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Story:How I Saved the Wizarding World with Hair Potions, By Gilderoy Lockhart Chapter: Hair-Care Potion Maker Extraordinaire

Hi there, Stella.

Gosh, I was on your wishlist deciding what I'd present you with and I figured I'd stop by your AP. When I saw this story... Lockhart is just such an out of ordinary character, there's no avoiding enjoying his eccentricity. He's the kind of character I kinda load to just like like but I love that he makes me laugh so I couldn't help myself.

I think this might be one of the most true-to-character fics I've ever read, honestly. It's like being inside Lockhart's head, hearing his thoughts. Throughout I completely forgot I was reading a story, I could picture things so vividly. I laughed out loud several times and you had me grinning the entire time.

The way you wrote this piece, its voice, is truly how I imagine Lockhart's books to be, and I don't think you could have done any better. I loved it.

Happy holidays, Stella :)

- Susana

Author's Response:

Hey Susana! Thank you so much! Hehehe, I'm so glad you chose this one - it's such an old story and way at the bottom of my AP and I love when people actually scroll all the way down and find it!

Thank you, that's lovely to hear that it seems so true to character and how you imagine his voice. He's such an interesting character to write because this story basically should be a parody because of how absurd it is, only Lockhart himself actually is that silly XD I'm so glad that you enjoyed reading this and that you liked the portrayal of Lockhart - thank you! Happy holidays!

Name: Chemical_Pixie (Signed) · Date: 21 Oct 2018 09:59 PM · [Report This]
Story:How I Saved the Wizarding World with Hair Potions, By Gilderoy Lockhart Chapter: Hair-Care Potion Maker Extraordinaire

Here for the HC Maze [Hogwarts Dungeon themed].


There are so many gems in this fic, and I'm howling with laughter. Lockhart is such an insufferable prat. You capture that in such an endearing and fantastic way. His rose colored glasses are essentially rose colored contact lenses--no. Rose colored lasik. He misses so many social cues, from the Fourth Years to Slughorn to Gladys to McGonagall... everyone, really. 


I was so hoping James would mention Sleekeazy's in this (I wonder if Lockhart uses it in his own products, since he ends up erasing the memories of witches and wizards as he builds his writing career). But I also really love his reaction to Lockhart-- "What kind of joke is this?" For someone who likes pranks so much, he doesn't find Lockhart very funny--and that's hysterical! 


I wonder what causes his shift from selling hair potions to encountering "evil beasts and creatures" when he graudates from Hogwarts. And I wonder how he discovers that he's good at Memory Charms. I like how you have this yet-to-be-developed character so well developed in this fic. Does that make sense? He has a lot of growth to do before we know him in CoS, and yet he feels quite whole in this story!


Also, shout out for including Bertha Jorkins. I can totally imagine both of them getting along just fine... or at least having some sort of weird social interaction where they both try to benefit from the other.


I loved every bit of this piece, and I'll laugh about it for days to come!

Author's Response:

Hey there! What a wonderful surprise to see this review! I'm so glad you found this story, haha. As old as it is, it's still one I'm rather proud of! :P


I'm so glad you like the way Lockhart is written here. Ahahaha, rose-colored lasik, I'm dying XD And yeah, the story happening outside his head and the one inside his head are like... vastly different.


You know, I don't actually remember when the Sleekeazy's information was released on Pottermore, but I think it was either after or just around the same time as I wrote this story (I actually wrote this in 2013). It would have been perfect though, if only! And, as for whether he uses it in his own products... that's a fair question :P Glad you liked James' reaction to Lockhart, haha.


Maybe hair potions just weren't making him any money (or, more likely, any fame), so he decided to switch careers :P Thank you, though, I'm so glad to hear that he is a well-developed character here (despite seeing him through such a warped, rose-colored lens, haha!)


The Bertha/Gilderoy friendship was so much fun to write. I mean, the whole story was, tbh. But yeah I can absolutely see them being friends and YES I'm sure there'd be an element of them both trying to benefit from the other :P


Thank you so much for this review! I'm so happy you enjoyed the story! ♥

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Story:How I Saved the Wizarding World with Hair Potions, By Gilderoy Lockhart Chapter: Hair-Care Potion Maker Extraordinaire

Wow this was so fun! I loved reading Gilderoy's point of view on everything. I snorted out loud when he said that he was "humble" (which is kind of bad, since I was/am in public).


His misinterpretation of how James felt about his hair potion was just GOLD. Pure gold. I'm glad to see that James is a lot like Harry when it comes to Lockhart.


I've never really considered Gilderoy being good friends with Bertha Jorkins, but it makes sense. Bertha was a gossiper, so no doubt they both liked attention. I like the friendship you set up for them here.


His obsession with hair potions is absolutely adorable.


I like how he notes that there's a distinct difference between lavender and lilac, because to me it's just "purple". LOL.


Thanks so much for writing this! It brightened my mood!

