Reviews For The Skull Beneath the Skin

Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 03 Jan 2019 02:50 PM · For: II. Between the Hammer and the Anvil

aww, isobel i just i can't wait until you post another chapter!


this was too good and even though only like three scenes happen, there's so much story and backstory that i think i'll have to go back and re-read it just to catch everything!


lucious is deliciously mysterious and cunning and a bit evil and i love him! i also enjoyed reading about the hitchens family dynamic - i really understand posy's frustration at being treated like something lesser than her brothers all the time :I


i do wonder about tibs!?! what's going on with him :O 


i'm just ahh! i know this review is basically me just gushing over everything but well, that's how much i like your story *_*

Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 06 Oct 2018 04:12 PM · For: I. No-One Mourns the Wicked

wow isobel just wow :o


i probably said this at some point but if i didn't someone should punish me :P BUT YOU ARE AN AMAZING WRITER.


this first chapter (i haven't actually read skulls properly before :O) is absolutely perfect - it adds enough detail and information about everyone but at the same time it's still kind of mysterious and makes you want to read more (now i'm very jelly you hid the rest of the chapters!).


posy is an interesting character. i like her for her determination to not be considered just a girl, be a subservient wife and all that good stuff, but ultimately, her wish to become the next bellatrix lestrange then makes me feel guilty for liking her. so then i stop and then i go back again and the circle starts again so i'm very conflicted, but i think you wanted to achieve that because it makes for a more interesting story than the classic 'good hero' and i love that. i adore morally gray, and even immoral characters so i'm definitely looking forward to read more about posy and the rest of the cast :D



Name: The Heir of Slytherin (Signed) · Date: 30 Jul 2018 06:09 AM · For: I. No-One Mourns the Wicked

I loved this first chapter so much. Especially Posy’s realistic view of her death, and yet how it doesn’t stop her from wanting to stick with her plan and what she believes in. I love the mix of canon and OC, the mentions of Narcissa Malfoy and Regulus, who are among my favourite characters. I can’t wait to read more, I have a feeling I’ll be sucked right into this story.


Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 22 May 2018 04:12 PM · For: I. No-One Mourns the Wicked

Hey, there! :)

I've heard great things about this story for a while but never got the chance to actually check it out... so I decided that it was about time to stop by.

This first chapter was so interesting. I don't have much sympathy for Death Eaters most of the time, I'll admit, but I think seeing the other side of the story is always interesting, and I think the dynamics and way of thinking in the pureblood society is always fascinating to explore.

Posy is an interesting character so far. I might disagree with her ideals and ambitions, but I do admire her strenght and the fact that she wants to be more than the loyal, subservient wife of a respected Death Eater. I'm enjoying her thought process so far, even if all her prejudices make me a bit sad. I'm also very curious about her group of friends, they seem an interesting quartet.

Basically, I love the way you have presented the pureblood society, how it is made of appearence and traditions and that tendency of negating the existence of uncomfortable realities. The funeral scene really emphasize that, how everyone is there because they are supposed to but no one is truly mourning, the knowledge that no one will ever speak the name again. I love it.

I'm also very curious to find out how Posy's story will develop and how she will grow and change in future chapters. I'm quite sure you've built an interesting character arc for her and hopefully I'll manage to come back soon and find out more.

Leaving for now, but thank you for a great read!

Lots of love,


Name: MuggleMaybe (Signed) · Date: 05 May 2018 03:16 PM · For: III. A Question of Loyalty

ISOBEL!!! (hug)


I have been meaning to get back to this fic for AGES and I am so excited to finally have a chance! 


Posy is such an intriguing character. On the one hand, her blood prejudice is gross and I am really, really hoping she'll end up changing her mind about that. On the other hand, I appreciate her ambition and her frustration with the more domestic expectations she has to deal with. She's smart, too. (Come on, Posy! Use that brain to become not a bigot! Go, go, go! =P )


I think it's cute how she says she isn't worried that Tibs might be getting attention from other girls, but even having the thought betrayes that maybe she is a bit jealus, despite her efforts not to be. 


"Not for the first time, I’m thankful that my parents chose to purchase a castle to live in."

