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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: The Spy

Hey, hunny! I'm back for more Magical Menagerie Reviews!


It's understandable that Draco would be a little hesitant to want to say who the spy is, despite knowing he must, because of everything that the Weasley's have done for him! It must feel like he's the one tearing apart their family (to him, I mean), when he's really just calling out a rat. And of course, as expected, learning that it's Percy who is the one who has been betraying them and spying for Voldemort must've been absolutely devastating for Molly and Arthur. 


I feel so bad for them. It taking a bit for them to resign to the fact that he is, in fact, the spy makes sense. I would try to deny it as much as possible too if it had been my child. And the rest of the Weasley clan reacting so badly to the news makes sense, too. Having one of their own go to Voldemort has got to be a huge betrayal (and now the Ultimate Betrayal's title makes a lot of sense). But George is right, Percy has been deviating from their family for a long time, like his family wasn't good enough for him. 


And with Saleena leaving, things are looking frightening for the future, too. Plus, I agree -- it wasn't right of them all to just accuse Roxi because she was from a different country. She was brought there to help, after all! I think Roxi and Tonk's personalities are going to be great fun together -- I can't wait to see more of the partners in action!


See you soon!


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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: False Accusations

Hey, back for more Magical Menagerie reviews (again and again and again)!


I forgot to mention in the last chapter -- I feel bad that Saleena had to take Veritaserum. It kind of forced her secret that she is the heir to the Gypsy throne out of her. I'm undecided if that it's not good for other people to know, because there's a greater threat of it getting back to Voldemort, or if it's actually good for more people to know, in the event that she goes missing or something, they'll know why and at least be able to look for her. 


Aww, obviously Draco would be sad that she's leaving. Saleena's been the only one who has been truly on his side, fighting for him -- she's all he's got left (until we get to Roxi later on anyway, :P). At least she's making sure he's in some sort of order before she leaves. I don't think she would ever be able to leave him if he wasn't able to fend for himself -- she's just too protective of that blonde little pain in the butt. But she's right though -- going back to master her gift...to make herself stronger...it can only prove useful in this whole mess.


And I love Roxi's immediate zero-ing in on Draco, too. It's kind of adorable how she finding him cute despite all the ish he's had to go through (which has probably left him a little worse-for-wear). Similarly, I love how focused Draco is while he's listening to her, and how observant he is of her. Roxi is so spunky, I can't help but love her (and neither can Draco, hahaha!). The pair is definitely cute, I can't wait to see them actually get together in about fifty-to-sixty years from now ;).


I'll be back!



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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: A Drop of Veritaserum

Hey bb -- back for some more reviewing love for the Magical Menagerie!


This is another one of my favorites, I think -- just because of the sheer amount of information given about the Gypsies, which is so awesome to finally be able to piece together some of who they are and what they do. Of course, with it being a matriarchal society (sans men), it doesn't do much in the way for love outside of procreation, does it? Of course, we know that has led to complications in the past. I do have a question, though, that I haven't thought of until right now. Was Kireonna the first known to run away with a man? Also, was the only reason she was hunted down because she was to give birth to the heir, or would they have chased any straying Gypsy down?


Of course, once the trio find out what Voldemort is really after with the Gypsies, it's only going to be a matter of time until it leads back to Saleena! Is she going to be able to keep her identity a secret? Also, with the clan split in what they want to do (as far as ally with Voldemort or not), doesn't that make them much weaker as a whole and much more susceptible if Voldemort were to gain some of their support? Ahh, the tension is killing me. I also really want to know how Saleena will fair with the Gypsies (I haven't read that One-shot yet). I also wonder how she'll be received now that she's been gone for so long and times are desperate.


Another wonderful chapter



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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: Trustworthy

Hey, I'm back with the Magical Menagerie thingies again!


Ah, thank God for Saleena -- I'm so glad she was there to help Draco. Truly, I think that they'd be lost without her. She's totally right, though -- it was SO uncalled for Srimegeour to ban Draco from going to his own home AND not be able to touch any of his family money. That is going to make things so much harder on him, without any way to actually buy anything when he's essentially on his own (though at least he now has allies).


