Reviews For Fake It Til You Make It

Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 01 Mar 2020 11:18 PM · For: Chapter 15

Hi Rebecca!  Back again!


Ah, I'm loving seeing the way that the tension and chemistry is building between Violet and Jon in this story.  You're doing such a good job of it - I'm still impressed that almost all of this story is happening over the course of one weekend and yet it doesn't feel like you're taking too much time with the chapters.  There's just enough detail and enough happening in each one to keep me satisfied and make me smile over these idiots.


People are really getting on at Violet about her and Jon getting married, aren't they?  I know those sorts of predictions tend to come up at a wedding, but even so, I felt a bit sorry for her and for Jon.  They're clearly acting the part very well, but that's a lot of pressure to put on a couple who, as far as you know, have only been dating for a couple of months.  I mean, if all this talk of marriage doesn't scare him off already then nothing will, but it doesn't seem like her family cared much about scaring him off.


And then of course Violet has to go and catch the bouquet and strengthen everybody's expectations about this happening.


The dance was so intense!  I loved the conversation between them.  Jon was so sweet and genuine and I got the impression that, despite everything that he's been telling her, this was the first time that Violet has really taken him or what he's said about liking her for so long seriously.  Maybe it's just because she can see that he has grown up now, or because she's starting to have feelings for him herself (don't even try and deny it, Violet!) but I really liked the way that you developed their relationship through that dance.  Things are getting very intense between them!


Sian :)

Name: Noelle Zingarella (Signed) · Date: 01 Mar 2020 07:56 PM · For: Chapter 1

Hi! I’m here for CMDC Round 3 :D


Ah, the fake date to the wedding. This is a nice set-up for a fake dating story. We’ve got the pushy bridezilla—although maybe Stella is just nervous and trying to control everything, that remains to be seen—and the pushy mom who are trying to get the single sister in line so that everything will be just so.


I like how you show us a lot about Violet right away. She has a demanding job that puts her in stressful situations regularly, and she has a pushy family. She wants to go her own way—and it seems like she’s set up a lot of her life to let her have her own space—but when push comes to shove with her family she yields to avoid conflict.


I’m glad that she has Aurora there to help support her through these situations—and the end of the chapter with the two of them systematically making a list of their single friends to come up with a fake date made me smile.


Nice work!




Name: Aphoride (Signed) · Date: 29 Feb 2020 11:53 AM · For: Chapter 1

Hey there - dropping by for CMDC! :) 


So I'll be the first person to admit that I'm not a major fan of tropes, but this sounds like such a perfect rom-com (which, again, is not really up my street, haha, if I'm honest) type story - the idea that Violet, out of stubbornness and pride and trying to sort of be unexpected but also make her mum pleased in a way by having the unexpected option, says she has a boyfriend and then has to find one, is such a funny kind of dilemma? Like, two weeks is not that long and finding someone willing to go to a wedding with you - your sister's wedding, no less, because it's not like with a friend where it's just your mates and a whole bunch of people you don't know so it doesn't matter; your family's gonna be at your sister's wedding and that's a bigger thing to wriggle out of afterwards if it doesn't work out :P - is even harder than just, like, a normal date. Poor poor Vi :P 


I love your characters already - all of them. I love mum's harassed, trying-to-keep-the-peace kinda of personality, how Aurora's so invested in helping Vi out and finding a solution - how she's far more invested in this than other issues, haha, aren't we all though? :P - how Vi's really got no one in mind - no crushes, no cute co-workers, no old friends she can take with her. I loved how she works in a maternity ward so she's surrounded by women, rather than men, and the comment about how she's been working nights which doesn't leave much time for dating (which. truth. all my friends who've worked nights or late/super early morning shifts have suffered in dating terms when they've done that). 


You do so well with this though - it's a well-worn trope, but I'm so curious about how it's all going to go down: where/how is Vi going to find a date, what's going to happen in the lead-up to the wedding, how is the wedding going to go (with the date) and what exactly is going to be the outcome afterwards? I'm assuming Vi and whoever she goes to the wedding with will end up together, but how? This story is a real testament to the fact that the journey is almost more important than the ending of a story - and definitely just as interesting :P 


Your writing is so good in this too. I love the little bits of humour, the emotions coming through - Vi's tiredness, her mum's frustration, the tension between Vi and her sister, even though her sister doesn't really appear in it - the details in this (straggler RSVPs, the bell on the cat's collar, etc.). It's so good and it works so well and brings across Vi's character so, so well - she seems so real and so well-rounded as a character, and I love that about her. 


This is a really great start! :) 


Laura xx

Name: TreacleTart (Signed) · Date: 29 Feb 2020 12:54 AM · For: Chapter 1


Hey there!

I'm here to drop off a review for the CDMC - Round 3 event! Congratulations on your nomination for the FROGs!

Oh no! This is the worst. You never tell people you have a date before you've actually got the date. It puts way too much pressure on finding one. And I agree...I wouldn't exactly want to go into great detail about my dating life with my mum either.