^UM. NO KIDDING, HOLY COW. Secret passages! That's so cool! And I love how you used her exit from the passage to show us how strategic she is. And then hit that point home with her suggestion about the dress robes. Brilliant characterization!


You capture traditional pure blood life so sharply. The formality of eatting breakfast all together, at a certain time, is so posh-seeming. (Am I using the word posh right? Stupid American over here haha.) And she call her parents mother and father, which is sooooo stiff and cold to me. But I think her relationships with them are like that too. You really hit that home with the last time: She doesn't feel accepted or valued. 


Small thing, but I love that Posy wants to include Rue. That speaks to a better heart than she lets on. 


Is that next chapter the shopping trip? I wonder how that will go...


I am really eager to see where this story goes. I need to find more time to come back here soon!


xoxo Renee

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 29 Jan 2018 07:07 PM · For: Please Reject Me

Omg, please tell me there's more? soon? Things just got wild, in an enemies-were-just-made-while-still-maintaining-social-niceties sort of way. Leave it to purebloods to have this dramatic conversation where it can be all imposing threats and manipulating one another and and an outsider wouldn't even notice a thing. Their conversations are like icebergs. What you see is just a small part of it, and the majority is under the water and out of sight.


But I'm getting ahead of myself and starting at the end. Backing up then - what was the deal iwth the mints? Mrs Hitchens is keeping a secret and Fortescue knows about it and whatever it is is a Big Deal. I'm so curious. It seemed almost like a warning? But I can't imagine what it is and this is another reason I'm looking forward to reading more of this story soon.


Mrs Hitchens really is desperate to try and get Tibs and Posy together if that was her reason for sending Posy to talk with Lucius. I mean. That's a bit of a stretch XD And the worst part is that she made poor Posy give up her ice cream. Nothing should come between a girl and her ice cream, it's cruel!


Which brings me to the conversation between Lucius and Posy which, as I've indicated, was very interesting. First I find it very believable that Lucius would start railing at the poor shop employee about the flying book inconveniencing him even after the man apologised to him. And I really admire how Posy stood up to him despite that he's a "superior" wizard (according to whatever pureblood hierarchy), being frank and honest about how they're not friends. And her loyalty to her friends is wonderful as well - she knows interrupting Lucius makes her look bad and she doesn't even have the whole truth but she doesn't hesitate to defend Regulus and Walden. Lucius may be right about Regulus' heart not being in the Death Eaters, but he is so manipulative here and I hate him for it. And for the Legilimency - yikes. I love the way you described how Legilimency feels, though - that's a great comparison.


Another great chapter. Good luck in the FROGS!

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 29 Jan 2018 04:15 PM · For: III. A Question of Loyalty

Posy lives in a castle with hidden passageways - I am so jealous. I enjoyed the anecdotes of how she figured out how to do the revealing spell though, haha


Valerian Augustus Philemon Hitchens - What a name XD His name is bigger than he is! Seriously, your choices of Pureblood names are so good. I actually laughed out loud at reading the name Tamarix (that's the Latin name for a rather invasive tree which is the bane of all botanists' existence where I live :P)


This is such an interesting look into the expectations set upon pureblood teenagers and the limitations set upon women in particular. I so empathise with Posy for her thoughts there at the end, how she's expected to be a Slytherin and be very cunning and resourceful, but she's not supposed to display those traits for any reason except to get a husband, which is all she is expected or encouraged to do. I feel so badly for her because she has big ambitions of being important and doing something for the world, and no one values her intelligence. No wonder she feels so out of place at home where everyone else adheres fast to the established gender roles.


She is very diplomatic, though! (At least regarding things she doesn't want any part in XD) I think she handlled the dress robe argument very well, although poor thing, now she has to deal with probably hours of people telling her what she should buy when it's unlikely she has the same tastes in dress robes. (I kinda imagine Posy would go more for like the witch equivalent of a power suit, that makes her look important and gives her the image of crashing through glass ceilings, whereas I doubt her mother wants her to dress to look powerful.) I feel like this shopping trip might be kind of amusing to read and I'm looking forward to it :P


This was another great chapter and I really enjoyed the view into her family life and her thoughts about her own circumstances. The last line is so sad.

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 29 Jan 2018 03:31 PM · For: II. Between the Hammer and the Anvil

Hi Isobel! Congrats on your FROGS nominations!

