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Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: The Hogwarts Express

I’ve just binge read this story and absolutely loved it. I do hope there’s a sequel. Thank you for an amazing read. 

Author's Response:

Thank you so much - I'm really glad you enjoyed it!


I do have a novel sequel, but it's hidden right now - I'm planning to do some edits in the next month or so, and then I'll unhide it. In the meantime, you can check out Flying at the Burrow, the Holiday Spirit, and The Hogwarts Express, which all focus on Rose and Scorpius either right before or right after this story! :)

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Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: Plausible Deniability

Hello, Branwen! I’ve wrestled a Niffler or two, so here I am, with a rescued review!


Omg. I am sooo excited about reading a Scorose novel. It has been literally years. I feel like they’re an extinct species. I cut my teeth reading Jily and Scorose, when I first entered the fanfic world, so I’m excited to get back to my first loves. I love a trope used well, so I am so here for these two!


I like how you’ve started this story off in fifth year. I’m not sure if this novel only focuses on this one year, but I’m excited to read about actual teenagers. So far, I am pleasantly surprised to see that the characters don’t read older than they are. Maybe it was just me, but when I was fifteen, I still felt like a child, but when I read stories with characters around my own age, they seemed so much older. Here, though, my inner fifteen-year-old didn’t feel uncomfortable reading the goings-on of your cast.


I’m very interested to see in which direction you’ll take Rose. It’s clear that she carries very strong opinions about Slytherins and Malfoys, most of which are negative. I hope she has a lovely character development arc, because I am so looking forward to reading that. I also loved that Scorpius was just the perfect amount of cocky, and was still genuinely funny. He, again, didn’t read older than fifteen. His and Albus’ friendship reads as so genuine, and it’s clear that they’re very important people to each other – and they’re not afraid to show everyone else that.


Excited to see where this story takes Rose and Scorpius!


Xx 800

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Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: Conversations with the Potter Boys

Branwen, hello! :) Here to drop off a little gift review for you! 


So first of all, I love a good Scorose fic, and this is absolutely no exception. I love the premise of this as well so far -- some annoyances between Scorpius and Rose with each other when they are forced to interact with Albus is just glutton for the formation of unrequited love. You've really taken the time to not only flesh out your characters and show their relationships with their extended family members and other people, but also taken the care to really have them act and sound like teenagers should. Albus trying to play peacemaker is so him and I just love that he considers Scorpius and Rose his two favorite people in the world when they are pretty opposite in terms of goals and personalities. I really enjoy the relationship between James, Roxanne, and Rose -- looking out for each other and always willing to have each other's backs when someone is being rude to the other while still being able to claim plausible deniability and having alibis set in place. Then Rose overhearing a conversation she definitely was NOT meant to overhear and freaking out about it and possibly beginning to reevaluate her feelings towards Scorpius is just SO GOOD. I LOVE IT. Her going to James for advice is perfect also and basically if I keep writing I'm just going to continue spouting nonsense. So I shall return later because your writing is gorgeous and this story is wonderful! <3 


~MadiMalfoy x

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Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: Flirting by the Lake


Name: BBHP (Signed) · Date: 28 Aug 2018 12:13 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: Forming a Truce

Every interaction between the two of them has me mentally screaming, “KISS! KISS! KISS!” 

Name: BBHP (Signed) · Date: 27 Aug 2018 11:51 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: Surviving to the Weekend

The suspense is killing me! The chemistry between Rose and Scorpius is just too good. 

Name: BBHP (Signed) · Date: 27 Aug 2018 11:38 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: Family Secrets

Rose is hilarious! I’m thoroughly enjoying this story 

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 15 Aug 2018 02:23 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: Prying Fathers

So this is the last chapter without any reviews on it, which means this will be my last review for the story for the time being. (I’m still going to be reading to the end, though, because the last two chapters are my favorites.) Also I love this story too much to not fill in the chapters that I haven’t reviewed yet, so keep an eye out for me sometime after the House Cup! Love you, Branwen! <3


Anyway, onto the chapter!


RON IS SO FUNNY. I LOVE HIM. HE’S SO DRAMATIC AND RIDICULOUS I’M CRYING OMFG. I’ve reread the contents of his letter like ten times at this point and it never fails to crack me up. And the fact that Scorpius is just as amused as I am makes everything so much better. Like, he’s clearly teasing her to get her even more worked up haha, by off-handedly mentioning the times they were caught in compromising positions. (If I was ever caught in a compromising position, I would be embarrassed for decades. I’m not even joking. I’m still embarrassed about the one time my first grade teacher caught me being rude to another student and so she scolded me.)


