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Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 26 Jun 2018 04:19 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Maybe This Time Chapter: Maybe This Time



i'll stop screaming now. but the chemistry you wrote between roxy and scorpius, even in just the few flashback sentences we got about that night was very obvious and very real and roxy needs to stop pitying herself and scorpius needs to break up with rose because he obviously has feelings for roxy and okay. *deep breath* (sorry, in the last few days i've been high on caffeine because of a totally unrelated reason of drafting drawings for a competition **total off topic sorry**)


scorpius is an idiot. she doesn't need to give you a reason to stay, you need to man up and act on your feelings, idiot!


and omg roxanne, be selfish a little bit. seriously.






you should write a sequel. or a prequel. or something. but i (very obviously) managed to become attached to your scorpius&roxanne just from this oneshot. so...... :D


in any case, it was lovely reading this! (even though my i ship scorpius with lily but who cares about who i ship)



Author's Response:

Kris! Thanks so much for stopping by with the review! <3 

You don't have to stop screaming, it's okay, haha. I'm so glad the chemistry was real for you, even with the brief flashback. I actually got this pairing as part of a challenge, so I needed to figure out a way to make it work. But you're right, Scorpius does have feelings for Roxy and needs to figure out what to do about them ;) 


I have actually been tempted to write more Roxy/Scorpius, so maybe I will one day in the future, especially since a lot of people seemed to enjoy them as a pairing. If I ever do, I'll let you guys know! :P 

(Oooh, Scorpius with Lily is super interesting! I am Intrigued. Can I literally just pair Scorpius with all of the Potter-Weasleys? IS THAT OKAY?!) . Thank you again for this review, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! 

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 05 Feb 2018 04:58 AM · [Report This]
Story:Maybe This Time Chapter: Maybe This Time

TAG! <3


What a unique pairing! (I presume that the host of the challenge assigned various pairings to the contestants.) It's such a rare pair, yet you managed to make it work within what we know of the characters, and by the end, I was really feeling the chemistry between the two characters, despite never having read a fic discussing them before. I was super curious to see how you would handle this, and of course you did it so wonderfully. (I need to start reading more of your stories, because they never fail to disappoint.)


Roxanne and Scorpius are really, really sweet together. Their kisses and their little shared smiles just made them feel exactly right for each other, and the complete passion they have for each other, as well. I would almost definitely ship them wholeheartedly were it not for the unfortunate detail that...Scorpius is dating Rose. Has been, for four years. As soon as Roxanne thought about how Scorpius was dating her cousin, my head met my desk in exasperation of their actions. But then again, who likes characters who make good decisions? :P


I'm glad that Scorpius finally made a clear-cut decision on who he wanted to date by the end of this. If he'd just continued dragging this whole thing out, I probably would have smacked him upside his (nonexistent) head. (BUT HE DATED ROSE FOR FOUR YEARS. SCORPIUS, MAN, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.) I think what's particularly tragic about this is that Rose, despite not appearing in the story, doesn't seem to know what's going on. So she's going to be in for a really, really horrible surprise to find that her extremely long-term boyfriend cheated on her with her cousin. Poor Rose.


But other than the emotional trauma that Rose will probably receive, I really, really ship Roxanne and Scorpius. You wrote their personalities and doubts and feelings in such a believable way, and you're honestly so, so good at that. Also, you're a master of first person POV, because I honestly can't do that. You're wonderful. <3


And the ending is so hopeful and touching, too! Algkjlg I love this.



Author's Response:

Yep! Roxanne and Scorpius were the two characters that I got in the prompts, and I was very excited to try them because there's really not a lot of fic around them.  Everyone almost always pairs Scorp with Al or Rose, so I was excited to see how they would match up against each other.

I couldn't not feature Scorpius in a fic without addressing Rose and Scorpius as a couple.  And exactly; bad decisions always make for better stories, at least in my not-so-humble opinion.

Yeah, Scorpius wasn't going to mess around once he knew that Roxanne wanted to be with him, too.  He was definitely having doubts about Rose for a while, which is why he went to Roxanne in the first place. And yeah, poor Rose; it's going to be a mess when she finds out [if I ever write more stories with this pairing, haha.]

Thank you so much! I'm glad this rare pair was belivable from their feelings to their doubts.  And I don't know if I'm a master, but first person just comes a lot more naturally to me than third, so thank you again. <3 

I loved waking up to this review! Thanks, Eva!! ♥ 

Name: poppunkpadfoot (Signed) · Date: 30 May 2017 07:58 PM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:Maybe This Time Chapter: Maybe This Time

Hey Jill! Here for our swap! So sorry that I'm so late with this.


So I was really intrigued when I saw this on your AP because obviously Roxanne/Scorpius is not exactly a common pairing. Funnily enough though, I can kind of see it working out better than Rose/Scorpius, although I can see the appeal there too. To me, Roxanne/Scorpius just seems like it would be a much more interesting dynamic, and that came through for me in this story.


Obviously cheating sucks and everything, and I do feel bad for Rose, but the fact that Scorpius came back to Roxanne rather than proposing to Rose after they'd spent one night together really fit with the dynamic I was imagining going in, which was a bit more intense and firey than Rose/Scorpius would be.


Ugh, this is so complicated though. Like, with Rose and Roxy being cousins, this could really mess with the whole family dynamic. Like, Scorpius leaving Rose if he didn't really want to be with her and getting with the person he actually wanted to be with would be (imo) the right thing to do except it just complicates things so much :( It's hard to see how this could work itself out which sucks because I really really want it to! Just from this brief story in which they've been together like twice, I could see the potential for a great relationship.