I really enjoyed the exchange between McGonagall and Saleena, too (though it might be a trend that I like anything with Saleena, haha!). Saleena is SO guarded about her past and her family, and about the Gypsies. I can see why she doesn't want to bring it up though -- if the Gypsies are known as powerful, they're probably a bit misunderstood, and with the pressure of Voldemort wanting to gain their aid -- they've become a bargaining chip. PLUS Saleena clearly doesn't want to be associated with something she left in the past a long time ago. And now knowing that Voldemort is searching for HER must be absolutely frightening -- I feel so bad for Saleena!


I'll be back!




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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: The Healer

Hi Deana!


Uuh, I really love this introduction to Saleena! Her relationship with her mother is clearly very strained and left a sense of mystery - I was super intrigued by her past with the clan and the fact that she knew Sirius


Love the way she speaks against the 'feminist cult element' of the Gypsy clan and that men are human too - is it a reference to modern days maybe? 


More mystery - what is this clan? What is this gift? How old is Seleena? Does she look younger than her age since Molly said she looked young? So many questions!


I'm very excited to see where this story is headed - it's so original and different from any fanfic I've read before. Great job!


- Beth 

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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: Under Arrest

Hey, hunny, I'm back with more Magical Menagerie business.


The Weasley's must be having internal panic-attacks...harboring fugitives and whatnot. I have to give it up to them for managing to keep their cool. And ugh, Percy is such a pain (it's no wonder that he turns to the dark side...I'm not fond of him in this -- not that you haven't done a great job with him, just that he's a weasel). It's just so awful that he would rat his own parents out to the Ministry of Magic. 


When I first found out that Scrimgeour finds Draco, I was absolutely terrified for poor Draco. I wasn't sure how he was going to get out of it, either -- not with ten different kinds of proverbial bounties on his poor blonde head. And thus, I am definitely thrilled that Saleena got there. And that woman can FIGHT -- she verbally slayed Scrimgeour, gave him what for, and handing him his own butt as she pushed him out the door. And this is why we all love Saleena. 


Ugh, and Scrimgeour is so blind? Can't he see that, yes, YES there has been a Death Eater snooping under his nose the whole time -- it's the same rat who turned on his family! I can't wait until Percy gets outed. 


Great job!



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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: Same Side Now

Back for the Magical Menagerie Event! O/ 


I think it was absolutely necessary to have a Draco-Harry interaction scene. There's a lot of air that needs clearing there, and throwing it right out on the table is something that absolutely needs to be done. I think they handled it rather well, despite a couple quick setbacks. I really appreciated that you showed that old ways really do die hard in their rivalry, but through their bit of frustrations, they were able to come to some sort of understanding. 


Of course, once Ron comes into the picture, then we REALLY get some squabbling and drama. Ron just does not want to let the past die, and I understand that it's difficult for him to let go how horrible the Malfoys have been to his family over the years, but I do feel a bit bad for Draco (especially after everything he's just had to go through, with the torture and his mother being murdered and everything, plus being on bedrest) that Ron is just so quick-tempered about him. Of course, Draco doesn't make it any easier, haha!


And I love the whole dramatic cliffhanger -- the Minister of Magic is there...and I'm almost certain we know why! I mean, this cliffhanger is really intense -- they only have seconds to hide? Draco still can't really move around? What are they going to do?!



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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: Unexpected Visitors

Back for more -- continuing Magical Menagerie reviewing!


Harry, Ron, and Hermione's trepidation about having Draco Malfoy in their house is somewhat understandable on their part. I mean, Draco had been a perpetual pain in the butt (and sort of a bully to boot) back at Hogwarts. Clearly, he was going through his own things (and if we read into the canonical aspect of the first book, might've only wanted to be Harry's friend to begin with), but he still made Harry's life (especially) more troublesome than it needed to be. Plus there was that whole business of being a Death Eater --not good news for people fighting a war against Voldemort.


However, and this is why I do enjoy Draco in this, you have given us a solid, concrete excuse for those actions. I think that's why it makes me extremely happy that Harry decides that he wants to give Draco the benefit of the doubt, even when Hermione and Ron are so adamantly against it! It also shows how selfless and willing to accept people Harry is. 


It absolutely breaks my heart that Draco is having nightmares, reliving his mother's death. It must be impossibly difficult to have witnessed Narcissa's murder -- poor Draco. But I am glad to see the Saleena - Draco interaction in this. It definitely reveals a whole other side of Saleena (Saleena, the Healer), where her gentleness and compassion really do shine through. And she's so great at giving Draco advice in the face of his uncertainties! She REALLY is the best Auntie any little Malfoy could ask for (don't you try to convince me that she's not his Aunt, because she's totally replaced Bella in my head ;) ). 