THIS LINE – (Rose suspected that ‘we’ meant ‘I,’ in this case - she couldn’t see her mother getting quite so fixated on it.) – IS THE BEST EVER. HANDS DOWN.


Go Hermione, you rock as a parent!


Also the fact that Draco is being “mature” just to irritate Ron tickles me so much. It’s just so hilarious, this petty little rivalry, and I love that you managed to come up with it.


I want Rose to visit Scorpius. ;D


I love you, and I love this. So, so much. <333





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Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: Curious Cousins

(I just wanted to say, the last chapter is another one of my favorite chapters because Scorpius forgives Rose. And though he had every right not to forgive her for some time more, I’m really happy he did, because now both he and Rose are considerably happier hehe.)


Anyway! We get another chapter where all the cousins are all together!!! And you are so famous for having one giant, extended universe across pretty much all eras and such, it’s so cool seeing all the Next Gen kids come together. I honestly have no idea how you manage to keep track of thie – like, at all – but it’s super impressive and I always love having a giant crossover. It feels like Infinity War, except I haven’t watched Infinity War, and in any case I’m sure your fanfictions are better. :P


Having everyone interact with everyone is super exciting. I particularly loved this exchange between Victoire and Louis when she announced she was getting married – “Right now?” / “Yes, right now,” she said sarcastically. “No, you idiot, next summer.” – because this is perfect banter right here.


The way Scorpius handled the questions after the Quidditch icebreaker was very smooth and collected and I am very proud of him hehe. I’m sure Rose was very touched to hear that he was doing this for her. I also love the collective silence of surprise after he said so; everyone has to appreciate Scorpius after that, right? Fred does a little bit more, I think. It’s hard to tell, though. :P


Ugh Rose is so smitten I love her. <3





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Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: Confessions Are Awkward Business

Okay I know I just requested a story about Dominique a few reviews ago, but after reading this chapter, my love for your version of Lucy Weasley has rekindled. I have a thing for soft girls, and Lucy Weasley is the ultimate one. I don’t think I’ve ever read a story where she’s been anything but the calm, gentle, understanding, beautifully kind soul, and you write her so wonderfully.


Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s get to the juicier beginning of this chapter, shall we? :P


So I love Rose. With all my heart. But I do think she got what she deserved in this instance, with most of my reasoning spelled out in my last review haha. Like, she knew better, yet she did it anyway. Scorpius’s line here is harsh but so true – “Yeah, well, before we weren’t anything but two people who didn’t really like each other, so I had no real expectation of respect” – which makes me really sad to read, tbh. I don’t think Rose meant to disrespect him, but she doesn’t mean a lot of things and ends up doing them anyway.


I still love her, though. <3


But if I were Rose, Lucy would totally be my favorite cousin. Imagine having someone who’s kind enough to hug you while you cry uncontrollably for ten minutes because of a love life crisis. Lucy is actually the greatest ever, and her ending line for this chapter is equally as great. I can also see why Lucy’s delivery was much more effective than Louis’s, lol.


Loved this chapter, as always. <3





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Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: Eavesdropping in the Library (Again)



Okay. Sorry about any potential weirdness going on, it’s getting to be reaallyyy late and I should really sleep?? But this story is just too good and I can’t stop until I reach the end, so. You’ll just have to bear with me for the next few chapters. I hope that’s okay. <3


I just realized that the first sentence of this review could apply to both Rose and Scorpius, because both made very silly blunders in this chapter. Let’s talk about Rose first, because she just can’t seem to stop eavesdropping. This is, what, the third time? Tsk, tsk. Like, at first it’s funny because she gets to hear the truth this way, but at this point it does seem to invade Scorpius’s privacy a tiny bit. Which is not good. Anyway. I’m glad that Rose at least seemed to understand that what she was doing was wrong for once, but…she still didn’t stop doing it.


She’s so lucky that Louis was there to help her.


And Scorpius. Pretty much my feelings regarding his almost-confession were summed up rather nicely by both Noah and Louis. He’s just getting carried away by how well things are going, so he thinks he loves her. :P


Again Rose references being his girlfriend. I’m amazed she isn’t just figuring out that she should just call him her boyfriend and be done with it.