That's a testament to how well-written this is I think! You manage to create strong personalities for each of them and a compelling relationship dynamic without doing much exposition or background explanation, and you really left me wanting more.


Great work! :)



Author's Response:

Hey Kayla! 

I completely agree with you in terms of Roxanne/Scorpius vs Rose/Scorpius, so I'm glad I ended up getting them in the random pairing challenge. :D 

I know! It's just so complicated for everyone involved, which is why I've kind of toyed with the idea of writing more Roxanne/Scorpius stories.  I agree that Scorpius leaving Rose for Roxanne would be the right thing to do, but in my mind, Rose and Scorpius have been together for a while and it's like - what's a one night stand compared to a relationship? You know? 

Thanks so much for the lovely review & swap! <3 

Name: Granpa Harry (Anonymous) · Date: 21 Apr 2017 01:13 PM · starstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Maybe This Time Chapter: Maybe This Time

Very nice story.

I really do not understnad why they could not just get together.

Rose and Roxy were cousins, but were they close? who are their parents?

A lot of questions I know, but then, thats what makes me want to read more.



Author's Response:

Rose and Roxy are cousins and were close at one point, yes. Roxanne's parents are George and Angelina and Rose's are Ron and Hermione. :) 
I'm glad you enjoyed the story and thanks for taking the time to leave a review! <3 

Name: Veritaserum27 (Signed) · Date: 20 Apr 2017 01:21 AM · [Report This]
Story:Maybe This Time Chapter: Maybe This Time

Hi there Jill!

I'm doing some drive-by reviews for my fellow staffers this evening, so I wanted to drop by. 

Is this seriously the first time I'm visiting your author's page?!  Man, I suck.  

And your writing is absolutely brilliant!

So, I'm a huge ScoRose shipper, and this was a tough one to read — at first.  However, you seriously sold me on Roxy and Scorpius.  She was so lovable and determined and downright awesome.

And that ending!!  Oh,  I needed that so much right now.  It was beyond perfect.  I'm swimming in gooey sweetness right now.  My hopelessly romatic heart is at peace and I'm so, so happy I read this.  Thanks for sharing your gift!




Author's Response:

Beth you wonderful person! 

You don't suck for not visiting my author's page :P I haven't been on yours in ages.

It makes me super happy to hear that I've sold people on Roxy/Scorpius.  I'm also glad that you found her lovable and awesome; I really wanted her to be a great female character and that seemed to have worked out.

I'm so glad this was what you needed! Thank you for this awesome surprise review!! 


Name: TreacleTart (Signed) · Date: 06 Apr 2017 09:54 PM · [Report This]
Story:Maybe This Time Chapter: Maybe This Time

Hey there! 


Here for our review swap! 


Wow! This was an intense one-shot! I love the concept you came up with here. I'd have never thought of pairing Roxanne with Scorpius. It seems like he always gets stuck with Rose or Albus, but this was like a fresh of breath air. Kudos for the creativity.


I will say that I find it pretty sketchy that Scorpius is sneaking around on Rose with her cousin. Even if he does love Roxanne, the right thing to do would be to break it off with Rose before he tried to start anything else. That would show that at least he respected Rose, but treating her this way seems like he doesn't care much about her. 


I like that Roxanne feels conflicted about the whole thing. I can tell she really does care for him, but I like that her loyalties are with her family. I hope that she really considers what she's doing before she makes any final decisions. Some how I don't think the Weasleys would just shrug off her breaking up Rose's relationship. 


Your writing was lovely in this! You always do such a great job of creating a believable scenario in a short amount of words! Great work! 



Author's Response:

Hello dear :) 


I hadn't thought of the pairing either until I got it for the challenge, and I've never really been a huge Rose/Scorpius shipper, haha, so I can't really take credit on the creativitiy but I'm glad you liked the concept! 


I agree with you, and tbh, when I wrote this, I was more focused on Roxanne's characterization than Scorpius'. The way I imagined this, the thing between them only happened once, and then Roxanne more or less ran away from a lot of aspects of her life, including Scorpius, so he just went back to Rose, thinking Roxanne didn't care.  I do kind of want to write more one-shots with them, so maybe I'll explore things in his POV earlier on.  That might be interesting.


The Weasley's definitely wouldn't shrug her off for breaking up Rose's relationship, but I feel like it's something that Roxanne would worry about, considering the way I have it in my mind, everyone sort of wanted Rose/Scorpius to be together - to the point where Astoria gave him a ring and was like, "Here, give this to Rose, we know how much you belong together."  


Thank you! I do always strive to bend rules of canon and still make them believable, so I'm glad that worked here. Thanks for the review! :) 



Name: banshee (Signed) · Date: 27 Mar 2017 08:00 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Maybe This Time Chapter: Maybe This Time


So we chatted about this story a lot but I was dinking around procrastinating my own writing and i spotted a link for this, so I had to come and give it some more love. 

Can i just tell you again how much I love your roxanne here? she's badass (whoops are we allowed to say that here? meh), to the point, but you can still tell that she is vulnerable and above all human and heartbroken. 

You have this amazing ability to take these random pairings and make them WORK, and I really feel like you did that so well here. 

You're wonderful and this story is wonderful also. #hearts 


Author's Response:


You're the best.  I'm not sure if this story would be exactly this without all of your help, so I just want you to know how much I appreciate all of our chats. <3 

I didn't really have a plan for Roxanne's voice - I don't normally for characters as they kind of write themselves, but I'm glad that she comes off as human and realistic.  She's definitely heartbroken, although she's trying to hide it. Plus, I think she takes after Angelina a bit in her personality. :P 

Thank you so much for this surprise review!

Love you <3 

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