But she IS totally right -- he's going to have to prove them wrong. He's going to have to prove EVERYONE wrong. He has a LOT of work to do.


Another fantastic chapter!



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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: The Healer

Back for the Magical Menagerie! 


This has GOT to be one of my favorite chapters because I absolutely am in LOVE with Saleena. And I love everything that this chapter reveals about her, too. She buries herself in her work (which is also her way of avoidance), and she really just wants to help people. She's strong, spunky, and intelligent, and truly just a great character all around. 


When Kireonna shows up after so many years, Saleena is CLEARLY shook. And how could she not be? It must've felt like her mother abandoned her and her father all those years ago, even if she did do it for a little bit less selfish reasons than that. I think it's awesome of Saleena to stick to her guns and not want to go back to the Gypsies because it shows the tremendous amount of conviction she has. What's most surprising is that the clan (who clearly are not fond of men) would ever consider joining Voldemort, of all people. I mean, I can see their tremendous desperation in the face of the fact that Queen Carla is dying...they'll be without a leader.


And I love how much she cares about Draco, too. Even though she's technically just his healer, she somehow feels like the Aunt that Bellatrix never could be. 


Lovely chapter!



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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: Prolouge: Blessed With a Son

I'm here for the Magical Menagerie Event :)! 


This prologue gives me chills -- you do an absolutely fantastic job with the imagery and mood of this to help build this eerie horror-vibe (and this chapter definitely falls into that horror genre). Some of the word choice, alone (cold, dark, lonely, cruel) is indicative of it in itself, but when you get down to the actual content, THAT'S when things start to really push on the dark theme.


The thought of Voldemort taking my newborn into his claws is absolutely terrifying. I can imagine the pure dread that Lucius and Narcissa are facing, just knowing that that monster, who is capable of ANYTHING, is holding their newborn son. Like, I get it, it's inopportune to have a baby in a war, especially at the cost of distracting one of your best soldiers, but punishing the Malfoys by (not only making them swear to have Draco be a Death Eater once he's old enough) but to actually brand him (a baby) is horrific. I think you do an excellent job of painting Voldemort as the villain he truly is. 


Plus the mark is really quite symbolic. Voldemort has owned Draco since the day he was born, and that's sad and horrifying. It also further explains his canonical actions later in the series, where he's forced to do the Dark Lord's bidding -- because he is wholly without choice. 


Anyway, you do a great job with setting things up! 



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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: Prolouge: Blessed With a Son

I am floored by your way with words and this chapter found my emotions tugging at me.

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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: False Accusations

Hey, there, Deana! Here for your wishlist! Happy holidays, dear! :)

Oh, finally we are meeting Roxi! And she is quite the character for sure. I wasn't expecting someone that confident, but I guess it's nice to see something different for once. I think it's amusing how Roxi and Draco are already so interested in each other... :P Curious to see how their relationship will evolve... :D

I'm glad that Draco is feeling better. I love his relationship with Saleena, she really brings the best out of him. I love that he is so grateful to her and being so determined to show her support and gratitude. There is much more to Draco than the spoiled and arrogant boy we are used to see, and I think his relationship with Saleena in particular shows that pretty well.

I love McGonagall, but I can't help but feel like she's way too cunning in this? I mean, she's clever and brilliant and not afraid to do what needs to be done and is best for the Order and I appreciate that, but she also seems kind of manipulative and... I don't know... it makes me a little bit uncomfortable...

But I'm glad that she's showing trust to Draco and Saleena and Roxi, too. Which is definitely something Fred and George should learn as well... I get that trusting people during a war can be tricky, and even more accepting people who aren't so well known into a secret society like the Order is. But how could the Order survive without ever taking those risks? Also, their mistrust clearly comes primarily from their prejudice against Draco, which is a bit sad, too... I'm glad the adults are taking Minerva's side in this. too (and btw, that little speech of Remus' about not all gypsies being bad. Of course he would take that matter to heart. How much does he know about Saleena's backstory? I know they knew each other because of Sirius, but I can't remember if you said that before...)