I was excited to discover that this story is about the same characters as those featured in Muggle Studies, which I read a while ago and really enjoyed. I love when stories intersect like that and it's neat to dive deeper into that world. Which brings me to this: there are so few stories about Death Eaters from their own point of view. And sure, a lot of what they did is horrible and they have very bigoted views. But, this makes for such a good story and inevitably will lead to lots of emotional confusion in the reader :P (Isn't that what we all go for? :P). I almost felt bad when Posy laments that she knows the Death Eaters will all be dead in five years, along with her whole way of life. I shouldn't feel bad, because the Death Eaters are awful, but you show this very human side to them - weaknesses, regrets, ambitions - that I really appreciate.


Posy seems to be so intent on proving herself, and I think this comes from a lot of places, mainly that she has a Muggleborn grandfather and that she is female, both of which make the others take her a lot less seriously. I liked her admiration for Bellatrix as sort of, in her eyes, a feminist icon, or at least someone she looks up to for being strong and powerful. It says a lot about how Posy sees herself. Tbh, I've always wondered if there were other women in the Death Eaters that just weren't as noticeable as Bellatrix, or if it was strictly a boys club with one exception. Did women ever want to join? And so I like that you've brought up this topic and I want Posy to succeed just to introduce some gender equality into the group. And then I question myself because I shouldn't be wanting someone to join the Death Eaters, what is this story doing to me.


One scene I absolutely loved (in a sad way) was when Posy finds Walburga in the library. I love that you showed this side to her, that she is actually quite torn up over Sirius leaving, and that she thinks no one will ever mourn him. Although he's joined the other side and she will never speak to him again for becoming a 'traitor' to the family, he is still her son and she cares about him. Not that she would ever breathe a word of that to anyone while sober. I think it's quite realistic that she's an alcoholic, as well.


My goodness, Tibs hiring the Muggle servants bound by the Unbreakable Vow - I really had no idea what to expect regarding his plan that he's so proud of but wouldn't tell anyone about, but it's awful. I kinda wonder if there's also an Imperius Curse going on - are the Muggles happy doing this? I can't imagine they are. I'm curious what Walden and Regulus think of it - all we saw was their initial shock that he would do it and their concerns that it is illegal. Is Regulus repulsed by the idea that there are Muggles in the house, or that the Muggles are stuck in this awful situation? I have my guesses, but... he doesn't make it entirely clear. I'm sure he does that intentionally.


So yeah I really love this fic so far! Great writing.

Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 18 Dec 2017 10:14 PM · For: III. A Question of Loyalty



Tib's behavior is exceptionally strange and I'm sincerely wondering what is going to become of him. The entire situation as this absolutely sinister foreshadowing vibe to it (you know, 'something wicked this way comes'). The secret passages and Posy's usage thereof is awesome (I absolutely adore secret passages), and it allows her to be prompt for breakfast. Oh, yeah, it has to be tough on the little ones, having to watch their friends leave for Hogwarts without them because of the cutoff dates for birthdays. Ouch, yeah that was a little offensive, but I doubt that Posy really cares all that much about dresses and shops--she just doesn't seem like that kind of person. And, actually, her response was really well thought-out and makes complete sense. Posy and her mother clearly don't get along well--and her mother is as stern a Pureblooded woman as I would expect. 



Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 18 Dec 2017 09:11 PM · For: II. Between the Hammer and the Anvil

Hello, again!


Can I just say that I've already fallen in love with this? Okay, so Posy's distaste for but expectations to have small talk with all of the guests (and thank goodness for Walden being able to help her slip past some more personal conversations) is quite well-played for her characterization, emphasizing her opposition to her name and what it is meant to represent of her. And then, you've blown me away with Walburga Black crying in the library -- absolutely stunned me! She's crying over her concern that nobody will show up to Sirius' funeral because of how he's been shunned from the pureblood elitist society as an outcast and it almost touching in a way. I have NEVER read a story that humanizes Walburga the way you have here and I cannot express my excitement! 


Furthermore, her very real concern about the war and what side her son is standing on is amazing. Posy's silent confession of missing her once-friend and her acknowledgment to herself that she will, indeed, mourn him when he's gone is also fairly touching. Who knew the Blacks (and other purebloods) were human, after all? I'm sure Orion was grateful that Posy kept his wife's meltdown under wraps. 



