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Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 22 Jan 2019 03:23 AM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Show and Tell

“So that fact I once heard about how you’re never more than six feet away from a spider is apparently true, even past the end of the solar system.” I HATE THIS FACT SO MUCH HOW DARE YOU REMIND ME OF IT.


On an actual let’s-actually-review-the-story note, I love that you’ve contrasted something so dull - cleaning the galleys - with the fact that they’re casually zooming by all these cool planets in far away places. I mean, I’m sure that’s pretty reflective of what actual space travel is like anyways, because those things have to get done anyways, regardless of if you’re zooming by planets, but it’s still so funny to think about nonetheless.


And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the conversation that Lily had with Celeste in this chapter (also, I just noticed the fact that Celeste’s name is what it is and she’s a space pilot - I like the parallel there hehe). But I think it’s really important for Lily - she’s lived a life where she’s hated her privilege and felt like she’s gotten things handed to her because of who she is, and Celeste has lived a life where she’s hated her lack of privilege and had to work for everything twice as hard, also because of who she is. It’s two totally different sides of things, and while Lily’s situation is certainly difficult in its own ways, I think this conversation with Celeste certainly opened her eyes to the fact that she’s taken her privilege for granted thus far. And I also love that she’s thinking about using her position of privilege to help people who don’t have that same privilege once she gets back to her own universe - people like that who can elevate the voices of people who are traditionally silenced (not speak *for* them, but give them a platform to speak on) are SO SO crucial, both in the real world and in this crazy sci-fi one.


I love that Lily’s made friends with this crew, but I also think it’s going to make the goodbye that much harder. With the people back on this version of Earth, she wasn’t close to any of them and leaving them really wasn’t that hard. But with the crew members, it’s different - I sense some upcoming emotional turmoil in that respect. 


Kristin, once again,  I need to tell you that this whole story is really fantastic and I cannot believe it’s taken me this long to read it. I’ll be back to binge-read even more soon. :P



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Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 21 Jan 2019 06:45 PM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: 2032: A Parallel Universe Odyssey

Hi hello yes I’m back for more!!


Once again, I just love Lily’s sense of humour. “I’ve always preferred odd numbers to even ones” as a way of coping with losing a toe, that just sounds EXACTLY like the sort of dumb thing I’d say in that situation as well. Also, I got very distracted from writing this review after Alex’s saw comment because I swear there’s a show I used to watch when I was little and one of the jokes on it was like “what instrument do you play” and the guy was like “THE SAWWWWW” but I absolutely cannot remember where it came from and Google isn’t helping me with this one, so alas. I have a hunch that it’s Kyle from the Amanda Show (pls tell me you know who that is, otherwise I’m showing just how much of a baby I am with that one) but cannot find proof on the Internet either way.


I also loved the comment about forcing Alex to eat pie with her, and how she’s basically become more outgoing as a result of this adventure instead of letting people come to her. It feels like a hint as to how much will have changed in her once she gets back to her universe. (Well, *if* she ever gets back, but I’m gonna be optimistic here.)


And wow, I LOVE Fatima and Celeste. You’ve really developed them so well and given them such great personalities and backgrounds in just the short few chapters we’ve known them for, and I love that they’re such complex characters. I feel like that’s been a general theme of this novel though - every character in it, even ones that might be considered minor, has such a rich history and identity and personality, and it makes all of them (and the story seem SO REAL, even though it’s founded on the way-out-there premise of like, magic and sci-fi and parallel universes.


This chapter as a whole was a lot less action-y, which was actually so nice and refreshing at this point given all the drama that happened last chapter (and inevitably, all the action yet to come, because we’re just too far from the ending for things to go smoothly from here on out). And yeah, fantastic character development in this chapter as well.


Alright, I’m off to the next chapter!! 



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Name: adorably cute (Signed) · Date: 20 Jan 2019 05:21 PM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Prologue

Hi Kristin! I've been meaning to stop by and check this out for a while and menagerie has given me the perfect opportunity! (also here for January RvG)


Ok, so GREAT start here. I'm very interested in what exactly is happening here. I loved Lily's thing about names, because let's be real, we've all thought about it before. 


Lily's defintiely got some issues to work through about her semi-celebrity status, though I can imagine it would be annoying to grow up in such a shadow. Remebrance Day must be a tough day for her and her family, with all these memories, or in her case, thinking of all these stories she's grown up hearing. That'll definitely stir up some feelings in her. 


The Captain's Log at the beginning was a cool thing, I'm interested to see where that goes. It was defintiely an interesting way to grab my attention at the beginning and for such a small entry it packed a big punch. What war is happening now, how are they disappearing and who is even writing the entry? Great first chapter here Kristin, will definitely be back to read more!


Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 20 Jan 2019 03:21 AM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Takeoff

Aaaaaalllllrighty I’m back for chapter 11, because I couldn’t just STOP after that cliffhanger, honestly.


God, you gotta love the irony of being like “we want you to be comfortable!” meanwhile they’re literally keeping her in captivity. That’s DEFINITELY how making someone comfortable works - lock them in a room, give them terrible food, and don’t let them shower for days on end. They’ll be happy to cooperate if you do that!!! (Also I want to see a dog the size of a bear. And I want to love it.)


