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Name: Lacey Black (Anonymous) · Date: 09 Feb 2019 09:10 PM · For: Chapter 1

i rather enjoyed this story, it was fun and interesting and had a cool twist to it.  

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review.

Name: Oregonian (Signed) · Date: 02 Feb 2019 10:32 PM · For: Chapter 1



What a good story!  I had wondered how anyone could write a Harry Potter story with a space opera theme -- well, now I know.


Anyone who knows Star Trek loves "The Trouble with Tribbles", so that was a slam-dunk choice for the episode to base your story on.  A Harry Potter version of a Star Trek story is a silly idea anyway, so let's do a parody of the silliest Star Trek episode.


Your choices of the Harry Potter characters to play the roles were spot on -- Albus Dumbledore in the cameo role of the Admiral,  Harry of course as the captain of the starship Gryffindor (love the name), Hermione Granger in a role that blends Lt. Uhuru (a woman who loves little animals) and Mr. Spock (a person who has the science and math at his fingertips), Mundungus Fletcher as the dodgy trader (he doesn't even have to act, just be himself).  Too bad that Dr. McPoppy never got to say "He's dead, Harry," or "It's life, Harry, but not as we know it." 


And Dolores Umbridge as the Undersecretary of Booze and Brewing!  In Order of the Phoenix she was just an ugly human being, but in your space opera you take advantage of the opportunity to make her another species entirely.  An inspired touch.


And of course the rough-hewn Klingons with their rubber facial prostheses are morphed into Slytherin Death Eaters under the command of the suave blond Captain K'foy, played to perfection by Draco.  We can't trust him about anything, but I loved Harry's line "...and I thought I'd never agree with a Death Eater on anything."


I noticed that you followed the plot of the TV episode very closely, except fot the very ending (but I still bet that Captain K'foy wasn't as innocent as he claimed to be; Smith had to be connectted with someone ).  The way you chose to end it tied trader Dung back into the story line and created another link to the larger magic world.  Nicely done.


Going online to review a plot synopsis of the original TV episode helped a lot in grasping the storyline of your story (it's been a long time).  It took me a little effort at first to keep track of when the characters were on their starships and when they were at the space station, but I got it sorted out.


Thank you so much for giving us a few clever minutes of fun and goofiness.  I certainly enjooyed it.



Author's Response:

For the first Great Collab challenge, the Claws and Puffs were handed two challenges: teen pregnancy and space-opera, so there are actually a coupe of them in the Archive now. 

I had to do lots of research for this (ie watching all three tribble episodes-the original, DS9 and the cartoon sequel.) 

I hadn't planned on changing the end but as I was wrapping it up I remembered that it was supposed to be for the New Beginnings challenge of the Great Collab 2019. Ooppss, so someone had to have a new beginning. Dung was the lucky character.

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