Name: Chemical_Pixie (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 08:57 PM · [Report This]
Story:There Will Be History Chapter: Keep This Tension in Check

Taylor! Here for the Magical Menagerie, Gryffindor RvG, and... a little Teddy and Victoire!


As soon as I opened this fic, I was stoked that this fic is entirely letters. What a fun and intriguing way to tell this story! By the time I read the third letter, the smile never left my face. This fic is SO CUTE.


I like your characterization of Teddy and Victoire here. Teddy on the cusp of adulthood, experiencing things like jobs and paychecks and adult responsbilities for the first time, and yet, he finds time to joke around (namely, disguising himself as Harry). His bumblinb idiocy is endearing and makes me love him even more. Victoire is awesome as well! I can tell that she's a little refrained from speaking her true mind, and then when Dom steps in, it shows that she has such a good bond with her sister. Dom is hysterical, a true gremlin, and I can see her giving herself full credit at their wedding. Victoire is also brave when she confesses her feelings after that kiss. Poor her! She doesn't know that Teddy loves her, but everyone else does. That's the worst.


I'm so glad that everything resolves at the end in the way it does. It feels so them. Nervous yet excited. And they mistakes, so many mistakes (umm, mostly Teddy here). You can tell their friendship is deeply rooted, and you have the reader rooting from them from the beginning.


The letters are a brilliant way of telling their story. We're away from the action, and yet their points of view make it seem like we're there. They also have a fantastic rapport, which enriches the narrative. Wonderful work!

Name: Crimson Quill (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 04:53 PM · [Report This]
Story:There Will Be History Chapter: Keep This Tension in Check

Hey Taylor,


I always really enjoying reading your writing because it's always got such a nice flow to it and makes it really fun and easy to read. I feel like I could read your writing all day long honestly.


I haven't read much of this pairing before honestly so I'm not really sure my thoughts on it. This piece made me really believe in the pairing though, the letters came across really natural and so much of their personalities just flood into the letters. I've always loved your dialogue but obviously you don't have any in this but the letter narration does the same job. It is just wonderful.


I really like how you've portrayed Teddy, I love this uncertainty in himself which I think is so understandable. I liked how he feels comfortable enough with her to be really honest about his feelings on that subject anyway. it is a nice way to build and show that relationship. It really makes Teddy so much more realistic and relateable to me. I mean what hasn't had a 'how do I adult?' phrase which I still feel now and I'm way too old for that :P


I can't believe he wrote that in a letter but it's so sweet as obviously it feels so natural to him which is adorable in itself. Dom is amazing as always. She is such a fun character, is she suppose to be the same Dom as in complicated/complex? I don't know if she is but I love her as much if she isn't. I love how she is there for Victorie and basically meddling and 'helping'.


TEDDY AND VICTORIE, YOU'RE TOO CUTE. it's just lovely and awkward. your writing is wonderful because you bring these characters life and make me love them even in this shorter piece you've still achieved making me love them. I'm shipping this hard. 


- Abbi xo


For: Magical Menagerie    

Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 11 Jan 2019 04:52 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:There Will Be History Chapter: Keep This Tension in Check

Taylor, my love! I’ve so missed your writing <3 I’m leaving this review as a late Christmas present (and for less altruistic reasons, for the Magical Menagerie event. #WyvernFTW ;))


As always, your characters steal my heart completely. I love how you’ve portrayed both Teddy and Vic in this—they’re really dorky and youthful and so cute. I really love how you’ve captured the millennial experience. Teddy’s thing about getting money for the first time that you’ve actually earned and haven’t just been given by a relative is SO RELATABLE hahaha. 


My favorite part of the fic was probably Dom though tbh. I love her feistiness and her spunk, she made me laugh so hard. And I love how she casually butted her way into Teddy and Vic’s relationship to push them to take that last step because really, the will-they-won’t-they can be so tiring! Teddy’s love letter of sorts to Vic was incredibly sweet and my face hurts from smiling so much and this was just generally one of the best ways to start off my day! 


Thank you for sharing this with us, I enjoyed it so much and hope we get a sequel with an in-person meeting (feat smug Dom in the background, of course) <3

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 10 Jan 2019 09:12 PM · [Report This]
Story:There Will Be History Chapter: Keep This Tension in Check

Hey, Taylor! I’m here with your requested review! I actually really love epistolary writing so I was super  stoked to see this.


These letters are so CUTE. I love that the letters feel just like a really comfortable conversation – like  they both write as if they are speaking to one another in person. Teddy talking about “touchy feely  [stuff]” (idk if we’re allowed to use that word in reviews lol) was so classic, like I know I’m generalizing  but what a typical teenage guy thing to say :P


I also really like the way you write Vic, who hasn’t appeared so much in your other stories (that I’ve read)  so I liked getting the opportunity to know her here and I love her supportiveness and her sense of humor,  the line about permitting Teddy to transfigure someone into a fern so they won’t look at him at all was  awesome.


Teddy saying he had something to tell her in person – I knew instantly what it was (after all, what else could it be just after he said she’s the only person he pours his heart out to) and Vic, poor oblivious Vic,  thinks he’s dying. I guess it’s true he could have phrased it better. But. asdjfkjlahsjdlf


Ugh wizards have it so good, getting a real adult paycheck when he’s not even 20. Meanwhile all the  Muggles of Teddy’s age are still like “hey awesome my paycheck is enough that I can buy avocados this  week”. At least Lorcan, setting the oven on fire, is quite relatable XD


Um, so until about halfway through when Teddy said he’d be at Kings Cross, I totally didn’t make the  connection that those dates corresponded with the scene in the epilogue, so that was awesome when I  realized was about to happen. Also, for some reason, I still have it in my head that next-gen fic is *the  future*, because… well, it was when I first read the book 12 years ago or whatever, but like, of course  time passed and all that. And now the epilogue is no longer the future and I am only just realizing this,  and feel weird about that. XD But this is an irrelevant tangent. Anyway….


Small fix: The letter dated 21 August I think might have been meant to say 12 instead. As is, the  following letter from Dom is dated the 16th and mentions the sign off of the previous letter, so it can’t  have been before the “21 August” letter. 


The few letters from Dom were such a delight. I love her well-intentioned meddling :P And I love that  Teddy called her a gremlin. And how despite divulging her sister’s secret, she did it tactfully (at least  tactful to Vic – she did call Teddy the world’s biggest dumbass but this is Dom so that’s to be expected :P ) but I love what these letters show about Dom, how underneath all her sailor language and kind of brash  exterior she just wants her sister and Teddy to be happy, which is really sweet. That side of her isn’t on  display very often – the other time I remember it most strongly was when she became friends with Abby  in Complicated, which was also a scene I loved, and basically in this story as well Dom is the MVP.  (Even though I don’t know that she necessarily helped here… it’s nice that Teddy knows how Vic feels,  but Vic is still in the dark about all of it :P But, I do appreciate that Dom tried to encourage Teddy to tell  her)




But the way he made up for it by writing out his whole speech (HE PREPARED A SPEECH) the way he  would have told it to her was really sweet, and I loved how you tied it up at the end with the “love (not  accidental)” haha. Perfect.


Anyway, to your actual questions haha… I think the letter format totally works for this story, and I love  the background it provides to that scene in the DH epilogue! Especially because the letters are their sole method of communication while they’re separated for almost the entire story, it feels like a complete story  with nothing left out because it’s all happening in the letters. Even the bit where they do see each other in  person is still addressed in the letters because there was so much still to say. I loved this.

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