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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxxi.

Hey, dear! I'm back for more Magical Menagerie things! 


First of all, I just want to say, FINALLY! This has been so super slow burn, it almost hurt, but I have enjoyed every single aching second of it. I mean, honestly, they've grown so much from the beginning of the story and matured together as a couple and it really has been a wonderfully slow pace, moving between practically hating each other and then dating and falling in love, to kisses and...well, you know. 


Speaking of, the amount of respect the two show for one another in this scene, especially because it is a love scene, is really amazing. There is so much that I love about this chapter, because you've done an amazing job with targeting emotions and the nervousness of doing something like this for the first time. And, of course, I love how it's sort of awkward and sweet, because this is their first time and that's the realistic side to it -- of course it's not perfect (even if it seems perfect to them). 


And the nap afterward is always welcomed, ha! But honestly, the two really connected in this and you did an amazing job in showcasing those feelings, because the best love scenes aren't just the ones that focus on the actions, but what emotions are happening, which adds a whole level of sensuality to it. 





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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxx

Hey, hunny! I'm here with the Magical Menagerie event! 


I'm so happy to see Hermione and Amelia getting some much-needed girl time in. Plus, it gives them an excuse to go shopping to buy Severus a birthday present! And it has to be absolutely awesome to have all those shortcuts to/from and through Hogwarts...it makes things super convenient, even if she has to lie about them when she has to lie about them.


Those little flashbacks to how she changes the future from her time spent in the past is really useful for picking out presents, if I do say so, haha! I really liked the altered flashback, too. I can imagine that Severus is really annoyed when he figures out the love of his life is a time-traveler and who disappears from his life, then comes back, but he has to wait a LONG time for them to be together for reasons. Plus, the softness about him is so sweet. 


Shoutout to the little Remelia nod! 


Only a little irksome ;). They're completely adorable, I can't with them. I love that Severus was so worried about not have gotten her a birthday gift in return haha! Also, it's about gosh darn time that she wants him. Hot dog! Things are about to get steamy up in here, and i cannot wait! 



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxxi.

MEG!!!! Here for your wishlist! And I'm so happy to see that you're updating this story again! I've missed you and i cannot even tell you happy I am to see that you're active around the site again, it's so wonderful :D


I am always impressed with how well you get into Hermione's head and write her so perfectly, and this chapter is no exception. Leave it to Hermione to try and logic her way through sex :P I think that's really true to character for her though, and how in the beginning she's thinking about what she's read in books and how that can only prepare her so much for the real thing - she wants to be as knowledgeable as she can beforehand, the anatomy and all the practical aspects, but there are some things you really can't learn from academic texts, and I think you did a really good job showing that about her. Particularly how nervous she is with anything unfamiliar, and her embarrassment even though she's sure what she wants, and it says a lot about her comfort with him that she is so much more confident and assertive by the end of the chapter as they're both kind of figuring it out together.


Hermione's thoughts at the end about worrying about what ifs is also a pretty important moment for her, because she's such a future-focused person normally and now she's considering an effort to be more present because she only has so much time left in the past and wants to enjoy it with him. Those paragraphs really emphasize how bittersweet it is though - of course it has been so all along, but here when they're both so content, really happy and in love, and it must be so difficult especially now for Hermione to reconcile that with what she knows has to transpire in the future, and difficult to put that out of her head.


(Though, for someone who thinks and prepares as much as Hermione does (and Severus is the same way too, tbh), I can't believe neither one of them thought about protection >__< So at the moment I'm a little worried for them. Cause things could get very complicated. I mean, they are already complicated given that she's a couple of decades back in time and in love with someone who in the future is her bitter, unhappy professor who died in the war. ...No one ever said love was easy.)


This was a great chapter and I'm so glad you're writing again <3 Happy holidays!

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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxxi.

I got an email that Meg added a chapter. . . What she just posted to Alive a few days ago?. . . No, wait that says SSS. YES! I love it already! (I guess I better go read it now.)

Author's Response:

Took long enough, didn’t it? lol But awww, Barbara! Thank you for stopping by to review before even reading! You’re so sweet! I hope you enjoy the chapter, when you’re able to read it!! Thank you again, love!! <33 

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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxix

I'm here reviewing for team silver O/ . Go team!


