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Name: TreacleTart (Signed) · Date: 10 Dec 2017 12:46 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Infinitesimal Chapter: Leo Minor

Hey Aph! 


It's been ages since I've been around to review properly and so I knew I had to come check out your page! I was excited to see so many new things to read! I've never actually read a James/Regulus pairing before, so this really called to me. 


As per usual, your writing is phernomenally good. You have such magical descriptive abilities. Share your secrets, please. The thing that was particularly intersting about this is that you did write in a descriptive way, but in a less flowery way than you usually do. I thought that was really fitting since it was James who was speaking.


The story of how he fell in love with Regulus was so sweet, but also sort of broke my heart. I'm not a big James/Lily shipper, but it does make me a bit sad to think of James as a cheater. I always imagined him as unfailingly loyal to Lily. Sadder still is that he's in love with Regulus, but unable to be open about it. It's tragic all around. 


I'm also a bit sad about Sirius' reaction. I know it would be a huge shock for him to know that Regulus and James were in love, but for him to really hit James like that. I sort of imagine their friendship as stronger than that. I wonder if he'll ever come around or if it's permanently damaged their friendship. 


This is another beautiful story and a pairing I definitely would've never imagined, but somehow you make it so possible and realistic. My heart ached through every word. I ached for James writing the letter and for Lily reading it. But I think she's the sort of person who would understand. Excellent work as always. 




Name: Renacera (Signed) · Date: 18 Sep 2017 10:21 PM · [Report This]
Story:Infinitesimal Chapter: Leo Minor

Hello there,

So, this is the first James/Regulus story I've ever read, and it made me desperately want to search out others. This was so incredibly well written. It was stunning and beautiful, and I really, really loved it. There are so many wonderful lines that you crafted, but this one stood out: "I felt something in my stomach clench and thud, like a stone falling off a window-ledge." I literally know that feeling precisely, and that you put it into words is so amazing. So that's my first compliment: the writing in this story is STUNNING.

Secondly, the characterization that you portray for both James and Regulus (as well as Lily from James's point of view) is wonderful. I love that you captured James's mix of guilt and acceptance over what he had done to Lily. I love Regulus's uncertainty and loneliness and desperation. I really wish I could've read Regulus's letter to James at the end. I feel like I would love to see how he thought of their relationship. Lily was also wonderful. James knew she would be so hurt to learn the truth, but I feel like she also has so much compassion that I would love to see her own reaction to this.

The epistolary style was such a great way to portray this truth that James lived. I think it was really important for readers to see him looking back and justifying why he did what he did and how it's affected his life. I definitely don't think what he did was RIGHT -- cheating is definitely not okay! -- but I think a story like this needed his explanation in his own words.

Overall, I think this story was wonderful, and I'm so glad I found it. I think it will be the first I add to my Favorites list! Thanks for writing this so I had the pleasure to read it!


Name: MegGonagall (Signed) · Date: 01 May 2017 09:17 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Infinitesimal Chapter: Leo Minor

Please excuse me while I finish sobbing. *wails* 

I've wanted to read a James/Regulus since I think it was you who mentioned the pairing the other day. So that was why I hopped on this. 

My god woman, can you write. This was so tragically beautiful. I had so many emotions running through me while reading this. I wanted James and Regulus to work out, even though I knew they were destined not to. I felt horrible for Lily the entire time, because even though I was lost in the story, I couldn't help but to think, "She would be crushed reading the intimate details James is sharing here." I felt sorry for James, for falling in love with two people, and the guilt he felt because of it. I just... I'm wrecked from this. I loved it. 

You made this so believable. Like I could totally see this happening. James didn't feel out of character at all. The way he described Lily and Regulus felt true to their characters too. And I could totally see Sirius punching James in the face when he found out the truth. Oh god, and then Dumbledore's understanding, knowing that he was probably thinking about Gellert. My heart. :( 

You're seriously an artist with your words. You have the most beautiful way of describing things, and your word choice is almost poetic. The thing just completely sucked me right in, I devoured every word. I even ignored a call from my mother in the middle of it, just so I could finish lol. I should probably call her back as soon as I'm finished leaving this review. ;) 

But seriously, thank you for the swap. Even though this broke my heart, I loved every second of it. It was a whole, "You're going to suffer. But you're going to be happy about it," moment hahaha. 

Beautiful writing, as always!! 


Much love, 

Meg d84;a039;

Author's Response:

Hey there, Meg! :) Awwww, I'm so sorry - do you need tissues? I have tissues if necessary? :P 


Haha, well, that works out, and no worries! :) Ahhh thank you so much - I'd honestly never really thought about this as a pairing before Tanya mentioned it to me, and then it just stuck and the plunny came pretty quickly, so I kinda had to write it. I'm not much from deviating from canon, which was kinda why it always had to be sad, you know, given the whole events there - James ending up with Lily and Harry being born, Regulus going after the locket in the cave... but I always wanted to make sure they felt like a possibility, you know - that they were this alternate possibility in a different life. And yeah, it was so hard doing James-talking-to-Lily, it felt awful, but I really wanted the element of James talking and Lily listening to be in it, to add another dimension beyond the pure romance. It was so hard to write James being so wrecked by it all and feeling so bad, but so honest and loyal that he didn't want to keep it quiet any more, and knowing that she deserved to know. 


Thank you! :) I really wanted to make it plausible, like a kind of side-story to canon, even if it's almost certainly not, because it seemed so heartbreaking to think of it actually happening, you know? And I loved writing Regulus and Lily, too, even though Lily wasn't really in it and James definitely idolises her, I liked including her at least. Regulus was just so great - I hadn't written him for a while when I wrote this and it was so nice to go back to it :) Sirius, haha, I couldn't imagine him reacting calmly, you know, so I'm so glad you liked that. Yeah, he only turned up because I needed someone to tell James that Regulus was dead, and to pass on the letters, and I couldn't think who else Regulus would dare try and send letters to two Order members too, you know? So he had to come in, and that kind of heartbreak is the sort of thing I could imagine him totally understanding because of Gellert, so... I didn't mean to slip them in, honestly :P 


Ahhh thank you so so much! :) This is an older one-shot, so it's been a while and it feels slightly strange to me when I go back and read it, but thank you! I loved writing this in the end, even though I wrote it so quickly and I didn't really ship them when I started (I kinda do now, though, oops :P) so I'm so glad you liked it! :) And you should definitely have called your mother back! Wow, that's dedication! :P 


Thank you so so much for the swap - it was amazing, and this review was incredible and I loved it so much - thank you! :) 


Aph xx

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