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Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 04 Dec 2018 07:53 PM · For: Chapter 1

Back to wreak some more #TeamSilver havoc ;) 


I haven't seen a songfic in SO long -- I'm pretty excited to read one again. These were literal gold back in the day. Your description in this is really nice -- I think the moonlight and the snow made for some awesome imagery. And that's not even mentioning the bit about the ghost Harry's feelings about Ginny, seemingly taking up not only emotional and mental but as psychical a space as Ron or Hermione. It's a really awesome piece of personification that implies a lot about what Harry is actually feeling for Ginny and how it's affecting him. The Ginny-concept was barely even touched on in the movies, but I still feel like it was shifted slightly to the side still in the books. 


I also like how you've mentioned that, from the sidelines, Harry is able to pick up on the little cues that tune him into the blossoming feelings that Ron and Hermione have had for each other over the years. From this same vantage point, Harry is also able to see how Ron's leaving is affecting Hermione -- which, naturally would remind him of Ginny, even if he tells himself she is better off without him to put her in harm's way.


And, naturally, after spending time around her, especially with so much anger and sadness and danger surrounding them, I can see Harry developing feelings for Hermione, unable to act on them (at first) for Ron, and then just wasn't the right time, just like it never seemed to be the right time for anything in Harry's life, with so much disaster hanging in the air around him. 


I do love the resolution, how he finally does tell her, and she accepts him. They're best friends, and it's beautiful especially in the darkness that they're living in. 


Lovely fic! 



Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 18 Nov 2018 05:09 AM · For: Chapter 1

Hello, Juls! I'm here for our swap! (If you are still up for it? If not, that's fine)

I was unsure what to pick, since I've run out of Peter stories... :P But I was curious about this one... even if, I have to confess, I don't ship Harry/Hermione at all. I love their sibling-kind relationship too much, I love canon couples too much... but I'm always open to new perspectives and ideas, so... ;)

And this was so sweet... as always, what I love of your writing is how descriptive it is. You have a great talent at picturing scenes, at putting the reader into your setting. It's a real gift, if you ask me.

Harry's thoughts and fears... the guilt about Ginny... it's all so real and relatable and so very Harry, too. He doesn't want to put Hermione in danger, he doesn't want to ruin a friendship that means so much to him, he doesn't want to betray Ron, he doesn't want to let go of Ginny. But still his feelings are there and they are undeniable. And you write the conflict it all creates beautifully!

Hermione's response... that was just so lovely... the way she's there for him... the way she feels the same way... I can't help but feel grateful for Harry, I love their closeness and how they understand each other and care for each other. I love how it all stays at a mostly innocent level, at least where you broke it. I love that they can find some comfort.

This was a really sweet piece! Thank you so much for suggesting the swap!

Lots of love,


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