I love how Slughorn has that memory of essentially (even indirectly and unknowingly) helped Tom Riddle on his route to making Horcruxes engrained at in the back of his head. At least it is making him more wary of information he gives out willy-nilly. And, to be honest, if Slughorn didn't help him, I'm sure that Tom would've figured out a way, anyway. If there is anything to be said about Tom Riddle -- at least he wasn't stupid. Moreover, I have to give Slughorn props that he recognizes that Hermione isn't doing this for the wrong reasons (even though he doesn't know that she really just needs to create this antivenom to save Severus in the future). 


Severus' jealously towards Otto is adorable. And, of course, Hermione is totally right (as per usual ;) ) -- there's no use letting jealously come between them. Life's way to short for that. 


Ahhhh, Severus is so keen and observant! Of course he recognizes that Hermione's antivenom is getting a little on the specific side. And he's SO onto her -- ugh, I wish that she could stop lying to him (I mean, I understand why she can't, and how the delicate fabric of time and space is hanging in the balance...but STILL, it breaks my heart a little).


Yes -- Remelia ftw! Haha! Plus, Amelia's theory about how to test the antivenin is a really great idea! Go, Amelia. I've always liked that girl. Hermione was too invested in the fact that this was a magical snake, requiring a magical dose of antivenin to see that the Muggle method was totally plausible. NOW GO MAKE THE THING AND SAVE THE SNAPE! YOU CAN DO IT HERMIONE!


Amazing, as always!



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxx

Yay girl time :) Amelia and Hermione's shopping and breaking rules adventure! I love it. I was always kinda sad for Hermione in the books how she didn't really have that many close female friends, especially none that had much in common with her (Ginny and Luna, as much as Hermione mentions they were her close friends, were very very different from her, of course) and I've honestly loved the friendship between Hermione and Amelia in this fic.


Hmmm interesting reasoning Hermione - that if he's mean to her then she won't travel into the past. But like, it already happened, so good luck altering time, Snape. :P One thing I'm really curious about is how you're going to avoid the really warped power dynamic if (when?) Hermione goes back to her time and saves Severus. In the scene where he inadvertently shows her the ring, I was reminded of Snape's tendency to lord his power over his students - not just Hermione, but all of them. And I think that'll make for a really weird power dynamic when she comes back and is still in love with him, but a past version of him. But, to your credit, throughout this story you've managed to sidestep a lot of the things that make me generally uncomfortable with this pairing, and I find that really admirable. So far, the story has raised a lot of questions, and those that it's answered so far have been answered well, and you've addressed the things that needed addressing. So I'm confident that you'll have a great solution to this but I admit I'm really curious about how you'll do it, haha!


Aw, I love that she went to such great lengths to surprise him for his birthday and get a cake and everything. It's sad that he hadn't really celebrated his birthday much before then. 

Okay, lovebirds, a classroom is probably not the best place for this next activity :P


Great chapter! I'm so glad I had a chance to catch up on this story. <3


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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxix

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeg ♥ I feel like it's been AGES since I left you a review. I hope you're doing well!


I love that you didn't shy away from pointing out how possessive Severus is - because that's 100% what his love for Lily was - and I appreciated Hermione's reaction to Severus' jealousy and possessiveness when Otto talked to her. It seemed she got through to him a little there, and made him realize for a moment that his possessiveness is not romantic and not appreciated.


Slughorn's hesitance to help Hermione felt really realistic, too, because I imagine he constantly regrets being so trusting of Tom Riddle so is extra careful about things like that afterward. I'm also really curious to read more about Hermione's potioneering experiments with her antivenom, this is honestly one of the coolest things about this fic.


Amelia saves the day with science! I'm so happy Amelia was in this chapter more, I really like her. This was a great chapter and I'm glad to have had the chance to visit this story again. Miss you ♥

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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: vi.

Hey Meg! I'm back for the Hot Seat!


I feel like Hermione might be rushing herself a bit, clearly a week is not going to be enough time to befriend Severus and return home. I loved that Hermione ended up helping Snape in Potions class! It's really interesting that she was the one to tell him to do that, when in her time it was through his notes in the book that Harry told Hermione what to do. 


Interesting about the comment Otto made about wanting Hermione to get Sirius in enough trouble to be taken out of the match next month. I thought maybe she'd be a little more upset about it, considering she is a Gryffindor at heart and even in this time, I could see her wanting Gryffindor to win. But then in this time she is friends with the Ravenclaws, and in their house with them, so I suppose I could see her rooting for their team more than Gryffindor. Especially when she's seeing some of the Marauders in a more immature state.


