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Name: potionspartner (Signed) · Date: 13 Jan 2019 07:24 PM · [Report This]
Story:Game of Disguise Chapter: 2. Attraction

Hi, this is for the Magical Menagerie review.

Poor Rose. She just needs to kiss Scorpius and get it out of her system. Then maybe she can focus on the meeting. Seriously, you need a nice job of having Rose jump between that fine look blonde and the details her mother’s speech.  I like Rose’s running self-commentary. She knows she’s obsessed with Scorpius. She knows her cousin knows. She knows her father suspects (although probably doesn’t want to admit it to himself) but she doesn’t care or maybe she does care but it doesn’t matter. Her thoughts have a mind of their own (if that makes sense) and they are going to focus on HIM. And of course the biggest question: Does the man in question realize it?

Scorpius’s reactions and lines are perfect. He’s the cool cat that you can figure out which of course drives Rose crazy. It’s a great dynamic between the two that I enjoy reading.

I love the lines: “We decided to take our masks off two years ago so that we could work together, but we ended up changing those masks for others. Won’t this mission change everything again?

If we already have masks up, won’t using new ones on top of them enable a mess that we might not be able to handle?”



Masks can make things so complicated and sometimes they can be used to cover up the complicated hoping for a blanket for simple. Either way, I bet eventually all the masks will come off--Then it’s going to be get very interesting.

Author's Response:

I'm having a blast working on this story. I wanted to portray Rose as this on-edge, somewhat crazied person (really, given Hermione and Ron's personalities can she be much else when she's overwhelmed? lol) who is about to enter a potentially dangerous situation with someone who unsettles and rattles her to her core, and Scorpius as this fun counter-part.


I like to think that at first he was totally oblivious to Rose's interest in him, but they're now at this point in which Rose can't quite hide her feelings very well and Scorpius is catching on, and wants to make it worth his while because he likes to rattle her, and kind of wants her to admit to her feelings first (he's protecting himself a little, naturally, the same way she is not wanting to give in).


Hope you'll keep on reading once I update . Thanks for reviewing :)

Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 28 Dec 2018 11:49 AM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:Game of Disguise Chapter: 1. Denial

Hi, Susana. I came back to your story. Your plot is impressive. Two rivals reconsider their past and try to take off the facade. 

As Ron is Rose's father, she is so stubborn that it was difficult for her to admit Scorp was also a human. :) On the contrary, she had Hermione's characteristics, curiosity and the ability to see things calmly. Great reasoning for the pair. Under the circumstances, Scorp often tries to let people accept him and his desire is to be respected for his talent. The idea, Rose is a Curse Breaker just like Bill, is great, too.


I thought it interesting that Rose was sent to rescue Scorp ordered by own her mother, Hermione. And she had a chance to observe Scorp very well. After exchaging conversations, their friendship seemed to be built. Though you didn't write how they could be free, I can imagine Rose could find a way and she could be free with Scorp. And those expensive arts will be back soon.


This chapter is told from the first person's POV. In that way, readers can enjoy your fic, reading Rose's mind and how Scorp is attractive for her. I also think it interesting that you repeated Scorp's bad habit under the pressure.






Author's Response:

Hi Ken :)


I'm so glad you came back, and especially that your review is so spot on on the way I'm portraying both Rose and Scorpius! I hope you'll come back again when I update, the next chapter is about their roadtrip to the party and the party itself, so it shuld be fun ;P



Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 16 Dec 2018 11:18 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Game of Disguise Chapter: 1. Denial

Hey, there, Susana!

Here with a little review for you for your wishlist, and also a little thank you for all the reviews you've left on Jimmy... :P

I was a bit unsure about what to pick, but then I went for this because it sounded amusing and I thought I could use some lightheartedness... :P

And this did not disappoint! Rose and Scorpius' banter! It was to die for! Rose's sarcasm was delightful, as were her thoughts about her feelings for Scorpius, the way she tries to convince herself that she hates him and that whatever other feelings she might have are just a silly infatuation with no meaning at all... yes, Rose, sure... keep telling yourself that... :P

I really like the theme of the mask. It feels so true. We are always wearing some kind of mask, at some level. There's always something about ourselves that we feel the need to hide to the world, isn't there? And the longer you pretend, the harder it becomes to pull the mask off... it's an interesting perspective for sure.

