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Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 28 Jun 2020 12:10 PM · For: Of childhood promises and pretty blonde ladies

Hi hi hi Chi! I'm so sorry I'm so late on this <3 I can't believe I've finally caught up to this!


But oh, my heart. Not a pleasant opening to this chapter! I know they're often at each other's throats but I can definitely feel the passion between them - they're both extremely headstrong characters and I think that comes across really well!


I really loved the scene with Lily, Emmeline, and Severus hanging out. I remember reading one of your other stories where they were a close friendship group at Hogwarts so its nice to see them continuing this as adults, even if it is a bit tension-filled (but we live for tension in stories :P) And Sirius is so cheeky in that scene, haha! Ooh, could there be a budding relationship between Sirius and Emmeline? I'd love to see it! It sounds like they'd be so cute together, and it seems like they both like each other! I can't wait to read about it!


Great chapter, Chi! I enjoyed the adult-centredness of it, and can't wait to find out what happens next!

Author's Response:

Hey, B!!! <3 <3 <3

Yes, you are caught up with the story! :D And I'm caught up with my unanswered reviews! :O We both win! :P

Ah, yes, I know... it's never easy to see those two fighting... but you can rest assured that even if they fight often, they always make up in the end! And yes, most of it comes from the fact that they are both so passional! They clash, but they love each other deeply! <3 <3 <3

I'm so glad you liked the Lily/Emmeline/Severus meetup! :) I have sort of clashed the two universes together... :P And yes, of course there is some tension, but their friendship has still survived, at least partially, and that's what matters, right? ;)

Ahahah! Sirius is so cheeky, yes! :P Oh, uhm... maybe something is in the making with Sirius and Emmeline? :P We'll see how things move on... ;)

I'm so glad you enjoyed this adult-centric chapter! I'll try to have a new one up for you soon! :P

Love you so much!


Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 05 Jun 2020 10:56 AM · For: Back to Hogwarts

Hiya Chi! Hope you're doing well, my lovely!


Harry was dreaming. He could tell because Ron was wearing a maroon Weasley jumper and not complaining about it. What a beautiful way to open this chapter hahaha! I love that this is the weird thing about the dream, and not the fact that Ron is floating! But then it took such a dark turn. I feel so sorry for Harry for having these thoughts. It's a really sad, hard time for him (and Neville of course, I'm nervous for their Hogwarts reunion...)


Ooh, I really enjoyed the diary extract. Because I know Tom, I know what he means when he says: And you, my dear, are destined for great purposes. Obviously it's because he's using her but ahh!


I liked that it wasn't just Neville who missed out on the train, and it was further proof to everyone that someone was trying to interfere with Neville's return. I miss the car, but I love what you did with this scene!


HAHAHA the twins' idea to drive Filch mad wondering what they might have done when they didn't do anything is the best way to annoy him. I love that! And Ron's worry for Harry made my heart all warm. So sweet!


OH NOOOOO is Neville going to become friends with Malfoy? Omg what are you doing to me, Chi?! I can't wait to see where this goes!!!

Author's Response:

Hi, B! <3

I'm almost caught up with your reviews, isn't it great? :P

I had a lot of fun with the dream sequence! I'm so glad you liked that bit! :P But yes, it did have a very dark turn! Poor Harry... :( (and poor Neville as well...)

I'm so glad that you commented on the diary bit! I chose my words for Tom very carefully, so I'm glad you mentioned it specifically! <3

I'm glad you liked my solution for the blocked barrier! And that James was there to witness it! You can bet he'll get to the bottom of it! ;)

That would drive Filtch mad! :P (Actually that was Laura's suggestion... I agree that it's great! :D) And I'm so glad you found Ron's worry for Harry sweet! It is! <3

Yes, Neville's going to become friends with Draco! [insert evil writer's laughter here] You'll see how this will develop (when I manage to get some words out... :/)

Thank you for another great review! <3

Name: VaguelyCreativeName (Signed) · Date: 26 May 2020 11:16 AM · For: Of childhood promises and pretty blonde ladies

I’m back!!


I loved getting to see more of Lily and James in this! Both of their relationship, and just of Lily on her own! Both James and Lily can be such explosive personalities, so it’s not surprising that they should clash every now and then, especially over silly things like James being jealous of Snape – but in the end, they’re still of one mind when it comes to important matters, so they’re going to make up in the end, especially because James seems to know when he was in the wrong and has to apologise!


I also loved the little get-together of Emmeline, Lily, and Severus! I especially relate to Emmeline here, because holding on to traditions because of childhood nostalgia is something I’d definitely do! And it was super lovely to see that, after getting over their initial awkwardness, those bonds of friendship still hold, and they can have a good time together! I feel like Lily especially needed the distraction, so I’m glad she got a chance to have a night out.


I’m also eager to see what you’ll make of James and Tonks, and if they’ll be able to crack the case!

Love, Julia

Author's Response:

Hi, Julia! So lovely to see you back! <3

I'm glad you enjoyed to see some more of James and Lily, both as a couple and as individuals! <3 They definitely have very explosive personalities, but I agree that they will always come together when it really matters! They are such a great couple and I love them with all my heart! <3 Also, yes, James knows when he's in the wrong and has to apologize, which is great! <3

I'm so glad you enjoyed the Emmeline/Lily/Severus meetup! I'd probably be the Emmeline here as well (not for nothing, we are all Hufflepuffs! :P) I'm so glad you enjoyed their friendship and how they could forget the ugly past for a little while! Yes, I think Lily needed a little distraction! <3

I really want to write some more of James and Tonks working together! (I really want to write in general... I need to push this story forward...)

Thank you so much! I always love your insight! <3

Snowball hug,


Name: VaguelyCreativeName (Signed) · Date: 26 May 2020 10:53 AM · For: Back to Hogwarts

Chiara, my love, I’m here for our swap!


I love that opening sequence! Dreams can be so bizarre and confusing, and that comes across so well in this! I love that the first thing that seems off to Harry is the fact that Ron isn’t complaining about his jumper, rather than that he’s floating or the weird setting. It’s also super unsettling the way Neville just turns into a snake – not just in the context of the nightmare because it suggests that there’s a connection between Voldemort and Neville, which of course makes a lot of sense. If Harry wasn’t there to become a horcrux, that horrible duty probably fell to Neville, which now seems obvious but I hadn’t considered in the context of the fic before.. My poor boys! I’m sorry that Harry has such awful dreams, and I’m really scared for Neville and how that will affect him :(

I also enjoyed the little detail about Baltimore – with everything that’s happened, it’s so easy to forget that only a year ago, Harry (then Jimmy!) was leaving on a different continent!


To reiterate, my poor boys! It’s so sad to see Harry and Neville fall out like this! Like, I get why Neville is hostile towards Harry, who he now blames for his parents’ death, which is of course confirming Harry’s greatest worries. It’s still horrible behaviour, and of course Harry’s in no way responsible for what happened, but I can also see why he feels that way, so it’s difficult to really blame him for it. I’m sad to see Neville isolating himself from his friends, but I can’t really say that I agree with his new choice of company… I feel like his just ignoring the Gryffindors (and Samantha) is going to turn into open antagonism, which could end up really nasty, so I’m anxious to see what happens next. Off to the next chapter!


Love, Julia

Author's Response:

Hi, Julia, dear! <3

I'm so glad you liked the dream sequence at the beginning! Yes, dreams are weird, and I thought that bit about Harry thinking something was off because Ron wasn't complaining about his sweater was funny! :P Yes, Neville turning into a snake was very unsettling, and I love the symbolism you are giving it... not exactly what I had in mind, but I love your interpretation nonetheless! And yes, of course Neville is carrying the horcrux in this universe... :( My poor kids... (glad you enjoyed the little mention of Baltimore, too... Harry still misses his old home, for obvious reasons...)

It is pretty awful that Neville would feel that way towards Harry, but also understandable... it's so hard for both of them... and yes, it's so sad that they are falling out with each other like this... :( Neville turning to Draco and the other Slytherins is sort of unsettling, and maybe it will turn into open antagonism for a while... but don't lose hope, things will work out eventually... ;)



Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 16 May 2020 06:28 AM · For: School shopping - an epistolary interlude

Hi Chi! Hope you're doing well!


THIS CHAPTER WAS SO MUCH FUN! I could hear each voice so clearly in my head as I was reading, I knew exactly who was who. Your dialogue is always so fantastic but you found an opportunity to really let it shine, it all sounded so natural and I just really enjoyed it! Even including the sign about Lockhart's signing! This chapter is amazing!


