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Story:As Wild as the Mountain Wind Chapter: One: The Last Page of My 4th Year

Hi, Lily! I've planned to visit your story before, finally I dropped by.

The most impressive and awesome thing in this chapter, you made every Quidditch players best friends. I smiled at your brilliant idea. Even Slytherin players are their friends. It sounds wonderful. 


I love the quidditch play scene. I love to read such relaxed players enjoying the game, without worrying House Cup. 


As we know the relationship between Cho and Cedric, it's fresh to read their conversation centered on Oliver, especially for Gryffies, Captain Oliver Wood is special, we used to behave like him during the old Site-Wide Quidditch matchs so I enjoyed reading your story very much.


From the summary, you hinted that Cedric and Oliver will fall in love, oh, you haven't revealed that yet here, so I'm very curious to know how you will develop their relationship from here.


I like the way you set the story with Cedric's solo backpacking trip. Imagining the nature, oh will the location in Asia? Please send PM anytime if you have any questions around Japanese nature. I have some places to recommend to write about. Canada is also a good place. I remember the trip there. I'm eager to know how Cedric's trip will be like with Oliver.



Author's Response:

Hey Kenny, and oh my gosh thank you so much for this unexpected review.

From what I can tell you liked the first chapter, and I'm really glad. I was super nervous about posting this story since it's the first one I've written about something I do frequently (backpackers represent). I'm glad! At first it was just supposed to be Oliver and Cedric flying, but I'd realized that I'd already done that when I'd finished writing my plans, so they all ended up having a friendly game. I wasn't supposed to seem like something they always did, I tried to make it more like "the summer's coming, let's put behind our grudges and have some fun", because even though their always quidditch enemies, some of them are also enemies off the pitch as well (and some are friends), so it was kind of supposed to be a 'we have one more week of schoo' thing.


Cedric and Cho have a bit of a thing for a while, because I need some more straight ships in my life. Cedric starts having feelings for Cho around Chpt. 15 and stops thinking about Cho around Chpt. 18. 

Unfortunately I've already decided that they'll be taking their trip in Nepal/Mongolia/Bordering into Hungary area. But if I ever write a Japanese centric fic I'll be sure to pm you! (I actually have a chapter in a sequel coming up that's set in Japan, so I could definitely you your help).


Yes, yes they do. I can't get enough of Cedriver lately, and not enough people write it so I'm just like: I'M GOING TO GET EVERYONE INTO THIS!


Yeah, I decided that because I absolutely love backpacking, and I love Cedric. Why not combine the two?


Thanks again so much for reading my story. I can't thank you enough!



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