Author's Response:

Eee! Hi Claudia, and thank you for this surprise review! This is my oldest one-shot and I'm always happy when someone discovers it again after so long. Omg and also I 10000% understand the snorting at fic when you're in a public place, I only ever have internet at the public library so i'm always *that person* in the corner silently cracking up/crying at fic


I'm so glad you enjoyed James' reaction and Gilderoy's totally incorrect interpretation of it. And also thrilled that you liked the idea of Gilderoy and Bertha's friendship! They were super fun to write.


Gilderoy Lockhart has a very distinguished eye for color, and can discern hues of purple unnoticeable to the eyes of mortals. Or something. :P


Thank you so much for your review, I'm so glad you enjoyed the story! ♥

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 21 Jun 2017 03:52 AM · [Report This]
Story:How I Saved the Wizarding World with Hair Potions, By Gilderoy Lockhart Chapter: Hair-Care Potion Maker Extraordinaire

Why hello there!


I was laughing at the summary and laughing as soon as I started reading because this: This is the story of how I became marvellous. That's a joke. I was always marvellous. Is officially one of my favourite lines in the world ever. Also I'm so glad that I finally know the time that Lockhart discovered he looked good in lilac. This is very important.


I really don't understand why; he is intelligent of course, but his eyebrows connect in the middle. Oh my Thor I'm dying. I always knew you were amazing at writing humour but this just totally goes above and beyond. Please write me a novel-length Gilderoy Lockhart fic. You write his voice so well and it's so entertaining.


The funniest thing in the whole story is actually probably that he thinks he's humble. I bet Lockhart invented the selfie. Also I'm not really surprised that girls would be making eyes at Sirius even while he's bullying them. And Lockhart tuning out in class to admire his own smile... everything is just so hilariously perfect.


Amazing work, as always, my dear! <3

Author's Response:

Omg! I was so excited to see a review on this as it's such an old story and I forget it exists sometimes, and then it was an extra bonus to see the review was from you. ♥


Haha, thank you! I never expected that line to become as popular as it is. And yes, that's a crucial point in his life. There is an entire chapter dedicated to the colour lilac in his book Magical Me.


Aw! Thanks! I mean, mostly it's just funny because Lockhart himself is hilarious. I had nothing to do with it. :P But thank you! I'm so glad his voice comes across well and that it's entertaining. It sure was a lot of fun to write :D


Gilderoy Lockhart: Inventor of the Selfie - you know it. As for Sirius vs the girls, well, it's an evenly matched fight, I guess - there are spells going in both directions :P And, well, who wouldn't tune out in class to admire Lockhart's smile? He did win the Most Charming Smile award. ;D


Thanks so much! <3

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Story:How I Saved the Wizarding World with Hair Potions, By Gilderoy Lockhart Chapter: Hair-Care Potion Maker Extraordinaire

***Transferred from HPFF***

Hahaha! This was so funny!!! I'm still giggling!!!
Absolutely Gilderoy! How did you manage that?
I loved every bit of it! Seeing the world through Gilderoy's eyes is just so... I don't really have an adjective for it... Surreal?
The scene with James and Sirius was great! When he gave him flippers, I just had a deja vu of another Potter missing some bones... Just great!
I loved all the other characters, too. Bertha, Gladys, Slughorn, McGonagall. They were all perfectly portrayed, and looking at them from Gilderoy's pov was just so amusing!
I'll never tire to repeat it, Kristin, you are really an amazing writer! Can't wait to read more of your stories!
Lots of love,

Author's Response:

Hi again Chiara! Haha, this story was probably my favourite one to write. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! And yes, I was definitely going for some deja vu there. Once I figured out that they probably would have gone to Hogwarts around the same time, there was no way to leave it out! And thanks, it's great that you enjoyed the other characters through Lockhart's POV. Thanks so much for reading! ♥♥

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Story:How I Saved the Wizarding World with Hair Potions, By Gilderoy Lockhart Chapter: Hair-Care Potion Maker Extraordinaire

This was golden. I'm sitting here waiting for the train smiling like a goon. Had to stop myself from laughing. I'm quite jealous of his perfect teeth and hair. Wish I had someone as sensible as Gildeory when I went to school. Whose favorite color isn't lilac? I mean really. It's only the greatest color out there. Ha! 

Author's Response:

Deeds! Thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear this made the wait for the train a lot more fun :) And of course, I think it must be impossible to not be jealous of Gilderoy, so who can blame you? Which reminds me, I believe his fan club is open to anyone and he does indeed reply to all his fan mail. :P haha. Thanks for your review! ♥

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Story:How I Saved the Wizarding World with Hair Potions, By Gilderoy Lockhart Chapter: Hair-Care Potion Maker Extraordinaire

This was really enjoyable. I like how you tied James into it. Very creative! 

Author's Response:

Thank you!!! ♥♥ So glad you liked it :)

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