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Name: M C Crocker (Signed) · Date: 03 Dec 2018 05:00 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Overcome Chapter: Chapter 1


I am sorry I am late in giving you the review for winning 3rd place in my Anything but Harry Challenge.  Life got just that little bit too busy, but I am here!  


Anyway I wanted to say that I liked this.  I am always fond when I see people spreading their wings and working on poetry and not just prose.  You have done a good job with this poem, I do feel the overwhelming attitude that this poem seems intent to convey.  It is sad to see how much is scacrificed to try and get by to try and survive giving all giving everything and yet still working hard in the hopes of salvation.  It speaks to me and my heart goes out to those who are in such a position.  


Thank you for sharing such a powerful piece. I enjoyed this ready.  Your artistry is something I always admire from you.

Author's Response:

Hi, Marshal. Thank you for setting a brilliant story challenge. It was a good chance to develop my writing skill. The theme was about people in Okinawa. Peace hasn't visited them yet, so I felt I had to write something for them. I am glad to know you felt something from this poem. It's my pleasure if people think about the true world peace while reading this poem.


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