I really enjoy the Walden, Tibs, Regulus, Posy friendship foursome. They all seem to be running along the same page (as are most teenagers)--bored with family and stuffy parties and looking forward to their futures. Tib's solution to his mother's terminal illness is interesting, that'll be something to look for finding out. Poor Regulus isn't going to have any time for himself. And, oh my goodness--Tibs' forcing Muggles to take the unbreakable vow to become servants? That's...insane (and yeah, probably illegal). Plus there's the whole hanging question in the air of whether Tibs plans on killing them when his mother has passed. 



Excellent chapter!



Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 18 Dec 2017 08:41 PM · For: I. No-One Mourns the Wicked



At such a young age, it must be difficult to wrap your head around something so sinister as to why your grandfather isn't buried with the rest of the family (or visited or mourned). It's probably an even more difficult concept to grasp that your grandfather was 'wicked'. I think the statement that Tibs had already grieved the loss of his father long before his death speaks volumes about the man being buried--it must be tragic to see someone transform into something else. Posy's aspiration to become a Death Eater is a bit frightening, and I'm really anticipating reading this story from her perspective and what roads she will be traveling down. At least she wants to be an independent woman, free from the shackles of a typical pureblood marriage and able to become a respectable Death Eater. I'm also anticipating some Regulus friendship in this, which sounds like it's going to be quite fun! 


Looking forward to the next chapter!



Name: Valentine Puff (Anonymous) · Date: 28 Feb 2017 04:31 PM · For: Please Reject Me

Hey there, back again!

Aww, back to relatable Posy for me lol. That sounds like a nightmare aha. Nice reward for it though, and that butterbear ice-cream does sound delicious.

Oh dear, Lucius Malfoy. That’s never a good sign. I guess he probably wants to discuss his wife's actions from the other night. Poor Posy. Aha, that’s a funny scene, the one with the books, I love these little bits and pieces you put in, it really makes the story come alive.

Oh wow, it’s interesting to see him so young, probably just coming into power and favour with the dark lord. He seems to know a lot about Regulus though, which is interesting as well. I feel sorry for Posy though, she’s so sure of Regulus.

Wow. That was a turn of events, I wonder what this will do for her relationship with her brother? Or what Malfoy will do now that she didn’t offer him forward. Also, why did he want to find out about her brother? This chapter was really intriguing and I’m looking forward to finding out more! :)

Name: ShazaLupin (Signed) · Date: 27 Feb 2017 11:08 AM · For: III. A Question of Loyalty

Hey there, back again! :)

Hmm, gut feelings tend to be right but I wonder if she is? Maybe a little bit right but that’s not the full story? Also, for how concerned she sounds that Tibs could have been recruited long before he was supposed to be, I feel like she’d be jealous more than anything.

Oooh, fun! I’d love to live in a castle, it’d be so exciting, proven here by the secret passageways. Nice addition to the story.

This is an interesting dynamic, normally it’s the father who’s the head and in charge, but I feel like it’s Posy’s mother here. Although maybe that’s just because Posy is a girl since he is still sat at the head of the table. I love this breakfast scene, it’s so interesting finding out more about her family and the way she interacts with them. She is such a tactical thinker, everything is focused on her ambition and while it’s not the best ambition to have, it’s still kind of admirable.

Ah, this is something I can relate to, a distaste in dress shopping (or just shopping in general lol). It must be frustrating though, having to stick to traditions and not be able to do something just because it’s seen as unladylike, that would also drive me up the wall. I can see how that would leave Posy wondering if her family love her, but I think her mum just wants what she thinks is best for her, which sounds like to me. Although if I were Posy I’d probably feel the same way.

Another great chapter, I’m looking forward to the next one (and dreading it but that’s because it’s the last one up so I’ll not have anything to read until you update :P).

Name: Valentine Puff (Anonymous) · Date: 26 Feb 2017 10:02 PM · For: II. Between the Hammer and the Anvil

Hey there, figured I’d carry on reading and see what happens next! :)

Yeah, Posy’s name does seem an odd choice for a pureblood family, especially since they take such pride in their surname, but perhaps her mother just really liked it.