I think it's so cute that Amelia and Remus have a bit of a crush on each other! I feel bad for Hermione though, it must be hard being around Remus now, when in her time she had known adult Remus pretty well and was just beginning to mourn his death. And now she has the chance to befriend him again but at the cost of losing him all over again when she returns to her time. I would think that it would be a lot harder for her to be around Remus and even Sirius, as opposed to Lily and James since she never actually knew Lily and James before going back in time.


It is interesting that maybe Hermione was supposed to come back to this moment in time. Maybe if she hadn't, things would have turned out a lot differently for her and her friends. But if that's the case, and what's happened in the future has already been affected by the past... can she make Snape feel like he was cared for? And if she does... will that really change anything? 


This story is getting really good, Meg! Sorry I haven't been around to read more lately, but hopefully I'll be able to return to it soon!



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: v.

Hello again, Meg! Here for Team Silver!


Poor Hermione, she's not having any luck with keeping a low profile, is she? Of course even with her task at hand, she would never not take a full course load, would she? lol. Of course, it might be more fitting since she is pretending to be a Ravenclaw. But first she runs into Snape again and helps him with his books even though he's nothing but rude to her and then Sirius comes in to try to win her over and she completely stomps on his dreams basically. That was kind of classic. I really want to know what Snape must have thought of that. 


And she meets James! He seems like an interesting character. Best friends with Sirius but still enjoys seeing him taken down a peg or two. I love that he congratulated Hermione on doing so. 


Remus is talking to Lily about giving James a chance! That's so cute. I wonder if Remus was telling the truth when he said James didn't put him up to it. Maybe he genuinely thinks they'd be good together... And Hermione officially met Lily! It was super nice of her to offer help to Hermione if she needed it. I wonder if they'll have more interactions later on.


Oh, I'm very curious to read the next chapter for more Snape but I must take a break to review some of the other nominations! Great chapter though, I will be back to continue this soon!



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: iv.

Hello again! Here for Team Silver!


Well, Hermione's first meeting with Snape clearly did not go as planned. Honestly, I do think he was unnecessarily rude to her, he doesn't even know who she is, but she wanted to help him and that should have counted for something. But clearly he's very surly to everyone it seems. I wonder why he would look at her after they first made eye contact and she was still trying to help him. But he also seemed to be watching her, just like she was watching him, why else would they keep making eye contact during dinner? I wonder where he is in his legilimens training right now, if he can read her, or maybe he didn't make eye contact because he was afraid she might read his? I wonder what he thought when he heard Dumbledore's speech about Hermione being his neice. 


Amelia Bones seems nice. It must be hard talking to someone when you know their fate but you can't say or do anything to change it. But I'm glad Hermione found a friend. Sirius is clearly a serious pieice of work, lol. Like wow, boy has no shame. I think it's kind of funny that he's a bit of a pig, yet charming. ANd while if he were anyone else Hermione might be more rude, because she knows he's got a hard life ahead of him, she doesn't want to be too cruel. And Snape probably heard every word of that conversation and thinks Sirius will win over Hermione like he does all the other girls? Is that what he meant by his comment of "typical"? Poor Snape, maybe he thought he had a chance but as usual Sirius has to claim everyone, and of course Snape wouldn't want anything to do with anyone associated with Sirius. I'm really curious to see what happens next with Hermione and Snape and how she will continue to pursue his friendship.


Oh my gosh. Rita Skeeter is in this? And she's dating Lockhart!? Well, aren't they like a perfect match of awful people. Is this canon? Starting to feel like it definitely could be. Anyway, I am very curious to see what happens in the next chapter, so I will definitely be reading on tonight! 



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: iii.

Nix here for Team Silver!


I read this chapter and the next last night so I will try to skim the chapters and conduct a proper review. I thought this was a great chapter. Way to go Hermione for finding everyone all in the same day. First of all, I adore Rosmerta. Maybe her and Hermione disagree on clothing options, but I'm glad that Hermione was willing to give her a chance. Or maybe Rosmerta was just holding her hostage at that table until Hermione decided to do so, lol. But Rosmerta does seem really nice and friendly, and even though Hermione may dislike her in the future because Ron had a bit of a crush on her, I feel like there's no reason to dislike her now. I mean, at least Ron isn't there to see how she looked when she was still young.


