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Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 1

hey, i'm here for the hc opener ^_^

i love a good fake dating fic, and especially a friends-to-lovers fic so this is definitely right up my alley!

honestly, both vi's sister and her mother sound way too much for my taste. i'd honestly be a lot more rude to someone who wants to badger me in the morning right after a night shift at a hospital. weddings in general have this weird tendency to turn even the most normal people into, well, not normal people. i like her dad's way of dealing with her sister - it doesn't seem like anything else would work, but omg i can't even imagine her mother listening and paying attention to every little thing because it sounds like a lot, at least judging how stella reacted when she first started looking at all the planning stuff for weddings.

vi's predicament is definitely funny and i love how she first tries to wiggle her way out of things, then when her mother really gets what's going on, she backtracks and can't bring herself to admit defeat. i like that, especially since it means we get to see who she presents as her half-serious boyfriend soon :D i also liked how she was able to think fairly quickly and lie to her mother.

also, i think it's definitely understandable as to why she hasn't been able to date (and honestly...it's not like a person has to date) and i would've loved for her family to be a little more understanding of the fact (hopefully, it's a matter of vi not really talking to them about it and not them just ignoring her life).

looking forward to reading the next chapter!


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Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 8

Hi!  Finally catching up with this story again for the HC opener!


There wasn't even that much interaction between Violet and Jon in this chapter but I'm really excited about shipping them already, which is the hallmark of a great romance story.  There's lots of little hints that you're dropping in here and there and it's so cute to read - I'm really looking forward to seeing more of them!


Violet's efforts to try and get ready without waking Jon up were really sweet, even if she wasn't entirely successful.  I feel her pain, though - even without being a bridesmaid, why do women have to take so much longer than men to get ready?  It's not fair, and I don't blame her for being glad that she wasn't a bridesmaid, to be honest.  We don't know Stella that well so far but the relationship between them is obviously strained and I can't imagine that it would have been made any easier with all the bridesmaid things.


Jon being invited to eat with Violet's dad and Chris and the others is really nice of them.  I know that he's obviously there as quite a close connection (by virtue of being the sister of the bride's boyfriend, at least as far as everyone is concerned) but he really is making a lot of effort and it sounds like he's getting on well with her family so far, too, which bodes well for the budding romance between them!


(I'm convinced if I believe in it enough then it's going to have to happen.)


It was really interesting seeing Stella getting ready with the bridesmaids.  I know that Violet and Stella don't have the best relationship, but I kind of feel like Violet should be putting in a bit more effort to be excited for her sister and do what she wants on her big day, rather than hoping she can sneak off and join Jon?  It's not like Stella's been nasty or anything today, and I think it was pretty clear that she wanted her sister around, even if she didn't say it in as many words.  It was also really great to see Stella with her friends, and the different side of her personality that comes out with them.  I felt like it gave Violet a different perspective onto the person her sister is, as well.


Even though I don't think she should have been trying to sneak off to meet Jon (especially since they're not actually together), it's so cute that she wants to spend more time on him.  Violet might be telling herself that she's only checking in because she got him into this situation in the first place, but that's blatantly not true - even when she's not trying to act, her mum is reading her behaviour as someone who has feelings for Jon, which tells me that there's something there below the surface, even if Violet's not quite realised it yet.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of them together!


Sian :)

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Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 10

AHHHH. The amount of accidental (or perhaps somewhat purposeful, on Jon’s part) touching in this chapter basically made my life. I’m a huge fan of hand-brushes, and shoulder-touches, and hair-strand-fixing, and clothes-adjusting, and this chapter had all of this! I really want to just stuff them into a closet somewhere, so that they’ll be forced to expose their vulnerabilities to one another and realize that they both really love each other. (Or, on Violet’s part, at least.) Wow I really can’t wait for them to learn more about each other’s personalities and personal troubles, that would just make every interaction between the two of them so much more meaningful.


I need Violet to see those pictures that the photographer took of the two of them. (More like I need to see them haha, so that I can see Violet’s reaction looking at them—her moment with Jon meant something, and must’ve left a lingering expression of some sort of desire/longing on her face. Right? Right?? Sorry, I’m just eagerly awaiting further sweetness and romanticness haha.)


