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Name: mymischiefmanaged (Signed) · Date: 16 May 2020 10:30 AM · For: Part Three: Last Breaths

Back again! I think it was a good choice to start this chapter with that flashback to Oliver and Cedric getting to know eachother and Oliver learning about Cedric's heart condition. I'm interested that he has a muggle hospital listed to help him. Is this something magic can't help with? 


So funny that people admire his leather bracelet as a fashion accessory without realising it's medical! I can really imagine that, especially given what we see in canon of girls falling all over him.


I'm glad that Cedric so quickly felt that he could confide in Oliver and that Oliver was so supportive. Why do so few people know about Cedric's condition? It doesn't seem like something that would have to be kept secret.


That kiss! I love Oliver's confidence. I also like how quickly he shut down the suggestion that Cedric should pay him back for saving him. 


I think you wrote the ending really well. It's heartbreaking to read Oliver's grief but I'm glad him and Cedric had that moment together before the task. I'd be interested to see whether Oliver and Amos have any contact after this. It seems sad for Cedric's father to never know how loved he was and how happy he was.


These stories are lovely Lily! Thank you for sharing them! Emma xx

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 16 May 2020 06:12 AM · For: Part Three: Last Breaths

Hey Lily!


I think it's very Oliver-like to be spying on another team, haha. The boy is determined, I'll give him that. But I loved getting to read about their first meeting, and how Oliver noticed Cedric in pain and went to get help. I like care you've taken into writing Cedric's medical condition, and all the details surrounding the story and treatment. And of course that Cedric liked Oliver in return the whole time!


This is a really cute line! - Liking Oliver was sort of a heart condition in itself.


I knew that ending would break my heart and it did! How dare you taunt us with such happiness with the bracelet and the planned reveal to Cedric's dad only to have it all crashing down! And organising this story into parts that showed their developing relationship over the years was really sweet, and made the ending all the more sadder!


I really enjoyed this trilogy, I like that you centered really important moments between the boys around the Triwizard Tournament. I can definitely feel your passion for writing the two of them together, even though they were doomed to fail. I would read more of them in the future!


Great job on this series!

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