But Iris!!! I’m happy that even this universe’s version of Iris recovered from her eating disorder, but she definitely seems a little different in this universe. But I think Lily’s assessment was pretty spot-on, that she and Iris probably still could’ve gotten along in this universe, because the similarities are still there. And that flashback was so intriguing as well, because Marta’s definitely SUCH a character. Like, following Lily around for pictures is definitely creepy, but I also love how artsy she is about it too. And Iris is the sweetest, and is somehow so nice to Marta? That’s such a strange way for their bond to have been formed but I definitely love it.


And then the breakout!! Not gonna lie, I kinda love that Lily did a lot of the breaking out herself. Like, go her, being a badass independent witch who don’t need no rescuer. But of all the people I might’ve expected to come to her aid at the end there, I certainly wouldn’t have expected Marta. And also, I wonder how Marta knew Lily was in love with her in a parallel universe?? Or if she even knew about that at all or if she was just winging things? And also what on earth she was expecting to do in Lily’s universe - like, I get that she doesn’t like her life in this one, but I have no idea how it would work in Lily’s universe either so I doubt it’d be better that way.


Also splinching a toe sounds like a whole lotta ouch - I’m glad no one at Mungo’s tried to turn her back in though, and I’ve definitely got the same macabre sense of humour as Lily, so the whole “at least they can study the toe I left” would’ve been my reaction as well.


She made it onto the ship!!! She’s going home!!! As long as she doesn’t die first!!! V excited to see what adventures happen in space.



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Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 19 Jan 2019 08:49 PM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Daedalus

This is the last chapter I have saved to my computer and then I’m gonna have to go back to doing normal boring things on this flight instead of binge-reading this fic. Tbh, I’m a bit impressed with how quickly I’ve flown through this - although that’s definitely in part because it’s just SO interesting and well-written!!


There’s so much tech-y stuff here! I love the detail you’ve gone into in describing the spaceship and addressing the whole magic-and-technology-coexisting thing, as well as introducing the crew of the ship. The tour was a really great way to explain a bunch of things that I imagine will become relevant in future chapters, but it doesn’t feel like a giant info dump either.


Oh, and RIP lost sandwich.


But OH GOD Marta told everyone. Ughhhhhh why is she like this?? And also why is she just standing there to rub it in? She’s actually the worst. Also shoutout to the reporter who, when presented with the opportunity to interview someone from a parallel universe, decided ‘the question I really want to know the answer to is whether or not they’ve got Marmite there. I’ve got one shot at this and THAT is the question I care about the most.’ But ugh, Lily getting detained is NO BUENO and I can only assume (read: hope) that there’s some sort of jailbreak coming up soon so that she can get on the spaceship. Currently trying to decide who’s gonna be the person that breaks her out - I’ve got no forerunner for predictions so I suppose I’ll just wait and be surprised.


Also, I’m pissed that this is the chapter I chose to stop at - I’m left on such a cliffhanger!! Once I get Internet again I’ll probably be back for more. :)



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Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 19 Jan 2019 08:48 PM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Letting Go

I’ve just read the chapter summary, so ‘lettuce’ commence this review.


(I’m so sorry that was so bad I’ll see myself out now.)


Omg, I’ve just started thinking about this (idk why it took me so long) but if these universes are on parallel timelines, does that mean Lily’s just been MIA in her real world this whole time?? If so I can’t imagine how many people are currently freaking the freak out about the fact that she’s just... gone, and has been for a while now.


But ohhhhh this grocery store scene was interesting. First of all, because older Lily isn’t even all that surprised by younger Lily’s information reveal, and the fact that she doesn’t even know young Lily and is already worried about her and her safety, which is just so canon Lily. And THEN. The mysterious person spying on their conversations, because that’s definitely gonna be a thing that becomes a thing (lmao what are words) in the future.


Also, what’s Marta doing?? She’s definitely on one side, but I honestly have no clue which one, because she seems even more irresponsible in this universe than in the other one, which could very well mean that she’s working with the bad guys (aka grocery store coat dude) on something related to Lily. Or maybe she’ll prove to be a decent person in this universe too. I guess we’ll see!


(You can tell I’m live-reviewing this because I got my answer like one full page scroll later.) She’s working with grocery store coat dude! Or she IS grocery store coat dude, idk. So she’s definitely not the same Marta as in Lily’s universe - I’m glad Lily’s finally able to recognise that and see her flaws and see just how different this Marta is from the one she knows and loves, and isn’t just blinded by the similarities. Also, I’m on board with Lily here - what would she even do in a universe where she already exists once?


This chapter ended on such an ominous note, and I wonder if Marta will actually go through with it. I guess that’s a question for future chapters. Onwards I go!



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Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 19 Jan 2019 08:47 PM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Facing the Facts

Pls tell me why I’m struggling more with coming up with the greeting for this review than I am coming up with the actual

content. Anyways, hi Kristin!!


The concept of bringing astrophysicists into the Department of Mysteries is SO DOPE. Like, I feel like the Department of Mysteries is already the most weirdly experimental part of the magical world, so combining it with the most weirdly experimental part of the Muggle would would do SO MANY COOL THINGS.