I can’t believe Jon just straight up asked her to go to vacation with him to Europe. That definitely has to be a part of his appeal to Violet, right? Like so many romantic stories focus on men who have a lot of money, but that’s because money does make you more attractive, especially when you’re able to provide really grand gifts. :P I feel like if some person asked me to go to Europe with them, I’m like much more likely to suddenly develop an interest in that person, as terrible as it sounds haha. So I do understand Violet here. Unless she’s 100% focused on his personality, which is okay too! I want to know what she’s starting to find attractive about him though. :D


THE WAY JON MADE HER SMILE AT THE END AHHH. I am so excited to keep reading this story omg. <3



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Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 9

HI <3


I’m really starting to love this complicated relationship between Stella and Violet, more than ever, and I really want to see more of them! Like, even more than last chapter, I wonder if Violet has been unnecessarily vilifying her sister—obviously Stella does have some high-stress, somewhat perfectionist and overbearing tendencies, but I wonder if Violet’s intolerance for this is due more to her insecurities around Stella? I hadn’t realized that Violet thought she “couldn’t live up to Stella and her cool, older friends”; I actually thought that Stella was more insecure than Violet, which was why she always was mentioning her wedding.


Like, why is Stella so calm right now if she’s been panicking about the wedding since it became a fully fledged concept?? I AM VERY INTRIGUED. I wonder if there are some underlying problems between Stella and Chris that she hasn’t told anyone about for fear of being embarrassed. There are some details here and there that make me wonder—for instance, the fact that Chris is so much looser (and louder and shameless, apparently) around his own family/friends than with Stella’s. It makes me wonder whether he’s as restrained when he’s alone with Stella, because if he is, then he might be pretending to be a certain character that he’s not really, which isn’t good for either of them. I DON’T KNOW. Am I spouting conspiracy theories? Quite possibly.


I wish we could’ve seen what Jon said that put Violet in stitches!!! I live for these kinds of bonding experiences hahaha. I’m also really curious still about the deeper workings of their personalities; so far, these two still seem pretty restrained around one another, like they’re a little concerned about properly letting loose. But I wonder what they’re like when they’re not at all worried about being judged by the other! Like, will Jon continue saying stupid things? I’m sure he’s grown out of some of it, but being shameless seems to be a timeless character trait. :P Will Violet start showing what she’s like around people she’s closer to? I’M EXCITED.


(I know it’s still early haha, I’m just getting ahead of myself oops.)


Jon’s teasing about her putting makeup on was really cute! I really liked that bit. And when Violet put on her dress and came out and the two were seriously checking one another out?? I was just absolutely delighted. THEY ARE SO ATTRACTED TO EACH OTHER AND VIOLET KNOWS IT.


So excited for the next chapter!



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Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 8

Oh my goodness hahaha Violet’s the kind of person who hogs the bed?? That’s adorable. At least, from my perspective it is; I wonder how Jon felt about it. I feel like he must be a fairly heavy sleeper, though, since he fell asleep so easily the previous night? You know, I have a theory that bed hogs are good cuddlers. It makes sense, right? They want to be in the middle, so if someone else is there, they might as well just cuddle while sleeping haha. And I thought it was really sweet how Violet tried her very best to get ready without waking Jon up; it’s one of those really quietly domestic things that a lot of couples do, I think, and I thought it was super cute. And the fact that he woke up anyway (and seems to be getting along really really well with her father and future brother-in-law) was also adorable!!


I can’t wait for Violet and Jon to cuddle hahaha, I feel like that would be really entertaining. If they are cuddlers, I mean. More than anything, I want to learn more about both of them, about what they both really love, what makes them laugh harder than anything else, what pushes their buttons, what the secrets of their personality are like!


Stella is such an interesting character omg. I’ve never really considered the possibility that she’s different around her friends, but that really makes sense; everyone brings out different parts of you, and so of course she would be different around her friends than with Violet. The awkwardness of the sister relationship makes me a little sad, and I wish that they didn’t have these problems, but I’m a lot more hopeful from this chapter than I was before that this could be fixed! It doesn’t seem like Stella’s necessarily a malicious person, maybe just that she’s felt inadequate/embarrassed next to Violet and feels far more comfortable towards her friends.


I’m really glad that Violet got to see this side of Stella! I wonder if she’ll continue thinking kinder things. I mean, the way that Stella asked if Violet was gonna go out to lunch—I bet that she wanted Violet to stay. Maybe she wanted to use the wedding as an opportunity to make amends?? I HOPE SO. <3


The fact that Violet felt slightly lonely around Stella’s friends and wanted someone she could talk to (Jon) was a little sad but sweet at the same time. I hope she can make some new friends at the wedding (either with Stella herself or with some of Stella’s friends) so that she won’t have to be reliant on Jon’s presence to make her feel less lonely! Also, I LOVED HIS TEXT. He ended with “xo” in a private conversation omg. That definitely means something. AND SHE KNOWS IT.