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Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: House Loyalties

I REMEMBER THIS ARGUMENT SO WELL OMG. It’s always sooo funny seeing Albus blasting like #GRYFFINDORPRIDE all over the place because of how laid-back and good-natured about Slytherins and other Houses he usually is. (Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. He wasn’t like outright wearing Gryffindor colors while he defended his House against Scorpius’s accusations, but I got the mental image anyway haha.)


It’s also hilarious seeing Scorpius get really riled up about the Quidditch Cup, too, because he’s also really laid-back and good-natured about most things, even when Rose needles him about his House all the time. But I guess the Quidditch Cup really was a bit of a sore topic for him last year, no matter how much he pretends otherwise haha. I totally agree with Albus and Rose, though. His/Slytherin’s reasoning is silly and therefore should be open to criticism lol.


Also, Albus totally would’ve made the best Hufflepuff. I would welcome him with open arms. <3


After all these mentions of Dominique in this story, I really need a story written about her. Perhaps a novel? *wink wink* A novel involving a girl who Dominique doesn’t want to break up with? *wink wink wink* No pressure, of course. I’ll read just about anything you write, no matter what it’s about. <3


And oh nooo, that ending. We’re about to reach the Scorpius/Rose fall-out, and my poor shipper heart is beginning to brace itself.







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Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: Malfoy Family Secrets

Okay, before I get started on the contents of this chapter, I really quickly wanted to mention something from the previous chapter. Scorpius already pointed it out, but I looove that Rose always makes these slip-ups when talking about their relationship. Like, “breaking up”? Girl, who are you kidding at this point? You want to date Scorpius for a very, very long time, and it’s clear to anyone who sees. <3


Also, Branwen, I know you mentioned sometime before that Jo was one of your favorite OCs, and I can totally see why. She sounds like she’s so much fun to write; her personality is so blunt and bizarre and amusing, and I’m already halfway in love with her. Her letter to Scorpius surpassed everything Ron said in his letter to Rose hahaha.


Anyway, onto this one. I really appreciate that you added this conversation into the story, because it’s definitely an important one. And I feel like you introduced a bunch of important themes that are still relevant today – for instance, the fact that Scorpius, being the grandson of an actual Death Eater, actually cannot challenge Rose’s feelings in any way on this. Like, at all. It’s just not right for him to do that, because her family was the one that suffered, and his was the one that prospered. So I’m glad that you mentioned that, because while Rose is talking about how much she hates his grandfather and the things that he’s done, Scorpius doesn’t argue with the legitimacy of her feelings. And that’s so important.


I also love your commentary on the differences between Rose’s dislike of his family, and Scorpius’s dislike of hers. Oftentimes they’re painted as having a same, mutual hatred, but it’s so, so different. Rose’s dislike involves historical tragedies. Scorpius’s dislike involves personal preference. It’s so different.


I’m so relieved that these two managed to talk it out, though. I don’t know what I would do without these two in my life. <3





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Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: A 'Friendly' Jinx

Oh my god, Branwen, I’m suddenly remembering that one one-shot you had of all the times Albus totally and completely failed to politely reject a girl. And now I’m smiling like an idiot, because that one-shot was the funniest thing ever. For all his snark and sarcasm when it comes to his best friend’s relationship with Rose, the poor guy really has no idea how to talk to a girl who likes him hahaha. James’s total bemusement when he discovered Albus’s response to Holly Zeller was pure gold; I live for familial relationships like that.


Also, Scorpius’s hair is green! I can actually imagine him with green hair; it probably doesn’t look nearly as ridiculous as the red hair. Green seems to suit him and his eye color quite a bit. (Why am I talking as though I can actually see him in front of me, I don’t even know what the guy’s supposed to look like lol.)


I love all the different little plot lines that you’re referencing/alluding to in this chapter. We have Scorpius’s ongoing quest to get Rose to call him her boyfriend without flinching at the idea. (I’m rooting for you, Scorpius! Rose totally thinks of herself as his girlfriend; all the times that she inadvertently mentioned phrases like “girlfriend material” shows that haha.) We have the discussion of Scorpius’s family’s ideological issues coming up soon, I believe. (That’s always one of the more stressful chapters to read, just because it’s serious and important and even though I know how it’s going to turn out, I always fear the impact that the conversation would have on their relationship for some reason haha.) We also have…Rose’s family’s response lmao.