This line cracked me up - “File that statement under the heading of Most Abnormal Conversation Starter I’ve Ever Heard.” It’s totally true, though - and it’s great that Miriam just doesn’t even bother beating around the bush. But, uhhhh, oh damn, what a decision to be faced with. I mean, I imagine she’s gonna go on the spaceship - because what are you gonna do stuck on a planet where you don’t exist? - but still, that’s a hella risky gamble. Also, for Miriam to hear that she invented fine travel in another universe but can’t figure out how to in this one has got to be both a) cool and b) really damn annoying to know that an alternate you already accomplished the thing you’re trying to do yourself.


OH GOD IRIS. Oh no. I remember she made a comment about being “too big” in that flashback; it’s horrible that the same thing was so much worse in this universe. The friendship between those three girls really did hold them together quite a bit, didn’t it? The flashback really shows that - even though Marta was pretty tactless about it, that was apparently a million times better than nothing. It got Iris to open up instead of letting the eating disorder gradually consume her more and more. And aww, Julian got mentioned here as well - I’m glad Lily was able to point out that he didn’t care about appearances as much as Iris had convinced herself he would, and Marta’s line about greeting cards was perfect for lightening the mood. The way these three interact as friends and make each other stronger/better is so wonderfully apparent here.


And that’s the moment that got her to make the decision to go on the space journey, which is also just so telling about how much those friendships mean to her.


Another lovely and intriguing chapter!!



Written for the Magical Menagerie event and January RvG

Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 19 Jan 2019 08:46 PM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Lily, Meet Lily

I’m out of creative introductions.


AHHHH that flashback!!!! It explains so much! I love how you’ve weaved in how Lily ended up with a crush on Marta, and how she became friends with Iris, and how her personality has changed over time. You’ve also very much got the teenage girl mindset of “we’re dating and we’re gonna be together forever” down on Lily’s part, even though that’s obviously not the reality. But this flashback is so perfectly placed to really show exactly why Marta’s rejection last chapter hurt so much for Lily.


Also, yet another relatable moment - Lily’s attempt at waking behind a group of people and not being able to get the pace right WHY DO I RELATE SO MUCH HELP. But then she gets hit by a car, which I..... can’t relate to as much. I like the detail of it being Iris’ neighbour, and also, totally do not blame Lily at all for straight-up bursting into tears. I mean, getting hit by a car and meeting your grandparents who don’t know who you are is enough to send anyone’s emotions into overdrive.


Ugh, okay, I’m lowkey grateful that my Snape/Lily prediction didn’t come true - like you, I am uhhhhh way too much of a Jily fan to support that, and I agree that Snape probably would’ve gotten into the dark arts even without Voldemort specifically. Also what decision on this universe led to this version of Harry being named Henry? But also OMG “oldest son” JILY GOT TO HAVE MORE KIDDOS, WHICH IS BASICALLY MY DREAM FOR THEM.


But also, more discoveries! Ophelia, who’s basically the James II of this universe (and Leah, the Ginny? I can’t tell just yet if Leah’s his wife). Sirius married a Slytherin! But is still friends with James himself, so clearly the Voldemort thing didn’t affect his allegiances or whatnot. Marlene/Remus is a thing!! And Peter/Bertram, apparently!! And Peter’s not a traitor here (although what would he betray, idk why I’m surprised by that).


Ooh, I love the space elements of this!! Space technology would definitely be massively improved with magic, and could definitely help with the whole “it takes forever to get anywhere” part of it. Also I’m gonna get tremendously off-topic here and this is now the second review I’ve said this in, but I’m pretty sure I’m naming my next cat Balthazar. For absolutely no reason whatsoever other than that I think it sounds cool.


But Lily’s realisation at the end of this - that these are totally different people than her real grandparents and the war had a drastic impact on their personalities and relationships - is a really important one for her, I think. And hopefully Miriam shows up soon and has at least some answers for her - poor girl deserves *some* good news at some point, haha, although the journal entry at the start of this makes me think it’ll be a while longer before things start looking up for her.


Also, re your author’s note, I totally feel the whole ‘oh wait that wasn’t supposed to happen’ thing - sometime stories just get a mind of their own and it’s just like...... ok, I suppose this is what we’re doing now.



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Story:Icarus Chapter: Tabula Rasa

I’m baaaaaack (with a massive drop of five reviews this time, no less).


Oh man, Lily’s really getting sent on a wild chase in this universe, isn’t she? This version of the Ministry is SO strange - honestly, the idea of doing tours for Muggles seems plausible but also so bizarre. Also as someone working at the Ministry I would HATE that - I worked for an NGO last spring that was connected to a presidential library and as a result people would show up for tours all the time and even though they didn’t usually come all the way back into the part of the building where I worked, it was such a pain when they did. Also, I’m surprised Lily didn’t immediately realise she doesn’t exist when her wand didn’t scan, but I suppose she also could’ve just been a totally different person and as a result gotten a totally different wand.


Lol chasing after an address from 40 years ago is... not necessarily going to be the most successful endeavour, so I’m glad Lance was there to catch her afterwards and make sure she didn’t just get hopelessly lost or anything. Honestly, he’s such a good dude - just willingly accepts that Lily’s from another universe and helps her out in all these different ways even though he doesn’t need to. What a great friend.