The slowburn-iness of this is driving me insaneeee, I should really make myself wait before reading chapters so I at least have like four or five to read at a time, but I can’t help myself hahaha. It’s such a sweet little story, I’m enjoying it so so much!! <33



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Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 7

I AM HERE AND STILL LOVING VIOLET AND JON. (Sorry it took me a week to get this review up! I read it as soon as you told me it was up, and adored it, but couldn’t find the time to review till now! <3)


This chapter really highlighted the chemistry between Violet and Jon omg. Before now, we haven’t had too many instances of these two pretending to be together, but there were so many in this one!! I loved all the little touches, from Jon’s hand touching the small of her back, to her holding his hand, to the two sitting so close their arms were touching… AHH SO CUTE. And I also loved all of Violet’s feelings!!! She totally knows what she’s feeling hahaha, but her denial game is quite strong here. And honestly, I don’t blame her—as soon as Jon started ironing his clothes, I could understand her attraction to him (even if she doesn’t know it yet!) because people who do domestic-y things, taking care of themselves, are really attractive somehow. :P


Jon is so good with her family??? Ugh that’s such a good sign. I love that he gets along so well with Hannah, Violet’s favorite cousin!!! It was also incredibly entertaining how he told the story of “how they met,” and THEIR REACTIONS THAT FOLLOWED OMG. Of course Violet was unromantic and clinical in how she told it, haha; she can’t seem to relax enough to let herself be free with her lying, but Jon was really impressive. And the fact that she couldn’t seem to look away afterwards?? Honestly I cannot wait for these two to have more alone time together and just chat and joke around about the most mundane things; I love romances so much and this is turning out so well.


Hahaha the awkwardness that followed the dinner was really endearing. And the way that they reacted to each other’s nightwear was really cute too!! It is so cute that Violet commented on his glasses because that surprised her more than the fact that they would be sleeping together in nightclothes haha. I CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE CUTENESS. I KEEP SAYING ‘CUTE’ BUT THAT’S BECAUSE THEY ARE. <3



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Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 7

Well, we're only on chapter seven and I already have Feelings.


Honestly, I think this is the chapter where I really start shipping Violet and Jon.  I've been kind of assuming they're endgame at this point (because this is a fake dating fic, after all) but now I really want them to be, and the scene when Jon was talking about how he and Violet got together recently really kicked that into gear.  That was such a cute moment, and I'm very excited to keep seeing them spend more time together through the course of the weekend and get closer.  And maybe for some of these things to come out when they don't have an audience?


I could definitely see Violet was feeling the pressure here to be on the best form for Stella's wedding - which is understandable, but also kind of sad, since she isn't really involved in the wedding at all and she's still so stressed over it.  I can definitely see Stella blaming her for things and causing a scene if something goes wrong, so I'm doubly glad that she's got Jon and that they're getting on and having fun at the moment.


Hannah and the cousins were really nice, too!  Thank goodness they have some fun people to sit with during this rigmarole.


And the nerves creeping back in as they go back to the room alone - more Feelings.  I don't think those nerves would be there if Violet wasn't very much aware of how Jon feels about her, and maybe is having some feelings for him of her own?  If they were just friends then sharing a bed wouldn't really be that big of a deal at this point, so there's more going on, even if she's not ready to admit it yet.


Even though we haven't seen much of Aurora recently (and maybe aren't going to see much of her for a while), I loved the texts between her and Violet at the start of this chapter.  Aurora celebrating that she'd set Violet up well, and Violet insisting it's not real.  I kind of love the idea that Aurora's been convinced for ages that Jon and Violet would make a great couple and this is her opportunity to make Violet see that, because Jon is clearly already very much on this page.  I can't wait to see where this is going!


Sian :)

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Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 6

Well, I wanted to read more with Violet and Jon together, and the very next chapter we have a chapter that's essentially just the two of them - perfect!


I'm definitely warming to Jon a lot more than I thought I would when he was first introduced in this story.  I was definitely on my guard about him at that point, when Violet mentioned how much he'd wanted to go out with her in the past, and while it's pretty clear that he still likes her and probably wants this to go somewhere else, he's not hiding that fact and I have to respect that he's being honest with her about it?  Like, he's not trying to trick her into anything.  He's doing her a favour and he wants to spend time with her, and it probably helps their charade that he actually likes her, but he doesn't seem to be expecting anything back in return which is a relief.


And in those moments when he's making it clear that he likes Violet, she's definitely reacting - even if that reaction is outwardly pretty awkward, methinks there might be the stirrings of some feelings here.  They seem a little sudden, maybe, but they're also falling back into the old friendship quite easily, only they're both obviously older and more mature.  And I was glad to see them talking about their plan for tackling the cousins they're going to be spending time with this weekend, too - I've been a bit stressed out that they don't seem to have discussed details about their fake relationship that much (at least, it hasn't been referenced too much on screen).


I'm glad that Violet has Jon to hang out with this weekend, though.  It doesn't look like it's going to be a very fun occasion with Stella otherwise, and at least he seems like he's ready to have a laugh about things.