Ugh. No!! Why is she backing herself further into this corner. I mean, I understand she wants to not disappoint her mum, but seriously, she's now going to have to find someone to pretend to be her semi-serious boyfriend in less than a few hours.

I had a laugh about the way you characterized her sister and the anxieties leading up to the wedding. I work in catering and have done many a wedding. This is seriously not an exaggeration at all. People get so insane over the most minute little details for their wedding...and then half of the time the day of they don't even notice it. I don't think there being an empty seat at a table is big deal...and as a caterer if there was an empty seat and it bothered the bride, we'd just remove the seat and setting and spread the other chairs out so it looked intentional. No one is seriously sitting around counting chairs, so problem solved. (I get that for the premise of the story though, there has to be some reason for Violet to find a fake date).

I love that Aurora is so invested in finding her a date. That's a true friend right there. I wonder who she's got hidden in her phone contacts list.

Anyway, this was a good start to your story. I am curious to see who Violet ends up with and what shenanigans and hijinks follow. I imagine it won't be as straightforward as simply going to the wedding and then parting ways amicably afterwards.

Good job!



Name: VaguelyCreativeName (Signed) · Date: 28 Feb 2020 06:55 PM · For: Chapter 1

Hey there, I’m here for the CDMC Event!


This was a really fun first chapter! I love how threw us right into the thick of it, and only revealed what was going on bit by bit! I could emphasise with Violet right from the start; there are certainly times when I’ve put off answering my phone or replying for as long as possible – especially when the person I’m trying to avoid is a parent. And I’m really intrigued by the relationship between Violet and her family – there seems to be some tension with both her sister and her mother, so I’m eager to find out what that’s about!

And I do feel a bit sorry for Violet, the way she talks about her mother’s voicemail and the “tone that said you had disappointed her” make it very obvious that she’s been on the receiving end of that tone more often than she cares to count, and makes me feel like there are other aspects of Violet’s life beside her (lack of a) dating life that her mother disapproves of. It seems like her mother is a bit overbearing, and Vi is trying her hardest both to keep her at bay, but also to prove her mother wrong, and demonstrate that she is, in fact, not a disappointment.

And the comment about how Violet and Stella aren’t as close as they used to be is also super intriguing! I can’t really place why, but it feels like there’s more to that story than the sisters simply growing apart as they grew up, so I’m really looking forward to digging into that relationship as well!

This was a really great start to the story, I already have so many questions, and I’m super excited to see how Violet’s and Aurora’s plan is going to unfold, and who they’ll find as a fake-date for Vi!



Much Love,


Name: pookha (Signed) · Date: 28 Feb 2020 01:28 AM · For: Chapter 1


Ah, good old fake dating turns to real thing. A great romantic comedy/drama trope to play with. Violet looks to be someone who's really trying to be on her own and seems pretty independent. The talk of not having been on a date in 3 months also to me at least, implies that she is busy (likely with work). This chapter packs a lot into a small space.  It sets up the wedding, the at least slightly domineering mother, the sister (Stella!) who wants things just so. BTW, wedding books and magazines are poison to the mind (imo). I also like that mom is disappointed that there doesn't seem to be anyone.


All the little things and character traits you drop give us a good idea where this is heading, but because it's fun, that makes it okay to be led there.  Aurora adds a lot to this in just the few lines she has. She's the good friend who is willing to help out. I think she also has ulterior motives in setting Vi up some, but time will tell.


Hopefully, Stella doesn't turn into more of a bridezilla (although that may be funny, too!). 


Name: potionspartner (Signed) · Date: 27 Feb 2020 05:35 PM · For: Chapter 9

Hi, I’m here for the CMDC, round #3

I love how you had them know each other before, so this isn’t a strangers to lovers in a weekend type story (roll my eyes.) They also seemed to have done their homework and staying “under the radar” at least for now. . 

Jon is just a really, great guy. He honestly sounds like a dream come true, but of course we all know that he is still holding a torch for her. Their banter back and forth is amusing, particularly in the hotel room. Between the weight of her suitcases and the contouring of her face, they seem very comfortable with each other, almost like they are an old married couple. I wonder if Violet realizes how much she is already acting like she is in a relationship. 

Stella’s characterization of over the top (really scheduling a time to steam iron a dress.) She is the epitome of Bridzilla and I predict that she will roar even louder by the end of the story. Obviously her relationship with her sister is strained, but Violet seems to be handling it well. I’m shocked she got away with making her sister a bridesmaid who isn’t really a bridesmaid. I wonder how much mom has intervened on Violet’s behalf for this wedding?


Nice job. I look foward to the rest of the story. 

Name: RonsGirlFriday (Signed) · Date: 27 Feb 2020 07:25 AM · For: Chapter 1

Hi Rebecca! Here for CMDC Round 3!