I’ve never been to a wake but I feel like this one is being used as a way of keeping up appearance and social status, which I feel isn’t the norm, well except for purebloods lol.

Well Rosy has more guts/sympathy than me, I think I’d be too scared to enter the room if I heard someone crying in case I just made it worse. But she seems like she can handle it. I love this side of Walburga, I know they were devoted to the dark lord but she was still his mother, and it must have hurt for him to leave. I think you’ve portrayed that extremely well here.

I like how you’re establishing this group, as I said in muggle studies, I feel like they’re an interesting group and I’m looking forward to seeing what they get up to, except for Regulus if you're keeping this canon :( . Hmm, I keep trying to work out if there’s an order or a leader kind of thing in the group but I don’t feel like there is, but the fact that allied Tibs and Regulus are better than Posy and Wal is interesting.

Wow, I was curious as to what plan he had thought up of but I’m surprised at this. Although I see now why he had to keep it quiet. It is a pretty genius plan though, and I’m glad his mother is getting better.

Envy, wow, that is something else. The poor women is dying and she feel’s envy, oh dear. I feel like her desire to be a death eater and impress the dark lord is going to cause her some problems further down the line. Hmm, I guess I’ll have to keep reading to see what happens! :)

Name: Valentine Puff (Anonymous) · Date: 26 Feb 2017 09:33 PM · For: I. No-One Mourns the Wicked

Hey there, back again, hope you’re having a great day! :)


This is such a hard concept to grasp, having read the Harry Potter books and them being from Harry’s P.O.V. Reading the first line I automatically thought death eaters/dark wizards. It’s not. It’s a great idea, I just clearly haven’t read enough stories from people P.O.V who think like that, but I’m glad that’s changing with this story!


Ah, yeah, okay, so I’m glad I read muggle studies before as that kind of explains this a little bit, otherwise I think I’d be confused. But as it’s a prologue that’s a good thing cause it would force me to keep on reading haha.


This is such an interesting idea, I love how you’ve included canon characters but it’s from the P.O.V of an OC, I can’t wait to see how you develop her character! :)

Name: PaulaTheProkaryote (Signed) · Date: 14 Feb 2017 06:39 PM · For: Please Reject Me

I just popped in to clear my thread and noticed that I never responded to finishing your review. I'm glad I clicked because SURPRISE! It was still sitting in my google docs. Without further ado, here's your review:


What a terrible child, not throwing a proper tantrum when it was needed. Monstrous creatures, children. Yeah, I wouldn't mention it or The Three Broomsticks might become banned. What a boring Hogsmeade trip that would be then. You know she'd never be allowed in Hog's Head. Where would she butterbeer up? Based on my butterbeer experience (90% sure that's a wizard rock band) cold butterbeer is delicious!

While her mother treats her coldly (ordering her to get the ice creams was a bit snotty seemingin my mind) I like that Aviana is nice enough to reward her for going to get the ice cream. It's not a real reward, of course, but it was still nice in my mind. I'm a bit razzle dazzled by how odd the niceness was and apparently so was Posy.

OOOh, what's going on with Fortescue and her mother! I'm curious. Obviously my mind first jumps to some passionate affair between them, but he might just be promoting his business or something equally mundane. I'm going with the affair.

Poor Posy. Will her mother let her get another ice cream before they go home? Somehow I doubt it.

Based on her mother's reactions to the after eights I'm now positive there's some eyebrow wiggling to be had.

Lucius is giving me bad vibes, but maybe that's my bias against him.

I think autocorrect got you. It says a book careers by her head and I'm 90% sure it's meant to be careens. I'm snickering a bit that Lucius got whacked upside the head though.

AH! THERE'S THE TITLE! Why does that make me so giddy?


Name: PaulaTheProkaryote (Signed) · Date: 25 Jan 2017 01:50 PM · For: III. A Question of Loyalty

Hello lovely,


There's something so disheartening about losing a review. *endless sobs*


I feel bad for Posy for worrying so much over Tibs. And Tibs for delaying a response to her. Obviously he should drop everything and reply. Also that's such a horrible reason to take Muggle Studies! To use it against him? Dang, you write dark characters. I never even thought of that.