Also, speak of the devil and he will appear. It didn't really occur to me that Lucius would be out of school by this point, but to run into him and Bellatrix in Hogsmeade!? That's crazy. I can understand how Hermione might never had expected that to happen. Of course, they don't know who she is, but to see Bellatrix at her prime must have been terrifying after the torture she put Hermione through. I wonder if she'll run into them again. Quite curious to see what would happen there. I do like that Hermione only gave herself a small makeover, choosing to only change her hair. I think it's a lot more reasonable than a lot of other stories, especially thar parody of yours where Dumbledore decides to just make Hermione super hot and she looks nothing like herself. I don't think Hermione would want to change her appearance all that much, doesn't really fit with everything she stands for, but she is known for her staple unruly, curly brown hair so it seems fitting that that is what she would change. 


And then she comes across everyone else she's trying to avoid. James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, and Lily all at the same time!? And Snape, too!? Bet she was not expecting that. Poor Remus though, clearly it was a shock for Hermione to see him before he lost everyone he loves to Voldemort or Azkaban. He must have been a completely different person back then. Well, maybe not completely differnet. He doesn't seem too impressed by James and Sirius' need to pick on Snape. And Lily! This must clearly be after Snape called her a Mudblood as once she saw who it was they were picking on, she suddenly didn't care. I feel bad for Snape, he clearly lost the only person who cared about him by making that mistake. No one else seems to like him all that much. I'm quite curious how Hermione intends to get close to him enough to complete her task.


Anyway, this was a great chapter! I'm gonna move on to review the next one and read the one after that. Congrats on the nomination, btw! Good luck in the awards!







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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: ii.

Nix here again for Team Silver!

This story just keeps getting more curious. I suppose it makes sense that Dumbledore would claim the girl is his neice, why else would she be there if the school year hasn't even started yet? Although her background story seems a little far fetched... but I'll guess we'll see if the subject comes up with the other students. I'm surprised Hermione chose to be in Ravenclaw. Slytherin seemed like the most obvious choice, but maybe it's for the best. I don't feel like Hermione would get along very well with the Slytherin house, being muggleborn and all, also if there are people who might recognize her later, like Lucius Malfoy, maybe it's a good thing she chose Ravenclaw. She'll certainly fit into the house just fine considering her love of reading and learning. And of course, it's best she didn't make herself known to Sirius, Remus, and Peter, who've met her in the future, or if she tries to save Harry's parents she could disrupt everything, maybe even create a world worse than the one she was in...

I wonder who else will be in her dorm though, will she recognize and Ravenclaws? I'm very curious to see what happens next. This was a great chapter! 


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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: i.

Hey Meg, Nix here for Team Silver!

This was such an interesting premise! I'm so happy I finally get a chance to read some more of your stories. I'm quite curious about the plot you've started here. I think it's quite interesting that Hermione would care about Snape and have it nag at her that he shouldn't have died. I wonder what she would have done if the timeturner and note hadn't appeared in front of her. How would she have tried to save him then? But of course, Dumbledore being Dumbledore, already has a plan all mapped out. I wonder what she'll do now that she's gone back in time to the Marauder period. How will she prove to Snape that he deserves to have a happy life? I'm quite curious to read on.

This was a great start and a well written chapter! Can't wait to see what happens next!


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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxx

This is the last chapter so far, and I’m not prepared to start. But here we go.


Amelia’s such a good friend! I’m so happy she’s more present in this chapter, I’ve really missed her a lot. Also I love how Hermione goes and picks gifts for Severus based on her memories from the future haha. Though I sincerely hope mid-30s Snape didn’t harbor feelings for teenager Hermione. That would be really, really weird. But anyway, I’m glad that Hermione found him a good gift that he kept for years, and I’m glad that Amelia went along with her!


You also mentioned that Hermione didn’t have too many female friends in her time at Hogwarts, other than Ginny or Luna, which I think is a tragedy. Jo should’ve done better with that. Anyway, I’m glad that Hermione now has Amelia to add to her group of friends! Also lmao Snape mistreating Hermione to stop her from going back into the past to save him and fall in love with him sounds a lot like that fan theory of Snape mistreating Harry so that his true allegiance to Dumbledore won’t ever be discovered.


OH. OH THANK GOODNESS. I WAS SO TERRIBLY WORRIED THAT THE CLIFFHANGER WOULD BE SOMETHING TERRIBLE, LIKE DUMBLEDORE RANDOMLY UP AND FORCING HERMIONE TO LEAVE, BUT THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER. I feel so relieved, oh my goodness. Like obviously I’m still going to feel the effects of the cliffhanger, but it’s definitely less drastic than if bad news was suddenly dumped on her.