This chapter is a good start to this story. The premise reminds me for some reason of the movie The Wedding Date, which I love. I’ll always love a good romantic trope.

I like the insight we’re beginning to get into Violet’s career and how it impacts her social life and (lack of) romantic life. Her sister’s obsession with her needing a date is her sister literally insisting she bring a date, or is it more that Violet wants someone there with her in case the wedding is unbearable and just wishes she could bring her friend/roommate?

The familiar voice on the phone said, “Violet, it’s,” the sure-fire pause as she checked the clock, “seven twenty-three in the morning. We need to discuss your date. We need to send the names to the calligrapher by tomorrow morning at the absolute latest to get them done in time. You promised you’d have a name by now.” Ah, there it was. The annoyed mother tone. The tone that said that you had disappointed her and that she just couldn’t see why you were struggling to get such a simple thing done. “We got all the rest of them from the straggler RSVPs last night. Please call.”

^If that isn’t a perfect representation of a stereotypical mom message, I don’t know what is! I love the attention paid to describing Mom’s tone of voice (“couldn’t see why you were struggling to get such a simple thing done,” haha) and the pause as she checks the exact time. It’s funny because I absolutely catch myself doing that when I leave messages at work. But it seems more ominous when it’s mom calling daughter, because why do we need to know it’s exactly 7:23, Mom??

The dialogue between Violet and Aurora read very naturally, and for some reason I found Aurora’s question “How exactly did you imply that?” to be very funny. Probably because it’s strongly evocative of the way you talk to one of your friends when you know they’re being a doofus.

Looking forward to see who the lucky dude is who gets roped into this.



Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 04 Feb 2020 07:48 PM · For: Chapter 14

Okay, so things are definitely starting to get more serious now - first with Hannah pointing out to Violet that half their family think her and Jon will be the next ones to get married, and then with the fact that there's a photo of them on social media, so almost everybody they know has seen it and now thinks they're both dating.  I think that this fake-dating is going to have much bigger consequences than they were both anticipating, but even so - I don't think it's necessarily going to be a bad thing?  They're both dealing with it quite well in this chapter, but I think if it were a serious problem for either of them - or at least, that neither of them had feelings for the other - they'd be more concerned.  Weddings can be a bubble from the outside world, but maybe not quite as much as to protect them from that.  It's a very clear sign that they like each other.


Even though Hannah was the one to post the photos online, I have to say that I love her character.  The dynamic between her and Violet is just so fun to read - you can really tell that the two of them have been close growing up, and that they've got a lot of stories and memories that they share.  The way that they tease each other is so much fun to read, and it was great to see the two of them going off to dance.  That dance that Hannah, Jacob and Violet made up when they were kids had to be one of the best parts of this chapter, though - I remember doing the same when I was little, but I'm not sure I could remember the routines now!


And Jon and Violet DEFINITELY like each other.  That slow dance scene was written so well, with the nervousness around each other and the way that Violet subtly wanted to check that Jon was feeling the same way she did.  I don't know how much longer she's going to try and deny that there's anything there, because it is clearly a lie, Violet!


Sian :)

Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 04 Feb 2020 07:38 PM · For: Chapter 13

Hi again!


This was such an interesting chapter - I really loved the way that you managed to take us on a real journey through this chapter with Violet's moods, like we were riding the wave with her.  It was so effective after the opening of the chapter, which was so light and fluffy and fun, and then Violet starting to realise at the end of the chapter what she's actually got herself into.


Ah, I loved the touch of Stella and Chris using the engraved cake knife that Violet had bought them at their wedding shower!  That's such a sweet touch, particularly when you contrast that with the comment that Violet makes watching the first dance, and the way that you can tell she feels distant from her sister, not like a close relative.  That's quite a sad feeling to capture, but I thought the inclusion of the cake knife on their big day felt like a nod from Stella - that even if things haven't been great between them and they don't understand each other that well, the sisters love each other and they want to be closer in the future.


Then we went from sentimentality about Chris and Stella to quite a deep talk about Violet and Jon.  I wasn't expecting Hannah to go in so hard there - and I don't think Violet was, either.  Hannah wasn't wrong, either.  It's not always easy when you're watching friends and relatives grow up and get married and the relationships change, but I think she was right in her assessment of how Jon looks at Violet.  It's so obvious that he's head over heels for her - I feel quite bad for him, because it seems like Violet's only ever considered it as a crush, not much more.  It's also hitting her in this chapter how much their acting - and the intensity of it - could impact her family, with the way people are thinking about the two of them as a couple.  It'll be interesting to see if that changes in the next few chapters.


But she still couldn't help smiling at Jon at the end of this <3


Sian :)

Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 04 Feb 2020 07:27 PM · For: Chapter 12

Hi!  Back again!


