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Story:The Great S.P.E.W. Bake Off Chapter: Chapter 2 - Meringue Pies

Hi juls! It's me, Mallory, here to FINALLY review your entry for the Great British Bake Off AU Challenge! I'm reviewing the second chapter because it has fewer reviews than the first, but I will be covering content from both chapters.

First of all, I think it's adorable that Hermione put this event together based on her memories of a show her parents used to watch, and that she wants to raise money for House Elves. So sad for her (and Ron) that she has to have the event in the dead of winter, but alas...it just gives Ron more license to complain. xD

The Rita-Hermione dynamic in chapter 1 is interesting--it's almost like an inverted version of the relationship the real GBBO hosts have (and I mean Mel and Sue, not the new people). Because in real GBBO, the hosts interrupt each other, but it's all in good fun. With Rita and Hermione, it's a competition, and they do NOT like each other. That was very creative--putting in a host that Hermione doesn't get along with, and creating more tension between them.

The judges are A++, primo choice of judges. Hagrid is so nervous and Molly is so partial to Harry, loooll. But I'm glad they both overcame their various preferences to judge the contestants impartially. 

The contestants are great too! Harry is the obvious choice for Hermione to invite, because he's still so famous and he's like "welp, it's for Hermione, but darn it if I'm not gonna get Hagrid in here too." And Draco...I was Major Sad (tm) when you mentioned that Astoria had passed away, but at least he's there to make his son happy. A++ character development for Draco. And Teddy, what an adorable dork.

Lemme just say that your characterizations of these people, especially since this is a long time after the War, are really great! I like that they periodically think about people who died, who might've taught them how to cook (aka Ted Tonks, my actual fave) or times when they had to cook when they really didn't want to (aka Harry at the Dursleys').

And can we talk about Hagrid eating one of the blind baking stones (whatever you call those IRL, idk)? Comedic GENIUS, honestly! I love how it didn't even affect him, and then he was like "where's those rocks you had in yer pie, 'Arry? They added texture!" :D :D :D Loved it.

Aww, I'm glad Teddy won this round! He worked so hard and did such a good job!

Thanks again for entering my challenge. I really enjoyed these two chapters, and I hope to see the conclusion of your story soon!


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Story:The Great S.P.E.W. Bake Off Chapter: Chapter 2 - Meringue Pies

I'm back! :)

Well, this first round was quieter than I expected... but I'm kind of not expecting this to last... I wonder how many people are actually following on the WWN and what they are thinking... poor Harry, though... Hagrid has this ability to make a mess and not even realize it... but you can't stay angry at him, can you?

Rita is just as irritating as ever... btw, question: is this story "Cursed Child compliant"? I noticed you mentioned Astoria's death, which made me wonder. Not that it really matters, I'm just curious...

I have a soft spot for all Lupins, as I'm sure you already know, so I was totally rooting for Teddy and I'm so proud of him for winning this! I also love that he was thinking about Ted Tonks as he baked. That kid has never known most of his family and it makes me so sad... also, it's kind of shocking to think that he is related to Bellatrix Lestrange, even if I perfectly know that he is... the Black family is just plain weird, I suppose. *shrugs*

Anyway, it was fun to follow the three participants' thoughts and how and why they learned (or not learned) to cook. I liked the mention of the Dursleys, too. :P

Fun chapter, I'm curious to see how the second round will play out. :P

Thank you so much for swapping!



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Story:The Great S.P.E.W. Bake Off Chapter: Chapter 1 - And it begins

Hi, dear! Here for our swap! :)

Okay, but... I think Ron is right? This is bound to end up in disaster... which is absolutely okay because disaster means fun (for the readers, at least... for the characters not so much... but I'm being selfish... :P)

Anyway, I love that Hermione is still so invested with SPEW. :P And... did she really use her influence as Minister to get all the needed permissions and stuff for the show? Hermione! That's not worth of you, girl! But it's okay, I guess... it's for a good cause after all...

Rita as the host is... worrisome. And Harry, Draco and Teddy as the participants is... bizarre? Harry and Draco are getting along now, you said, but putting them in competition with each other is bound to resurface old grudges? And what happened to poor Padma that prevented her from participating? Who knows...

