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Story:On Air Chapter: On Air

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For For House Cup 2018-2019 Opener

I love stories about the "little characters." The ones whose life so briefly overlaps with Harry's until the veer off on their own unknown (at least until now) adventure. 

First, your descriptive language is awesome. Like "the war faded into the dusty pages of the past. Newer, happier memories began to cover up the old wounds" and "drippy day in mid-January, the ground blanketed by a thin layer of slush"

I like how your interweaved it within the original story. You mentioned them for context but focused on the new adventure and did a masterful job of weaving the parts in. I never considered that the Cattermoles might have thought someone was targeting them or trying to trap them because someone polyjuiced as Reg. and having Fred replace Mary on Potterwatch leading us to a later chapter of the book. 

I also like the conversation between Kingsley and Reg. It's codespeak is cleverly written although I do wonder why Kingsley didn't disguise his voice on Potterwatch. Between his distinct voice and code name (Royal, really?), it's a wonder that Death Eaters weren't knocking down his cubicle at the Auror office. 

It's obvious that Mary should entrust her husband with the family transportation from now own since she can't make a portkey but he has accomplished long distance apparition. Still, she obviously had her strengths with spying and inspiring.

Nice story. Thanks for adding a bit more flavor to the Harry Potter Universe. Although we all love Harry, it's nice to remember that fighting any war, whether real or imagine, is due to the effort of thousands of the "little men" not just those who grace our history books. 


Author's Response:

Hello! Thanks for dropping by! And wow, honestly I'm so happy that you chose this story. It's quite an old one and doesn't get much attention these days, but I'm still quite proud of it. And yeah, minor characters are my absolute faves! Though I would probably never have chosen to write Reg Cattermole on my own, actually - he was assigned for a challenge haha.


Eee, thank you so much for saying you like my descriptive language, that is wonderful to hear!


That scene in DH with all the polyjuice and everything was interesting and a crazy chase/adventure from Harry's POV, but to anyone else who wasn't in on the plans that would have been SO confusing, which made for very interesting writing here in the way the same familiar scene is interpreted by a different narrator.


Omg, right? It's like they were so confident that no Death Eaters would be listening that they thought they could get away with any nicknames. Romulus? So obvious. But I digress XD


I imagine making a portkey is hard if you don't have your wand? But yeah, I think they each have their individual strengths and even if Mary is crap at portkeys she was still making a huge contribution to the resistance. :D


Thanks so much for the review! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story!

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Story:On Air Chapter: On Air

***Transferred from HPFF***

This was just so clever!

You got me by surprise since the very first sentence... Mary McDonald and Mary Cattermole are the same person?!? How did you come up with that? Kristin, you are a genius!!!

I loved every bit of this oneshot.

I loved Mary and Reg, their simple life, the way they slowly recovered from the first war together, their kids. It was all so cute!

And making them find each other again thanks to Potterwatch was just so clever!

Good luck for the Dobbys. I really hope you'll win, you totally deserve it!



Author's Response:

Hi there! Ah, thank you, I'm so glad you liked this story!


Yeah, I really enjoyed coming up with the backgrounds for these very minor characters, especially because I could link the stories of two Muggle-born characters named Mary and write them as the same person. I'm so glad you liked that!


I loved reading about Potterwatch in the DH book, and since I was writing a second war fic I really wanted to find a way to work it in there to show its effect on people other than Harry.


Aw, thanks! I had no idea this story was nominated for a Dobby until reading some reviews I got, and I'm flattered that someone nominated it!


Thanks for reading and for your review! :)

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