I feel bad for Neville. Of course that experience he had with Seamus would make him so wary (I can't really blame Seamus, either. Panicking and running in a situation of mortal danger is kind of a natural reaction? But of course the consequences for Neville who was left behind were terrible...) Still, his reaction was absolutely unfair... :/

Oh oh... Draco is going to reveal the truth about Percy... I'm already feeling bad for Arthur and Molly... :( I'm very curious to see how that will go...

This was a great chapter! Hopefully I'll remember to come back soon!

Lots of love,


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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: Surrender and Remorse



Ok, I am SO HAPPY that Lucius escaped (relatively?) safely. Like I'm very happy that he made it to the Ministry and SUPER PROUD of him for confessing his crimes. Good on you for trying to make peace! He's defintiely got some things to make up for. It's a great start for him to give them information about Voldemort and his plan to try and take down Scrimegeour. And also that he gave them some of the info about the Gypsies! It's been a while since we've heard about them too--I'm a little curious what's going on over there! Is the ministry going to send somone there too? They better not mess up the Order's hard work!


BUT WHAT IS LUCIUS DOING WITH THAT DUMB IDEA? THERE ARE WAY BETTER LET ME STRESS THAT WAY BETTER IDEAS THAT HE COULD MAKE UP FOR BEING A DEATH EATER! What is going to happen here? I feel like it will backfire. I'm sure there are a lot of people who really are not big fans of his and this crazy mob may get way out of hand! OH GOD I JSUT HAD A THOUGHT WHAT IF DRACO SHOWS UP HERE? THAT CAN'T BE WHERE THEY AHVE THEIR REUNION DEANA IT CANNOT!


That last line of the chapter was SO SAD. You can really tell how the loss of Narcissa has affected him and changed him. It's really sad to see him so down, that this is like hte only thing to keep him going. I can't wait to read next chapter and see what happens (hopefully sometime this weekend, I am just too tired to read it right now, will fall asleep in the middle). 

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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: The Letter


Hi and happy holidays!


I'm really intrigued by the premise of your fic, very original!


Aas shocked by Narcissa's death, how terrible, but I'm really looking forward to reading about Draco's interactions with the Weasleys - that ought to be interesting. Rather enjoyed the way Arthur is a voice of reason and empathy, he's one of my favourite characters, love him. 


Just a few brief words - really looking forward to see how this will all turn out!


- Beth 



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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: Punishment

Hi wifey!! Here to finally continue my read through and spread some holiday cheer! Time to round up those darn nifflers! Happy Holidays love!!!


SO MUCH LUCIUS IN THIS CHAPTER!! THIS POOR MAN! I just want to wrap him up in a giant hug! I mean, he's done a lot of terrible things but he's really trying to change and he defintely feels remorse about it!


PERCY IS THE WORST!! STILL AWFUL, STILL TERRIBLE! boy, you ain't that great because you suddenly have some clout with the Dark Lord! I can't believe he use Crucio on Lucius!! I kind of feel like Percy is getting a little too big for his britches and I want to know what's going to happen to him? Will he continue to rise and all will be fine or will he have a drastic fall?


It was good to see Lucius and Severus talking together a lot at the end. It's obvious they both care for each other and they're lucky they have each other as friends. Poor Lucius losing so much in the last few weeks. I can see his redemption arc beginning; hopefully his escape goes well! I really enjoyed how you wrote this scene between these two friends! It's clear they've been through a lot together and have a lot of love for each other! Great chapter Deana! Can't wait to keep reading!

Name: Chemical_Pixie (Signed) · Date: 12 Nov 2018 12:14 AM · [Report This]
Story:Love, Not War Chapter: Under Arrest

Dear Deana,


I hope this NaNo pen pal letter/review finds you doing well! I love working with you this year for NaNo, and I am so proud of all the progress you've made on this fic. It's high time that I continue my own progress with LNW!


First off, I love how this chapter is linked with your prequel (of sorts), Doing the Right Thing. That piece had such spectacular tension, and your previous chapter ended on a cliffhanger. Opening this chapter with a calm moment between Molly and Hermione was unexpected but very effective. As soon as Scimgeour appears, then the full on panic resumes! And it's Percy who rats out the Weasley's? Gah! He's already the least favorite but now... and then... Deana, what?! The Imperius Curse? Oh, I'm so furious that Percy would have the audacity to do something like that on his own father! While I'm absolutely fuming at him for that, I also applaud your inclusion of it. Percy represents putting one's faith into the government, into the powers that be. Supposedly, he's for the moral good. But you show here that this is not always the case. Percy is too blinded by his loyalty to the Ministry to see the moral shortcomings...