Can we just talk about how brilliant Violet's family are?  They are - I love them.  I know that Violet and Stella certainly have a fraught relationship, but the rest of her relatives seem brilliant, if sometimes embarrassing.  (But after all, what are relatives for, if not to embarrass you - especially at a wedding, in front of the guy you're "dating" and introducing to everyone for the first time?  That's what family's all about.)  Hannah and Jacob are brilliant, and I loved the banter between that group at the start of this chapter, and the easy way that Jon is slotting in with Violet's family.  And Aunt Linda, making awkwardly embarrassing assumptions.  But my favourite has to be their Gran doing shots of Baileys with them at the wedding - honestly, she might be my new favourite character.


Something else I've noticed when I've been reading this story is what a great job you do of capturing each of the characters' individual voices.  Obviously this is narrated by Violet, and Jon's had a fair bit of screen time so far, but even characters like Hannah and Jacob who we haven't seen much of yet clearly have their own voices and personalities, and you're doing a great job of managing the cast of characters who pop up at a wedding.


All of the interactions between Jon and Violet in this chapter were so cute!  I love how Violet still thinks she doesn't have any feelings for him and everyone else around them is assuming they're going to be the next couple to get married, because the couple have so much chemistry.  I'm kind of with Violet on the little things like assuming what she'd drink, but then again, Jon's playing his part pretty well and getting things right - she honestly couldn't have picked a better fake boyfriend for the weekend, could she?  And him trying to convince her that he doesn't date a lot was so cute - Violet, he's trying to tell you that he fancies you and that's why he doesn't date much, but you're just being obtuse about it :P


I'm very much looking forward to seeing how this wedding progresses now the shots have started!


Sian :)

Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 24 Jan 2020 10:02 PM · For: Chapter 11



Ah, I thought you captured the excitement and anticipation of waiting for a wedding to begin so perfectly in this chapter! Even though the beginning opened with Violet's discomfort on the chairs (a really nice detail that served as a reminder that not everything about weddings is as perfect as it's made out to be) and Jon's behind, it was a great note of humour that melted away appropriately for the rest of the chapter.


This was so special. I feel like weddings are really hard to write without them becoming hackneyed and stereotypical,but I loved your description here. Even though Stella, predictably, arrived right on time for the wedding, I think the stand out here was how emotional she was,even though she was far better than Chris at hiding it. The exchanging of the vows and the rings, the tremor in their voices as they spoke after the celebrant, the love - you captured it all so brilliantly. At the end of the day, as much of a nightmare as Stella might have been over this wedding, it's all about two people who are in love with each other celebrating that love in front of their families and friends and making that commitment to each other.


I think my favourite part about this chapter had to be the surprise that seemed to colour Violet's thoughts as we viewed the wedding from her perspective - as much as she wishes for a closer relationship with her sister, I think she surprised herself with how emotional she felt at seeing Stella get married.


And of course Jon at the end, wanting to hold onto her hand even though she was pulling it away - a wedding really is the perfect setting for a fake dating story, with all that love in the air, isn't it?


I'm so intrigued to see how things develop through the rest of the day!


Sian :)

Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 24 Jan 2020 09:08 PM · For: Chapter 10

Hi again!

 Ah, I love how you're taking your time with these two and building up their relationship. Even though this story is taking place over the wedding weekend, which is actually a pretty short time, the interaction that we get to see between Violet and Jon helps to build it up and make it feel like they've spent much more time together. It also means we get these lovely glimpses of an old friendship resurfacing, which makes it much easier for the two of them to be so relaxed and happy around each other.  

The sheer amount of photos sounds like my idea of a nightmare, and I'm impressed with Jon for waiting so patiently through it all. The conversation between him and Violet while they were waiting for the bridesmaids to be finished was so sweet, and I felt like it gave us an insight into his character. He teases about the fact she could have him as a rich boyfriend, but he doesn't assume anything, even though he clearly still likes her, and I really appreciate that.  

Can we talk about how adorable the two of them must have been together for the photographer to turn and take that photo? I think by the end of the day, Violet is going to be the only one who doesn't see she fancies Jon, but I'm hoping I'll be wrong there... 

 Her aunty sounds awesome.  

And that moment from Stella! I'm glad their relationship is thawing a bit, even if it's just for the day. 

The ending was so sweet. I'm getting a lot of feels from these two already - the fact that Jon already knows her well enough to make her feel comfortable in an awkward and difficult situation is just adorable! 

 Sian :)    

Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 24 Jan 2020 08:49 PM · For: Chapter 9

Hi! It's been too long since I got chance to read this story and I'm glad to get back to Jon and Violet <3


Violet's relationship with her sister is so interesting to read about. There are hints that keep coming through that suggest Stella wants a warmer relationship as well as Violet, but reading their interactions through these chapters, it just seems like habit has maybe become too ingrained for Stella to break out of it? I'm glad there weren't any problems with Violet heading off for a while, though - I'm hoping the peace holds throughout the wedding, at the very least!


