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Story:A Collection Of Poems Chapter: Rainbow

Hi, Kaitlin. I came back to your story after you dropped two more on my story.

They are multi-colored and nature-themed poems. You wrote them beautifully. Your writing strength is that you are adept at using colors and nature descriptions so vividly. I feel like seeing the painting in front of me while reading your poem.

It's stunning you expressed how summer has gone.

And autumn...oh...wa...wait, you wrote Haikus?! It's more terrific! You condensed both air changing and the color of leaves into a few words.


After Christmas decorations, people feel freezing winter coming rather than just calling it just cold with snow. The scenery with snow is welcomed when Christmas season visits, however, icy roads or lakes are not, we hate them except winter sports.


Exactly you expressed how spring visits us. Just shooting of green catches our eyes and we feel spring has come. Birds' chirping will follow them.


Not only pink or red but also blue and violet color suit flowers well for expressing the beauty.


The last haikus have powerful messages and readers expect the protagonist's happiness will come back. 


Fantastic haikus filled with energy and emotions !







Author's Response:

Hey Kenny!


I'm so glad you had a chance to read these! You are a master of natural descriptions, so it means a lot to me that you think these were done well. Haikus are a style of poetry that I really enjoy reading, but I'm not super familiar with writing, so I just tried to focus on the different seasons and making sure the syllable counts were correct for each line.


Thank you for the lovely review!



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