Reading Lily's letter to Remus made me think of that quote from him in one of the books, where he says Lily was there for him at a time when no one else was, and the way she refuses to give up on him here absolutely reminds me of that <3


It was also so nice to see Sam in this chapter! I've missed her so much! She's definitely one of my favourite characters in this series (but you probably already know that :P) I can't wait to see more of her when they're back at Hogwarts!


My heart broke at James' "Goodbye, brother". Nope nope nope, I do not need that heartache today, thank you.


OH MY GOODNESS I should have guessed that Ginny and the diary would come up in this chapter! It's perfection! I never knew I could love a single chapter as much as I love this one! And Tom Riddle's reply. So creepy! A really eerie way to end such a fun chapter. I can't wait to read more about Ginny and the diary especially!


Awesome job on this, Chi! I loved it so so much!

Author's Response:

Hello, B, my love! I'm well, how art thou? :P

I'm so so glad you enjoyed this chapter and the epistolary format! It was a fun way to tell what was going on in a different way! I'm so glad all the different voices felt authentic and recognizable, and that you enjoyed all the different bits, including the sign of Lockhart's signing! :D

Lily would never give up on Remus, even if she's hurt. That's just not in her nature (and Remus is too adorable... just saying... :P) She's the absolute best! <3

I'm glad you enjoyed seeing Sam, too! (Oh, is she, now? I had no idea... :P)

I'm so sorry for that "Goodbye, brother"... yes, it's painful... but I swear things will get better! <3

And Ginny has the diary... and Tom is already manipulating her... of course I would close the chapter with that... but yes, creepy!

Thank you! You are the best! <3

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 12 May 2020 01:39 PM · For: A real family

Hi Chi! I've been thinking about this story since I read the last chapter, so I can't wait to see what you have in store for me today!


James being excited about Harry coming home is so wholesome, it made me smile to read it! Even with his sadness over Harry wanting to see Peter, and the strange dynamic they're still getting used to as a family, the fact that he can't help his excitement is just so wonderful and says a lot. And even Harry pretending that he did badly in his exams to trick his parents...they're slowly but surely getting used to each other and I love how you show that through little interactions like this!


Something tells me you've been personally attacked by London pizza restaurants :P


Ahh, this was so cute! -

"But I like that name," Harry protested.

"He likes that name," Sirius repeated and winked at the child.

I love the easygoingness Harry and Sirius have. They make me smile so much!


I love how absolutely everything excites Dorea, even meeting an aunt she's never met before. She is an absolute gem in this story and I love her so much! I'm also very excited to see how this meeting with Petunia goes!


The lunch scene was very entertaining, and I must say that the Dursleys were pretty well behaved! Sure, they weren't perfect, but I think it could have gone much worse, haha. I love the way Vernon deliberately said James' name wrong and couldn't stand him being the centre of attention for too long. I think that was very in character. But it's clear that the two families are just too different to really get along. They have nothing in common but blood, and I think you wrote that really well!


I loved getting this little insight into James' deepest emotions. He felt very human in that last scene, and I love that you can write both that and him being the joker that we love. And the suggestion of another baby actually made me really excited because I would love to see that, but I think it was a really important suggestion as well, because it showed how much James is struggling. He feels so apart from Harry and like he'll never be a good enough dad to him, so he essentially wants a fresh slate to feel validated as a father. I find that a really complex and interesting idea, and I loved reading it and thinking about it!


Absolutely amazing chapter, Chi!

Author's Response:

Hi, B! Thank you for stopping by! <3

I love James' enthusiasm, especially when it is about his family! Yes, they still aren't the perfect family he (we) wishes they were, but they're slowly moving in that direction and it's so wonderful to see him excited about Harry coming back home! <3 I'm so glad you also enjoyed Harry pretending to have scored poorly in his exams to trick his parents! That was a fun bit to include! :P

Ahahah! Actually, I'm not even sure if I ever had pizza in London? :P Remus is more nitpicky about Italian food than I am! :P (But I have had pizza out of Italy, and I have to confess that it's always a bit disappointing... :/)

I love the relationship between Sirius and Harry, too! Harry needs some levity in his life and Sirius is great at providing that! <3

Ahahah! Dorea is very easily excited! She's just like her father! :P I don't think the excitement will continue when she actually meets Aunt Petunia... :P

I'm glad you found the lunch at the Dursleys entertaining! :D They were quite well-behaved all considered, weren't they? :P It could've definitely gone much worse... :P

I think that would be typical Vernon, calling James with the wrong name and feeling annoyed at not being the centre of attention. :P

Poor James... there is so much he still need to work through, with the complicated relationship with Harry, and the guilt for Quirrell, and maybe also for Peter, and then Remus... I'm glad you liked to see that moment of vulnerability! And, well, yes, the baby suggestion comes primarily from James' insecurities that he isn't a good enough father (not for Harry anyway) and his need for validation in that aspect. But, who knows, maybe a third little Potter will arrive sometime in the near future? (It's not a promise, I haven't decided yet, but maybe... :P)

Love you!!! <3

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 09 May 2020 03:58 AM · For: The woes of Monday morning

This chapter was so interesting and I love what you did with it!


Augusta is such a firecracker, I think you write her absolutely perfectly and I'd love to see more of her.  It's a painful kind of funny to watch her drag poor Neville around and demand things on his behalf while he sits there, embarrased. I think it's perfectly done! I also absolutely loved your take on the reaction to Dobby. Of course the Dursleys didn't really care, but in the wizarding world it's a pretty serious thing for someone else's house-elf to steal and 'threaten', so I really enjoy exploring this idea. It also meant we got to see Sirius, yay! I can't wait to see what James discovers if he looks into Dobby, and what he'll do about it.


Also, poor Remus! My heart stopped when he ran into James, and James reaction to him was sad but also kind of deserved? I really hope they make up soon, though!

Author's Response:

Hey, B, my love! <3

I'm so glad you like my Augusta, she's a super fun character to write! :P Although, yes, poor Neville, being dragged and bossed around like that... :P I'm so glad you liked Augusta's way to handle the whole Dobby ordeal! :P Ahahah! I know that you always enjoy some Sirius... ;)

Yes, poor Remus... :( James has every right to be angry, but I also wish he would just forgive him... or not being that harsh, at least... they will make up, but it's still early... :(

Thank you! <3

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 05 May 2020 01:34 AM · For: Exams

Hi Chi!


Being able to read about James and Lily seeing Harry off to Hogwarts like the beautiful family they are is exactly the content I needed in 2020 so I thank you very much for that. I hope we get to see more of their perspective in this story because otherwise I'm going to miss Dorea! (And of course I need to know what happens with Remus and the rest of the Marauders!)


This line made me laugh so much because it's like the magical version of a Twitter group chat: What the hell is wrong with the two of you??? It's too early to wake up to three pages of new messages!


So this is why I shouldn't review as I read--I didn't realise Harry was going off to take his exams. That's a cool detail though, and I'm curious to see how he goes with them!


Aw, I didn't think of what it might mean to Neville to learn the truth about Harry. I must have forgotten that is AU isn't just 'Voldemort chose Neville', but that Neville was the next best thing after Harry disappeared. I can't wait to see how that all plays out! Ahh, I just love this story so much!


I don't know why Harry's complaining -- who wouldn't want Hogwarts Castle all to themselves? :P


I totally saw this coming, that thanks to Lily making Harry practice over summer, Harry would be able to brew this potion Snape was trying to trick him with (dirty move, Snape...) I love that!


Oh my goodness Hogwarts has a menagerie?! Reading that just reminded me of the magic of Newt Scamander's suitcase. Such a gorgeous idea! And I love that we got to see the hippogriffs early!


Yay for Harry passing his exams! Also my heart hurts for him being told to just leave Peter behind. That's just so hard on him. But haven't they realised by now that you can't just tell Harry 'no'? It makes me interested in seeing whether he continues to try to see Peter! But what I'm most interested in seeing is Gilderoy Lockhart :P


Absolutely loved this chapter, Chi, and can't wait to read the next one!

Author's Response:

Shake-what? <3

It is lovely to see James and Lily seeing Harry off to Hogwarts! <3 Harry should've had this in canon... <3 Don't worry, the adults will be there! And Dorea too, of course! :D (and all the Remus' drama... :P)

Ahahah! Those diaries are the magical version of a Twitter group chat! :P

Yes, Harry is going to take the exams! ;)

Yes, that's why Neville has been isolating himself in the first place... he knows that Voldemort went after him and his family only because Harry was missing and so he blames Harry for it (even if Harry has no fault, of course...)