Jon is so sweet! I know this relationship is fake (for now, at least), but he's really making a lot of effort with her family which is so nice to see. He seems like the sort of guy who would put the effort in even with friends and their families (which I guess is *technically* what he's doing at the moment. Hmm.) but the fact that he enjoyed himself with Violet's dad is a good sign, for sure.


Am I reading too much into this already? Definitely not. :P


I'll be honest - as I'm the sort of person who has no idea how contouring works, getting ready scenes don't usually hold that much interest for me, but I enjoyed this one! I liked the way that you used into to build up the attraction and tension between Violet and Jon. I'm really looking forward to seeing how that attraction develops through this weekend!


Sian :)

Name: down-in-flames (Signed) · Date: 31 Dec 2019 02:48 PM · For: Epilogue

hi rebecca! so, confession: i actually binge-read this whole story a few months ago, but i’m terrible at leaving reviews as i read. all that to say, i figured i should stop by and drop you a little review on this last chapter.


i love this story, like, so much. it’s all my favorite tropes rolled into one - friends to lovers, mutual pining, childhood friends, and most importantly, FAKE DATING. also, i think we may have talked about this before (was this your nano project last year when we were penpals?) but i love that you could more or less replace violet and jon with lily and james and it would practically by a lily AU. you get all the bonus points for that.


i love seeing how jon changes in violet’s eyes throughout the story - first, he’s this boy that was annoying in school, but was more or less a guaranteed yes to this wedding, but as the story goes on, she realizes just how much he’s grown up since school, becoming someone she actually really likes and starts falling for. it’s the best progression, and it’s so funny that all of violet’s family members start seeing their compatibility before either of them do!


and the almost kiss on the dance floor!! the fact that they end up plastered on social media and everyone immediately loses their shit over it!! the kiss once they’re back in their hotel room and everything’s DEFINITELY not fake anymore!! it’s all so perfect. the social media thing is honestly my favorite part, because nothing ever stays a secret these days - of COURSE a picture of them would get plastered all over facebook. no one can do anything in isolation anymore - thank you internet!!


and then this epilogue, which is just *internally screams*  !!! it’s such a perfect way to close out a fic about fake dating at a wedding, because now they’re actually getting married themselves. it’s just… such a fluffy ending and this whole story made me so happy.


thank you for writing it!! <3



Name: dreamshadow (Signed) · Date: 01 Dec 2019 10:06 PM · For: Chapter 15

Hey there! I'm here to review entries for the challenge I hosted back in October; sorry for the wait!


I was a little unsure of how I was going to feel about an isolated chapter in a longer piece, but your writing was so easy to follow that I had no problem picking it up. You did a great job of adding details so I had a vague idea of where the plot was without feeling the need to go back and look something up. And I've gotta say, I do love the "I need a quick date for my [insert sibling here]'s wedding" trope, and you're doing a wonderful job with it.  Really, I'm kinda hooked and want to go back and read more of this story to find out how Jon and Violet got to be here.


You did such a great job with the tension between Jon and Violet.  I really felt it while they were dancing together; I loved the small details you used, the little touches, Violet's clearly conflicting feelings. I love that they knew each other before this and that they had crushes on each other then.  Their chemistry stood out to me the most, but your writing and descriptions were just as beautiful. Weddings and large group scenes are hard to write, but you did great with focusing on the boquet toss and the garter toss. I was also able to get a hint of Violet's personality in just this one chapter, which is always and added bonus.


Great job with this chapter! And thank you so much for entering the challenge, I really enjoyed getting a chance to read this. 

Name: MadiMalfoy (Signed) · Date: 24 Oct 2019 03:51 AM · For: Chapter 1

Hey there! :) 


So first of all I want to congratulate you on sharing your OF on the archives AND doing it while you’re in the process of editing! It’s a huge thing so I just wanted to give you a shoutout for doing that. :) I love your MC Violet as a night shift maternity ward so much! This might be primarily because my sister is also in the same area (she’s post-labor though) so it’s so neat to see a career like this in fiction that is actually true to my real life. What are the odds!!! Having to bite back her usual snark & stubbornness when it comes to having a date for her sister’s wedding is something I can totally empathize with. Dropping herself into a hole with now /having/ to find a date? CLASSIC! There’s definitely something to be said though about her sister refusing to let Violet just bring her roommate Aurora as her plus one -- #heteronormativity, amirite? It’s a bit ludicrous and petty of her sister in my opinion, but I hope we get to see more of Stella’s character later on as the time to the wedding approaches. Aurora is a true best friend with helping Violet find a good, not weird or gross guy to be her plus one to Stella’s wedding. And we have a kitty, too! I can tell you’ve really got this setting and world pictured perfectly in your mind, and that translates well to this opening chapter. You’re taking a classic fanfic trope and turning it on its head in this OF novel, and I look forward to reading more of this! Great job! :) 



Name: grumpy cat (Signed) · Date: 15 Sep 2019 09:23 PM · For: Chapter 1

hey, i'm here for the hc opener ^_^

i love a good fake dating fic, and especially a friends-to-lovers fic so this is definitely right up my alley!

