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Name: Crimson Quill (Signed) · Date: 07 May 2019 09:07 PM · [Report This]
Story:Isla Chira Chapter: Isla Chira


Hey Kayla!


here for ctf


This is such a sweet idea that you had for this story! I love how you've written the fluff between the two characters but it's not you without a bit of angst in there. I thought you had some great reference points to Sian's story in the beginning with his thoughts about George but I feel like you've really made this your own.


Sian had me rooting for them but this story takes it to another level. I love the way you write them as a couple because it's obvious how much they care about each other and they are only good for each other. Sanguini is obviously not use to that love that he gets from Eldred like when he mentions he had run many times but never with someone. I think that line really stood out to me.


I love the way Sanguini is so fierce and protective over Eldred especially when he calls Voldemort 'pathetic' - it's really interesting to get that non human look at what they think about him. I haven't really thought about it before but I'm not surprised that Sanguini isn't scared of Voldemort (maybe only for Eldred's sake.) 


Costa Rica sounds like a dream, I've never been before but coconut and walking on the beach together all sounds perfect! I loved the description of their days there.  I like that they still have a place to call home in Costa Rica. This piece was just so cute. you write fluff as well as you write angst (which is brilliantly!). good job!


Abbi xx



Name: Noelle Zingarella (Signed) · Date: 07 May 2019 08:29 PM · [Report This]
Story:Isla Chira Chapter: Isla Chira


Hi! I am here for CTF 2019.


I thought the opening of this story was brilliant; especially the line about humans acting as puppets and laying their lives on the altar of Ares because they are under some enchantment causing them to constantly be at war for some reason or other. And the image of Sanguini’s lover George throwing himself on the pyre of war for—Sanguini at least feels—no good reason—all of this was so nicely done. This is an amazing change of voice from the sweet Sirius/Remus AU romance I’ve been reading. It’s so stark.


I’m glad to see that Sanguini and Eldred are being smart and making a run for it. I’m all for heroics, but there’s something to be said for knowing when to cut and run too. I know the men are torn, but it seems that Sanguini is done losing lovers to wars. I think it’s sweet that they want to go to Costa Rica—such a funny place to think about a vampire hiding for some reason. 


It was sweet and sad too, how Sanguini wanted to leave Eldred during their travels to Costa Rica because he felt he was slowing them down too much since they could only travel at night with him along. I’m glad that they finally got to their destination and found a nice place to wait out the war. It must have been hard for them, though, as they could not do anything to help their family and friends that they left behind.


It’s a great detail that, after the war, they want to keep their special home in Costa Rica—just in case they decide they need another escape from England. 


Nice work!




Name: Chemical_Pixie (Signed) · Date: 24 Mar 2019 02:40 PM · [Report This]
Story:Isla Chira Chapter: Isla Chira

Kayla! Here for March RvG. 


It's awesome seeing writers collaborate like this on their stories. Sian's first Sanguini tale was well done, so the this prospect of a sequel is fantastic!! 


That first half is beautifully written. I can feel the pang for George and have an immense sadness for someone who was, most likely, killed before their time. And for Sanguini to live on, haunted by those memories of kisses and death. So heartbreaking. So as soon as you start to describe Voldemort's return, I had a feeling this wasn't going to look very good for our vampire-wizard ship (we need a ship name for them, stat). 


The way you build up Voldemort's disdain at Eldred's work and how the Death Eaters vandalize their home is chilling. Utterly chilling. I wonder why Eldred wants to initially stay--is it to resist? Or to pretend for just a little while longer? I am glad he begins to listen to Sanguini near the end.


Costa Rica sounds like a perfect place to go while waiting out the storm back in Britain. I love the little details you scatter in the second half: their wayward journey, the sun, the walks on the beaches with coconut water. Even though they are living in grim times, especially with thoughts lingering on their home, they find their happiness. I love this contrast you paint. Sanguini has seen war, and you would think that it's sad and gory and frightening... but you've turned this on its head a little bit. Sure, Eldred is a target, but they fleee and find a sliver of happiness despite their circumstances, showing that happiness can be found. I love that!


This is a great sequel. Well done Kayla! 

Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 04 Feb 2019 11:14 AM · [Report This]
Story:Isla Chira Chapter: Isla Chira

Hi Kayla!  Here for February's RvG!


Eeee I'm so excited about this story.  You knew that I was really looking forward to reading it, but I'm still kind of overwhelmed by the fact that you liked Rush of Blood enough that you wanted to write a sequel to it - it's one of the biggest compliments (and yay for collaboration!).


The opening of this piece was so perfect, and I really liked the way that you captured Sanguini's perspective on the war that was taking hold of the wizarding world.  Whenever I think of the generations who lived through both world wars, I can't help but think of how terrifying it must have been for them to know what was coming the second time, to see humanity preparing to tear itself apart again - and I think there's a definite sense of that here, in the way that Sanguini thinks of war.  He's lived for so long that he's seen so much conflict and even though he thinks he's used to its futility, he's surprised by it again on this occasion.


The imagery in that opening paragraph was wonderful, too - the picture of the puppets dancing in Ares's palm and sacrificing themselves at his altar.  That was so evocative and really brought out the brutality and inescapably deadly nature of war.  I loved the connections back to the original piece, too, with the way that Sanguini dwelt on George in his uniform and the uselessness of his death.


The contrast then with that more musing, thoughtful opening and the worry that grips Sanguini when he realises that Eldred could become a target for the Death Eaters is tangible, and really effective.  He can accept the nature of war in theory, separate from humanity as a vampire, but when he's faced with losing someone he loves again - that's not an option that he can tolerate.


You capture the relationship between Eldred and Sanguini perfectly in this - ahhhh.  It makes me smile so much to see the two of them together actually living their life (like I could write that without destroying them) and the little terms of endearment they use so casually that tells me so much about the life that they're building together and the relationship that they've settled into.  I really loved the fact that they seemed so balanced in this story, Sanguini running for Eldred to a place that's not exactly ideal for him, and then Eldred giving up a place that he loves when it's safe for them to return.  


Despite the fact that their escape was overshadowed - driven - by the war and the danger surrounding them, I loved reading the scenes in Costa Rica.  The promise that they can build a life anywhere as long as they're together really comes true here (I LOVE the idea of new project that Eldred is working on) and all of the adventures that they enjoyed together were so wonderful and magical.  This was just so cute and fluffy (despite the whole escaping in fear of their lives thing) and I loved reading it - thank you for writing it!


Sian :)

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