Ahahah! Honestly, I don't know... I think having Hogwarts all to yourself might be a bit scary... :P But yeah, I understand what you mean! :P But also, poor Harry is so lonely... :(

Ahahah! Yeah, Harry 10 - Snape 0! :P (or rather, Lily 10 - Snape 0... either way... :P)

Well, I mean, no one ever told us where Fluffy disappeared after year 1... and they need to keep the creatures for lessons somewhere, don't they? I was totally going for Newt's suitcase feels, glad you enjoyed that! <3

Harry did very well! I'm proud of him! :D Yes, it is so hard for him, being told that he should give up on Peter... but yes, you're right, he's not just going to take a no as an answer and surrender... :P Ahahah! You'll see Lockhart very soon! ;)

Love thee! <3

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 05 May 2020 01:06 AM · For: Of diaries and stolen letters

Oh. My. Gosh. I don't know how I completely forgot about Dobby's appearance in this book, but I did, and I also forgot that he would be going to Neville instead of Harry. My eyes practically bugged out of my head when I read the opening of this chapter because I got so excited about it! Also, it's such a cute detail to imagine Dobby being a rebellious baby elf, and his mum reprimanding him for it. I love it so much! Again, I love getting these perspectives we've never seen before, like Lucius with Dobby and the diary. I really appreciate that you take the time to imagine how they would play out, and then write them!


Poor Neville and his ignored birthday. We already know the pain Harry felt when it happened so it was sad to read again for Neville. I did have to have a tiny laugh though, because imagining him being at his own party surrounding by his gran's old friends was an entertaining and sweet image, and I totally believe it's what would have happened!


Of course his friends care for him, Neville should have picked up the diary a lot sooner! It's going to be interesting to see whether Neville goes to Hogwarts or not (I mean, I'm sure he will, though :P) and how Augusta reacts to it further. 


Loved this chapter!

Author's Response:

Hey, B! <3

Yes, Dobby's here! :D And of course he would go to warn Neville this time, since he is the Boy-Who-Lived! ;) I'm so glad you liked to see a bit of Dobby's perspective and his life at the Malfoys, and also the little memory of when he was a baby elf... :P I really enjoy filling in all these missing moments! :)

Poor Neville, that wasn't a fun birthday... then, again, it's him who's been distancing himself from everyone... but still, that was a sad way to celebrate... :(

Yes, Neville should've picked up the diary sooner. But he's just so resentful right now. You've read on, so you already know how Augusta is going to deal with everything! :P

Thank you for the lovely review! <3

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 25 Apr 2020 06:25 AM · For: More parties and more Potions

Shake-what, Chi?

I actually read this chapter a little while ago but was very naughty and did not review, so thank you for the nudge to share my thoughts! 


I loved this chapter of course! But it was also hard to read because all the characters' emotions are running so high, and there's so much intensity and angst between them all. That's secretly what I love, though :P And part of me actually kind of enjoyed reading this not-so-pleasant side of Remus. Obviously you write him wonderfully, but I really enjoyed getting this glimpse into a much prouder, more stubborn version of him that we don't usually see. He was pretty childish, but it comes from anger, so I think you did a great job showing that in the first scene!


Can I say how much I absolutely adored seeing James give Harry the Invisibility Cloak himself? It was always such a precious moment and a meaningful gift, so i loved that in this timeline, James could give it to his son himself <3 And again, I love how real Harry's adjustment feels, and that it's hard for him but you still need to move the story forward. I think you've found a really great balance with emotion and plot. I can't wait to see when he calls them Mum and Dad though! And its always great that he can rely on Hermione and Ron to talk things over with <3 You really keep the heart of the original books in your stories, Chi!


I will never get over the names Sirius tries to call Harry hahaha. They're so amazing. I can't wait to see more of Harry and Sirius' interactions, ahh! They could have so much fun together!


Absolutely adored this chapter, my love, and can't wait to find out what's in store in the next one!

Author's Response:

Shake-what, B? :D

I'm so glad you liked this chapter! <3 But yes, there's so much drama and angst among all the characters at the moment... :/ Ah, Remus can be petty like that... and excessively proud and stubborn... but I can't really blame him because he's suffering so much...? (and yes, I'm a little bit partial towards him... I'd forgive him almost anything... <3)

I wanted to give James and Harry a little bonding moment, and James giving him the Cloak seemed like an important thing to show! It's definitely a meaningful gift! <3 It's so hard for poor Harry... I'm glad you feel like I have a good balance between emotion and plot, since this second novel so far has been heavily on the emotional side (but also, with the aftermath of the previous novel, it was sort of unavoidable...) He will call them Mum and Dad one day! And yes, it's a blessing that he has his friends to rely on! I'm so glad you think I capture the feeling of the original series well! <3

Ahahah! I love Sirius! And I love the whole Elvis thing! :P I really, really love the relationship between them in this universe and I'm glad you enjoy their interactions so much! <3

Thank you so much, your reviews always fill me with happiness! <3

Snowball hug,


Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 05 Apr 2020 07:56 PM · For: Exams

Hey, Chiara! I hope yuo;re doing okay!! Gah this whole time is such a mess omg. I'm really glad for the distraction from real life and jumping right into this story! But first, an apology in advance for any typos because I broke my finger a month ago and it's still healing and can't keep up with my other fingers when I'm typing lol.


At first I was confused why Harry was going to Hogwarts on August 1, but I'd forgotten about the exams. Also I feel like I need to have a word with whoever is in charge of train schedules because having a whole train for one person is like, a massive carbon footprint and a lot of coal pollution in the air that is totally unnecssary. Not only is it annoying for HArry and takes a long time, but it's environmentally irresponsible. He could have Apparated. /sidebar (Wait, a postscript: Where is the environmental action group at Hogwarts? Do you think they have one? Are wizards concerned about the climate crisis? Am I thinking too hard about this?? XD )


Ugh Snape is the worst, and I hate that he gives Harry a surprise potion just because he wants to see him fail. It's just like him to do that though. And criticizing him DURING THE EXAM, how is this okay?? I'm just really glad Harry got all those potions lessons from Lily over the summer and can shove all his new potions talent in Snape's face.


"Sleepin' right now, but I can wake him if yeh want to say hello," Hagrid said cheerily.

Omg XD What a Hagrid thing to say, this is hilarious. Yes, I bet Hagrid does think Fluffy is at his best and most charismatic when he's awake. XD Good save, Harry! Just thinking about what's in Fluffy's best interest and needing his sleep. Lol


I like that you introduced Harry's (possible) interest in Care of Magical Creatures early, gives sort of a reason that he took the class. I can't recall in PoA why he decided to but it might have been sort of arbitrary or just because Hagrid was teaching? And this is a neat precursor to that and puts a little more behind his decision.


Emmeline has good advice, I think, but I do wonder what lengths Harry will go to ignore it. I think he only ever wrote to Emmeline not for advice, but for permission, essentially - he was looking for a specific answer, and since he didn't get that answer, I wonder how he's going to deal with everything. He never was the best at following the rules...


He hoped next year's teacher would be a good one. One that didn't have Lord Voldemort sharing their body, at least.

Well, one out of two ain't bad? XD Haha this line was funny to me just knowing who the next year's professor is going to be. But yeah, at least he doesn't have Voldemort in his head.