I look forward to reading Ron’s ridiculously dramatic letter in the next chapter hehe. I love him. And you write him so well, I can’t get over it. <3





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Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: Apologies

Awwww. <333


In reality, I could probably “aww” for days because these two are just so sweet, and you’ve written the most perfect romance, but I should probably write something more concrete so that this review won’t be a mess of squealing and flailing and such. To be honest, all of my reviews feel really messy these days, but that’s largely due to the amount of happiness I get from rereading this story. Also my sleep-deprivation, but don’t worry, CINAS is totally worth it all. <3


Rose running off like that probably left Scorpius feeling really confused and insecure, the poor guy. And her snappiness upon being led out of the common room (in her adorable Snitch socks) probably didn’t help matters much. But can I commend Scorpius for actually like asking about what he did wrong? I always can’t help but just admire the way you write your male characters – you’re always so aware of the world and careful not to accidentally romanticize terrible habits, and I love you so much for it.


I’m so happy they got to have this talk. My favorite parts were (instead of just saying all of it haha): Rose being so embarrassed about her previous misconceptions about Scorpius that she couldn’t even look at him, Scorpius telling her about his failed relationship with Haley because he accidentally called her “Rose” (which, okay, is not the best thing in the world, but I’m glad he was honest about it), and just the gentle reassurances that he kept giving her.


…So pretty much all of it.


But you’re so good at writing relationships, and I adore it. <3





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Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: Pushing the Line

Scorpius is so laid-back and doesn’t seem to take most things personally, unless you’re like actively insulting him. Which I think is a really good character trait to have. Like, Rose being unable to call him by his full name when referring to him as her boyfriend? He probably does mind a little bit but knows it’s not Rose’s fault, so he doesn’t make it into her fault. And he just lets it go with a joke. And someone who doesn’t make things needlessly complicated like that is probably the perfect person for Rose, who’s really not, uh, the most attentive person when it comes to other people’s feelings and such.


That squabble between Scorpius and Albus in the library was hilarious and excellent and all things good. It’s hilarious how delighted Rose was that Albus insulted Slytherins, like. The House rivalry is still going strong, and that’s the funniest thing ever. What was even better was we got an excellent Scorpius/Rose flirtation scene, both from Rose trying to take revenge on the Slytherin girls and Scorpius trying to take revenge on Albus hahaha.


To be fair, I would probably side with Albus. Public displays of affection make me super uncomfortable, but hey, when I’m reading it in a story, I’m not witnessing it in front of me, so I can pretend all’s well. :P


Rose’s epiphany was amazing to read. Not least because it was something that I already knew like since the two started hanging out with each other more. She’s so not in touch with her feelings hahaha. But it’s okay, I love her still. And we’re all dumb and oblivious sometimes, which always makes for a fun story. But I’m actually really glad she’s come to realize it. Like, when Albus asked her about how much she must’ve liked Scorpius, I was just nodding along because, I mean, yeah. Why else would she spend so much time with him?


Still love how she finally came to the realization that she enjoyed his company even when they weren’t making out hahaha.


I am so invested in these two characters. I love them with all my heart. <3





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Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: A Break by the Lake

How many different times can I say that Rose and Scorpius are literally the cutest before I start to be annoying? I’m just going to keep saying it until I die, I guess, annoyingness be damned. :P


THEY ARE THE CUTEST. Rose went specifically to the library in the hopes of catching Scorpius there??? And he’s only there because he’s hoping that she’ll be there??? (Okay, granted, Noah did tell Rose where Scoripus would be, but the fact that she followed through with that information says a lot. And I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy quiet moments like these, where they talk with each other about random things, awkward silences and all (because there will always be some of those in a new relationship). His support of Rose for Quidditch gives me life. <3


This hyphenation – “her not-quite-boyfriend-yet” – is the best thing ever. I love how in-denial Rose is about this.


Scorpius suggesting that Rose take a walk outside to help clear her head!! *heart eyes* Rose plopping herself down in Scorpius’s lap after like eons of agonizing internal debate!!! *heart eyes* The two of them spending so much time figuring out how to pronounce each other’s last names while also using “girlfriend/boyfriend” in the same sentence!!!! *heart eyes*


Okay, but seriously, Rose’s forwardness is something to be admired. I am so envious of her. So, so envious. Like, she was like “eff it” and sat down anyway, and ugh, I love this girl so so much. <3









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Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: Gossip

(I’ll come back and review all the chapters I missed once the House Cup finale is over! <3)


Ugh, I feel for Rose. The days of high school when I had to force myself to get out of bed were the absolute worst. There were so many days where I’d rather have thrown myself out the window than wake up haha, but alas, the world must go on. Like, staying up late doing schoolwork was the worst reason to feel tired in the morning ever, so I really sympathize with Rose there. I’m sure being hurled out of bed by Roxanne was not a fun way to wake up, but at least she has a family member watching out for her to make sure she doesn’t pick sleep over school haha.


