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Story:home is an abstract noun Chapter: an ode to broken glass

Ahh, Joey, I'm here to review your story as reward for your placing third in our Wrong Owl Challenge. I'm so glad you decided to join our challenge!


This story was an amazing tribute to the Bard, Shakespeare. I love how you intertwined your characters into his writing style, but still made it your own. (The name Demelza reminds me so much of one of my favorite period dramas, Poldark, also. *smiles*)


Your imagery throughout is fantastic! It makes me feel as if I am walking through the rain with them. His pain over not her by his side later, and the resignation over of their time apart until he is again home with his Demelza.


This was beatiful, and I'm so glad that you chose this as one of the ones to be reviewed as part of your reward for placing in our challenge.




<3 juls

Name: beyond the rain (Signed) · Date: 23 Apr 2019 05:30 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:home is an abstract noun Chapter: an ode to broken glass

Hey! I'm here for the emerald vs silver review battle! This fic sparked my interest when I realised it was inspired by a shakespeare sonnet rather than one of his plays. I know of the plays and general plots, but I have to be honest with you - outside of the famous pieces, I know very little about Shakespeare's sonnets. After reading this, I think you can really see the inspiration - and the beauty in what you've written. 


Sonnet 55 gives me an impression of imortality and war, which are two very juxtaposing things...but they do go hand in hand. I mean take the wizarding war for example. It resulted in so much death, but in the HP world it will always be remembered. The faces, the soldiers - have been imortalised through death. 


Your piece really makes me think about that theme immortality.  The little lines like "should memory of me crumble to the sea, you will shine on; a singular beacon" and "I will climb through the cavity, a tourist returning to the place they call home. My dear Demelza - you will not end." those are just a few that really remind me of the sonnet you chose. 


I love all the metaphors, how they're so beautifully constructed, so descriptive and telling without really saying much. This definitely has a shakespearean aura to it. This has really made me want to know more about Cian and Demelza. He holds her in such high esteem it seems, she must be worth reading about.  


You should be proud of this, it's probably the most creative and beautiful piece of writing I've read. 





Author's Response:

Wow, Bex. This review just brightened my day so much! Such a wonderful surprise to return to.

I’m not an expert in Shakespearean works--I know them and I’ve read them, but I’d never consider myself any sort of authority.

My choice to use Sonnet 55 came down to the themes of it lining up so perfectly with one of my main novels that I felt I almost had no choice but to use it. Writing about the time period covered in Deathly Hallows makes basically any romance story a little bit bittersweet. You can hardly date like normal teens in the midst of the kind of horrors they went through that year. That sort of hardship can inspire a person to take a step back and look at the totality of life and truly comprehend how fragile it can be. The sonnet definitely went along with my ideas in that sense.

I love a good extended metaphor - they can be a balancing act, trying to make sure that the intent is clear, but not too spelled out. I’m glad that you felt I got what I was trying to say across in a way that might have been beautiful even. Cian and Demelza, before I wrote this piece, were destined to be fairly minor characters in my novel. But now, I’ve expanded both of their roles because I’ve come to like them quite a bit. So I suppose it had that effect on both of us haha.

And as for the last line of this review, I’ve got no words. I just screamed when I read that and haven’t really stopped. Thank you so much, that means the world to me!



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