But James and Abby are so good together, and she's really gotten to know his family well. And I couldn't resist that cliffhanger, lol.


Thanks for reviewing (and for being the first on this story)!!



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