I guess all I have to say to Hermione at this moment is, use protection. Please don’t get pregnant, because that would make life difficult for everyone involved.


WONDERFUL CHAPTER. And I can’t believe I’ve reached the end so far. <333



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxix

Ooh am I the first reviewer on this chapter?? Yay!


Hahaha that beginning had me smiling a bit, even though it was a slightly tense moment for Hermione. Slughorn must be absolutely traumatized by Tom Riddle, and for good reason. The man really made a mistake talking about Horcruxes like that. Though I feel like Hermione could easily lie to Severus as to what it was all about, so that he’s less upset with her. (Maybe this type of advice is exactly the reason I should stay far, far away from relationships lmao.)


Otto is adorable tbh, and seems like a good sort. If Hermione wasn’t involved with Severus, I’d probably gladly ship her with Otto! I hope that Severus doesn’t cause any bodily harm to come to Otto because that would be. not good. And I liked that his possessiveness was brought up here, because that’s one of the creepiest parts about Snape, especially from canon. Like, since childhood, he was shown to have a creepy hunger to him whenever he looked at Lily, and I saw a glimpse of that here when Snape was just absolutely unwilling to let Otto speak to Hermione. Quite frankly I’m really glad Hermione showed her disapproval so strongly. She’s a wise girl. <3




Her ideas are so smart?? And then by extension, you’re also a genius, because I literally never in a million years would have thought to do that. And now I feel so much more relieved because I think Hermione can stop lying to Snape a bit, and she also won’t put herself in harm’s way. YES AMELIA. Though I cry a little at the amount of time Hermione wasted preparing herself for poison when she had a friend that she could’ve talked to, spent more time with, etc. to figure this out so much faster haha.


And the next chapter is the last updated chapter so far??? omg I’m not ready.



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxviii

Oh, Hermione.


I honestly can’t imagine going through what she’s going through right now. I am barely willing to get up in the morning for school, let alone go across time to rescue someone she hardly cared for in the beginning. So I can understand her short temper, and her offense at the fact that Dumbledore seems to think so little of her.


I just hope that she’s making the right choice. Because these previous chapters have been hinting more and more that Dumbledore really doesn’t agree with what she’s doing, and while Dumbledore is most certainly a morally ambiguous character, he’s generally been right all throughout the canon series. So as much as I love Hermione, I feel like she should heed his warnings a little more. And the fact that Severus was able to connect Future (Present??) Hermione with Current (Past?????) Hermione makes me feel more nervous than I can describe haha.


The little glimpses of Severus and Hermione in this chapter were very cute, though, and were a welcome distraction from the constant stress placed on Hermione’s shoulders. In my opinion, they should continue sneaking out to the Room of Requirement hehe.


What’s going to happen to Hermione, though? She really seems so unwilling to leave this current time period and I HOPE SHE DOESN’T JEOPARDIZE THE FUTURE BY STAYING HERE. BUT I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. Like literally no clue omg.





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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxvii

Ooh, frisky.


I’m sorry ahaha I’m so terrible at commenting on chapters like this. It was a good chapter! You write make-out scenes really well, I’m very envious. The progression of their relationship thus far has been so believable, and I really love reading Hermione’s thoughts throughout this. And why am I beginning to sound like I’m writing an academic paper holy crap sorry for my awkwardness.


ANYWAY I thought the slight weirdness between the two of them when they walked into the bedroom was super cute. (Dumbledore’s disapproval makes me slightly nervous, I hope things work out alright in the end.) And I feel like it pretty much sums up any new relationship, when they take things a little further. But also I just love it when two characters in a relationship cuddle together, even without kissing or whatever. It’s just super sweet.


I really liked this chapter!! <33



Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 04 May 2018 05:48 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxvi

Christmas!! Oh, what a beautiful chapter. I loved the descriptions of the presents and how thoughtful each of her Ravenclaw friends are. And Dumbledore, too! I’m so glad that he finally came around and gave her the all-powerful phoenix tears.


At first I thought that Severus didn’t get her a present, but then Hermione explained the exchange-gifts-in-person thing so I was appeased haha.




Oh my goodness.


My heart.