This was a great chapter! I'm sorry it took me so long to get to it and I hope you are ok! <3


Author's Response:

Kristin! <3

Ah, I know... this is a messy time... glad I could provide some distraction! ;)

Ahahah! Yes, definitely neither practically not environmentally conscientious to have an entire train leave specifically for one person... and no, knowing how wizard society works, I doubt they are at all concerned about the climate crisis... *shrugs*

Yes, that was very low even for Snape's standards... but I could totally imagine him giving Harry a potion that was beyond his level because he wanted to see him fail... :P It's really good that Harry learnt so much from Lily during the summer! :D

Ahahah! Typical Hagrid, isn't it? :P Harry handled that one in a truly smart way! :P

If I remember right canon, Harry's choices of elective courses was copying Ron's choices :P Why did Ron choose Care of Magical Creatures, I have no idea... maybe he was "copying" Charlie in turn? I'm not sure if this is going to be a push or a deterrent, but we'll see, I guess... :P

Emmeline gives good advice, but definitely not what Harry wanted to hear... and I doubt he will just accept it... once again, I guess we'll find out together... ;)

Kudos to Lockhart for not having Lord Voldemort sticking from his head! :P The only good aspect about him, probably, but... :P

Thank you so much for the great review! Love you! <3

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 30 Mar 2020 05:43 PM · For: Back to Hogwarts


But this chapter was full of so many anxieties, oh no! Chiara, please let these darling babies be happy! It was such an intriguing chapter, and I’m so excited (and worried) about what’s going to happen! Every single time I read one of these chapters, I feel a glimmer of the same excitement that I felt when reading Harry Potter for the first time, and it’s such a lovely feeling! I get really excited every time I recognize something from the books, and then I become curious to see how you adapt it into your own story! <3

The way you wrote Harry’s dream was so good!! It’s so difficult to capture dream sequences well -- after all, dreams are slippery things. They oftentimes make complete sense while we’re having them, and then when we wake up, we realize that the dream was completely nonsensical. So I LOVED how you wrote the dream! It was so quirky and strange, and I wanted to smile in the beginning at dream!Ron’s chess shenanigans, but then you shifted it into a nightmare!! It was done so naturally, and I was so very genuinely freaked out by the dark turn that I got shivers! I swear, if I ever had a dream like that when I was Harry’s age, I probably would’ve keeled over and fainted for the rest of my life. (I guess ‘died’ is the word I’m looking for? :P)

Lily and James are genuinely the sweetest parents in the world. Right now it seems like Harry is feeling slightly warmer towards Lily, which I think is fair -- I believe I’ve heard a story before about this one child who spent her childhood under the care of a female caretaker, and then when the child was adopted by a couple, she preferred the father over the mother since she still had fond memories of her former caretaker. That kind of seems to be the same sort of situation here with Harry; he misses Peter, so it’s harder to accept a replacement father figure.

NOO NEVILLE. HARRY LOVES YOU. HE’S YOUR FRIEND. DON’T SHUT HIM OUT LIKE THIS. The whole situation with Neville just completely ignoring his friends...and then SITTING WITH extremely nervewracking! Ahh, Chiara, why must you do this to me. D: I understand that Neville feels really disillusioned with everything, but I feel like that’s often how far-right people (and, I suppose, Death Eaters) are created… Which is not good eep.

I was so relieved when James could just bring the both of them directly to Hogwarts, though, haha. The car scenario from the Chamber of Secrets stressed me out so much the first time I read it!

Last thought: poor, poor Ginny.

Oh, Chiara, this was wonderful! I’m so glad you updated! <3




Author's Response:

EVAAAAAA!!! <3 <3 <3

Oh, I know... this wasn't a happy chapter... :( I promise things will get well... eventually... but for now it is a bit of a mess... (I'm so glad you are so excited about this story and that it brings back the same feelings of the original <3 Figuring out what's going to work differently and in which ways is one of the funniest things for me as I write this series, so it's wonderful to know that it makes you excited! <3)

I'm so glad you liked Harry's dream! And that it seemed written right for a dream, with all the nonsense and the subtle shift into a nightmare! Poor Harry, he was definitely freaked out... (sorry for creeping you out a bit as well...)

Lily and James are the best parents, yes! <3 Yes, it's easier for Harry to connect to Lily, and I absolutely agree that a huge part of it is because he never really had a mother figure, while James feels more like a replacement of Peter... I think there are other factors, like the fact that he still blames James for Peter's arrest, and that he resembles James so much, which adds to the confusion and makes him feel like he has to live up to some kind of standard... it's very complicated for my poor child... but he will get to trust and even love James, I promise! <3

Aww, I know... it's so sad that Neville is feeling so much resentment, and that he's shutting himself away from his friends like that... and yes, Draco... :/ but, you know, maybe this isn't going to turn out as bad as it might look at the moment... ;)

Ahahah! The car bit was wild, I agree! Thank Merlin the kids can rely on some adult help in this universe... :P

Yes, poor Ginny... :(

Thank you so much! I love you! <3

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 23 Mar 2020 11:36 PM · For: Parties and Potions

Hi Chiara! I hope you're keeping safe, I've been thinking of you! I definitely needed a distraction from everything that's going on and thought it was the perfect time to finally begin this story!


I absolutely love that you've started with a Harry and Lily scene. Their relationship was one of the things I was most looking forward to reading about in this next installment! It's so sweet to watch her try to teach him potions with her infinite patience and kindness, and she pushes him to learn. But Harry still has a long way to go, what with him not feeling comfortable calling her Mum, and the amount he resembles James, which he still can't quite get his head around.


Harry's first thought at being woken up suddenly as 'it wasn't me' is hilarious! :D 


I love that Harry can talk to Sirius in dog-form. I understand that that would be a much easier way for way Harry to feel comfortable, and I love that Sirius knows that.


Ahh, the tension between Remus and James! It's so awful, and I can't see how they can work this one out! I wonder if they will? I guess I'll have to wait and see! I'm so excited that there's more of your wonderful universe for me to read, and I can't wait to find out what happens next <33

Author's Response:

B! <3

Oh, my... it seems a lifetime and just yesterday at the same time that the lockdown started... :O I can't believe it's July already... (and that I'm still stuck here... but whatever... :P) In any case, I'm so, so glad you decided to start this story! (And that you are caught up already... I need to keep writing...) Thank you so much for stopping by here! <3

I love the relationship between Lily and Harry! <3 Of course, they still have a long way to go, but Lily is a wonderful mum and loves Harry so, so much and they will eventually build a true mother-son bond! <3 And yes, Lily is awesome at teaching him Potions! <3 A good teacher often makes all the difference, don't you agree?

Ahahah! I'm so glad you found that funny! Naughty Harry! :P

I really, really love the Sirius/Harry dynamic, too! <3 Talking to Sirius in dog form is definitely much easier for the poor guy, and I love how sensitive Sirius can be! <3

Things aren't good for Remus and James at the moment... they will reconcile, eventually, but it's going to take time... :/

Thank you so much! It was such a lovely surprise when I found this review from you and I'm so excited to be able to share more of this universe with you! Thank you so, so much again! <3

Love thee,


Name: Chemical_Pixie (Signed) · Date: 01 Mar 2020 03:03 AM · For: School shopping - an epistolary interlude

Chiara! AHHH! I am in need of some Jimmy Portman, er Harry Potter, er Elvis... er Peter's son, James's son? The Boy Who--Almost--Lived? No, no, no, that doesn't make sense. How about... I am in need of some lovely Chiara writing! :D 


This might be my favorite line describing Lockhart ever: "Yeah, okay... he's just this super famous guy who's travelled around a lot and had all sorts of great adventures... got the Order of Merlin, too, maybe? But I think he's only famous because he looks good."


Ron Weasley has done it again, ladies and gentlemen! Peter can deflect and kidnap Harry, thus alternating the timeline of the entire Harry Potter series (or... Neville Longbottom series, lol)... but Ron Weasley will. never. ever. change! lolol


Also, Harry's sass in this opening scene is about 1000000% too much. Referring to Lily and James by their first names? I mean... I guess I get it, poor kid, but in my mind, I can see him rolling his eyes while writing in his journal as he refers to his parents by their first names. What a power move, Harry! Also, Harry Potter's sass isn't only towards his birth parents, lol. His letter to Neville is PRICELESS. He's really trying to be an understanding friend, but also he's really not playing around with the whole Neville blaming Harry for his life thing. And then his sass returns in the final diary sequence, bless him. Ron and Hermione should be eligible for sainthood for putting up with that sass, lol.


That letter from Lily to Remus, she really does care for Remus, doesn't she? Sending him extra Wolfsbane Potion like that... and then she gives him honest updates and her feelings about forgiveness. While I wish the Potters would forgive Remus, I also understand their hurt and anger. Remus should have told them the truth sooner (see my reviews of Jimmy 1 for more details), and i do hope that one day, they will be able to forgive. [by the way, this is the part of the story where I got my new ReSister story idea, so thanks for that! :P ] And then the whole Remus and James back and forth. They both want friendship and forgiveness, but something is stopping James, and it's really hurting them both. (UGH PETER! Sure, in canon, what. you do is HORRIBLE, but this AU isn't much BETTER!!!!). Anyway, space is probably a good thing for James and Remus, but I am sure you have something lurking in the background that will... propel them into each other's lives again.