Hagrid couldn't wait to get to the judging, because he was hungry as a hippogriff. I'm not sure why, but this line made me laugh out loud. :P Poor Hagrid, he's going to suffer for quite some time... and of course his cooking could never be matched! Ahahah!

This is an interesting start to what I'm sure will be a big chaos. :P I love the cast you've put together and I can't wait to see how this develops. :D

Nice job so far, moving to chap 2 now.

Lots of love,


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Story:The Great S.P.E.W. Bake Off Chapter: Chapter 1 - And it begins

Hey, Juls!


There is a lot about this that I love, but one of my absolute favorites is the fact that this bake-off is meant to be a S.P.E.W. charity event. Having Hermione choose this organization (of her own invention, as it is) was really clever, and I can totally see Hermione reinvesting her efforts in the poor House Elves after the dust from the war has been settled. Furthermore, I love the whole British Bake Off spin off, which makes me laugh. 


Having Molly and Hagrid be judges for the event was a magnificent idea, too. I think you did a good ob with Hagrid's character for what's shown of him so far, as I know that's something you were nervous about dabbling with. I hadn't thought about the fact that magical folks don't have televisions, either, and that the entire thing would have to be broadcast by way of radio, which is also laughable and adorable. Imagine having to listen to someone having a baking competition! 


I'm really excited to see these three contestants (Harry, Draco, and Teddy) go at it in the kitchens. I'm also questioning each of their actual baking abilities as we speak, and I'm sure we're going to have a lot of laughs as the event kicks off, as it's certainly setting up for some hilarity. Plus, with Rita Skeeter as the announcer, things are sure to go awry! I do love her and Hermione's struggle for the spotlight as they announce the event, and I love that Hermione doesn't trust her (probably for good reason). I also loved the bit of forecasting in the end with Rita stating she hated that it felt like Hermione was holding something over her, because that makes me wonder if Rita is going to do something. The schemes are hatching already!


Lovely job, juls! This was a very fun read!



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Story:The Great S.P.E.W. Bake Off Chapter: Chapter 1 - And it begins


Hey Juls!


this was a really fun chapter!


I love the concept that you've used for the bake off that it's Hermione's pet project through her love of spew. I think that makes a lot of sense.


Can I say that I was laughing so much when it was said that Harry won't take part without Hagrid. I mean it is just me or is Harry just having a laugh? because Hagrid as a cooking judge is bloody hilarious. I love your inclusion of him as a judge. I hope that's going to provide some comedy moments next chapter. Molly is a very wise choice though. 


I really liked the tension that you build up around Hermione and Rita Skeeter. I hope that will play more of a role in the future chapters because I really liking that rivalry. I think it's a fun element that adds something extra. I think you've done a great job at thinking through this piece and the motivations of the contestants. Like it's kinda adorable that Draco wanted on the show for Scorpius (even if the idea is just to beat Harry!)


I feel like the ending is a little blunt though, I know you have more chapter(s) (which I'm totally here for!) but I felt it didn't feel like ending to the chapter but it's only really a small thing.


- Abbi xo


For: Magical Menagerie/RvG


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Story:The Great S.P.E.W. Bake Off Chapter: Chapter 1 - And it begins

Hi!  Here for RvG and the Magical Menagerie.


Well, a Harry Potter Bake Off crossover is absolutely everything I never knew that I needed from fanfiction.  This was wonderful!


I can imagine this happening so easily - Hermione, as Minister for Magic, accidentally getting caught up in her parents' television watching and realising how popular the programme is, and trying to use it to raise money for her charity in the wizarding world.  (I love that she still hasn't abandoned S.P.E.W., by the way.)  It is a slight drawback that they're not going to be able to televise it, so they can only hope people will listen to it over the radio and donate, but I'm rooting for the format all the same!


Your characterisation is spot on here, too - I can definitely see Ron being so pessimistic and not quite supportive enough when Hermione comes up with this idea - it's not the sort of thing I think you'd really understand if you've grown up without a television (or any exposure to one).


I love the idea of Molly and Hagrid being the judges.  Molly because she knows exactly what goes into an excellent bake, and Hagrid because... well, he likes eating, I guess?  (I'm surprised Ron wasn't clamouring for it if that's the only qualification.)


The judges set-up is certainly interesting, too, as are the contestants - I'm looking forward to seeing Harry and Draco facing off over the citrus meringue pies (a sentence I never thought I'd write in my life).


Sian :)

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