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Story:The Doctor and the Who Chapter: Single Level Complex 6


THE DOCTOR HAS AN ACTUAL NAME?! So much mystery built around this when his title is almost arbitrary, haha. The way they come up with their nicknames cracked me up. It's a bit Marauder-y, the way they just came up with names for fun. If another eleven year old had introduced himself to them as Padfoot, for example, they wouldn't have batted an eye.

And the Who part comes because of an owl. Omg, Liz, this is so funny in how you deconstructed the huge 50-year mystery of Doctor Who and chalked it up to such mundane things. I kind of love that. XD

I also love that the Doctor himself had a moment of "whoa, it's bigger on the inside". No one is immune to that.

THE TARDIS IS BEING PILOTED BY AN OWL DOES IT EVEN HAVE A LICENSE? Did it even mean to send them to ~978 AD? Probably not :P

I loved the introduction of the Founders! And how we barely see them but you've managed to include important things about their personalities already - their house colours, the fact that Helga loves/is knowledgeable about plants, how Salazar isn't fond of Muggle-borns, Godric taking charge of a situation. And how they're all arguing about whose names they should put together to come up with their name. Pretty soon they'll probably be deliberating over Huffleslytheravendor. Thank goodness they got a better idea in the meantime.

And we meet one of the first Ollivanders selling wands! Poor guy, he's so upset that no one knows who he is - if only he knew that in a few centuries his family would be like, the only name in wand making aside from those on the Continent. I love the way you set this section up with a familiar name, but a totally unfamiliar setting for that name. like we all know Ollivander and his shop of a million wands on a million shelves, but this is a very distant ancestor of his selling wands in like a thatch hut in a medieval village and he doesn't actually have any wands to spare at the moment. so that's a really cool setup and I loved the parallel. (though I have a minor historical nitpick... which is that shops in those days would likely not have words on a sign as many people were illiterate back then, not to mention that language wasn't standardized. he'd probably just have a picture of a wand carved into the sign.)

Ok so overall this is really fun so far and I love how you're blending these two fandoms already. I can't wait for the rest of their adventures in time and I can't wait to see how good of a pilot the owl actually is. :P Good luck in the challenge!!! ♥

Author's Response:


Okay, if you look it up, the Doctor's name was revealed in an episode of the classics where someone he had actually gone to the Timelord's Academy with called him Theta Sigma, or Thete for short. People had spent so many years wondering about the Doctor's name that when finally presented with it (in a very, very casual, off-handed way), they sort of ignored it like it never happened. One of the writers once said, and I quote, "If fandom's had doors, every one in the Whovian universe simultaneously shut at that moment." Okay, I'm paraphrasing here, but what I'm saying is that no one accepted this as the Doctor's name. So, I'm actually using rejected canon here because, with the exception of that episode, he doesn't HAVE a name. And them coming up with their names is sort of a throw to actual canon because in one episode, while being bugged about his name, he said it was The Doctor- it was the name he chose.

The Who part with the owl just made me laugh. I did a Doctor - Who? gag in James Should be the Main Character of This Story as well, so I have to help keep up the show's running theme, right?

The Doctor actually did a very sarcastic "it's bigger on the inside" in The Husbands of River Song and it was effing epic, I couldn't stop laughing.


Oooh, I'm glad you liked the Founders! I had to look up when flying brooms were invented (actually, very near when Hogwarts was founded) and writing the whole scene was just fun because back then, the Statute of Secrecy didn't exist, so I tried thought witches would be a little more in the open and among the muggles.

I actually looked up a list of ancient Roman names (since the Ollivanders came "in with the Romans") and when I saw Albanus, I had to use it. I think he was my favorite part, poor man. And I am aware of that, that's why the sign won't help him much. For whatever reason, I feel like some wizards are more literate than muggles. Plus, as I am so fond of saying, "Because magic."

"And once again, it's not magic, it's just lazy!"

*ahem!* Pardon the noise.

Who knows what he's doing! ... Sort of. I know what Who's doing, anyway. Thanks for reading! It's actually really hard not to work on the next chapter when I have the Stargate entry to do and another challenge I signed up for to finish... T_T


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