...And then Sam's letter... wait. wait. WAIT. She talked to LUCIUS. Sam doesn't have a diary to connect with Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville, right? RIGHT?! So what if... what if it's SAM who gets the diary and not Ginny?! (Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Sam wrote anything in the opening conversation) AHHHH NOOOOOOO! Wait. false alarm, it IS Ginny who gets the diary in this AU, which makes me wonder if she was fated to get this diary, hmmm... but what a creepy, creepy want to end this chapter! Here we are, high drama between James and Remus and Harry's sass is on it's on freaking planet... and you end with this?! NOOOOO. I mean, I know why Ginny gets the diary and what will (probably) transpire, but UGH, noooo! Voldemort is at it again!


Anyway, I loved, loved, loved how this chapter is all told through episolary means. I thought it was really effective to have the characters' written words tell the action. It's a great "break" in the storytelling, allowing the readers to look at the written evidence of everything that's happening--and for you, the writer, to set up everything. 


Now let the dominoes fall.

Author's Response:

Abby!!! :D

Ahahah! I adore how you start this review! :P And I adore you! <3 Thank you for coming here! <3

Ahahah! Ron did capture Lockhart pretty well there, didn't he? No, Ron Weasley will always be the same, no matter how skrewed up the universe is! :P

Ahahah! Yeah, Harry is so sassy throughout the whole chapter! :P And yes, poor Ron and Hermione, having to put up with it! :P

Yes, Lily does love Remus deeply (I mean, who wouldn't love that idiot?) It is really hard for the Potters to forgive Remus, and that's completely understandable... (Okay, but I'm so curious about the fic inspired by this letter exchange? You said it's a Teddy/Vic, do I remember right? Are you working on it? Will you tell me when it's up? <3)

Ah, I know, the exchange between Remus and James is so hurtful and sad... :( they will get better to be friends eventually, but it's going to take a while... (and yes, this is all Peter's fault... :P)

Yes, Sam talked to Lucius... :/ (No, she doesn't have a diary... and now I almost wish I did make Lucius give the diary to her! :O Although I think Tom would've had a much harder time using her than he had with Ginny...)

Anyway, yes, Ginny has the diary! And yes, I wanted to end the chapter on a creepy note! Voldemort's at it again, indeed...

Ah, I'm so glad the epistolary format worked well for this chapter! It was a fun way to keep track of everything going on! Thank you so much for this absolutely brilliant review!!! <3 <3 <3

Huge snowball hug,


Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 28 Jan 2020 08:54 PM · For: School shopping - an epistolary interlude

HI CHIARA. I’m here for the Hufflepuff review swap! <3


I noticed there was a chapter on The snake within that I had not yet reviewed, but when I started reading I was really confused because I had definitely read the chapter contents before at some point. And I was wondering, “Did I?? read the chapter and then?? not review????” before I remembered that you sent me your chapter to read through before posting hahaha. Just a little story of me being dumb for you, before I get into the actual review. :P


(Also, I can’t quite remember my comments after I initially read your story, so I hope it’s okay if some things repeat!)


I thought the format of this story was absolutely charming! I am always BEYOND enthused to find epistolary stories on this site, especially if they’re done in a particularly unique and clever way! I have a strong bias towards epistolary stories that delve beyond letters—newspaper clippings, note-passing, texting, advertisements all really liven up the story and make it a little more quirky! Which is why I adore this chapter so much! (I have used four exclamation points for the four past sentences…which goes to show how excited this chapter makes me haha.) You manage to combine all of these elements, which often can tell so much more than just directly writing out a narration. <3


For instance, I love how the notice from Remus’s shop signifies the full moon, that he’s transforming into a werewolf at that time, which is why he can’t mind it. It’s just such a short, succinct way of telling so much information, and I thought it worked out perfectly!


The letters between Lily and Remus and James were really heartbreaking to read; it hurts knowing that their twenty-year friendship has been strained to this degree. I mean, twenty years is longer than I’ve been alive! Their friendship has lasted my entire lifetime, and it’s very nearly shattered right now! I’m really glad that James seems to still care very much for Remus, which means that there’s an opportunity for forgiveness in the future, but still. I’M SAD. (Really, really caring of Lily to be thinking of Remus during his full moon phase—we should all have friends as lovely and kind as Lily. :P)


I love the kids so much. And Harry was very brave to directly confront Neville like that. I agree that it’s a ridiculous notion that Neville’s parents’ deaths were Harry’s fault, but I’d imagine that had I grown up unhappily due to the fact my parents were murdered, I would seize any chance of comfort, as shallow as it might be.


NO, STAY FAR AWAY FROM HER, TOM RIDDLE. (He won’t. But I feel the need to yell at him anyway. Oh, Ginny, the poor thing.)


This was such a fabulous chapter, Chiara. You should sneak in more epistolary chapters into this story! ;D




Author's Response:

EVA!!! <3

Hello, my love! :)

Ahahah! Yes, that happens, no worries! ;)

I really love the epistolary genre too, even if I don't write it often (I find it quite hard, to be honest...) I'm so glad you enjoyed the format of the chapter, and the fact that it wasn't limited to just letters. I agree that combining different epistolary formats helps liven up the story, and I'm glad you felt it worked here! :D

I really wanted to highlight Remus' difficulties with that bit, so I'm glad you appreciated it in particular! <3

Ah, I know... it is very sad... :( Their friendship is reparable, though, I promise... and yes, they all still care a lot for each other... James will come to forgive Remus, he just needs some more time! <3 (And yes, Lily is just wonderful!!!)

I love my children too! :) And yes, I suppose Harry was quite brave confronting Neville like that... It's definitely not Harry's fault, but I can't completely blame Neville for feeling that way... discovering that he became the Boy-Who-Lived (and that his parents lost their lives) as an afterthought must not be easy to accept... poor boy... :/

And poor Ginny... Tom Riddle is the worst, manipulating her like that... :/

Thank you!!! <3 <3 <3 Maybe I will, who knows? :P

Snowball hug,


Name: VaguelyCreativeName (Signed) · Date: 24 Jan 2020 06:08 PM · For: School shopping - an epistolary interlude

Hi Chiara,


 I’m back for the Centre for Magical Disease Control Review Event, round 1!


This chapter was such an emotional rollercoaster! I loved seeing all the little differences between the characters, even if it’s something as mundane as putting the date or not, so with their particular habits and writing styles, it was always obvious which character was writing at the time! So I think the epistolary format worked super well for this, especially at the end, in introducing Riddle and the diary – from Ginny’s point of view, of course, the reply seems innocent enough, nice even, but knowing what the diary is and who it belonged to, I don’t think you could have written a line creepier than ‘Sweet dreams’ – it made my skin crawl.


I’m also worried about Neville – because even when he knows that his friends had been writing to him all summer, to be called a prick – even if it is in jest – in the first letter that he (presumably) does receive can’t be very encouraging, and the fact that he didn’t answer doesn’t make me very hopeful.


And of course, you have to go and break my heart again with the correspondence between Lily, Remus, and James! I just want them to be friends again, but I know that’s not realistic at this time, but at least I can be hopeful again that maybe some point, that will be possible again. (At least, that’s how I’m interpreting James’ still referring to Remus as his brother.)


Much Love,


Author's Response:

Hi, again, Julia, dear! <3

I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter and the different voices/writing styles (I'm particularly happy you noticed the putting or non putting the date detail! :P) And I'm so glad you liked the introduction to the diary as well! (Knowing the context, that Sweet dreams is indeed creepy! Glad it came through that way, definitely what I was going for!)

There's a lot going on on the Neville front... yes, it must not have been nice, being called a prick in that letter (but I can't really blame Harry, either?) And yes, the fact that he didn't reply is not a good sign... :/

Ah, I know... the letters between Lily, Remus and James are so sad... :( but yes, there still is hope! They all still care a lot for each other, even if there is a lot of resentment to overcome right now...

Thank you for another great review! <3

Name: VaguelyCreativeName (Signed) · Date: 24 Jan 2020 05:31 PM · For: A real family

Hi Chiara,


 I’m here for the Centre for Magical Disease Control Review Event, round 1!

I absolutely loved this chapter! You know how much I love people getting along and being friends, so I absolutely adored the family bonding moments! But you’ve done such a brilliant job at showing that things aren’t all hunky-dory; as James (accidentally) said, the Potters aren’t quite yet a real family, but they are getting there! So I love how you include those moments that show how far everyone still has to go, and how much they’re still hurting, like the fact that Harry is still somewhat uncomfortable around James, or the mention of Remus.


I also loved the moment of vulnerability between James and Lily, and James sharing his anxieties about being a bad Auror, a bad person, a bad father… I love how easily Lily can reassure him. And what’s this I hear about babies?!! I can’t help but agree with Lily that having another child to get over your anxieties about being a bad parent to the first one might not be the best idea, and that the timing perhaps isn’t ideal for the Potter family, but at the same time I’m incredibly excited because BABIES??? So I’m super intrigued to see where (if anywhere) that’s going to go!