Rose’s simple “I wanted to” in response to Scorpius’s question of why she stayed up so late with him is the sweetest, sweetest thing in the world. These two have a significant number of clashes, both in their history and in their future, but the way they just enjoy each other’s company like Rose just said is so heartwarming. And the fact that Scorpius felt happy enough that he wanted to kiss her on the cheek with other people around? I loveee them. Love them. Love.


The nosiness of Rose’s dormmates is really amusing hahaha. I can understand her lack of willingness to divulge information, especially since I don’t like telling people personal things like that either, but I still think it’s cute that other people find them cute.


Also, I love the chess scene. I really like how you made Scorpius good at taking a loss; my least favorite thing in the world is when people are sore losers lol. Guys especially. I was playing Scrabble with a male friend once, and he got continuously unlucky with his choice of tiles, and by the end he was clearly grumpy by the fact that he was losing. I mean. It was a game of Scrabble. It didn’t matter at all. Anyway, I’m getting so off-topic. I APPRECIATE SCORPIUS. THAT IS ALL.


It’s so funny that James is the voice of reason. I wish I had someone to be the voice of reason like that hahaha.


Amazing chapter! <3





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Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 14 Aug 2018 07:00 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: Slytherins

Oh, this is another one of my favorite chapters. Not because Scorpius had a bad day, but because Rose kind of realized the extent of her feelings for him (like, she didn’t want to “break up” even though she still doesn’t want to refer to him as her boyfriend haha), and also because he pretty much tells her how much he likes her. It’s a very sweet chapter, though I’m sorry that Scorpius had a rough day.


It’s really sweet that Rose could cheer him up though hehe. <3




Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 14 Aug 2018 06:53 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: Fighting with Scorpius

Hahaha this fight omg. I’ll never get over how defensive Rose is of James. It’s simultaneously really sweet and a little obtuse, because while I’m sure James has been the best cousin ever to Rose, he’s objectively not the nicest when it comes to Slytherins. Better than Roxanne, of course, and he’ll most certainly come around later on, but as of now? Not really. Scorpius was wrong for insulting him like that, though.


I love the way you present the differences between Rose and Scorpius as a Gryffindor and Slytherin, though. It’s actually really amusing to see, because Rose just leapt straight to the offensive and stayed there, while Scorpius said his argument and then tried to diffuse the situation before it escalated to something uncontrollable. I agree with Rose about how I’m glad Scorpius didn’t lose his backbone; it’s good that he’s not going to let Rose’s temper and stubbornness walk all over him. BRANWEN HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I LOVE THESE TWO, BECAUSE I REALLY LOVE THESE TWO. YOU MADE ME THE HAPPIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD WHEN YOU WROTE THESE TWO AMAZING TEENAGERS. <3


The "Do you want to do this again tomorrow?" / “Fight?” exchange was the best thing ever. Oh, Rose, haha.


I don’t understand why Rose likes Scorpius’s profile so much, but it’s endlessly amusing. And they keep getting caught while making out hahaha, these poor teenagers just can’t get a moment’s peace for themselves. Roxanne and James being pains in the butt seems pretty in-character for them hehe.


Once again I loved this chapter! <3





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Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: A Visit to the Village

I love how James and Rose sneak off to the village to meet their cousin. Like, this extended family relationship is so enviable; I wish I had cousins upon cousins who could treat me to trick shop items, or teach me about potentially dangerous career options, or just be endlessly supportive in times of stress haha. Though, I suppose the ceaseless teasing would be a drawback, as like pretty much every Weasley cousin so far has teased Rose quite extensively about “dating” Scorpius Malfoy lol.


The fact that James is just taking so much pleasure in seeing Rose squirm about Scorpius is giving me secondhand embarrassment (as always, haha), but it’s also so funny. I love Rose’s defense about being attracted to Scorpius, lol – “People find him very attractive, you know, Colleen and Natalia keep telling me they’re jealous.” Like, she’s not defending him with his personality or anything normal like that, she’s using other girls’ spoken jealousy as a defense hehe. I love Rose so much omg. Also, her very strong affirmation that Scorpius is, in fact, very good at kissing gave me life.


