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Name: juls (Signed) · Date: 05 Nov 2018 08:25 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Haunted Chapter: Secrets

Hey, here for review tag!

I chose this story because it was about Peter. (Not because I'm hooked on Peter, but because I've written two one shots with him in it for fic exchanges with friends.)

Peter is always the forgotten Marauder. Kind of the last to picked to a team. His courage pretty much came from his friends and having them around him. You've shown us a side of him without his friends to protect him, and it's pretty ugly. ALL of his other friends would have died for him. He even knows that, but still... he just excuses away why he's doing it.

I've never been much of a fan of James Potter because of the way he bullied Snape in school. That Lily picked him over her longer friendship with Snape has always bothered me. Things could have/ would have been far different if she had. (That's not part of your story, I know! It just led up to what happeed here!)

I think you've captured Peter well, here. Always the follower. Picking the wrong person to follow. If only he had told someone in the Order what was going on! But truly, if faced with Voldemort like he'd been, how many of us would have pee'd our pants and done the same?

But there are so many 'What ifs' that could have changed the outcomes of everyone, that Harry Potter and the series wouldn't have existed!

Thank you for your story, it was GREAT.


Author's Response:


Right on! Peter is a really interesting character, and I wrote this story because I didn't like him, haha. And because, as you said, he IS the 'forgotten' Marauder and his story doesn't really get told, especially not at the time I wrote this.  These days there seem to be a lot more Peter fics which is awesome. I mean, as a character he's fascinating, and things COULD have been so different if he'd chosen differently, but this decision alone is like the most awful thing anyone could possibly do to their friends.


I do think you're right in that Peter's courage was from his friends. I think he wanted to be as brave and selfless as they were, and admired that about them, but when it came down to it he just couldn't be. And I almost feel a little bad for him about that.


I'm sure Snape also saw it as terribly unfair that Lily picked James over him, with their longstanding friendship probably making him even more bitter about it. But James changed in a positive way, whereas Snape didn't. And yeah  I know this is off topic, but worthy of discussion! Now I'm wondering if there's a James Potter discussion thread on the forums. But anyway. /tangent


Thank you, I'm happy to hear that the story captures Peter well. And I think your point about how what Peter did compares to what any normal person would do in the situation is really important. Everyone else in the Order is commended for their bravery, and like, all the 'good guys' are that selfless, but the reality is that not everyone is like that, and I think Peter's hesitance and fear of dying is far more realistic for the average person. Not that that makes his ultimate decision right. But at least I think he is more understandable.


The what-ifs are one of my favorite thigns about fanfiction. It really could have been so different!


Thanks so much for you r review, and I'm really glad you enjoyed the story! <3



Name: The Wanderer (Anonymous) · Date: 21 Aug 2017 09:19 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Haunted Chapter: Secrets
Hello again! After the silliness of the Dramione story, I felt the need to seek out something a little more serious. This Peter-centric tale fit like a glove.

The little details you include are just delightful. I particularly love the paper jack-o-lantern on the door. So innocent, it’s a perfect foil for what’s about to happen. And his reaction to the cat, too.

I’ve read other stories about Peter’s descent into darkness, yet yours feels natural, as if JKR had spun the events. For example, how Peter crawled into the alley between the shops after his first encounter with Voldemorte - perfect. I could readily see that playing out.

You weave a lovely tale, deftly handling Peter and the events leading up that fateful night. Great job!

I bid you good day,
The Wanderer

Author's Response:

Aah! Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed the details like the jack-o-lantern and the cat. And wow, being compared to JKR is about the highest form of praise a fanfiction writer can receive. Thanks! I'm so happy you were able to visualise it that well!

Thanks so much for your review!

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 12 Feb 2017 02:35 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Haunted Chapter: Secrets

***Transferred from HPFF***

It's me again!
I think I already mentioned it but... You are a wonderful writer!!! ;)
I love Peter Pettigrew's stories. I hate him for what he did, but at the same time I can't help but think that he was a victim of circumstances, too, and I feel sorry for him.
He's such a complex character to write and I think that you characterized him brilliantly!
Your narrative of the events is absolutely verosimilar (which doesn't always happen in similar stories) and, as usual, your writing is smooth and practically flawless!
Really great work! Loved it!

Author's Response:

Hi Chiara! Wow, thank you so, so much! I'm so flattered that you like my writing that much, that's so sweet! :) I'm glad to hear you liked my version of Peter's characterisation and circumstances as well. You're absolutely right about him being complex - I think there were a lot of factors in what happened and the choices he made, and I'm glad you felt sorry for him in addition to hating him, that's exactly what I was going for ;) Thank you so much for your wonderful review!!