I'm very curious too to see what will happen now that Rose and Scorpius have decided to try to... tolerate each other? Or at least drop that family feud that has nothing to do with them? Well, actually I think I already know the answer just from your summary :P but I'm still curious to see how you'll get there... ;)

This was a really nice read, I enjoyed it a lot, and your writing style was lovely, too. Great flow, dialogue, description... everything. :)

I'll try to be back. In the meantime, happy holidays again!

Lots of love,


Author's Response:

Hi Chiara. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, it always takes me a while to get back to reviews for some reason -.-


Glad you stopped by though, and that you enjoyed the funny aspect of the story. That's what I was going for, and it's probably my first time writing something so amusing/light compared to my other stories, so I'm happy you liked it!


The mask theme will appear in all 5 parts of the story, and one of the reasons I chose it is exactly because it rings true to our own lives and we can easily identify ourselves with it. The idea appealed to me and I decided to go for it.


Hope you'll be back when I update ;P

Name: UnluckyStar57 (Signed) · Date: 27 Nov 2018 01:33 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Game of Disguise Chapter: 2. Attraction

Omg, what??? This is amazing!!

Scorose is such a great ship to do fun, torturous things to--like make them fake-date for espionage purposes (while being TOTALLY in love and TOTALLY bad at pretending they're not). I loved all of Rose's thoughts about Scorpius during the meeting--and all of Ron's incredibly obvious attempts to make it CLEAR that this mission is all about PRETENDING, darn it! :D

Rose has a great voice as the narrator. In the two years since the events of chapter 1, she's probably grown up a little, but she clearly has only leaned more into this "hmm maybe Scorpius is kinda hot" thing. And I think Scorpius knows it, as evidenced by the *spicy* scene at the end of this chapter (my personal fave, by the way!). I love the backstory behind the Force's ticket into the Brotherhood party and how Scorpius will have to be the eligible Tulson while Rose will have to be a random girl whose hair Hermione took once. xD I think they'll be a lovely couple, and I can't wait to see what kind of bickering ensues on the way to the party!

This was such a fun read! I cannot wait to see the story develop more--and to find out more about the mysterious Brotherhood and why they're doing so much thievery and other illegal activities! :D


*written for the November BvB Review Battle*

Author's Response:

Hey Mallory.


I'm so glad you've enjoyed these two chapters so much. It's been great juggling so many tropes into a 5-part fic such as this, and writing Scorose has truly been a joy with this prompt.


Scorpius does know, to a degree, about Rose's feelings towards him, or at least suspects they're there, but all the uncertainty that comes from him being a Malfoy and her being a Granger-Weasley leaves him in this kind of limbo, where he reciprocates her feelings but isn't sure of whether - or how - to act on them.


Writing the party scene has been a ride, I can't wait for you guys to read it. Hope you'll be back for the next part :)

Name: potionspartner (Signed) · Date: 04 Nov 2018 11:34 PM · [Report This]
Story:Game of Disguise Chapter: 1. Denial

First, I love the first part about the mask. It is so true. When does the mask become so comfortable that you forget the real you? If you do have the courage to take that mask off again, will you have the courage to discover who the real you is underneath?


You also do a nice job, coming back to the mask every so often and weaving it through the character's thoughts/dialogue.


The conversation seems so easy. They admit they've been stuck in their parents' feud and want to get out of it. As Rose suggested, "just start over." But life is never that easy and it looks like you've foreshadowed that a bit with the last bit about not losing their masks entirely and just replacing them with new ones.


Nice start. I look forward to reading the rest!

Author's Response:

Hi Barbara!

The simbology about the mask will be in every part/chapter of the story, and it's supposed to be relatable not only to Scorpius and Rose but also to ourselves. I'm really enjoying playing with it and weaving it into the story.

This first chapter is more of an introduction. The next ones are the ones that get the action going ;P

Thank you for reviewing :)

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