Can I just say that if I lived somewhere with secret passages I'd literally die/never leave. That's my dream. I'm building a house when I move back so I'll put it on my list and see if I can make it happen!


I like how Posy immediately becomes so formal around her parents. I think that's what I'd expect, but I don't think it's a dialogue change that I would have remembered to put in if I'd been the one writing it.


"she asks every Sunday: when he and his wife Rue will be adding a child to our family." Literally my mother-in-law. Oh, and she wants me to use her maiden name as a middle name for my unborn, unmade child. It's a terrible one too. I'll pm it to you at some point so you can snort. Well, I snort. I don't know if you would.


"Valerian Augustus Philemon Hitchens"


I'm dying at how good you are with pureblood names. August 13th is my favorite day. Perfect time to RSVP. (it's my birthday)


I love the pureblood "hot issues" we get to face in this chapter, like where to buy robes at and how ghastly Ophelia's dress robes were. How dare she. How could he hate the feel of velvet? It's so velvety! I'd dance with Ophelia all night.


I agree with Father. Dang, Posy! That was a politician's answer! And on the fly like that!


I do see how you could classify it as a filler chapter, but I think a lot happened. We've got development on the Tibs front, development on the Posy's character front, and definitely a lot of development on the Hitchens front. I feel like it really introduced us to a lot of the characters in a more intimate way than our brief glimpses of them. I feel like we get plenty of distinction with each of the characters (especially the wives). I think you've put a very unique voice into pureblood families that I've never read before so definitely don't worry about cliche. I think a lot of readers will enjoy these breakfast conversations because it's so mundane, but in a refreshing way. If it was nonstop action I'd never be able to catch my breath and I wouldn't believe the characters.


I love the new chapter summary. We get insight into all of the characters and their endgames, but we also get a taste of what this world will be like! I think it's a solid one!


Can't wait to review the next chapter!

Name: MegGonagall (Signed) · Date: 23 Jan 2017 06:11 PM · For: I. No-One Mourns the Wicked

Yes! This is exactly the type of story I've been looking for! I've been dying to read something from the Death Eaters' POV. With them as the protagonists instead of the antagonists. I'm super excited for this story. 

I really love the MC, Posy. She seems so normal, and speaks of the Mudbloods and Blood-traitors like they're the bad guys, and it almost makes you feel like they are the bad guys. I'm here like, "yeah! Those damn Mudbloods!" hahaha. 

That opening line is absolutely fantastic. One of the best opening lines I've read in fic. It draws you in immediately and makes you need to read more. 

I'm really interested to see where this all goes, and if she does end up becoming the only other female Death Eater at that time. I love that she's like, "I'm not going to be some subservient wife! I'm going to be feared and respected dammit!" She's a strong, independent woman, who don't need no man. :p 

But yeah, this was a great opening chapter. I'm definitely going to continue on with this, because like I said, I've been craving a story like this. 

Congrats on finishing your chapter last night!! I'm super thrilled I've had a chance to read this!! I'll be back. <33



Name: PaulaTheProkaryote (Signed) · Date: 21 Jan 2017 09:09 PM · For: II. Between the Hammer and the Anvil

Hello lovely,


WHY DID I NOT IMMEDIATELY COME BACK I MEANT TO I MEANT TO. I Love the way you write and that prologue was to die for. Also I love the chapter title.


Dionysus is an interesting contrast to Posy on the name front and I especially love the bit about the poor house elves. Just the entire characterization of him we get a glance at plus the hypocrisy of his policy and her subsequent resentment. Although to be fair at an event like that kids should probably take it easy on those sort of hedonistic pleasures.


Libraries are always good hiding places. Only the most interesting people hide out there. Like Mrs. Black. I like that Walburga is grieving over the future loss of Sirius. I like that she's so distraught. She should be! This scene redeems her a bit in my eyes. Despite what she's done to him, she's mourning for him in her own way. I feel like you've done a really thorough job of leaving her bereft and I so genuinely feel her pain. I think for her Sirius put her in a very hard position of choosing between what she believed was fundamentally right and her own family. To support him would be to betray herself.


I'm a little terrified of what this alternative to house elves might be, but also curious. I hope it's not inferi or something equally dark. Dear heaven, nevermind. It's as bad as I thought. REALLY? Muggles trapped with an unbreakable? I get that he's desperate, but yikes.