And Marta!! Omg, she really has gone in such a different direction - and she’s understandably way creeped out by Lily and Lance. Like, honestly I think my reaction to Lily would be way more similar to Marta’s than to Lance’s - I would definitely be calling security, haha. I think Lily’s last statement to her says a lot about how Lily views their friendship, which is kinda sad for her because it sucks that she knows that a good reason Marta befriended her in the first place was for the fame/money. I feel so bad for Lily at the end, but also lol at Lance’s reaction because omg if that ain’t the typical awkward male reaction to someone crying.



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Story:Icarus Chapter: Inferno

Alright alright alright alternate universe here we go!


So, the woman living in Lily’s flat is someone random, but Lance is still there! Well, thank goodness for that one, although wow, that’s really gotta be a lot to take in to have someone you’ve never seen in your life pop into your flat and start telling you all these things about you and about their parallel universe. It’s a dang good thing he’s studying them, otherwise he probably would’ve (also) called the cops on her.


But ok WOW this alternate universe is WILD. No Statute of Secrecy? Colin Creevey runs the Auror department? There’s just a crap ton of spaceships? MYRTLE IS MINISTER FOR MAGIC? Honestly, this whole thing is crazy and full of incredible plot twists, and I absolutely cannot wait to see how you build this world even further and explain some of these developments and what brought them about. 


And lol at Lily being totally oblivious to the fact that no one seems to know who Harry Potter is. Which like, is kinda confirming my theory that something happened in Lily and James’ time that resulted in Harry never existing either?? Although maybe he’s just a relatively unknown person - that’s totally plausible as well. Anyways, she’s in for a nasty shock in an upcoming chapter on that front. 


Also RIP questionable metal cube, you are lost but not forgotten.


If you can’t tell by these reviews, I’ve enjoyed these chapters immensely and will DEFINITELY be back soon to read and review more.



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Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 19 Jan 2019 01:23 PM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Playing with Fire

Helllooooooooo I’m back.


Someone needs to make Ludwig, The Half-Android Dolphin Tamer into a movie. It would absolutely be a terrible concept and I would watch the shit out of it anyways just for the laughs.


The alternate universe is so interesting! This one seems like a relatively tame version, because Lily still exists (which it seems like she won’t in a future iteration of it) and the only big change is that she was together with Anna again. And the movie detail. But regardless, I wonder if she’ll be able to get back into that same alternate universe again or if she’ll get a new version every time. Also, I really feel for Lily in this section - there *is* something about nighttime that always makes the post-breakup period just a little more painful.


Also, hard relate to the whole “wow look at all these things I’ve done, and it’s not even 9am, I am THRIVING” feeling, haha.


But man, it’s gotta suck not knowing if people are interested in you for a job because of you or because of your last name. I can certainly understand Lily’s frustration with that, and why she’d want to see a parallel universe where that didn’t happen. Especially after hearing about the war and her grandmother from Mrs. Stebbin’s. Side note: socks that scream when they need to be washed are absolutely hilarious, and I fully support Lily’s impulse buy.


But WOW OK EVEN WEIRDER ALTERNATE UNIVERSE. I wonder how this one’s going to end up looking given Lance’s comments in this chapter about how time moves and how the universes interact - if the fact that Lily can’t find the cube is anything to go by, it seems like she’ll be here for a WHILE and we’ll have quite a lot to learn about it. For now, the obvious question is - who’s living in Lily’s flat instead of her?


Also, I know this will inevitably get addressed in a chapter soon, but I’m already coming up with all sorts of theories about why Lily wouldn’t exist. Right now, the one that’s winning out is that because Voldemort didn’t exist, Snape never did the thing that he did to Lily, so she never cut him out of her life and (as much as it pains me to admit it) they ended up together in this universe. I am more than likely WAY OFF BASE but I’m enjoying inventing theories nonetheless.


Onto the next chapter we go!



Written for the Magical Menagerie event and January RvG

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Cultivated Arts

Hi Kristin! I’m back for more of this story! (Also a heads up that I’ve read and reviewed three of these chapters while travelling and am just now posting them, so be prepared to get bombarded with reviews in a five minute time span, haha)


Ah, okay, a number of interesting things in this chapter! First off, I kinda love that literally none of the Potter kids really know what they’re doing with their lives. Even James, who’s the oldest and almost 30, is a struggling author instead of magically having his life together. Also the nod to Gilderoy Lockhart writing a book review that was basically along the lines of “this book is good but mine was better” is both so in character for him and an absolutely hilarious concept. And then Albus and Scorpius just going off to China! I also think it’s really interesting that Ginny’s the one who doesn’t approve of Scorpius, and Harry’s the one that’s kind of blasé about it.


The entirely nonverbal conversation with Iris is just so relatable and a sign of how long they’ve been friends that they can communicate so well and basically have a whole debate through body language.


Marta continues to be such a weird, interesting character. And uh, yeah, she doesn’t seem to have a good grasp on consequences of her actions - between stealing something from the Department of Mysteries (which is objectively the worst department to steal from tbh because honestly who knows what anything there does - this cube is Exhibit A of that haha) and just going off with a random guy by herself despite having a boyfriend, she’s definitely not the most stable member of the bunch. But omg, poor Lily - having a crush on her best friend that she can’t act on. That sucks for her, especially because it seems like she’s trying so hard to get over it and it’s just.... not working.