Sorry, I just went back and read that section again for reviewing and. *flails* Severus wrote to his mother asking for help with gift-giving??? HOW CUTE IS THAT. I ACTUALLY CAN’T EVEN COMPREHEND THE CUTENESS AHHHH.


THERE ARE MANY CAPS IN THIS REVIEW BUT I’M JUST SO HAPPY. LITERALLY EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS CHAPTER MADE ME HAPPY (except Hermione felt a little lonely in the beginning, that part made me a little sad). But I’m glad that she’s cheered up now! And omg Snape confessed my heart can’t take it.





Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 04 May 2018 05:38 AM · [Report This]
Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxv

Nooo, my darling Amelia. Good-bye for now. I’ll miss you bunches. :(


However! I am very glad that Snape is out of the Hospital Wing now. The fact that Madam Pomfrey said that she knew exactly why he was so eager to leave was hilarious, I was smiling really hard. And I love that he poked himself in the ribs to prove to Hermione how un-injured he was! All in all, his recovery is a positive event and I’m glad to have a little bit of happiness in this story after the drama of the last two chapter haha.


ALSO. ALSO ALSO ALSO. DID HE JUST SAY “AS YOU WISH”? AS IN, THE ALL-ICONIC QUOTE FROM THE PRINCESS BRIDE?? (If I’m reading way too much into this, just ignore me lol. I mean, does Snape even know the Princess Bride? Does he read Muggle books? Am I being delusional?) EITHER WAY I LOVE THAT QUOTE. And I think it makes sense that he would say it too (trying desperately to defend myself here haha) because he was struggling to say “I love you” plainly last chapter, so he’s probably just trying to find a roundabout way of saying “I love you” to her, right?


Hey. Hermione. You’ve read The Princess bride, right? Which means you should know what Snape’s trying to tell you? (I mean, she pretty much figured it out last chapter already, but she didn’t even react!!!) Oh wait. Unless I’m just totally reading wayyy too much into those three words ahaha. I forgot that I was just speculating for a second there.


This chapter was so domestic I loved it!! All these little things in a relationship always kills me ahhhh. <3



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxiv

*muffled screaming*


I literally typed out a string of reactions before I realized they were all swears and we can’t have that. But I’m so, so nauseated right now. Honestly never in my life could I have imagined that young Sirius would be able to do something like this, so this was so shocking and nauseating and just uGH SIRIUS WHY WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING SO TERRIBLE GUESS I’LL JUST HAVE TO BOOT YOU INTO THE FOURTH DIMENSION NOW BECAUSE YOU SUCK.


And I feel particularly upset about the way Sirius apologized too. *cries* Like, claiming that it wasn’t him? Hate to break it to you, bud, but a drunk you is still you. That’s no excuse. There are some people who, when drunk, just take off all their clothes and warble terrible songs, and then there are some people who, when drunk, sexually assault people. So yeah, there’s no excuse.


At least no one died holy crap.


Right at this moment I just want Hermione to spend a carefree day with Amelia, because I miss my darling girl and I want some updates on her life. How’s she doing? xo


Sorry for the short review! I had to skim the beginning a bit. :(



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxiii

Between my allergies and a burning desire to read through every single update of this story, I can’t sleep and so I am determined to finish reviewing every chapter today. (Will I be able to do it? Who knows, considering I take like five million hours per review, and also because it’s like 1 a.m. BUT I SHALL TRY. Though, maybe I shouldn’t, because you said it ends on a cliffhanger. .___.)


OKAY WHO IS IT. WHO IS IT. I WAS SO TEMPTED TO READ THE NEXT CHAPTER BEFORE TYPING THIS REVIEW YOU HAVE NO IDEA, WHO DARES SNEAK UP ON HERMIONE LIKE THAT. I swear, if it’s Sirius Black being a creepy idiot, I’ll smack him into the next dimension. But you’ve never described Sirius Black with this type of voice before, so I’m assuming it’s someone who is well established in canon as creepy? Is it a future Death Eater? Is it…Snape, except, like, Imperiused??


Please let Hermione be alright omg.


As for the rest of the chapter, I think. Okay. I feel a lot better about Snape now. In the past few chapters, his relationship with Hermione was literally the sweetest thing ever, but there was always that unspoken bit about his use of the slur, and I’m really glad that he was super apologetic and understood everything that he did wrong, even though Hermione brushed it off as nothing haha. I’m really happy these two are talking to each other again, they’re both very sweet with each other. <3


Dumbledore’s concern is super understandable. Tbh I still worry about the effect that Hermione’s relationship with Snape, as cute as it is, will have on her mission to save him. But also I don’t want these two to break up?? (Please tell me that’s not the cliffhanger on Chapter 30 omg.)