There's this major part of me that wants a redemption (everyone loves a redemption story), but I'm in love with this dark side of magic and the envy she has and the desire to be accepted. I love everything about the inner turmoil you throw me into when I read this.


I think all of the characters are interesting and you're fleshing them out in a very natural way that holds my attention. I do love Tibs (maybe love to hate?) because he's so far off the reservation but in a totally understandable way. I'm not saying I'd enslave muggles for my mom...but I'm not definitively ruling it out. He's a grief driven kid with some jacked up morals mixed with a pinch of desperation. I get it. I like it. We get a hint of Posy's interest in Sirius and I'm interested in what's cracking there. I know you said it was unrequited, but I've got a soft spot for my boy so I'm being nosy.


Can’t wait for the next chapter!

Name: MuggleMaybe (Signed) · Date: 13 Jan 2017 01:43 PM · For: II. Between the Hammer and the Anvil

Oh, Posy, honey, you are missing the point in your envy. Doesn't she get that Tib's mother is dying? How can she be envious of him when he's going through something so terrible? As they say, "she needs to straighten out her priorities."I dig that, though. She's a character was a HUGE about to learn, and I'm really eager to see if, when, and how she learns it.


Also, this plan of Tib's is insane. But then, they obviously don't realize that Muggles are, ya know, PEOPLE.


I really liked how you captured the Blacks, and the idea of Walburga as an alcoholic feels so right to me. Also, our gang's deliberation over how to escape the wake in a way that won't attract any negative attention was perfectly pure-blood and slytherin-y and I loved it. You're capturing a very intricate, nuanced take on that Sacred 28/Death Eater sort of culture, it's very cool to read.


I'm really interested to see where this is gonna go, it's great so far!


xoxo Renee

Name: MuggleMaybe (Signed) · Date: 13 Jan 2017 01:11 PM · For: I. No-One Mourns the Wicked

Ooooooh, I like this! And can't say that I exactly like Posy, with all the blood purity stuff, but she's enticingly slytherin. I admire her for being steadfastly ambitious even though that isn't what people what from her. She's a rebel in her own way.


Our gang is Posy, Tiberius, Regulus, and Walden - interesting that (at least so far) none of her close friends appear to be girls. I can't remember if the summary says who the love interest is and now I super curious to find out. I don't think it's Walden, because she talks about him like a brother more than anything. My money is on Regulus. Given how Reg's story ends, I am curious how Posy's view of things will change during this story.


This prologue has definitely caught my interest, and your writing is fab as always!


xoxo Renee

Name: PaulaTheProkaryote (Signed) · Date: 08 Jan 2017 12:11 AM · For: I. No-One Mourns the Wicked

Hello lovely!

Okay. I wasn't going to mention it, but I have to. When I read the story summary I started like rubbing my hands like that supervillain baby (I'll tweet you the meme and you'll be like whaaat) because WOW it sounds so good already. I'm typing this before I've even actually read the prologue either.

YOU HOOKED THE READER SO FAST WITH "In the end, no-one mourns the wicked." Like that could have been the entire prologue and I'd just be sitting here nodding.

It's bizarre, but also profound that they consider her mudblood (sobs at the word) ancestor the villain. The wicked. It's profound to me in that I don't think any actual "bad guy" really thinks they are the bad guys. Everyone seems to think they are on the right side of history. And then in contrast with Aurelius.

WHAT IS GOING ON AND WHY AM I SO INVESTED IN THIS FAMILY DRAMA ALREADY. Words like betrayal and selfish are so good for this too. I think a lot of writers when focusing on the pureblood families tend to lean towards words like rebellion when describing characters like Sirius, but I don't think that properly expresses the gravity of the situation. The depth of the betrayal of their basic fundamental beliefs.

I'm very interested in Tibs and this dynamic here. I can't wait for more expansion on them. Perfect match? Are we going to see some nudged marriage concepts? I love that.

This idolization of Bellatrix is bizarre and fascinating and definitely something I've never read before. Wow, the impact of the last line. Wow, wow, wow.

I've never read anything like this entire story and are you ready to post more? You should totally post more.

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