Part of me is tempted to be like, ‘Lily, pressing random buttons on unknown objects is dumb, why did you do that,’ but, uhhhh, I have enough self-awareness to know that I would definitely do the exact same, so I suppose I can’t judge her decisions that much.


But ahh, it looks like the action/sci-fi stuff is starting soon!! I’m excited and can’t wait to read more!



Written for the Magical Menagerie event and January RvG

Name: Chemical_Pixie (Signed) · Date: 28 Dec 2018 11:05 AM · [Report This]
Story:Icarus Chapter: Prologue

Kristin! Happy holidays! :)


Wow, I feel inclined to inform you about the big grin on my face after reading this chapter. I love your Lily Luna here. You do an excellent job hinting at her character in the captain's log (more thoughts on that later), but you don't only tell us about her personality, you show us in her following narration. I love it so much! She's so funny and endearing, and I don't think she quite realizes it.


I do love how she knows she's a feminist. I would want to be a fly on the wall during one of her debates with Lance!


What you write here is quite tricky, too. You introduce the story while giving us a review of canon information. You cleverly use what the reader knows to show us Lily's personality. It's a good way not to bombard the reader with too much information at once, since we know the Weasley family tree, and yet some of the dynamics are open to interpretation. I love the anecdotes of the Potter children, especially the Marauder's Map. I can definitely see that happening!


Anyway, that captain's log is very interesting. It's six months since the beginning of the story, and I'm so curious to know what happens. People are disappearing? Time is altered? Who is this captain? Wow! I think I am going to enjoy this fic. I can't wait to see it unfold in the near feature. Great job with this prologue! 

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Old and New

Hi Kristin! I’m back for chapter 2 of this story!


Lily continues to be super reflective, which I think is really good because it continues to give us a good understanding of her character and who she is. I think Marta hit it right on the head with the “You're living inside your head again, Lily,” line - Lily seems to have really deep thoughts even if she’s not usually voicing them.


I’m super excited to have met some of Lily’s friends in this chapter - they’re all such characters, and I love the dialogue you’ve got going in this whole chapter, because it alternates between dumb jokes and actual important life updates, which is pretty much how any conversation between good friends goes, anyways. Marta is so funny - the idea of her wanting to go dumpster diving for fun and getting really excited about showing up in the background in a Prophet article are just such great quirks. And then Iris seems to be almost the exact opposite, with a new fiancé and a steady career and a much more proper disposition. It’s funny how friend groups can end up that diverse but everyone still gets along wonderfully, isn’t it?


There’s so many little moments of their conversation that I love, but Marta going on about how Harry’s still really fit despite being older (and Lily’s dad, lol), the iambic pentameter line, and the Spiderman quote were definitely the highlights for me. ALSO. Murder on the Hogwarts Express. I want this to exist now.


Ah, that little silver cube is DEFINITELY significant. I’m gonna guess it’s connected to the time travel element somehow? I really do like that you’ve set up these characters thoroughly before diving into the more sci-fi elements of the story, but I’m also definitely excited that the action seems like it’s about to pick up soon!



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Story:Icarus Chapter: Prologue

Hi Kristin! I wanted to come leave you a review or two for the holidays, and this story of yours caught my eye. I love next-gen fics, but I don’t think I’ve read a lot of Lily-centric stories, so I’m excited for this one.


Ooh, the snippet at the start of this chapter is super intriguing - I see that it’s five months after the rest of the chapter, but I can’t tell if it’s been written by Lily herself or by someone else. Regardless, “It is possible that this will all be erased and I will never remember this log entry.” is super ominous and I’m curious as to what might happen in  the five months between the rest of this chapter and then.


As for Lily, I love what you’ve done with her character - all of the self-reflection in this has given me a really solid sense of who she is, as well as her sense of humour. I like that she’s firmly against the idea of using her name to get anywhere, but at the same time, she’s experiencing those all-too-familiar struggles of being a young adult with no idea what she’s doing with her life. And I loved her comments on how dumb her parents’ naming conventions were, because naming your kids James and Lily after your parents and then naming the other one Albus Severus is really kind of ridiculous. And tbh, I support the name Hyacinth.


Sooo, by the title, I’m assuming this is a time travel fix, which means I feel like the end of this chapter is a bit of foreshadowing. I feel like she’s going to go back in time and try to make it so that Voldemort doesn’t exist? And, as a result, ruin everything and accidentally make it so that *she* doesn’t exist either? At least, that’s my guess so far. Guess I’ll just have to keep reading to find out!


This story is off to such a lovely start, and I adore your sense of humour throughout this. I’m excited for more!



Author's Response:

Thank you so much! I'm glad this looked intriguing! And yeah, it seems there is an odd void of Lily-centric fics on the archive compared to other next gen characters or OCs.


Muahaha I will of course give no explanation yet for the captains log but I am very happy to hear that it caught your attention and you're wondering about it :D


Thank you! I'm so happy that you like this portrayal of Lily and that you're able to get a good idea about her character from the little that's revealed here. Poor Lily, haha, she is definitely struggling to figure things out. Also omg right the names??? Why did JKR do this?? Whatever may be said about the name Hyacinth, it is no worse than Albus Severus.:p I think you are one of very few readers who agree with Lily, haha.