I’m also still super intrigued about Petunia and her reaching out to Lily! I need to know what happened to make her change her mind! And all things, I think the reunion of the two families went better than I could have expected, so hopefully we get to know more about that soon!


Much Love,


Author's Response:

Hi, Julia! :)

Ah, I really want everyone to be happy and friends again, too! There's still a lot to fix, but yes, the Potters are moving in the right direction! :) I'm so glad you liked all the family bonding moments! <3

I'm so, so glad you liked the final scene and James opening up to Lily about all his insecurities, too! I do believe they can bring the best out of each other, which is part of why I ship them so much! <3 As for babies... I haven't decided where I want to go with that yet... so, no promises, but maybe... :P

The Potter/Dursley reunion could have gone much worse, couldn't it? :P I don't know if Lily and Petunia will ever completely reconcile, but they are trying and that's something, right? I'm definitely going to give you more Lily/Petunia in the future! ;)

Thank you so much for the lovely review!!! <3

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 03 Dec 2019 12:48 AM · For: Of diaries and stolen letters

Hah, I'm here anyway. :P


DOBBY! It's so sad to see him working for the Malfoys in such awful conditions, especially since I know how much better it can get in an alternate universe and I hope things work out just as well here! How is Dobby going to interfere with HArry's life if he has no reason to? Must read on.


Omg, of course he's going to stop Neville! Brilliant. And it wasn't anything particular about Harry that Dobby loved, it was just the fact that Harry is a nice person and so is Neville, and I can totally see the same sorts of things unfolding here. It is nice though, that since Neville's family is relatively normal, used to house elves, etc, that nothing drastic (exploding cake) happened that involved Neville getting locked in his room, it was all just pretty chill and Augusta was like "ugh whatever", a complete opposite reaction to the Dursleys haha. I do wonder how it's all going to play out though, because Harry in the books at that age was a lot more strong-willed, but also a lot more on his own. I wonder what Augusta will do with the weird message from Dobby. She's definitely strong willed enough to just send Neville off to school anyway - how seriously will she take Dobby's message?


That last scene awww. (Why didn't Harry have this diary in the books, it would have made things so much easier!!!) In any case, I'm so glad Neville knows how much he was missed and how much his friends wanted to celebrate with him. I bet that meant a lot to him, especially after hearing from his great uncle about how he's not good enough :( :(


Great writing! <3

Author's Response:

Kristin! :D

Hello again, my love! <3

Yes, Dobby! :D Yes, the Malfoys are really horrible to him, are they not? The poor elf... :(

Well, of course he would go to Neville in this universe! ;) And yes, being treated with respect is all Dobby needs to love someone, and Neville was still nice, even if maybe a bit more wary than Harry was in canon... Augusta is going to do something about Dobby, but you'll see later... but yes, very different from the Dursley's reaction! :P

It's a good thing that Neville has the diary and could see how much his friends actually care for him... but he has other reasons to be on his own and he's very stubborn... but more about this later...

Thank you for another lovely review! <3

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 02 Dec 2019 05:34 AM · For: More parties and more Potions

CHIARA ♥ I am finally here with that review you requested forever ago, and so sorry it's taken such a long time. I even meant to send you a PM to say I hadn't forgotten and also to say hi because I miss you, but I never actually got around to it. I've been a bad friend lately and I'm sorry! *hugs* Anyway here I am to love this story and I HAVE MISSED IT!


I love that Harry and Dorea are so close now :D Even though he calls her annoying, the next paragraph they're both running off to eavesdrop together after sharing a look. Such a classic sibling move haha


Ugh, Remus. I really don't know what anyone's going to do in this extremely messy situation with the Potters and Remus. Of course, Remus is being a little passive agressive about it and also blaming himself 1000%, like I can't tell if he's more angry at James and Lily or at himself. And so his solution is to completely withdraw from everyone. I hate that he does that, but it's perfect characterization of him haha.


I'm not sure how much I like James sneaking behind Lily's back to give Harry the Invisibility Cloak, like it's weird that he is trying to keep it a secret from Lily, but at any rate I'm glad Harry has the cloak now. And it was really nice to see Harry getting to celebrate his birthday and getting actual gifts, unlike the pencil or whatever he'd get from the Dursleys. AND HE EVEN GETS A BIRTHDAY PARTY


Having two James's in the family would definitely get confusing, and given how confused Harry is about how he feels about James being his dad in the first place, I think his reasoning for deciding to use the name Harry makes a lot of sense. I think it's also very perceptive of Harry to understand that James is going through a lot and why. Your Harry in this story is SO much more emotionally aware than book-Harry, who could be as aware as cardboard. Also A+ on the Sirius puns at the end because I always love those and they will never not be funny :P Also glad he decided not to go with Elvis :P


I love how you're continuing to explore the fallout of what happened with Peter and Remus and how it continues to affect the family even though Harry has what book-Harry always wanted. But it would never have been perfect, even if he'd been raised by his parents, and I think you do well showing that here - everything's still so complicated. I'm interested to see how you get the marauders back together because this beautiful friendship is so broken and you can't leave it that way! :P


Great chapter! I'm really enjoying this story so far and happy to see that there are more chapters waiting for me!! Love you, and snowball hug!!

Author's Response:

KRISTIN!!! <3 <3 <3

Harry and Dorea have the best sibling relationship, and that's all! ;)

That's typical Remus, completely withdrawing from everyone... of course he's more angry to himself, even if he pretends otherwise... and yes, it's all a real mess and very sad... :(

Ah, James will tell her eventually... when it'll be too late for her to do anything about it... :P no, not a very nice behaviour, but that's James Potter, he will do what he wants, no matter what! But yes, Harry has the cloak! And a proper birthday with proper gifts and a proper party! :D

I do think his mixed feelings towards James would prompt him to choose the name Harry in the end. He is much more emotionally aware than book Harry, I agree... but also, he had completely different experiences, so that makes sense, I think? Ah, I'm glad you're not tired of my Sirius puns because I'm never going to stop using them... :P And yes, wise of Harry not to use Elvis as his official name! :P

Things are so complicated at the moment... and yes, no family is perfect (even if this is still much better than the Dursleys, isn't it?) Remus and James will reconcile, eventually... it'll just take some time...

Thank you so much for the lovely review! Love you! <3 <3 <3


Name: VaguelyCreativeName (Signed) · Date: 30 Nov 2019 12:40 AM · For: The woes of Monday morning

Hello Chiara, I’m here with a very last-minute review for our November swap!


I feel so sorry for Neville in the opening scene – his grandmother is so overbearing, and the way she speaks to him is so awful, full of off-hand comments about she doesn’t think he’s good enough. But I thought this insight into Neville’s character was really interesting, since your version is quite different from what we see in the books, and it’s very easy to understand why he seems so much more distanced – even with all the fame in the world, Neville is still being told he’s inadequate, and when you add the pressure of being recognised wherever he goes, it makes a lot of sense that he should be more wary of others, and not especially inclined to trust blindly. At the same time, we can see that underneath the shell, Neville is still a thoroughly decent person, since, really, he would prefer to stick up for Dobby, which was very heart-warming!


And uughh, every time you write about Remus I invariably get sad – that was probably the worst time for him to run into James, when the latter is already annoyed about Harry, and Peter, and the Dursleys (introducing them into the Potters’ already chaotic family life is going to be super interesting to read about, I think). Of course, it absolutely makes sense for James to be angry with Remus – breaking his trust like he did is going to be very difficult to forgive if he ever manages it, but it hurts to see their friendship shattered like that. Especially the fact that James calls him ‘Mr. Lupin’, as though they never were friends in the first place is so painful to read.


I’m really excited to see what happens next! Before reading this chapter, I couldn’t wait for the gang to get back to Hogwarts, but with the Dursleys around the corner and the investigation into Dobby’s schemes, I think I can wait a little longer! (And, of course, I’m still clinging onto the hope that everyone will be friends again, even if there’s little chance of that actually happening)

Much Love,


Author's Response:

Julia!!! Hello, my dear!!! And sorry if I'm so late with this review...