And the sharing a bed trope!  That one fits in perfectly with the whole fake dating concept, and Jon was sweet to offer to sleep on the floor (which is a ridiculous offer when there's a king sized bed available, honestly).  I'm so excited to see where you take this!


Sian :)

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Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 5

I was right!  The argument definitely happened earlier than I thought it would (though now I'm suspecting it's going to be the first of several this weekend) but goodness, it really blew up quickly, didn't it?


Your portrayals of life in your twenties are really spot on here.  I loved the way that Stella and Violet naturally went to do their old tasks of washing up together after dinner when they went home - there's something about going back to your parents' house that definitely makes you default to old routines.  And, dare I say it, slightly more childish behaviours, too?


And then, wow, that argument blew up quickly - and nastily.  I think it's a really accurate portrayal of a sibling relationship, though.  Even if they get on well most of the time, siblings can argue like nobody else - they know everything about you growing up and know exactly which buttons are the ones to press to get a reaction.  Stella was grating on me here in this chapter even before it became an argument - but honestly, she's getting shirty with her sister because she's worried that Jon won't have brought a suit jacket to wear?  (The only people I've seen not wearing a jacket to a wedding are children, and they can be excused on that basis - it's a pretty standard thing to expect and not need to check on??)  She seems quite princessy and self-absorbed - the opposite of someone like Violet, who's spent years learning to do a job where she spends her time helping people every day.


That's not to say that Violet's not in the wrong on some things, but still.  I much prefer her to Stella at the moment (which is good, since she's the protagonist).


For some reason I'd been imagining that Stella was the younger sister until this chapter.  I think it makes it even worse that she's the older one and still behaves like this?  And ugh, making Violet's graduation all about her engagement?  Yes, of course she's excited about it, but a graduation is such an important day and she could have given her sister that, at least.


Mum coming in at the end and both of them shutting up arguing straight away is so accurate for grown up children going back home, haha.


I'm intrigued to see how the weekend goes with these two, and I'd be interested to see Violet getting to know Jon more too - especially after we got to learn more about why she wouldn't date him a few years ago.  I really like the way you're feeding in those details, by the way!


Sian :)

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Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 4



So, I'm definitely warming to Jon.  He was definitely trying hard here to make an effort with Violet's family, which you'd hope he'd do if they were actually dating, and I feel like he was better behaved than Violet's sister and her fiancé, anyway.  And when Violet agreed that he was attractive we got a bit more of an insight into their history, too.  I was glad to learn that she hadn't rejected him for his looks (though that wouldn't have been out of character for a teenager, I don't think) but that she had higher standards in other ways.  I'm intrigued if those things were just arbitrary and more an issue of maturity at the time, which would make them not-issues now, or if there's something bigger that was stopping her at that point.


While I'm warming to Jon, I didn't really like Stella much in this chapter.  She's quite standoffish with Jon, and even with Violet to an extent here.  Maybe that's partly wedding stress, but I get the impression that she's someone who's quite concerned with image in various ways and doesn't appreciate it when the people she's connected to don't fit with the image she's cultivated for herself.  I wonder if this might be the source of the tension between her and Violet?  


I get the feeling that there's definitely going to be some tension with the two of them over the wedding weekend and if everything doesn't go according to Stella's exact plan, there may be some arguments.  I guess that might be one way for Violet and Jon to get closer?


Sian :)

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Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 3



So I think I liked Jon a little more in this chapter, partly because of how well he handled everything.  He's not wrong that he's much better at going with the flow than Violet seems to be, but I would definitely be like Violet - or worse - if I was in this situation.  She's picked a pretty good person to fake date if he can go along with everything that easily and isn't fazed by the idea of meeting her family (again) and staying with the wedding party for the whole weekend.  He might be right that most people will be paying attention to Stella, at least during the actual wedding, but I can imagine there'd be a fair share of questions directed at the two of them in the meantime.  Let's just hope they manage to stick to the story they've conjured up.


There's definitely some underlying tension between Violet and Stella and the whole relationship status thing.  I'm intrigued to meet Stella in the next chapters, especially if her "perfect relationship" isn't quite as perfect as she seems to think, as I suspect it might be.


The opening of this chapter was great, too - I think you captured that strange awkwardness of meeting people you once saw daily and haven't really spent time with in ages really well.  That's happened to me several times, but I liked the way they were laughing and joking together.  If this fake dating thing goes on beyond the wedding weekend (especially if it's real dating), then Luke and Nathan seem like two friends/roommates that Violet could get on with.


(I reviewed this chapter backwards for some reason, I'm going to blame the HC - I hope you don't mind!)


Sian :)

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Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 2

Hi again!


