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Story:Letters to an Unlikely Friend Chapter: Chapter 1




I think this is a really interesting story! first of all, I really love the letter style narration that you've chosen. I'm a big fan and I think you've used the letters really nice effect.


I would have never put these two character together so I'm really interested how you picked the two of them but I love how contrasting they are as people which makes their friendship so much more special. I feel like Luna getting why Daphne is viewed as 'cold' because Luna tends to look pass people's outer personalities into what makes them themselves. She comes across as very wise when she is able to notice things that other people miss. I think that section was very true to Luna's character.


I thought the backstory for the girls was nice which does flesh out their friendship a bit more as it is quite sudden. I like your take on Daphne because she is a lot nicer than I could ever imagine her to be personally but it's nice to see a different take on a slytherin I think. People portray Astoria is being nice mostly so can couldn't Daphne be the same? it's all to do with imagination. So well done for doing something a bit different. 


I love that it's for that challenge as I think it's an amazing theme for one so good luck with it! It is also so cool that this is your first story! 


I don't know how much you're into canon but Luna's mother's name is confirmed by Pottermore as 'Pandora' not that it's necessary to use that name with some people like to be very strict on canon so I thought I would raise that but it's a little thing.


- Abbi xo


For: Magical Menagerie 


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Story:Letters to an Unlikely Friend Chapter: Chapter 1

Hi Enora! First of all, congratulations on posting your first story on the HPFT archives!!


I’ve gotten really into epistolary-type fics lately, so I love that you’ve adopted that format as well. It’s always so interesting what characters deem worthy of writing out on paper, and often so telling about their personalities.


I think you picked such an interesting combination of characters for this story - Luna and Daphne are such different characters that it’s fun to think about how they might interact with each other. And I like how you’ve established their childhoods here - it’s always so funny to discover how many times your lives have crossed paths with someone without even realising it.


The differences in their personalities worked really well for the purposes of the story - Daphne helping Luna stand up for herself. Even if the advice was just to go to her Head of House, I’m glad that she was able to be of assistance to Luna, and it seems as though they’ve become unlikely friends in the process.


I’d love to see this friendship fleshed out more - between the letters, it’s obvious that there were either more letters sent or conversations shared in person. I’m curious as to what Daphne’s answer was to Luna’s question about blood status (because pureblood families *are* known for that prejudice at this point in the stories, and I don’t imagine Luna would want to be friends with someone who held those blood status prejudices), and if they saw each other at all throughout the year or only communicated between these letters.


This was a lovely read - great job!



Written for the Magical Menagerie event and January RvG

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