Name: Oregonian (Signed) · Date: 10 Mar 2019 12:19 AM · [Report This]
Story:A Tail of Halloween Hi Jinks Chapter: Chapter 1

Hi Juls.  The Slytherin EvS (Go Emerald!) Review Tag has once again sent me into your author page for a pleasant diversion from household chores.


I love how you have based this story on a detailed description of how it feels to Peter to be in his rat form.  I never gave it a thought, before now, about how he, of all the Marauders, could travel unnoticed throughout the castle in his animagus form.  It's so fun to imagine him standing on his hind legs, sniffing delicately, swishing his tail, all those things that rats do but which I had never associated with Peter before.


It was a big mystery, exactly what the prank was going to be, but it seems as if it went off even better than planned, because it got not only Snape but the other four boys also, since they were all in the room when the letter was opened.  


Of course, Peter won't be able to leave the dormitory or squeeze out through the mouse hole until the charm wears off, and who knows how long that will be, and the other Marauders will probably worry about him when he doesn't show up at the feast (although they will also notice the absence of not only Snape but four other Slytherins as well).  Those conversations would probably be funny also.


This story was a clever idea (why didn't anyone else ever think of writing Peter in the form of a rat?) and it put a smile on my face.  Nice job, and thank you for writing.  I love stuff that's kind of different!



Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 04 Dec 2018 11:57 AM · [Report This]
Story:A Tail of Halloween Hi Jinks Chapter: Chapter 1

In the world of Emerald vs Silver, #Team Silver's falling behind -- but for HOW LONG? *insert evil laughter here*


First of all -- the title. Purposefully using Tail instead of Tale is amazing. I know there's a proper name for the literary device, but I'm stretching back to my EARLY college days and it's, unfortunately, escaping me. Either way, I love it.  I do specifically remember the short story I wrote for the project around the device, too. It was something about a "wearwolf" [someone who actually wore the pelts/skins as a wolf, instead of a werewolf as we know it]. But I'm way off track. 


I, as always, feel so badly for Snape who seems to be always under attack from the Marauder's bullying [most specifically, James and Sirius']. It makes sense that Peter would be grateful that he's a part of he problem instead of the target of the problem, though. It must've been a weird time, for Peter [not that it got better, based on a series of poor choices] -- knowing he was always an outcast but somehow accepted into a group, led by someone he idolized, protected when he knew he probably couldn't protect himself. 


And about this prank -- what is going to make this the best prank, ever! I MUST know.  Peter's pretty right about being able to transform into a rat. While not as glamorous as a stag or a dog, it is pretty useful to slink around, unseen...unnoticed. It's a particularly useful prank for pranking -- especially if it involves sneaking through small holes in order to infiltrate the Slytherin Common Room. :0 Now I'm paranoid...we'll have to do a thorough search of the Snake Pit later. I'll bring the spackle. 


I think what I love the most is that Peter keeps getting distracted by the fact that he's hungry. The thought is plaguing him so much, which I find particularly hilarious. 


AND oh my gosh -- Lucius with the My Father will hear about this -- and then yours will! bit. I'm dying. That was beautiful. But HE picked up the note -- that's hilarious! Serves him right ;) . This is absolutely hysterical. I LOVE that Malfoy opened the letter instead, bahahaha! Oooof. Orange, round heads. ;) That'll teach him. 


I LOVED this! I needed a good laugh!



Name: godslayer (Signed) · Date: 30 Nov 2018 06:52 PM · [Report This]
Story:A Tail of Halloween Hi Jinks Chapter: Chapter 1

ok ok i saw the character list and i was totally hesitant, i won't lie, but i loved it. Love it. Loved it. both tenses. 

peter marveling at the slytherin common room! getting up to hijinks! the lil rat animagus being key and the description of PAWS i'm weak

hungry with a capital H <- LOVE IT 


i found a sentence in the first paragraph difficult to read, but otherwise this was a complete delight and i love it. especially malfoy's "MY FATHER WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS"! 

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 11 Nov 2018 04:39 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:A Tail of Halloween Hi Jinks Chapter: Chapter 1

Ah, poor Peter... :P

By the way... hi, Juls! I'm here for your requested review! :D

Okay, so... your Peter is much more... ratty? than mine, but that's okay, I guess... I've been rolling his eyes at half of his thoughts, but again, that's okay too. It made the whole story even more humorous. Also, your descriptions... I'm envious of your style, it's so good!

I wonder... was Remus actually envious of not being more involved in the prank, or was he only worried about the outcome/exasperated that they were pulling it at all? I bet the second, that would be very much like Remus (at least, the way I see him) and Peter's POV is not exactly reliable... :P But, you know, I can't exclude that a little part of Remus would actually be jealous... one thing is for sure, Peter's Animagus form is very convenient for this sort of things... ;)

Typical Peter, being distracted by his "extremely important mission" because he's hungry! I loved it! I love that food was his recurrent thought throughout, and I love that Sirius had promised him food as a reward... :P

The prank idea was genious, too! I had to admit that I was super curious about it as I read, and also a little bit worried... because, let's be honest... sometimes the Marauders aren't very good at tracing the line between a fun prank and plain cruel bullying... but this was actually a brilliant prank! (Maybe slightly past the line, actually, but still fun...)

Oh, my Merlin! Malfoy going "My father will hear about this!" all along! I love it! Like father like son, right? :P

And Peter falling victim of his own prank... (which is totally his fault... he shouldn't have lost time considering how much cooler the Slytherin Common Room was... and he should have gone for the door when the boys arrived... why the hell did he hide under the bed is beyond me... but if he'd been smarter the ending of the story wouldn't have been this good!)

I'm sure I'm forgetting something to comment on, but I really enjoyed this story a lot! You are so great at humour! :D

Come back and re-request anytime!

Lots of love,


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