Honestly, if I were Violet, I think I'd be more likely to tell my parents that I was now dating Aurora and that's why she was coming as my plus one, rather than contacting some random guy I went to school with to see if he'd be prepared to fake date me.  I understand she's got limited options, though, and she's kind of lucky that she's got Aurora to actually help her find someone, since I don't think she'd have had much chance of finding someone to agree to this without her friend's help.


I'm not sure that I like Jon at the moment?  I'm holding off judgement at this point, because we've only just met him, and it's a very strange request for him to be faced with.  But I kind of feel like he agreed to it a little quickly - more easily than I would have expected, and with far fewer questions.  My guess is that he's still got feelings for Violet and for him this is an opportunity to make her realise that he's actually perfect for her.  That definitely sounds like his plan at the end of this chapter, when he agrees to convince her family that she's been dating the perfect gentleman.  And maybe he'll succeed, and she's just not given him a fair chance in the past - but I would have thought there's been reasons for her not to go out with him and that's probably why I'm a bit wary of him, to be honest.


One thing that caught my attention in this chapter was the mention of her relationship with Stella.  There's definitely some tension between them, I'm guessing especially now they're adults and taking different paths in life?  But they were obviously close at one point and I'm intrigued to know whether they just drifted apart or if something actually happened between them.


Sian :)

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Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 1

Hi!  HC Finale review :)


I don't read enough original fiction on the forums but I've loved everything of yours I've read before and a fake-dating story seems like a perfect place to start!


I loved our introduction to Violet in this chapter!  I think we've got a good idea of some of the most important things to know about her already, but you worked all that information in very naturally - her family, her sister planning the wedding, her best friend, her job... her life sounds kind of stressful and tiring, and it's not really any wonder that she's not been making finding a date for her sister's wedding her first priority.  


Still, I felt like her mum is kind of unnecessarily overbearing here, especially since Violet seems to be pretty clearly an adult and it's not really her mum's business?  I know some parents are like that generally and she's probably catching some of the wedding stress from Stella, but pressing her on the plus one seems a bit... unnecessary?  


I can't really blame Violet for telling her mum that she had someone to bring, put on the spot like that.  I mean, it's not the smartest move that she's ever had and it might have been nice to see her stand up to her mum, but then we wouldn't have a story, would we?  I'm looking forward to seeing the shenanigans begin!


Sian :)

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 18 Jul 2019 03:55 AM · [Report This]
Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 6

Haha, called it! Jon totally still likes her and only agreed to do this because he thinks he'll get a real date out of it. And he's not even trying to not be obvious about it. Man, I cannot imagine having a crush on someone for that long. It's kind of cool though, to see that despite how much they've both changed since high school - as most people do - they're able to slip back into being friends again and it's not too hard.


Kelsey seems nice! And it's funny because Violet mentions that Kelsey's personality is the same as Stella's, who up to this point in the story I've had no reason to like. Maybe Violet would like Stella more if she weren't her sister, haha.


Omg what? Stella and Chris didn't dance and just sat there grumpily at the last wedding they went to ?! Dancing is like,.. the best part of a wedding. And even if you're not into dancing it's still fun to enjoy the open bar and watch people dance. I wonder what could possibly put both of them in such a bad mood that they just didn't want to have fun at a wedding!


High school age Jon reminds me of every annoying guy at my high school omg


Omg the bed sharing trope XD Jon is very sweet for offering to take the floor. (Especially because it's a king bed which is massive!) Violet's pillow barrier idea is also pretty funny, but hey if that's what it takes for her to be comfortable! Awesome that they had 6 pillows on the bed! I am curious how this is going to work out though haha.


Great story so far!

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 17 Jul 2019 10:23 PM · [Report This]
Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 5

For some reason I really loved that you mentioned the tradition of how they do the dishes. Especially considering the arguing that comes after it, this serves as a reminder if their (few) similarities, how they are comfortable with tradition and not with change.


Stella seems like she's be really difficult to put up with. I get that wedding planning is hella stressful, but from what violet says about her graduation day it seems like Stella's self centeredness has been going on a while. And with all her accusations towards violet there at the end, I kind of wonder how happy Stella really is. I don't think she is. I think she's clinging to an ideal of what she wants and is trying to display that she has. Everything about what she says indicates she's really insecure. And that'd throw an extra layer of meaning in to the story title as well - that Stella is faking this perfect life until she believes shes happy. And so while I don't particularly like her here, I wonder (and hope) that there is more to her behind what she shows outwardly.


And maybe I'm just looking really hard for it given that their relationship as siblings is pretty rocky, but there is such a great sibling moment there in the middle of their arguing when their mom comes in and asks if they're arguing, and they're both like OF COURSE NOT EVERYTHINGS FINE haha idk I just really liked that. Maybe there is hope for them yet. It makes me sad when sisters don't get along.


Looking forward to reading more!


Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 17 Jul 2019 05:04 AM · [Report This]
Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 4

Summers' Pools, 10 more points to Jon's family for puns in their business name.


Violet's parents seem really nice! And they seem to like Jon. And I'm glad Jon and Chris seem to get along well at least! So far he's doing pretty well at getting the family to like him.


Stella is... interesting. The most noticeable thing about her so far is her obsession with appearances. Most obviously her own, with the way she looks so put together with her tan and her manicure and sitting on the sofa with her fiance like a picture. But also in the way she acts around Jon, to an extent. She asked him if he got his own job rather than working for his parents, and seemed satisfied that he has one that sounds impressive enough to her - like she wants to be surrounded by impressive people because they make her look good? is my guess. She seems like she highly curates what her life looks like to other people, which kind of makes me wonder if she really feels that it's as perfect as she shows it, or if she's putting on an act at all. I'm curious to know if there's anything beneath the surface, because right now she seems kind of shallow and if she really is that shallow, I can understand why Violet doesn't get along with her that well :P


So yeah, I like that things are going pretty easily so far with most of the family, but I wonder what kind of tension is going to arise with Stella.


 And yes, in case you were wondering, I have retired my sinking ship the Violet/Aurora (mainly because Aurora hasn't been around :P) and to your credit, I am liking Jon more and more with each successive chapter! This was a great chapter! I'm enjoying  reading this story!



Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 17 Jul 2019 04:39 AM · [Report This]
Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 3

10 points to Jon for being cool under pressure and good at going with the flow. Like if you have to pick a fake boyfriend, it's good to pick one who can play the part convincingly, and so far Jon is doing great. I may still not be his biggest fan but I think Violet could have done a lot worse. The two of them get along (which is pretty impressive for a friendship picking back up again after 5 years of nothing), he notices that she's nervous, he's acting the part very well so far, and these are all good signs. Honestly, if anyone messes this up, it's not going to be Jon, it's going to be Violet.


I'm really excited to meet Stella and see more of the sisters' relationship, and what made them fall out (since gathering from Jon's comment in the previous chapter they really haven't been close for years). And... honestly I do see a lot of similarities between Stella and Violet from the glimpses we've had so far. They're both stubborn, like things to be well defined and don't seem to be great at going with the flow, and there's totally a pride/showoffyness in both of them. Stella about her "perfect" relationship and Violet trying to prove Stella wrong. It seems like a mess - but I'll reserve judgements for after I actually meet Stella as a character haha. Anyway, I really like that the things you highlighted (in Violet's opinion) as flaws in her sister are actually traits she displays a little herself. It's pretty realistic that way imo.


Looking forward to when Jon meets the family!

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Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 2

I seriously don't know how Violet does it. Five hours of sleep is not enough. :P


She and Aurora have been friends for 10 years? And argue about dumb things but their friendship is stronger than that? And Aurora is willing to do all this just to help her BFF find a date? I know you're going to introduce a dude into this story but right now he's not anywhere to be seen and I have to admit I'm shipping Violet/Aurora. Sailing my ship (ok maybe it's more of a raft), but willing to let you convince me otherwise.


So... some dude who sort of hung out with them in high school is the only other option. I don't even like him so far. The comment about how Violet was begging him for a date just made me roll my eyes at him. To be fair, it is a really weird request for him to hear out of the blue. But I still think Violet can do better. (Aurora! *cough*) But... that makes the "fake" part of this fake dating story sound a lot more realistic. You know how sometimes you read a fake date story and they like each other so much at the beginning that you don't get why it's fake to start out with? This, though, I understand. It's all fake, because he's like that, and she really isn't interested in dating him.


YES VIOLET IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO BRING AURORA. I suppose it's too late to go solo, since she lied to her mom, but... Aurora!


I know these aren't the reactions you are looking for for this chapter XD but I'm really enjoying reading it so far and I love that Violet and Jon are so awkward around each other. Can I just say that even though Jon has this annoying swagger and whatever about him, it's pretty nice of him to agree to go with her. I can't decide yet if he's actually a super nice person who's doing this for someone he hasn't spoken to since high school just because he's nice, orrrr because he thinks he can get a real date out of it. I hope it's the former, but I think it's the latter :P Only time will tell!

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Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 1



Hospital jobs sound so difficult. I have so much respect for anyone who does that kind of work. Also I was gonna say, is it really the worst thing if she doesn't have a date for the wedding? but like, it was probably something she came up with after an 18 hour shift cleaning up bodily fluids, and was tired and just said "whatever sure yeah totally" to get people to stop asking questions.


Also wedding planning sounds so stressful.


