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Story:The Department of Misfit Employees Chapter: The Media and the Minister

Hi! I’m here for the House Cup Week 5 Review

First, I think this is a brilliant idea. We all know that the Ministry is filled with inept people, but we usually view them as corrupt not bumbling. What a great setting for world building. 

I feel sorry for Auerelia, but at the same time, I bet she is going to find a home at the Department of International Cooperation and maybe straighten them out a bit. You did a nice job with her characterization. Yes, she is a bit despondent about her job but you’ve also shown her determination to be successful and take whatever it requires to get there. 

I actually feel most sorry, Thomas. As department head, he is trying so hard to make his department more serious (and be taken seriously) but he has a long way to go.

I found the time period particularly interesting: setting it in World War II plus Grindelwald’s reign leaves a lot of potential plot developments. 


Great beginning. I look forward to seeing what Auerelia has to deal with in future chapters.

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