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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxii.

Oh no oh no oh no.


I should’ve known that after the adorable fluffiness that was last chapter, this chapter would have a number of upsetting events. THE HAPPY THINGS NEVER LAST, DO THEY. By the end of the chapter, my heart was thumping with panic (in the best way possible, don’t worry haha) because I’m honestly just so concerned about how the rest of the story is going to play out.


Like, what happens if Hermione gets caught? The way Jo wrote her time-travel story, she made it like there’s no other possible course of action, and that everything done in the past serves to make the present. And so I’m really curious about your take on time-travel, because I know everyone has a different idea.


FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS: Amelia is too smart for her own good. (Also, Rosmerta, how dare you almost-reveal Hermione like that. I love you very much, and tbh it’s not your fault at all, but still, that caused me much stress.) Between Amelia’s suspicion and Remus’s, I have an uneasy suspicion that Hermione is going to get busted before her mission is at its end, and therefore she’s going to have some terribly awkward confrontation with Snape and the other students she’s friends with. While I am very, dearly proud of the wonderful Amelia for being so astute, even while all their other friends were just fooling around nonsensically, I also don’t want her to possibly mess anything up. At the very least, I hope she won’t stop being friends with Hermione. :(


SECOND ORDER OF BUSINESS: This confrontation with Lily gives me the jitters. I’m trying to figure out why Lily still seems to care for Severus. Why should she care? It’s all very confusing. But I’m also just really concerned about Hermione’s reaction. Like, okay, girl, disliking Lily for “hurting” Severus is um, a bit of a problem. I understand that between her apparent hypocrisy and the jealousy Hermione holds towards her, she doesn’t view Lily in a terribly favorable light right now. I get that. But also, I do think it still makes sense for someone to cut out a person who’s hurt them, while not wanting any harm to come to them. And then Hermione wanted to slap Lily at the end of her confrontation with Snape, which is alarming on so many levels, and I just wanted to shake her by the shoulders and go like, “No, no, no, Hermione. Lily is not the cause of your relationship problems. It isn’t her fault that you guys didn’t communicate properly with each other, so don’t go around wishing to slap her, please. Thank you.”


Also I need to know what’s going on in Snape’s mind, like that guy is truly an enigma. What did he hear? What specifically made him uncomfortable? Why is he refusing to talk to Hermione, who’s made it perfectly clear she isn’t going to shun him? WHAT IS GOING ON *SOBS*


And poor Hermione. Crying isn’t fun. :(


Anyway, what a dramatic and well-written chapter! I quite enjoyed thinking about certain things during this one.



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xxi.

Meg omg. This was literally the cutest chapter. You know that thing that happens when you read something cute, and then somehow without realizing it, your mouth just kinda drifts into this silly smile, and your parents walk by and are absolutely befuddled by the fact that you are grinning loopily at the computer screen? Yeah. That happened too many times this chapter to count. (True story.)


I should go through now and talk about everything that made me smile! (Though first I want to mention that Hermione’s nightmares made me feel really sad for her. Nightmares every night? That sounds terrible, aww. I can barely handle regular dreams once a week, let alone nightmares.) But her sleeplessness in class is very relatable. As a student, I would encourage her to take a nap in class, but Hermione is far too responsible for that hehe. OKAY BUT SNAPE’S NOTE?? After I realized that it was not in fact a cruel joke from one of the Marauders, I was laughing really hard.


It’s amazing what you’ve done with Snape as a character, truly. Though he’s general portrayed as unfavorable in the books, you’ve taken those characteristics and just made them fit a younger Snape while adding more dimension to him, and I’m just so impressed by you.


Also Snape asking Hermione what their status is?? Such a normal-relationship thing to do, and I chuckled a bit seeing it here. I love that amidst all the hectic-ness (I could’ve sworn that there’s a real world that means ‘hectic-ness’ but I’m too tired .__.) of Hermione’s life, she’s granted these small moments of normalcy. AND I CAN’T BELIEVE SNAPE JUST WENT AND SNOGGED HER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HALLWAY LMAO. I have to be honest with you, anytime I see a couple doing PDA in the hallways at school, I just can’t look at them. It’s always secondhand embarrassment with me haha. But honestly I feel so happy for them that they’re comfortable enough doing that!!


