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Story:Ravenclaw Halloween Drabbles Chapter: Ron's Halloween Treat

Hi! Team blue!

Since I watched Deathly Hallows Part I, in which Ron got jealous the ship between Hermione and Harry, I felt for Ron who is the sixth Weasley son who was supposed to be the first daughter Molly wished and then I found your story. I like Ron the best of all Weasley family. So I got excited to find you wrote about him for the Halloween event on the forum, and I chose this for Ravenclaw review tag.


Ah, poor Ron. Fred and George have never allowed him to spend time peacefully around Halloween. They set pranks even in the toilet. I hope not it was related with spiders. I wondered what they were actually. 


From the episode you created, Ron was a good son who was willing to help Molly. It appears a little cruel of the twins that they used his kindness for tricking. That's why he must have been thankful when Harry bought him and Ron lots of sweets in the train to Hogwarts. And he really enjoyed 'treat' part of Halloween with his parents and his sister without any unpleasant things with all his heart after the twins entered Hogwarts.


It might be a kind of torture for Ron to get through Halloween with the twins though, I guess it might be remembered as good old days after he lost Fred and he grew to be a man.




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