(Btw, I'm so excited that we are paired up for this months' swap as well... I'm planning on showering your AP with lots of love... hopefully I won't leave it to the last minute as usual... :/)

Augusta is very strict and demanding with Neville... and a bit overbearing, too, yes... I do think she loves him, but she should definitely be a bit more encouraging... and yes, poor Neville does feel quite a lot of additional pressure, being the Boy-Who-Lived... he does have a good heart, though! <3

I know... I'm so sad about Remus too... :( he does deserve James' anger in a way, but also it's sad to see their friendship so shattered... and yes, that was the worst time to run into James, since he's already in such a bad mood... I promise things will get better, but it will require time, of course... :(

Not much longer before the gang goes back to Hogwarts ;) But yes, there's a lot going on already! I'm so glad you are excited! Thank you so much for the wonderful review!!! <3

Snowball hug,


Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 04 Nov 2019 12:19 AM · For: A real family



Oh, I loved this chapter. I think that as this story progresses, I just love it more and more! The way you focused on the family relationship of the Potters in this chapter was just absolutely brilliant and wonderfully complex, as usual. From the beginning, when James wakes up exuberant and happy (I loved how the kids reacted when he kissed Lily omg), but then deflated a little bit when he thought of Harry needing Sirius and Emmeline’s support…that was incredible. Like, of course it makes sense that James would feel that way, but I still want to smack some sense into him, BUT ALSO HE TRIED HIS BEST TO HIDE IT. AHH.


The dinner! I noticed that little reference to Remus being Italian here! :P I love it! It reminds me of your wonderful Fried artichokes and old songs story. And the way that the dinner went by smoothly, and everyone was laughing! My heart felt so happy, you have no idea. My absolute favorite part of this chapter was when Harry pretended that he had scored poorly on his exams, in order to scare his parents. At first, my heart like dropped to the pit of my stomach, and I was so worried about how Lily and James were going to handle the situation! But then it turns out he was kidding the entire time, that ridiculous child. “You are as bad as your father!” indeed hahaha.


Sirius continuing to call Harry “Elvis,” after Elvendork I presume, is THE CUTEST THING. It’s like you wrote this chapter specifically so I would melt into a puddle of warm fuzzy goo.


The part where they visited Petunia was so well done. I mean, I had these ridiculous expectations that the two families would magically get along, and that Harry would get a loving cousin relationship with Dudley, but of course it wouldn’t work out that way. It’s been too long since Lily and Petunia have gotten along, and not long enough since their reconciliation, and things can’t change so quickly overnight. Also, of course, Dudley surely must still have been spoiled, and Vernon is still a bigoted butthead, so there will always be those problems to overcome. :(


I kinda thought it was sweet how Harry seemed to be trying to make his dad’s job sound really cool in front of Vernon hahaha. Even though James didn’t appreciate it so much, I think that Harry really does admire James a lot, and seeing that was really nice. Though of course Vernon immediately tries to turn it back to his job, talking about whatever boring deals he made for his company. :P


James and Lily!! Ugh it was so wonderful seeing the two of them getting along. <3 “I was just thinking... I know we haven't decided yet, but... we could still go upstairs and start getting some practise?” James omg. That’s hilarious I love it.


This was such an incredible chapter, Chiara. You did a really amazing job with this one! You should be so proud!




Author's Response:

EVA!!! <3 <3 <3

Ah, I'm so, so glad you are enjoying the story so far! <3 And I'm so glad you liked the Potter family's dynamics in this chapter! (I wouldn't be too hard on James, honestly... it is a lot to go through for him...)

Ahahah! There will be more references to Remus'... Italianity? Italianness? Are those even words? Anyway, I'm just a little bit partial to my country, in case that wasn't obvious... and I love my headcanon of a half-Italian Remus a bit too much... :P

I am very glad that dinner went smoothly! :D And yes, Harry is such a... Marauder? ;) I had a lot of fun writing him pretending that he scored poorly in the exams... :P I think James and Lily would've handled it well enough, anyway! ;)

I love the Elvis thing! I love that Harry and Sirius can connect in this way, they never really got the chance in canon, did they? :(

I'm so glad the Dursleys bit seemed to work as well! It was a really difficult section to write, honestly... and yes, I doubt they could've magically got along... but at least they are trying? Maybe with time? (I hate Vernon with a passion, in case that wasn't clear... and yes, Dudley is still terribly spoiled...)

Harry does admire James a lot (even if he won't admit it under torture... :P) And I would do anything to deflate Vernon's ego a bit as well, so I can't blame him... it didn't work too well, anyway... :/

I love James and Lily together! Like, a lot! Maybe they are not always perfect, but they do love each other deeply! And, well... James is uncorregible, but that's how I love him! :P


Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 27 Oct 2019 06:04 PM · For: The woes of Monday morning

Chiara!! I adored this chapter!


You do such a remarkable job of writing so many different threads and storylines; like in this chapter alone, you mention/discuss at least three! First we have Neville’s whole Dobby situation (I love that he’s the one suffering through Dobby’s well-intentioned but poorly executed antics now hahaha, I love this story so much), and then James talks about Harry’s feelings of loneliness and his intentions to see Peter again, and then there’s the whole Remus thread. That last one made me really sad. :(


I love how you wrote the reaction to Dobby appearing at the Longbottoms’s house. Of course it would be different from when it happened to Harry! With Augusta being a Pureblood, she would surely know the ins and outs of the magical world and would want to report it immediately to the Ministry hahaha, while Harry never had that luxury. Honestly, one of my favorite things about this story is comparing it to the original novels and figuring out why different things happened the way they did. So, I loved all of this part. Neville being especially embarrassed about his grandmother’s very blunt, self-convinced manner of speaking was really cute. I feel like we’ve all had those moments with our parents, when they’re saying something that we totally disagree with but we just have to grin and bear it. :P


One thing that struck me in particular about this chapter was the theme of Pureblood privilege. I thought it was really wonderful, the way you did it—I loved especially when Neville noticed the “adoring expression of the house elf statue” and realized that he couldn’t imagine Dobby with that kind of expression of complete and utter abandon on his face. It’s really interesting, and you can draw parallels to other oppressive systems in the real world, how the wizards depict house elves as being incredibly happy when it is certainly not true for all of them.


And James. Oh, James. It’s so hard because I want to just write him a very stern note or letter telling him that he shouldn’t be furious about Harry looking for Peter! But also, it’s so understandable on two counts: one, that the kidnapper who stole his child managed to earn a longterm love from the child that James has yet to receive, and two, that Harry didn’t feel comfortable asking James directly, and went through an alternative route (Emmeline). I hope that we can see some bonding time between Harry and James sometime! It seems like such a sad thing if, even in the storyline where James survives, Harry and James still don’t get close! Please please, will they bond?


Remus breaks my heart. Will you give him a happy ending in this story, Chiara? I just think that if James can survive, then Remus can survive as well. :P Wishful logic, I know, I know. The way that James completely wrote him off at the end was so shocking and almost hurtful to read. AHH.


So many different things happening, and you handle them all so incredibly well! I adore you and this story. <3




Author's Response:

Eva!!! Hello, my love!!! Thank you so much for stopping by!!! <3 <3 <3

I'm glad you liked the different threads moving on... yes, the Remus situation is really sad... :(

The reaction to Dobby would be vastly different in this context, wouldn't it? :P Augusta would want to get to the bottom of it and of course reporting to the Ministry is the way to go :P No, poor Harry never had that luxury... and yes, poor Neville, being so embarrassed by his grandmother's attitude... (I do have a lot of fun writing Augusta Longbottom, in case you were wondering... :P)

The theme of Pureblood privilege is going to be recurrent in this story (at least I think). I'm glad you liked it in this chapter and the way I addressed certain issues, like the treatment of house-elves. <3

It's so frustrating for poor James... I mean, it's only natural that Harry would still have trouble bonding with him and that he would still see Peter as his father, and James should see it, but on the other hand it is so painful for him, not managing to reach out to his son... :/ Things will get better, I promise. But it will require time...

I promise things will get better on the Remus front as well. But that too will require time. I know, this story is just a big load of angst and everyone's a mess... I'm sorry... :/

You are the best, you know it, don't you? Thank you so, so much for the incredible review again! <3

Snowball hug,


Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 10 Aug 2019 12:02 AM · For: More parties and more Potions

Hi Chiara! I'm so glad to be back reading this story again, I've missed it (and you!) Hope you're enjoying your travelling/hufflepuff reunion. <3


Oh wow that scene in the beginning with Remus trying to basically cut off all ties of their friendship, was so hard to read. It makes me so sad to read about very close friendships falling apart because that is one of the worst things a person can go through, in my opinion. Aghhh I just want them to fix it, but how do they do that, after what's just happened? I know it will take time, but I hope you fix it. Pleaseee


The Invisibility Cloak! I'd forgotten Harry didn't have that. It struck me as a little odd that James gave it to Harry whom he hasn't actually known for that long, and doesn't have anything near that kind of value to give to Dorea. So I think it was kind of unfair... but I liked the balance it provided in how Harry sees James, because in this moment Harry can tell that his dad loves him, even though most of the time it's more complicated than that because of everything with Peter.


