Name: potionspartner (Signed) · Date: 20 Jan 2019 01:09 PM · [Report This]
Story:A Very Snapely Christmas Chapter: Chapter 1

What a sweet, sad story. You really captured Severus’s apprehension from the past and regret in the present. I love the silver doe with the green eyes and then reconnecting it to her patronus. The time and skill it took to make the deer is a true representation of Severus’s feelings for Lily as well as his skill as a wizard. I never thought about it before but I wonder if Lily ever knew his patronus was a deer. I imagine not because, if she had had any sense, she would have realized where his heart true lied despite calling her a mudblood.

Then pulling the statue back in during the present and all his what ifs is excellent. So many regrets, so many what ifs, so many unknowns of the future. It makes one wonder if Snape was almost happy when his death did come.

Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 11:43 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:A Very Snapely Christmas Chapter: Chapter 1

Heya, Juls! I'm here for the Magical Menagerie event!


I love that you put emphasis on that, even if he has made 'friends' like Lucius Malfoy, Severus doesn't think about Lily's blood-status -- only that she's been incredibly kind to him when other's haven't! I feel so sad that Severus feels the need to hide his gloves from Lily, even being as good of friends as they are! 


And the idea of Severus' home life and how awful his father must've been always leaves me a bit sad. It's like Severus never even had a chance -- he started out life without any sort of privilege. I mean, to have your father not even notice when you're not around must be something awful. It's no wonder why Severus was so lonely.


I also love how that memory, his happiest memory, stays with him! He's had a tough life but nothing could ever take away the memory of her kissing him. But all the what ifs KILL me! My goodness! I suppose, in the end, he'll always have the memory, if nothing else. 


Lovely job, juls! I liked this a lot! 



Name: MegGonagall (Signed) · Date: 03 Jan 2019 10:55 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:A Very Snapely Christmas Chapter: Chapter 1



I wanted to stop by and leave a review on this beautiful story! I love this, I know I told you that when I read it over, but it still holds true. And I adore the bit you added before you posted it. This whole piece is just so bittersweet, and also heartbreaking. 


I love the friendship between Snape and Lily. It was so sweet and pure, before everything went south. And you can see that here, with her bringing him a plate of food. I wonder if she ever knew the depth of his feelings for her, or if she wasn’t oblivious. Like, if he did say something, and give her the gift, would that have changed anything? She did give him a light kiss before leaving, but that could have just been a friendly kiss. Perhaps him speaking up wouldn’t have changed anything. I doubt Lucius would have been happy. Poor Snape. :( 


Out of all the moments in his life, it makes me sad that this would be his happiest memory, the one that helped conjure a Patronus. Because, it isn’t exactly happy. Not by most people’s standards, anyway. This poor man had so much hurt, hate, and disappointment in his life. It’s one of the many reasons I love him. My heart aches for him. 


And the end of this is so heavy. He has so much responsibility on his young shoulders. Thirty-eight is not old at all. He’s still very much a young man, and to see how weighed down he is, again, it’s heartbreaking. 


Thank you so much for letting me beta this story. It’s beautifully tragic, and so well written. Everything that I have read by you so far has been amazing, and I’m glad I’ve had the chance to discover your work. Wonderful job here! 


Love and hugs, 


Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 01 Jan 2019 02:34 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:A Very Snapely Christmas Chapter: Chapter 1

Hello, Juls! Here with a little last minute gift for your wishlist! :)

Aww... poor Sev... :( I'm not his biggest fan, still his tragic love for Lily is so heartbreaking... and his background story in general, his skrewed up family... I hate Tobias Snape a lot!

The memory from 1976 was so sweet and so sad at the same time. You can really tell how much Severus cared for Lily and viceversa... I wanted to shake him at some of his thoughts, like when he was fantasizing about becoming a Death Eater, and then when he was imagining that Lily wouldn't want to be friends with the Marauders if she knew the truth about Remus... honestly, Severus? But I was feeling so bad for him, freezing in his tattered clothes, thinking about his mother and everything that his father had done to her... :( Of course, Lily was absolutely wonderful. It was so nice to see her taking care of him, at least for a little bit. And once again so sad to know how their friendship will end... :(

I love that the first scene was the memory he used when he sent the Patronus to Harry in DH. I love the link there, and there is something poetic in thinking that he used his memories of Lily to help her son. As much as I don't like Snape and hate the way he treated Harry (and the other students) across the books, I love that Lily creates this sort of link between them... if that makes sense?

All his doubts when he was back in the Headmaster's office... all the what-ifs... aaaah... so sad! This piece is just so bittersweet and I love it so much!

Lovely work with this, dear! Happy holidays!


Name: Elena (Signed) · Date: 30 Dec 2018 07:23 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:A Very Snapely Christmas Chapter: Chapter 1

Yay! I get to re-read it here :)

This is such a beautuful and sweet memory, but it also has the element of sadness. I feel so much for him in this and thje what ifs!!


I just love Sev and Lily!!!

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