honestly, both vi's sister and her mother sound way too much for my taste. i'd honestly be a lot more rude to someone who wants to badger me in the morning right after a night shift at a hospital. weddings in general have this weird tendency to turn even the most normal people into, well, not normal people. i like her dad's way of dealing with her sister - it doesn't seem like anything else would work, but omg i can't even imagine her mother listening and paying attention to every little thing because it sounds like a lot, at least judging how stella reacted when she first started looking at all the planning stuff for weddings.

vi's predicament is definitely funny and i love how she first tries to wiggle her way out of things, then when her mother really gets what's going on, she backtracks and can't bring herself to admit defeat. i like that, especially since it means we get to see who she presents as her half-serious boyfriend soon :D i also liked how she was able to think fairly quickly and lie to her mother.

also, i think it's definitely understandable as to why she hasn't been able to date (and's not like a person has to date) and i would've loved for her family to be a little more understanding of the fact (hopefully, it's a matter of vi not really talking to them about it and not them just ignoring her life).

looking forward to reading the next chapter!


Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 08 Sep 2019 05:36 PM · For: Chapter 8

Hi!  Finally catching up with this story again for the HC opener!


There wasn't even that much interaction between Violet and Jon in this chapter but I'm really excited about shipping them already, which is the hallmark of a great romance story.  There's lots of little hints that you're dropping in here and there and it's so cute to read - I'm really looking forward to seeing more of them!


Violet's efforts to try and get ready without waking Jon up were really sweet, even if she wasn't entirely successful.  I feel her pain, though - even without being a bridesmaid, why do women have to take so much longer than men to get ready?  It's not fair, and I don't blame her for being glad that she wasn't a bridesmaid, to be honest.  We don't know Stella that well so far but the relationship between them is obviously strained and I can't imagine that it would have been made any easier with all the bridesmaid things.


Jon being invited to eat with Violet's dad and Chris and the others is really nice of them.  I know that he's obviously there as quite a close connection (by virtue of being the sister of the bride's boyfriend, at least as far as everyone is concerned) but he really is making a lot of effort and it sounds like he's getting on well with her family so far, too, which bodes well for the budding romance between them!


(I'm convinced if I believe in it enough then it's going to have to happen.)


It was really interesting seeing Stella getting ready with the bridesmaids.  I know that Violet and Stella don't have the best relationship, but I kind of feel like Violet should be putting in a bit more effort to be excited for her sister and do what she wants on her big day, rather than hoping she can sneak off and join Jon?  It's not like Stella's been nasty or anything today, and I think it was pretty clear that she wanted her sister around, even if she didn't say it in as many words.  It was also really great to see Stella with her friends, and the different side of her personality that comes out with them.  I felt like it gave Violet a different perspective onto the person her sister is, as well.


Even though I don't think she should have been trying to sneak off to meet Jon (especially since they're not actually together), it's so cute that she wants to spend more time on him.  Violet might be telling herself that she's only checking in because she got him into this situation in the first place, but that's blatantly not true - even when she's not trying to act, her mum is reading her behaviour as someone who has feelings for Jon, which tells me that there's something there below the surface, even if Violet's not quite realised it yet.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of them together!


Sian :)

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 16 Aug 2019 08:40 PM · For: Chapter 10

AHHHH. The amount of accidental (or perhaps somewhat purposeful, on Jon’s part) touching in this chapter basically made my life. I’m a huge fan of hand-brushes, and shoulder-touches, and hair-strand-fixing, and clothes-adjusting, and this chapter had all of this! I really want to just stuff them into a closet somewhere, so that they’ll be forced to expose their vulnerabilities to one another and realize that they both really love each other. (Or, on Violet’s part, at least.) Wow I really can’t wait for them to learn more about each other’s personalities and personal troubles, that would just make every interaction between the two of them so much more meaningful.


I need Violet to see those pictures that the photographer took of the two of them. (More like I need to see them haha, so that I can see Violet’s reaction looking at them—her moment with Jon meant something, and must’ve left a lingering expression of some sort of desire/longing on her face. Right? Right?? Sorry, I’m just eagerly awaiting further sweetness and romanticness haha.)


I can’t believe Jon just straight up asked her to go to vacation with him to Europe. That definitely has to be a part of his appeal to Violet, right? Like so many romantic stories focus on men who have a lot of money, but that’s because money does make you more attractive, especially when you’re able to provide really grand gifts. :P I feel like if some person asked me to go to Europe with them, I’m like much more likely to suddenly develop an interest in that person, as terrible as it sounds haha. So I do understand Violet here. Unless she’s 100% focused on his personality, which is okay too! I want to know what she’s starting to find attractive about him though. :D


THE WAY JON MADE HER SMILE AT THE END AHHH. I am so excited to keep reading this story omg. <3



Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 05 Aug 2019 02:46 PM · For: Chapter 9

HI <3


I’m really starting to love this complicated relationship between Stella and Violet, more than ever, and I really want to see more of them! Like, even more than last chapter, I wonder if Violet has been unnecessarily vilifying her sister—obviously Stella does have some high-stress, somewhat perfectionist and overbearing tendencies, but I wonder if Violet’s intolerance for this is due more to her insecurities around Stella? I hadn’t realized that Violet thought she “couldn’t live up to Stella and her cool, older friends”; I actually thought that Stella was more insecure than Violet, which was why she always was mentioning her wedding.