She should totally just go with Aurora. A BFF is just as important as a BF. I feel like it would solve a lot of problems and complications. (But then... we wouldn't have a story, so go ahead and make questionable decisions, Violet :P )


I can definitely foresee some tension in the future between how you've set up Stella to be very organized and likes things under control, and Violet seems a lot less put together (it's cool, we've all been there). I'm really curious what the relationship between the sisters is like - Violet doesn't seem to be particularly close with Stella and seems to think she's quite self-involved, but since she doesn't appear in this scene I'm curious to see what she's like when she appears in the story in person.


This is a good set up and I'm excited to read more!

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Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 6

I’M SO HAPPY YOU’RE UPDATING SO QUICKLY. I keep checking to see if it’s updated and when I saw it, I immediately came and read it! This story’s too fluffy and adorable for me to resist omg. <3


Okay, VIOLET TOTALLY KNOWS. All her little suspicions about the things that Jon says, and her reactions to them, are just completely giveaways, and she needs to figure out how she actually feels about it! Like when Jon basically told her that he would wait a million years for her (I am paraphrasing here, quite liberally haha), she definitely had a reaction, which was shutting up. To be fair, if I was her, I probably would’ve just clammed up awkwardly as well—no one ever really expects a high school crush to go on for so long, and the idea of it happening is a little bit weird. But Jon seems like a genuinely kind person, so I’m not concerned about any weirdness from him!


I’m actually really excited to see how the family members react to these two, and how well they play the part of couple! Will there be lingering touches?? Some sneaky kisses??? Some bolder kisses????? As you can tell, I am quite prepared for romantic things to happen hehe. Judging from Violet’s small reactions (such as her stomach flipping when Jon introduces himself as her boyfriend, and watching his muscles flex as he moves things around in the hotel room), I don’t think she would be too unhappy about romantic things happening haha.


I LOVE THE BED-SHARING TROPE. It’s my absolute favorite thing ever omg. I can’t wait to see it happen!! I was so upset when this chapter was over hahaha.


Looking forward to the next one! <3



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Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 5



I did not expect Stella to be so grating omg. I thought she was just of the normal intolerant sibling sort, one that might get a little self-centered sometimes but ultimately okay, but then this chapter happened and I promptly changed my mind. It’s really sad that they have this kind of unhappy relationship, though, because siblings who were raised together should have a stronger relationship. :(


So basically, Stella has said many things in this conversation, and I have some guesses about why she turned out this way. I feel like it’s entirely possible she was jealous of Violet most of her life, since Violet had really close friends (whilst it seems as though Stella didn’t hang out with anyone, from their argument), as well as boys who liked her (and maybe Chris is the first guy that Stella’s really been with). Which could be why Stella spent so much energy telling her parents about all the little bad things that Violet did, to make up for her resentment, and why she’s spending so much time making sure everyone knows about her upcoming wedding/marriage. It’s no excuse, but I think it’s a plausible reason for why she acts like this! (I’m totally speculating though haha.)


Also! I felt really bad for Violet when Stella accused her of running to the one boy who would accept her. Like, Stella puts so much emphasis on being in a relationship because that’s like the only special thing she’s really known (potentially, I could be wrong), but that’s so wrong. PRESSURING PEOPLE TO BE IN RELATIONSHIPS IS NOT OKAY. IT’S OKAY IF PEOPLE AREN’T IN RELATIONSHIPS. BE QUIET, STELLA.


Hopefully there’s Jon in the next chapter so that we can catch a break from Stella’s nonsensical attitude! :D


Wonderful chapter!!



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Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 1




So fake dating is such a good trope and I just love the way you've chosen to make your fic work. I think one thing that you've done really well is making your main character really likeable. I thought Violet seemed very relatable, I feel like Violet's personality is coming across quite clearly so far as she seems quite people pleasing yet still quite stubborn. I think it's an interesting balance, I'm really liking that family relationship that you've developed between mum and violet because it's obvious that mum is playing peace keeper a bit between her two daughters.


I thought their dialogue between the two felt quite realistic, the mum has a kind but a bit pushy vibe going on which I think really works for this story as we know that it's probably Stella that is mostly the force behind this. 


I feel like I got married on my dating anniversary so I'm feeling like I have Stella vibes going on myself so I hope I wasn't quite so obsessed like she was but I instantly thought of myself. I can relate to all crazy wedding things, it is too realistic haha. I'm really looking forward to seeing a bit more of Stella. I hope she has a personality away from the wedding too, I want to know what personality elements that she has driven her a wee bit crazy. haha


I really like how her friendship with Aurora because I feel like they flow and bounce off each other nicely. I love the ending line too. I think you said that it's influenced by Jily which I think is only obvious because you've mentioned it. I'm looking forward to meeting Jon. It's going to be a fun story and this is such a promising start!


Abbi xx



HC Finale '19 - Vote for Maya Chon.