But then--wam! Here I am, making such a case for Percy and then he's a bloody Death Eater?!?! Oh my goodness! This was quite the surprise for me, and I love it! (I'm torn up that a Weasley is one, but writer me is absolutely gleeful at this curveball.)


That entire scene between Draco and Scimgeour is so well done. There is so much tension between them. I love how Saleena bursts in and essentially forces the Minister to listen to Draco. And seeing the two of them hack it out before coming to some complicated compromise was a lot of fun to read. There is no easy choice, no easy path in this fic. It seems like both Draco and Scimgeour are both giving up things they most desparately want in the name of progress... And I'm thrilled that Molly won't be going to Azkaban after all. It was such a loving sacrifice on her end; she's one of my favorite characters in this fic. :)


Anyway, this is such a well written chapter, Deana! I cannot wait to read more. Good luck finishing chapter 23. You've made such wonderful progress, and I can't wait to see what you have in store! :D


Love from your pen pal

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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: Same Side Now

Deana! Here for your requested review.


And... what?! You cannot end a chapter like that. Okay, okay, okay. I know you can. And you should. But come on! Talk about an impossible situation! Ugh. What are Arthur and Molly going to do? As homeowners to the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, they must have some protocol in mind... and if they do, would it even cover hiding a Death Eater? Deana!


Okay, let's backtrack a little bit. The conversation between Harry and Draco is intense. They have years and years of amnity to sort out--and they begin that process here. Harry, being Harry, ever so noble, extends that hand of friendship! This is a great demonstation of what impossible situations do to people. They can put aside personal feelings for a bigger purpose, and Harry is the perfect character to do that! But Draco, ugh, come on, man, I know that you've suffered an irreplaceable loss and that you have guilt about a million and one things, but accept his offer, already!


And then Ron... you have him down so well. Even Horcrux wearing Ron. I'm glad that I clarified with you about you liking him, because he isn't very likeable in this chapter. But I think that's an important aspect to capture about him. He's such a grump! And he's fiercely loyal, and I love him for it! Again, your characterization is spot on.


And then Harry's vision about Lucius and Voldemort and everything... this leads me to the ending of this chapter, and Deana, how!?! Why?!?  Obviously I'll be back soon to see what happens!


P.S. That Sirius Black "No, Ron, I'm Harry" pun... you stabbed me in the heart with that one. Too soon. Forever too soon! (But I'm glad you included it.)

Name: Chemical_Pixie (Signed) · Date: 21 Oct 2018 04:22 AM · [Report This]
Story:Love, Not War Chapter: Unexpected Visitors

Deana! Here for the requested review.


What a chapter! I'm so stoked to have finally come across the HP characters I know and love: the Golden Trio (sorry, but you know my initial feelings towards Draco, a character I love to hate, hehehe). And they react in exactly the way I would imagine them to--goodness, you have a knack for writing canon characters!


I LOVE how Harry is the one who is most open about the prospect of having Draco under the Order's protection. It goes to show how much he's matured, especially since HBP, which I believe is still a part of your AU, when his obsession was what Draco was up to. Hermione is awesome at coming to terms second, though I still think she's going to avoid Malfoy as much as possible. And Ron, oh Ron, so endearing, but I totally understand where he's coming from. This Golden Trio are on a deadly mission, and while I so thrilled that they at least get to come home to the Burrow for, you know, food and shelter, that security is threatened by Draco, and you do a supurb job at capturing that.


Saleena, an OC... and you also write her well. She's so knowledgeable about her field, and she seems to care about Draco a lot, which makes me wonder why she doesn't take him unless he's able to pay for her services. This seems almost contradictary, but I think you do that on purpose. What's her deal? Who is she? I want to know! The way she can delve into Draco's memories...(which are horrific by the way, you really know how to punch someone figuratively in the gut with your writing while your characters suffer so much, well done), wow. That's an incredible scene.


I've mentioned this before, but your writing style reminds me of JRR Tolkien mixed in with an old fairy tale. I think it's your dialogue. It's captures the full thought processes of your characters. They have these grand words, which paint how they're feeling and what they intend to do, and the exchanges between them develop your story. You establish such a firm foundation on where each character stands and how they're perpetuating the story. Already, so early on in your novel, you have so many layers of complexity, and I look forward to exploring them further!