I enjoy reading your predictions! V happy to hear that you like the start of this and the humour woven into the story! Thanks so much for your review <3

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Facing the Facts

Hello my dear Kristin, and happy holidays! ♥

I'm probably going to sound repetitive, but I love your writing so much that I don't care.  I'm always so impressed with how casual Lily sounds, like she's actually the one telling the story. I know that's always the goal when writing, but you do such a great job. She's so relatable, and even when you talk about the mysteries of space and magic and time, it doesn't feel like it's going over my head.  This story is so easy to read and it's so fun and enjoyable, and I'm reminded of that every time I read another chapter.

Onto the chapter itself! I love Lance for being so supportive of Lily.  It's so great that he's trying to help her find a way home, though I wonder if he's only doing it partially because he's a good person, and also because he just wants to get rid of her :P But still, it's good on him to set up a lunch with someone who might be willing to help, and he does seem like he's starting to care a little about her as well.  Not that I blame him, yknow. Lily is just naturally so likable.

Lily's enthusiasm about space and travel is so adorable. I love how excited she is to either go to the Department of Mysteries, or to fly on a spaceship; though that would be pretty exciting for me, too! It's just nice to see that even though she's a Potter and has been around magic, there's not too much that's boring or dull to her, if that makes sense.  And I won't lie, that dangerous mission to go to a different planet, even though it's dangerous, sounds exactly right up Lily's ally.

The scene with Marta is so heartbreaking, especially when we get another flashback with the girls together. It must be so frustrating for Lily to know one version of Marta, who is caring beneath her sharp edges, to this Marta, who doesn't seem to want to do anything with her.  I'm hoping that changes, because it sounds like Lily could really use some extra support right now.

I loved the flashback though, and how supportive the girls are of Iris. Even in Marta's own way, she's still there for her in Lily's universe, but it's nice that she comes out and says it when Iris needs it the most. It does seem like Lily is the glue that keeps them together, and I'm kinda curious to what's going on in her universe while she's gone.

Another fantastic chapter, dear! Keep up the excellent writing ♥

Author's Response:



I'm so glad to hear that Lily is relatable - and especially that with all the deep sci-fi concepts that this story explores, that none of it goes over your head! I'm thrilled that you are enjoying the story <3


Hahahaha! I love your analysis of why Lance is helping her. And, yes, I think you're onto something there XD


I mean, I imagine many people would jump at the opportunity to fly on a spaceship. I sure would. At the same time, it's not all fun and games, so she has to make a huge decision, because I just can't let things be too easy for her :P And yeah, I think that even despite being something of a celebrity back hoome, the technology and stuff that she's seeing in this universe is so different to what she knows back home - it's not dull because it's all new!


Yeah. The situation with Marta is really weird for Lily. (It's probably pretty weird for Marta, too, having a stranger come up and say these things to her.)


Thanks, I'm glad you liked the flashback! I'm glad you're curious about what's happening in Lily's absence, as well. That's a good thing to be wondering...


Thanks so much for the review ♥

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Playing with Fire

Playing with fire, just like that, you played with the cube, Lily! No good to play with the stolen object by Marta. Your behaviour is like your dad's in his Hogwarts years. Lance will be upset if he knows you gets so curious around the cube.


I wonder if Lance's theory is correct, there might be the world where I don't have to learn English  :P somewhere in the universe...


Well, Lily, you miss Anna. I understand you wish you could stay with her. But it's no wise to play with the sort of magical object even Lance couldn't study enough in the Ministry.  Remember how much troubles your dad has been involved in, partly because he was too curious, putting aside his destiny to fight Voldemort.

Well, me also want to try using the cube though. I wish there has been the peaceful world without people who have done genocide during the wars just like Lily imagined the world without Voldemort. 


Kristine, this is a great plot you set around Lily Potter. This chapter has no Marta though, I could enjoy Lily's adventure. I imagined the cube as the same size as the face of Lily, cause she put her head into it to see another world in the universe just like the pensive Harry dived in. But it isn't, it is smaller, cause Lily wrapped it with a sock which had a hole, right? So Lily dived in via a kind of screen provided from the cube. It's interesting. The cube is a projector which shows us the other world in the universe.


Reading the episode when Lily tried to buy her new robes for job interview, I remembered you set Lily's hair as brown. My bad, I posted my art on the forums in which I made her hair red just like her mother or grandmother. Pardon me, her hair is BROWN. I knew you set her hair as brown, but I didn't know why, I made it red.

Anyway, I'm glad Lily could find new robes for her interview. I hope she will be great in front of people in the office and they will see true Lily not judging for her name, "Potter".     


Wow, the last scene is so intriguing. I guess the woman standing in the doorway frozen must be Anna. Wait, "She is unfamiliar"...? I'm confused now.   :D   :D


Thank you for reveiw swap! Let's do it again sometimes.


Author's Response:

Hey Kenny! Thanks for swapping with me!


Ha, I like that you noticed a similarity between Lily's curiosity and Harry's when he was at school.  She is definitely similar to her dad in more ways than she knows, haha.