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Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 4

OMG SO WE FINALLY GET TO MEET STELLA. Before I get to her, though, I just wanted to mention that both Violet’s mom and dad seem like really nice people; sure, her mom was a little stressed about the calligraphy stuff, but like they clearly both do everything for their daughters and try their best to make them happy. (Also, her mom reacted very well to Jon, haha! Calling him handsome and everything.)


I do feel a little bad for her parents, though, because Stella does not seem to be the grateful type. There are just some siblings who are more inconsiderate towards parents than others, and sometimes, because of that, they act a little entitled around their parents. I get the feeling that Stella is that kind of person, which is really unfortunate. (I’ve always wondered about tanning—my mom holds the same ideas about tanning as Violet’s mom, haha, and so I have been indoctrinated against staying in the sun too long. At the very least, spray-tanning / whatever kind of tanning method Stella used is probably safer, right?)


I’m really glad that Jon gets along with Chris! That way, there’s more reason for Stella to like Jon. I am a little suspicious of her questions towards Jon, though, like why did it matter to her whether or not he was still a part of the business? Was she wondering if he would do a favor for her, as Violet’s sister? Or did she just want to know if he was wealthy or not? Anyway, Jon acted like the perfect boyfriend!! Like if I happened to meet a significant other’s parents, I would be losing my mind with nervousness, so I’m really very impressed. He was so chill. I would not have been haha.


Ahhh I hope you update soon! This was such a fun four chapters and I was really disappointed to find that there’s nothing past this! It’s really, really fun, and I’m really glad you decided to write this! <3



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Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 3

Violet is sooo cute. Like I know she’s stressed about the whole charade and everything, but! look at the way she interacted with the dog!! I have no dog abilities whatsoever, but they’re very cute and precious animals, and the fact that she is clearly a dog person is very inspiring hahaha. It was also really nice that she knew Jon’s friends already, since that means the whole “first impressions” stage has already passed and they can just interact normally with one another. Speaking of which! Luke and Nathan were really funny, like the way they took her comment about the three of them being roommates and then joking about it for a little while made me really like them.


Jon is really such a good sport. Like I’m pretty positive (I would 98% bet my left foot on this) that he’s doing this because he likes her and he wants to spend time with her, fake or not, but even so, this is a lot to ask of somebody, so it’s really great that he’s spending so much effort making this good for her! It is probably easier for him, though, since he actually liked her once before, so it’ll be simpler to pretend to be her boyfriend now haha than if she’d picked some random guy off the street. I feel bad for Violet, though! She sounds like she’s struggling.


(Jon is really a natural with her family. I’m really looking forward to seeing how he behaves when they’re surrounded by more people—including Stella.)


Speaking of Stella, her gloating about her relationship to Violet just sounds deeply unpleasant. Rocky sibling relationships always make me really sad, and so I wish she wouldn’t do that because it’s mean! And it also places like an unnecessary burden upon Violet to find a significant other, which should not be a burden on anyone! I am sooo curious about her, though, I really, really want to meet her.


Maybe she’s in the next chapter? :D



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Story:Fake It Til You Make It Chapter: Chapter 2

WHAT THIS IS SO PERFECT. THEY HAVE A HISTORY. HE LIKED HER. SHE DIDN’T RETURN THE FEELINGS. AND NOW HERE THEY ARE YEARS LATER AND IT’S WONDERFUL AND AMAZING. (Can you tell that I love your story already? Even though we’ve just met the love interest? :P)


Oh my goodness I have so many things to say that I love about this chapter. For one, I love the character of Jon already. I think it’s perfect that he liked her in high school, because it gives him enough motivation to agree to this plan (as opposed to having no reason to agree whatsoever), and also because then they already know each other a bit. So I think the design of Jon as a character was just absolutely flawless, and would definitely help to make the rest of the story flow more smoothly without any clunky get-to-know-you conversations getting in the way!


And the rest of the chapter!!! I love their chemistry; they clearly enjoy each other’s company enough to banter with each other a little bit, and they can crack jokes at each others’ expense simply due to their past friendship-ish state! And it’s so good! I love that he spends a ridiculous amount of time just teasing her about the fact that she needs his help, and that years before it would have never been a possibility, and that he called it their “loving past”!!! AND HE ALSO SAID HE WOULD BE THE BEST FAKE BOYFRIEND. AHHH I’M SO HAPPY.


I love how he just takes this new, unexpected situation in his stride. He is totally still into her, and I’m so glad that he’s willing to take a few days out of his normal life to do this!!! (I’m sure Violet is very appreciative of this fact, as well, haha.) Good technique, Jon, hiding all this under a façade of just wanting to prove to everyone that he’s amazing haha. Man his self-confidence is so amusing; I need that kind of attitude.


Such a good chapter!!!!



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