Omg, Harry having a birthday party is like the best thing I never knew I needed. As far as I remember, he never had any proper birthday parties in the books what with living at the Dursleys' house, so this was beautiful and all his friends were there and adghajkf. So perfect. And Lily is friends with the Weasleys! Of course they are but omg this was so sweet. Also Ginny and Dorea becoming BFF's. Adorable. Though lol I kind of wonder if this is going to have any impact on Ginny's crush on Harry. I can see that crush totally disappearing in this AU, like I imagine Ginny telling Dorea who's like "ew my brother is gross and annoying, you'd be better off with a crush on someone else" XD


I like how you rationalized Harry's deciding to be called Harry instead of Jimmy, and how what ultimately decides for him is the mixed feelings he has about being part of this new family and his relationship with his father. That makes a lot of sense - and I suspect this isn't an issue that's going to be resolved easily. And honestly I'm really glad you chose to portray their relationship in this way. It's not perfect by any means, but that's what makes it realistic. I think canon Harry often projected this idea that if he'd been raised by his parents then everything would have been good, like his vision in the Mirror of Erised was just this happy family, but that's not necessarily how it would have been.


I'd forgotten about the Elvis thing though and that cracked me up. :P


This was such a good chapter and I'm really eager to see where you take this story! It's definitely started to branch of from canon a fair bit by now, so it's all new territory and I'm excited!

Author's Response:

Kristin! Hello, my love! <3

Yes, I know, that scene is so sad... :( Remus is a bit of an idiot... there is a lot that needs fixing, but they are the Marauders, so let's not give up hope! ;)

Yes, the Invisibility Cloak! :P I think it's a kind of firstborn thing? And also, I think James is hoping that the gift will help him bond with Harry a bit more? It is kind of unfair to Dorea, but Harry needs it more, in some way... and yes, it does give some balance to how Harry sees James, too...

Harry deserves a real birthday party! Things with the Potters aren't perfect, but at least they treat him like a child should be treated? I guess it would be hard to do worse than the Dursleys, to be honest... :P I don't know if Lily is friends with the Weasleys, but they will be for sure! And yes, Ginny and Dorea are going to become very close!!! :D Actually I have no idea if and how Harry/Ginny will happen in this universe... I think it will, eventually, but it will definitely happen in different ways and times... but yes, I can totally see Dorea telling her that! Ahahah! :P

Given everything, I wouldn't have wanted to keep the name James either... the relationship between Harry and James is very complicated right now, which I think is natural, but things will get better with time! ;)

I love the Elvis thing! :P And I'm quite sure Sirius won't give up easily... ;)

I'm so glad you are excited! I am too! :D

Thank you so much for the lovely review!!!

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 17 Jul 2019 02:55 PM · For: Exams

The goodbye between Harry and his family was a little awkward, but that’s okay. I hope they didn’t feel hurt by it—I think they might’ve expected too much from the beginning, and so they might be more disappointed with how Harry didn’t immediately accept them.


And Harry finally found out about Neville! Eeeek. I feel so bad for him; it’s not his fault he was kidnapped, like he said, and so for Neville to feel resentful of Harry is a little unfair. Though, perhaps it’s more of that Neville wishes he could trade Harry’s life for his parents…which is terrible and a little scary, but not entirely difficult to understand. THERE ARE SO MANY COMPLICATED THINGS HAPPENING. I’m glad that Harry thought to reach out to Emmeline Vance, about both Peter and Neville, and I really hope he takes her letter into consideration (though I feel like he won’t haha).


I love your Hermione. I just wanted to say that. She’s so caring and thoughtful, and Harry and Ron literally owe like half of their academic career to her haha. She should stand up for herself and not bother doing their homework this year. :P


He was too small for such a vast universe.” Aww, Harry. You poor childdd. I want to hug you and take care of you so badly; he’s still such a baby and he’s gone through so much. Though maybe smothering him with hugs is not the way to go. :P


I really enjoyed reading about him taking the exams! Especially Snape’s hahah. Imagine being grumpy that a student is passing your class, like, that’s some serious pettiness right there. I really enjoyed Harry’s little interlude with Hagrid, where he got a sneak peek to the hippogriffs! You know, I wonder why they’re called hippogriffs. (Oops, that was a dumb thought. I just googled it and “hippo” is the Greek prefix for “horse,” so now I understand haha. Did you know that hippopotamus means “river horse”??)


Anyway. I wonder what Harry’s letter grades for his exams were! Like was it an Acceptable, or Exceedings Expectations, or Outstanding? Or does it work differently when his exams are make-up exams? In any case, I’m proud of him!!


Wonderful chapter! (Though I say that about every chapter hehe.)




Author's Response:

Hi again! :)

Yes, a bit awkward, but Harry will start to accept his new family a bit better soon... once again, time is the key... ;)

It's definitely not Harry's fault. But in Neville's mind it would be. He probably wouldn't want to trade Harry's life for his parents, but the idea that he could've been a normal boy with a normal family if things had gone differently must be really hard to accept... (although we know things wouldn't have been particularly good for him anyway, but he doesn't know that...)

I love Emmeline! I'm very glad Harry thought to reach out to her, too (although, no, I don't think he will actually listen to her... :P)

I really want to hug him, too! My little child! No, that's probably not the way to go... :P

I had a lot of fun writing the exams, especially Snape's :P Ahahah! Well, it's not really surprising that Snape can be that petty, is it? :P And I love hippogriffs! :D (I think I might've known that hippopotamus meant river horse, but I didn't remember... :P)

The Acceptable, Exceeding Expectations, etc grading was only used starting from OWLs year, in the years before the fifth they used other systems, and in book one there's a mention of percentage system, I think? But if I had to make a conversion, I'd say 60-74% is A, 75%-89% is E, 90+% is O? Or something like that? I'm very proud of him, too, anyway! ;)

Thank you!!!

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 17 Jul 2019 02:10 PM · For: Of diaries and stolen letters



Hahaha I forgot how annoying Dobby was in the beginning of the Chamber of Secrets omg. He was cute, but quite the troublemaker, and I remember wanting more than anything for Harry to smack him (which I just thought again, except with Neville instead). I thought it was really cute, actually, how you showed Dobby in his own home, punishing himself by passing iron over his fingers (ouchhh). I guess the part that I thought was cute was when his own mother elf reprimanded him when he was a little elf hahaha. Can you imagine baby Dobby??? That would be the absolute cutest thing in the world.


Neville sounds like he’s been struggling at home, which makes me really, really sad. He’s obviously dealing with a lot of unpleasant emotions this summer, and has been feeling increasingly isolated from his friends (though, in part because he hasn’t opened the diary all summer, Neville you dummy). The diary was such an ingenious method of communication! If only he’d relied on that instead of waiting for his friends’ letters…which were being stolen by Dobby. Though I have a feeling Neville was in part looking for an excuse to be angry at his friends, because of how difficult the revelation was that his parents shouldn’t have died.


It was really funny when Augusta Longbottom came in, and actually saw Dobby. She was baffled by his presence, of course, but I love how the existence of a House Elf didn’t make her bat an eye, unlike the way it would have made the Dursleys completely lose their minds if they had witnessed Dobby in the Chamber of Secrets novel.






Author's Response:

Eva! Hello, my love! <3

Yep, Neville and Dobby! ;)

I suppose he was a bit annoying, yeah... :P I'm glad you "liked" the scene when he was punishing himself. And yes, he must've been super cute as a baby elf... <3

Poor Neville, he's having quite a hard time... and yes, most of his isolation is his own doing. "I have a feeling Neville was in part looking for an excuse to be angry at his friends, because of how difficult the revelation was that his parents shouldn't have died." You are not too far from the truth there...

Ahahah! I don't want to imagine how the Dursleys would've reacted if they'd actually seen Dobby... :P I have to confess, I'm enjoying writing Augusta a lot! She's so stern and fierce and stubborn and so much fun as a result. :P I guess poor Neville is not too amused, but I am :P

All the currently strained friendships will be fixed, but it's going to take some time, I'm afraid...

Thank you! <3 <3 <3


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