P.S. I get to claim review 100! :) 

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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: The Truth

Gahhhhh helloo again I am back!! Loved this second request just as much as the first and super glad you made the request to have them both done together because it was great to read them so close to each other!


This was definitely a super emotional chapter, especially for Draco! It's so great to see him open up to Roxi, even if he starts off pretty reluctant to do so. It's clear that he needs someone to talk to, and she's deifnitely a good person for him!


I really love that I can literally see their relationship progress in this chapter. Like, I can just see them growing closer and closer because of this talk and then when she sees him break down but he doesn't end up kicking her out. And his sarcastic defense mechanism to prevent her from getting too close was so on point, honestly, I wouldn't have pictured anything less. BUT I'M SO UPSET, YOU TEASED ME SO MUCH THINKING THAT HE WOULD INVITE HER AND SHE WOULD STAY. I mean, I guess it seems more in character to happen this way. BUT STILL


All of the feels for Draco processing everything about Lucius. Talk about having your whole world flipped upside down. I think he's definitely got a lot to process still, emotionally and I really hope he does manage to forgive Lucius eventually (after hearing all that Lucius' side), but I'm sure it will take him a while to get there. Lucius has made Draco's life miserable so I can't imagine it will be a simple journey for him. I'm really wondering how they'll even end up meeting again. Is Lucius going to escape from Voldemort too?


Ahhh I'm really looking forward to more! Such a great chapter, as always! Love love love reading through this wifey <3


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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: Answers

Hiiii Deana, finally back with more reviews! Sorry it's taken me so long (lol I'm the worst).


I'm SO excited to be back and loved where we picked up! Let me tell you, these two are destined to be together because WHO ELSE WOULD GO RUNNING TOWARD VOLDEMORT LIKE THESE TWO? 


Actually, there's probably like at least five other HP characters I could name that would, but I mean, you get my point, right?


In all seriousness, I love that he snuck out to go rescue her! It's super cute, and so is all their banter while they're trying to get back to the Burrow. AND ALSO, Roxi's inner monologue about falling even harder for him, ahhhhh it's so great watching them fall for each other! 


Just as great was seeing Draco be wrapped up into a Molly hug when he returned! He's being fully accepted by everyone, whether they all like it or not! He's offically stuck with the Weasley's I think! So I think it was nice that they all lectured him when he got back, because it shows they care! 


Again, more cuteness and banter when Draco goes to visit Roxi in her room (the "are you decent" exchange was awesome!). Then they both get stubborn again (or maybe just tired, I know I'm a hot mess when I'm that tired lol). It was really good of Draco to come confront her about his suspicions in private first. I can see both of their sides in this! Roxi knows Lucius has his reasons and his thoughts behind what he did and of course Draco doesn't know any of this yet. And of course, Draco has every right to be suspicious of Roxi's escape with his own experiences with the Death Eaters. 


Ohh last few things before I wrap up to move on to next chapter! HIS MOM'S WAND! I thought that was such a nice touch and probably the only thing his dad could have given Roxi to get Draco to believe her. I'm super excited to read on to next chapter and see what Roxi tells him about everything! I thought the transition was great. It was a good stopping point and has me dying to know what she's going to tell him! Onward! -Sarah

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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: His Side of the Story

Hi wifey! I'm back again! I love sassy Roxi to start this chapter off! Even being stuck in a prison cell can't stop our girl from mouthing off and I am here for it! 


It was really interesting to hear Lucius' side of the story! We've gotten Draco's side and now to hear Lucius' side was neat! I liked hearing all the details. It's clear that he really does love and care for his son but those two have some DEFINITE issues to work through. It's going to take some time for them, I'm sure!


I liked seeing Roxi in action at the end a little there! Got some good Hermione punching Draco in PoA movie vibes at the end there and tbh I LOVED IT! But I'm excited to see her get back to the Order and Draco now! I want to see how he reacts to all this!

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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: Captive



There's so many little things in this chapter! Draco just having to watch from inside, Percy starting to attack the Burrow. I'm really excited to see were they both go from here because I kind of feel like this was a crossroads kind of moment? Like I think was the first time that the Order and the Death Eaters were in the same spot and everyone knew what side Percy and Draco were on.