Like, why is Stella so calm right now if she’s been panicking about the wedding since it became a fully fledged concept?? I AM VERY INTRIGUED. I wonder if there are some underlying problems between Stella and Chris that she hasn’t told anyone about for fear of being embarrassed. There are some details here and there that make me wonder—for instance, the fact that Chris is so much looser (and louder and shameless, apparently) around his own family/friends than with Stella’s. It makes me wonder whether he’s as restrained when he’s alone with Stella, because if he is, then he might be pretending to be a certain character that he’s not really, which isn’t good for either of them. I DON’T KNOW. Am I spouting conspiracy theories? Quite possibly.


I wish we could’ve seen what Jon said that put Violet in stitches!!! I live for these kinds of bonding experiences hahaha. I’m also really curious still about the deeper workings of their personalities; so far, these two still seem pretty restrained around one another, like they’re a little concerned about properly letting loose. But I wonder what they’re like when they’re not at all worried about being judged by the other! Like, will Jon continue saying stupid things? I’m sure he’s grown out of some of it, but being shameless seems to be a timeless character trait. :P Will Violet start showing what she’s like around people she’s closer to? I’M EXCITED.


(I know it’s still early haha, I’m just getting ahead of myself oops.)


Jon’s teasing about her putting makeup on was really cute! I really liked that bit. And when Violet put on her dress and came out and the two were seriously checking one another out?? I was just absolutely delighted. THEY ARE SO ATTRACTED TO EACH OTHER AND VIOLET KNOWS IT.


So excited for the next chapter!



Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 27 Jul 2019 02:31 AM · For: Chapter 8

Oh my goodness hahaha Violet’s the kind of person who hogs the bed?? That’s adorable. At least, from my perspective it is; I wonder how Jon felt about it. I feel like he must be a fairly heavy sleeper, though, since he fell asleep so easily the previous night? You know, I have a theory that bed hogs are good cuddlers. It makes sense, right? They want to be in the middle, so if someone else is there, they might as well just cuddle while sleeping haha. And I thought it was really sweet how Violet tried her very best to get ready without waking Jon up; it’s one of those really quietly domestic things that a lot of couples do, I think, and I thought it was super cute. And the fact that he woke up anyway (and seems to be getting along really really well with her father and future brother-in-law) was also adorable!!


I can’t wait for Violet and Jon to cuddle hahaha, I feel like that would be really entertaining. If they are cuddlers, I mean. More than anything, I want to learn more about both of them, about what they both really love, what makes them laugh harder than anything else, what pushes their buttons, what the secrets of their personality are like!


Stella is such an interesting character omg. I’ve never really considered the possibility that she’s different around her friends, but that really makes sense; everyone brings out different parts of you, and so of course she would be different around her friends than with Violet. The awkwardness of the sister relationship makes me a little sad, and I wish that they didn’t have these problems, but I’m a lot more hopeful from this chapter than I was before that this could be fixed! It doesn’t seem like Stella’s necessarily a malicious person, maybe just that she’s felt inadequate/embarrassed next to Violet and feels far more comfortable towards her friends.


I’m really glad that Violet got to see this side of Stella! I wonder if she’ll continue thinking kinder things. I mean, the way that Stella asked if Violet was gonna go out to lunch—I bet that she wanted Violet to stay. Maybe she wanted to use the wedding as an opportunity to make amends?? I HOPE SO. <3


The fact that Violet felt slightly lonely around Stella’s friends and wanted someone she could talk to (Jon) was a little sad but sweet at the same time. I hope she can make some new friends at the wedding (either with Stella herself or with some of Stella’s friends) so that she won’t have to be reliant on Jon’s presence to make her feel less lonely! Also, I LOVED HIS TEXT. He ended with “xo” in a private conversation omg. That definitely means something. AND SHE KNOWS IT.