I have a bad feeling about Hermione canceling her plans with Amelia. Because compromising with your boyfriend shouldn’t mean canceling plans with other friends to make time. :(


Yay success, though! After so many trials and errors, I’m just really glad that Hermione has successfully accomplished her goal. And ugh their banter is just so cute I literally couldn’t stop smiling in this scene, from the Stinging Jinx to the tickling to the outright snogging and then just the honest answer she gave him in “You.” AHHH. SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILES EVERYWHERE.


Okay I’m done.




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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xx.

I haven’t been keeping up with this story as regularly as I should, which is honestly really sad because I’m always super eager to read on to the end, except I just spent way too much time on real life and not enough time reviewing your wonderful story. :(


However I am here now, and I’m really happy about it! I read this chapter a few days ago (right after I reviewed the other one lol) and it’s been in my mind since. I’ve just been itching to type out a review, and I’m just glad that I can scratch that itch now haha. Also, I can’t believe I’m only ten chapters away from the last updated chapter?? What am I going to do when I reach that point??? I’m hoping to goodness it’s not a cliffhanger, otherwise I might just be wallowing in misery until a new chapter comes out hehe.


First of all can I say how cute it is that Hermione wanted to get Severus a gift? She’s honestly amazing. A true heroine. But omg I can’t believe that Severus kept it all those years, and then actually gave it to Hermione like twenty years into the future. HOW CRAZY IS THAT. I loved her flashback – flash…forward? I DON’T KNOW, TIME TRAVEL IS CONFUSING – when she remembered the day Snape lent her the stirring stick, and now I have so many questions! So did Snape know 100% who she was? If he did, then why was he so mean to poor Hermione in her time at Hogwarts? Also, did he still have feelings for her?? Because that raises a few moral dilemmas as well. But most of all I can’t believe he kept it all those years. He must’ve really liked Hermione, aww. <3


(Also, thank goodness Hermione didn’t write her full name on the stirring stick haha, otherwise Past Hermione – ………Future Hermione? – would have been shocked out of her mind.)


Literally everything in Hermione’s life right now is so complicated, and I’m just so amazed at your ability to keep it all straight. I’m confusing myself just reviewing this story, but you’ve managed to piece together this beautiful time travel piece and I’m just so happy that you wrote this! It’s really so much fun to read, I love it.


Also their banter, I just can’t get over it. These two are so cute together, and Hermione seemed so much like herself that I was shocked for a moment when you reminded us that she had disguised herself. Hermione with long black hair is something that my brain has a hard time putting together. In some ways, it makes me a little sad that Hermione can’t show what she really looks like to Snape…but that would just complicate everything further, wouldn’t it. :(


Oh ho ho, that make out scene. ;D


Ugh this was such a good chapter!! I’m so glad I could finally get this review down. <3



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Story:Saving Severus Snape Chapter: xix.



This might sound really weird, but my favorite part of this chapter was when Hermione went off into the Forbidden Forest in order to collect the unicorn horn. A close second favorite is when she was crushing the horn up and storing it. I don’t know why, but I just love scenes when characters are out gathering important ingredients that are used for magical spells or potions or whatever. I don’t know, it’s very exciting. And you made it even more exciting, because of your descriptions of Hermione’s actions and the forest and the unicorn horn and her thoughts!


Anyway. Sorry about that, I really don’t know why I like these sorts of things so much.


I love the development of Hermione and Snape’s relationship. I’m actually really relieved that no one’s giving them grief over it; I don’t think Hermione wants that unnecessary stress on top of her all-important mission of saving Severus Snape’s life haha.


And poor Hermione omg, when she was overwhelmed by the frustration of it all and started crying, I wanted to hug her so badly. Thankfully Snape was there to do it for me. But ugh the Golden Trio went through everything so young, and now there’s this added pressure for Hermione to deal with. You can do it, Hermione!! I have so much faith in you!!! (An unrelated thought just struck me: if Hermione was seventeen when she traveled back in time, does this mean she’s currently one-to-two years older than Snape right now? Math is not my strong suit, haha, so I don’t know.)


I can’t believe Slughorn caught them ahahaha I get so embarrassed at just the thought of that. Anyway, the two handled it well, and I’m glad Hermione got to laugh a little after her frustration. <3


Wonderful chapter, as always! Your writing is always so fun and interesting. <3



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