XD Yeah, probably! The possibilities are, well, infinite.  And maybe out there somewhere would be a world where English isn't the most common language. It would make things easier for a lot of people, I'm sure :P


Hm. So, I don't actually think that Lily would necessarily know about all the mistakes and trouble Harry got himself into at school. I imagine he would tell his kids about the important things, but just because we as the readers of the entire Harry Potter series know everything Harry did, his kids might not know all of that. I also kind of imagine Harry as not really talking about the war often after it ended, like he just wanted to put it all behind him. Idk, that's kind of just how I see it. So like, Lily has probably heard a story or two about dumb curious things her father did, but she hasn't had it drilled into her as a lesson. So we get this story :P


The cube does sound pretty nice in theory, huh? Lily thought so too. But as you've so insightfully pointed out earlier in the review... that comes at a price. The ramifications of Lily's decision to use the cube will start coming out in the next chapter.


Thank you, I'm so glad you like the plot! I had so much fun writing this story. Nope, no Marta here, but you haven't seen the last of her. And yes, you are correct, the cube is somewhat small (in my mind it was about the size of a Rubik's cube, a little larger than fist-size, but there was a screen projecting out of it like a Pensieve.


Yes, Lily's hair is brown! I was originally going to set it as black, but JKR did describe it in the epilogue as red, and since red hair can often darken to brown, I went with that. I wanted to mix up the kind of odd idea that all the women in the family have red hair and all the men have black hair - too neat, and genetics don't necessarily work that way XD That said, I just wrote what was in my own head, and I know Lily is generally imagined as a redhead. I really loved your art, no matter what color hair you gave her! Don't worry about the color. It was very kind of you to make that!


More on Lily's job interview later... ;) And I'm glad you are intrigued by the ending! Muahahaha! Things are about to change...


Thanks so much for the swap!

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Lily, Meet Lily

KRISTINNNNN! HI! I'm here for our review swap ❤️

I love the flashback/memory of Lily's time at Hogwarts. I feel like it gives us a better chance to know her, and it makes my heart ache for her. I can only imagine what it must've been like to fall for Marta and then for her only to be a phase. Ugh. It makes me want to shake Marta little, tbh. It's interesting that their friendship managed to survive this, though I wonder if Marta ever knew at all, and now I MUST know more about this story. Is there more? Do we get more of this? CAN YOU WRITE MORE OF THIS? :P 

Ahem. Anyway...

Oooh, Lily meeting Lily and James! That's so exciting and terrifying, especially because she (a) almost gets hit by a car, and (b) basically confirms that she might not actually exist.  I love that Lily invited her over for tea, though, and it made my heart ache in a happy way to see Sirius, James, and Lily all hanging out. Very interesting that Sirius is with Melanie -- who seems quite lovely -- and Remus is the one with Marlene. What about Tonks, Kristin? WHERE IS TONKS? I gotta know! 

I think Lily handled herself quite splendidly. She didn't appear flustered on the outside, but it was clear she had no idea how to act in this situation or where the conversation should go. It was a nice little introduction to all of them, though, and I do hope we'll see them again soon! I love that Sirius has settled down and seems to be happily married, and they're all still friends with Peter! Ah! So many possibilities with this new timeline, how did you even choose them all?! 

Like Lily, I'm super curious about the people back home and if they've noticed she's missing. I'm sure they're worried about her -- how long has she been gone? In real time? What about Marta and Iris? And real world Lance? I wanna knowwww,  Kristin!

I guess the logical solution would be to just keep reading, right? ‘ 

Another wonderful chapter, and thanks for the swap! Let's do it again soon, I'm so happy to see you around the Twitterverse ❤️

Author's Response:

Hi Jillllll ❤️

Ehehehe. Yeah, there will end up being a few flashbacks throughout the story, since it gets to the point where  Lily has spent longer (in terms of number of chapters) in the alternate universe than in the original one, and since everyone's so different in the AU and there wasn't much time to get to know the original universe version of them, this is how it had to be, story wise. Anyway, I'm really glad that you liked the use of flashbacks! Oh man hahaha yeah I'm not going to say much about the background there, and I know this is a long way off, but that scene is actually alluded to in the sequel (which is still in progress and not posted, but in asnwer to your question THERE IS MORE OF THIS :P). But I will say that Marta has an impressive ability to make friendships survive some really messy things.


Hahaha, so, Melanie is a character from my first fic, a Sirius/OC, and she's literally just here in this fic for my own entertainment. Tbh there are a lot of character cameos from my other stories in this fic (even the car driver in this chapter is one). Also, at the time I wrote this, I had no idea Sirius/Marlene was a common ship? After all, she was just a name in canon, and I didn't think it  was odd to pair her with Remus. If I were writing this now, there would probably be wolfstar instead. Alas, there is not and there are these ships instead. :p


Lily's gotten quite good at thinking on her feet due to spending time with Marta, haha. So she did okay! And yeah there are so many possibilities as to how the universe would be different, it really did require a lot of planning (and some ideas that were just silly but i could totally get away with, like Minister for Magic Moaning Myrtle)


You are asking good questions, though I won't answer them in a review response :P  Thanks so much for the wonderful review! Love ya

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Prologue



It feels like I haven’t visited your page in literal years, so I am here to rectify this. I’ve seen this story around for so long, and I’m finally using this as an excuse to read it… very slowly, of course, because that is just the kind of (somewhat horrible, almost certainly flaky) person I am.