The slowburn-iness of this is driving me insaneeee, I should really make myself wait before reading chapters so I at least have like four or five to read at a time, but I can’t help myself hahaha. It’s such a sweet little story, I’m enjoying it so so much!! <33



Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 27 Jul 2019 01:36 AM · For: Chapter 7

I AM HERE AND STILL LOVING VIOLET AND JON. (Sorry it took me a week to get this review up! I read it as soon as you told me it was up, and adored it, but couldn’t find the time to review till now! <3)


This chapter really highlighted the chemistry between Violet and Jon omg. Before now, we haven’t had too many instances of these two pretending to be together, but there were so many in this one!! I loved all the little touches, from Jon’s hand touching the small of her back, to her holding his hand, to the two sitting so close their arms were touching… AHH SO CUTE. And I also loved all of Violet’s feelings!!! She totally knows what she’s feeling hahaha, but her denial game is quite strong here. And honestly, I don’t blame her—as soon as Jon started ironing his clothes, I could understand her attraction to him (even if she doesn’t know it yet!) because people who do domestic-y things, taking care of themselves, are really attractive somehow. :P


Jon is so good with her family??? Ugh that’s such a good sign. I love that he gets along so well with Hannah, Violet’s favorite cousin!!! It was also incredibly entertaining how he told the story of “how they met,” and THEIR REACTIONS THAT FOLLOWED OMG. Of course Violet was unromantic and clinical in how she told it, haha; she can’t seem to relax enough to let herself be free with her lying, but Jon was really impressive. And the fact that she couldn’t seem to look away afterwards?? Honestly I cannot wait for these two to have more alone time together and just chat and joke around about the most mundane things; I love romances so much and this is turning out so well.


Hahaha the awkwardness that followed the dinner was really endearing. And the way that they reacted to each other’s nightwear was really cute too!! It is so cute that Violet commented on his glasses because that surprised her more than the fact that they would be sleeping together in nightclothes haha. I CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE CUTENESS. I KEEP SAYING ‘CUTE’ BUT THAT’S BECAUSE THEY ARE. <3



Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 19 Jul 2019 11:56 PM · For: Chapter 7

Well, we're only on chapter seven and I already have Feelings.


Honestly, I think this is the chapter where I really start shipping Violet and Jon.  I've been kind of assuming they're endgame at this point (because this is a fake dating fic, after all) but now I really want them to be, and the scene when Jon was talking about how he and Violet got together recently really kicked that into gear.  That was such a cute moment, and I'm very excited to keep seeing them spend more time together through the course of the weekend and get closer.  And maybe for some of these things to come out when they don't have an audience?


I could definitely see Violet was feeling the pressure here to be on the best form for Stella's wedding - which is understandable, but also kind of sad, since she isn't really involved in the wedding at all and she's still so stressed over it.  I can definitely see Stella blaming her for things and causing a scene if something goes wrong, so I'm doubly glad that she's got Jon and that they're getting on and having fun at the moment.


Hannah and the cousins were really nice, too!  Thank goodness they have some fun people to sit with during this rigmarole.


And the nerves creeping back in as they go back to the room alone - more Feelings.  I don't think those nerves would be there if Violet wasn't very much aware of how Jon feels about her, and maybe is having some feelings for him of her own?  If they were just friends then sharing a bed wouldn't really be that big of a deal at this point, so there's more going on, even if she's not ready to admit it yet.


Even though we haven't seen much of Aurora recently (and maybe aren't going to see much of her for a while), I loved the texts between her and Violet at the start of this chapter.  Aurora celebrating that she'd set Violet up well, and Violet insisting it's not real.  I kind of love the idea that Aurora's been convinced for ages that Jon and Violet would make a great couple and this is her opportunity to make Violet see that, because Jon is clearly already very much on this page.  I can't wait to see where this is going!


Sian :)

Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 19 Jul 2019 11:31 PM · For: Chapter 6

Well, I wanted to read more with Violet and Jon together, and the very next chapter we have a chapter that's essentially just the two of them - perfect!


I'm definitely warming to Jon a lot more than I thought I would when he was first introduced in this story.  I was definitely on my guard about him at that point, when Violet mentioned how much he'd wanted to go out with her in the past, and while it's pretty clear that he still likes her and probably wants this to go somewhere else, he's not hiding that fact and I have to respect that he's being honest with her about it?  Like, he's not trying to trick her into anything.  He's doing her a favour and he wants to spend time with her, and it probably helps their charade that he actually likes her, but he doesn't seem to be expecting anything back in return which is a relief.


And in those moments when he's making it clear that he likes Violet, she's definitely reacting - even if that reaction is outwardly pretty awkward, methinks there might be the stirrings of some feelings here.  They seem a little sudden, maybe, but they're also falling back into the old friendship quite easily, only they're both obviously older and more mature.  And I was glad to see them talking about their plan for tackling the cousins they're going to be spending time with this weekend, too - I've been a bit stressed out that they don't seem to have discussed details about their fake relationship that much (at least, it hasn't been referenced too much on screen).


I'm glad that Violet has Jon to hang out with this weekend, though.  It doesn't look like it's going to be a very fun occasion with Stella otherwise, and at least he seems like he's ready to have a laugh about things.


And the sharing a bed trope!  That one fits in perfectly with the whole fake dating concept, and Jon was sweet to offer to sleep on the floor (which is a ridiculous offer when there's a king sized bed available, honestly).  I'm so excited to see where you take this!


Sian :)

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