Name: LunaStellaCat (Signed) · Date: 11 Feb 2017 11:29 PM · starstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Haunted Chapter: Secrets


Wow. Damn. The insight in this.  I do not even know where to properly begin.  Let's start at the beginning, shall we? I have never seen the second point of view written so well written a Harry Potter piece, and you don't deviate from that, which is seriously impressive.  

Okay, let me tell you why I picked this up.  I was once in a critics' circle thing on another furum and I was once asked this question, "Which character do you feel most sympathy for?"  That was Peter Pettigrew, and the people within the circle thought I was mad.  Peter was a traitor, a villian, all this and the other.  Well, my first defense was Peter was the name of Rowling's father.  Even if they had a volitile relationship or weren't that close or whatever, that's still her father's name. Whatever Peter did or did not do, he's not black nor white.  He's not.  He's a young, terrified man, who I believe in the beginning, at least in the very beginning, lost his head and got in too deep.  

Can I thank you for showing that here?  I mean, your master stroke here is something so pedestrian I have always wondered about.  Selling a friend out to save your neck and keep your cover.  The fact that he plants the seed about Remus is do plausible and realistic.  Didn't they say they knew there was a traitor?  And Remus would be the one who kept secrets since he was a little boy.  The way you have Peter orchestrate that here is phenomenal.  They are his friends but he would need a scapegoat to edge out of the circle.  Well done.  That's written so believably that can legit explain the canon.  

I love that Gibbon character.  Janus, the two-faced Roman god is such a good name for that character.   When Gibbon and Voldemort are tearing into him, it does make all the sense in the world that Pettigrew would be frightened.  Who wouldn't?  I LOVE how they roped him in.  Ultimately, Peter made that call.  No matter how badly I would argue for Peter, he made that call.   

It is interesting that Peter eould be allergic or uncomfortable, forgive me, around cats.   Good girl, pointing out that Calicoes are only females.  d84;a039; 

Oh, oh, and the piece de rèsistance?  He almost pulls out in the end and hands the whole operation over to Sirius.  This shows how human and conflicted he is inside.  I love that.  I never would have thought of that, but Peter has never been 100% committed to anyone or anything.  Well, perhaps, he was devoted to the Dark Lord.  

In a twisted parallel, I would say that the Dark Lord is to Peter what Albus Dumbledore is to Severus Snape.  Whenever Peter decided to throw down the gauntlet, he chose his side.  He, like Snape, and do not hate me here, played his part well.   You made me see that.  

This might, hands down,  be the best piece of Marauder Era I have read.  You respect it.  This is tasteful.  It is a beautiful piece of work.  You could be proud. 

Your insight.  You answered two bits I wondered about for ages.  Well done. I cannot say enough.  Well done, you, StellaBlue.  This is badass.   


Jenn (LunaStellaCat)  PS  My cats name is actually Luna Stella,  and she's not allowed to go near Peter Pettigrew.  





Author's Response:

Hi Jenn! First of all, thank you for such a thoughtful review! I really appreciate it! This was such a lovely surprise :)


You're totally right in that Peter doesn't get a lot of sympathy. In fact, he doesn't seem to get a lot of notice at all - like, he's generally forgotten about even in Marauder fics, when by all means he was their friend at the time. That's what motivated me to write this years ago, because he really needed a chance to be in the spotlight, and it's really interesting getting into the head of a character I don't like. After writing this I still don't love him, because ultimately he did have a choice and he chose betrayal, but I think writing this gave me an appreciation for how difficult it must have been for him to be in that position. And you hit the nail on the head there in that it's really not a black or white issue - Peter falls squarely into the moral grey area (which are honestly the characters who are most interesting!)


I'm glad you found him to be realistic in how he orchestrated it all, and how he reacted to Gibbon and Voldemort. (And thanks about the name :P ) What you're pointing out about this story is exactly what I hoped people would take away from it, so I'm really glad that you liked how he ended up switching sides but still recognize, as he did not, that he did have a choice.


I love that you describe Peter as so 'human' - it's easy to forget that when we only ever see him as a pathetic kind of villain in the books but I imagine this time was really difficult for him, because for someone who craves being liked, it's hard for him to sell out friends he's known for over a decade. I wanted to make him a little more relatable even though what he was doing was terrible, so I'm really glad you saw that. Interesting point about the parallels between Snape and Peter - I can see it!


Thanks so much for your review!

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