James wanting to drink firewhiskey is something I’m never going to understand. I don’t think I’m ever going to want to drink alcohol haha.


Anyway, I love Fred! I love seeing him in this story, and I love that you’ve fleshed him out more in Shenanigans, Capers, and Hi-Jinks! He’s great. You make him great.


I love you! <3





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Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: Patrolling with Scorpius



Of course I love reading about Rose and Scorpius’s snogging/kisses/making out/whatever the terminology is, but I love it even more when they’re just walking around and talking. Because the physical part’s fun, but the emotional satisfaction you get when one of your Next Gen OTPs seem to really like each other for their personalities as opposed to just their snogging capabilities is so much better. And I’m so happy you gave that to us, because this might be the most emotionally fulfilling chapter in the whole story.


I like the quiet moments haha.


When Rose made a point to let Scorpius know that he was wrong about the Weasley clan’s grades, I was rooting for her. Because it’s not fair for him to assume it’s always easy for them and that they don’t work hard for what they do. Something that I did disagree with Rose on, though, was about the saintliness of James. Clearly she still worships him a considerable amount (Roxanne a little less now, I’m assuming, haha), but he’s still rather unfair when it comes to Slytherins. He’s just more reasonable than Roxanne.


I love that Scorpius is going to become a Healer. That’s such a perfect occupation for him, given his temperament, skill level, and general personality. And I love the reference to what he was saying way at the beginning of the story, about how he had to continue taking Herbology and Rose didn’t understand why haha.


Goodnight kisses, aww. *heart eyes* I love these two so, so much. Are you tired of me saying that yet? :P





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Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: Infatuation



The fact that Albus was going to find her after breakfast and then instead walked over only to see Rose and Scorpius making out with each other is the funniest thing. I’m less secondhand-embarrassed for Rose this time just because of how hilariously he said it; she’s embarrassed but I’m laughing this time hahaha. Albus is the best, I swear -- “I mean, it was pretty gross and scarring, but I still want to talk to you, don’t I?”


You always have these fabulous lines in all of your chapters, I love it.


And oh my god Rose trying to be subtly encouraging when nudging Albus towards spilling more of his friend’s secrets – I’ve done that so much. I’ve seen other people do that so much. It’s such a common, relatable thing to do, and I love that you had Rose try to (gently) push Albus into talking about it. And the fact that he does! Even though he totally knew what Rose was up to haha. And then when Rose tried pretending again that she had no idea what he was talking about regarding Scorpius’s thing for her, I love the way Albus called her out on it – “Yes, and you know it.”




I’m so glad that these two made up! <3





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Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: Talking By the Lake

Aww, poor Rose. I feel bad that her cousin isn’t really speaking to her, though I can’t really blame him. I would feel so, so awkward if I was in Albus’s position, and I can understand why he’d be upset. If I were him, I would need, like, at least a month of mental preparation before I could handle hearing the fact that my best friend and cousin were making out with each other behind my back, so. It must’ve been really sudden for him.


Scorpius being insecure about whether Rose likes him makes my heart go out to him. Because, I mean, I feel like we’ve all been there, at a point where we really don’t think the other person likes us nearly as much as them, and in Scoripus’s case, it’s probably true. Anyway, I’m glad that Rose said that there isn’t anyone but him, but I can also understand her unsureness about dating. Speaking as someone who gets fleeting crushes for like five seconds, I’m always wary of saying that I like people when it’ll pass in like a day lol.


Anyway, I’m rooting for these two. Rose’s obliviousness (I’m glad that Scorpius called her out on it in this chapter) and his future-oriented thinking are weirdly perfect for each other, and I love them. The fact that Rose is pretty sure that this isn’t just physical for her is amusing to me, because she’s always like, “Kissing him is great! …And sometimes talking to him is okay, too.”


I loved this chapter!!! <3





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Story:Curiosity Is Not a Sin Chapter: The Trouble with Cousins

The fact that Rose seems to really appreciate Scorpius’s smile is something that makes me very, very happy. But omg the teasing from Roxanne – even though you didn’t actually write out what any of it was, I was embarrassed on behalf of Rose anyway. Teasing is not fun. I do not like it haha.


Also I like Noah very much. His gentle teasing is a lot more bearable than what I’m imagining Roxanne’s to be haha.


I’m excited about the Hogsmeade visit! <3




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