Ohhh look at Lucius starting to finally SHOW that he cares...in his own way. Can't blame Roxi for being SUPER skeptical but she needs to get out of there somehow! I'm interested to see some of Lucius' thoughts and feelings, Also dying to know how Roxi gets out of this mess!

Name: adorably cute (Signed) · Date: 16 Sep 2018 11:24 PM · [Report This]
Story:Love, Not War Chapter: Total Strangers

Ahh I am SHOOK at this ending! What's going to happen?? Is Percy there too? DRACO CAN'T GO BACK WITH VOLDEMORT AND THE DEATH EATERS!


Ok, so back to the beginning, I guess? Obviously I am SUPER excited to see Draco and Roxi interacting. I love that they have this instant chemistry, like Draco just seems to feel a pull toward her.


They're both such dynamic, interesting characters. I loved this scene between them, where they're talking about everything. It must be nice for Draco to be able to talk with someone who doens't know about his family and doesn't have prior judgements! And Roxi has someone who knows about her family now that she can talk about. I love them already.


...I just need to know more about this ending. I'll be back soon to read more!

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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: The Healer

Here, Deana, for your requested review.


Am I detecting a parent-child tension theme in this novel? If so, this is incredibly relatable, and there's so much potential, so there's really no saying in certainty of what's to unfold. You've built just enough tension in the Malfoy's, the Weasley's, and the Blackwell's to keep the reader interested... but you haven't resolved it yet. That's awesome! I definitely want to keep reading to find out more.


Saleena seems amazing. I'm so intrigued by her. Who--or what--is she, exactly? She looks young, but she hasn't seen her mother in 31 years, though she remembers her past with her, so something tells me that she's way older than 31. And they were friends with Walburga, Sirius, and Regulus?! (I assume Sirius is dead in your AU, and I'm heartbroken.) Saleena and her mother mention Gypsies, but something tells me that they aren't strictly only in lingeage of the Roma culture... My guess (and headcanon) is that they're fairies. They seem to live for a long time, age slowly, exist in clans, and, um, Voldemort is trying to gain their allegiance! I know that Voldemort tries to get other beings onto his side (giants, werewolves), so why would fairies be any different? What kind of magical gifts do leaders of this clan possess? How has Saleena used hers? So many questions!


Also, this is curious timing for Saleena's mother to try to get her to come back and rule... I hope she tries again. Their tension is so fun to read! (Plus, I want answers to my questions!)


And then Saleena comes to Draco's aid (for the right price). The Weasley's seem as surprised to see her as she is to see them. I'm so interested in what happens next in this well-crafted AU!

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Story:Love, Not War Chapter: The Letter

Deana! Here for your requested review!


Holy time jump, Batman! It took me a while to figure out when this is going on. This isn't a critique of your writing at all. I knew going into this that this was an AU fic, so I have to figure out what from canon still exists and what has changed in this universe of yours.  The Ministy hasn't fallen to Voldemort yet (so maybe it's directly after Dumbledore's death). But wait a minute, Ginny going into her 7th year? That means that it's over a year since Dumbledore's death, which means that the Gold Trio (plus Draco) would be in their "8th year." So what's going on?!


I love the recap you give of the Weasley children, especially Percy. Molly and Arthur have raised such an amazing family, and I want to follow their lives. Also, Ron is still out there with Harry and Hermione? I wonder how (what I assume to be) their hunt for the Horcruxes is going!


And then that letter. Narcissa dead? But... I just read about her in the prologue, and I wanted to get to know her more! Draco's been poisoned? NOT GOOD. And I love Lucius' vulnerability in this well crafted letter. I want to see more of him, so I hope that you don't kill him off just yet... there's sure to be some awesome, angsty father-son moments ahead!


And then Arthur and Molly. This chapter is a good parallel between the prologue. They're both parents (like Lucius and Narcissa). The fathers in both scenarios are presented with a seemingly impossible decision. There's no easy solution. The two mothers are so focused on protecting their children (Narcissa: Draco, Molly: her seven), that it takes them a while to shift their perspectives to what their situations mean. I'm glad that Molly realizes that Draco is dying on her front porch and does the right thing and takes him in.


And can I mention that Draco is DYING on the Weasley's front porch? Again, NOT GOOD!


Lovely writing, Deana! :)

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