So I’ve recently started watching Star Trek from the very start, and thus, I obviously read that first section in Captain Kirk’s voice. But then it sort of morphed into a Doctor Who-esque reading. I’m not really sure what’s going on here, but I’m so far enjoying the sci-fi vibes!


There was a time in my life where nepotism annoyed me, but then I started living in the real world, and nepotism annoyed me because it could be supremely unfair. However, I do not really blame all of the people who use their connections to get jobs because a) that’s how the job market works; and b) you do what you gotta do to hustle. So I’m not sure how I feel so far about Lily’s refusal to use her family’s fame and connections to find gainful employment. Admirable, on the one hand, but also perhaps quite naïve? Also, what is her financial support?! I am so concerned! (This may be resolved later on in the chapter, who knows. Not me. Yet.)


V sad to hear that women still aren’t getting leading roles in superhero films in 2032 :(


Okay, so there was no information on how Lily supports herself. I can continue feeling concerned without feeling like a fool. I am looking forward very much to all the sci-fi shenanigans! Yay, sci-fi! Looking less forward to the abandonment of canon ships but I should branch out of my comfort zone, every now and again. I come into this story with an open mind on that front!


This was a fun start, see you at the end of chapter 2 (hopefully) soon!


xx 800

Author's Response:

Haha, probably! I haven't really been around here in ages. But it's really good to be back for a minute and it's great to hear from you! I'm glad you were interested in the story! Bahaha, though I love your honesty about being a flake XD I totally understand reading slowly, like people have lives outside of the internet and I get it :P


You know, a few people have mentioned that - reading it in the voice of Captain Kirk. It's funny, because of all the Star Trek I've watched, none of it actually had Captain Kirk. XD Anyway, I'm thrilled you're enjoying the various sci-fi vibes you're getting so far!


Re: the nepotism comments, ha, this is so insightful. Lily is definitely naive, although I think this is the earliest in the story that someone has pointed it out in a review. Because, right, it's not what you know, it's who you know and as much as that's frustrating, that's the way the world works. Lily is a bit too much of an idealist to see that at this point, but there's a whole lot of story still to go :) 


Yeahhhh I really hope I'm completely wrong about Hollywood in 2032. At the time I wrote this first chapter (2014), Wonder Woman still hadn't been filmed; there were just all these dude movies and I was annoyed, and even now it's still such a skewed ratio. Despite being set in the future, this story does focus on a lot of issues in present-day. So yeah. I think one of the biggest traps to fall into with writing ~the future~ is technology or society advancing at an improbable speed. Like according to Back to the Future we were supposed to have hoverboards three years ago, where are they?


Bahaha at "I can continue feeling concerned without feeling like a fool" You're perfectly valid in that. As a narrator, Lily doesn't really see her own shortcomings :P I'm glad you're looking forward to the sci-fi and that the upcoming ship chaos hasn't put you off :P  Thanks so much for the review <3

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Cultivated Arts

Hi, Kristine. I came back to your Lily.

  I enjoyed the dinner scene at Potters. Especially, I like your description about Harry and Albus. You imagined each characteristic so nicely. I feel like listening to what Albus swears at his brother and sister in Chinese. I could imagine his face expression. :D



 And I am eager to read the book, “Cat among the Owls”, which sounds fun.


Wa…a pipe full of Gillyweed, I don’t want to smell the smoke. I’d rather try Gillyweed whisky, someone, a fanfic author wrote about it somewhere…


 As I continue reading your story, the person, Marta looks more hilarious to me. Most of her behaviors are against the law. And the scene that Lily and Iris exchanged their glances is interesting. They have to take care of Marta by rotation.


 Poor Lance! But I laughed aloud a lot when I spotted her saying, “Nicked it,” “From the Ministry!” It’s so funny.


 Lance do the dishes and Marta cooks, it sounds a good system, I doubt her cooking skill though. Well, she might be good at cooking, she is a smart Ravenclaw after all.


 I wonder what Conor’s intention was. Perhaps, he wanted to get the status as Lily Potter’s boyfriend or a kind of fame to know her. Hmmm, the name Cecilia Marta personated, partly, right, the lyrics says “Cecilia, you are breaking my heart.” I hope not Marta will break Lance’s heart by nicking the object.


Talking of the thing she nicked, I wonder if it is a new type of the magical species.



Author's Response:

Kenny! Thank you for coming back to read another chapter! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story.


Ehehehe Albus thinks he's so clever because he can get away with that :P


I bet that book would indeed be fun, but alas, it does not exist.  And yeah smoking Gillyweed sounds kinda unpleasant, but Marta is bored XD Gillyweed whisky, hm, that's an interesting combo.


Ha, yeah, you've definitely picked up on the fact that Marta doesn't have much respect for the law. I'm glad you enjoy reading about her though and that you think she's funny! Re: her cooking skill - in my mind at least, she's actually quite good at cooking, because she's really creative and she's an artist, and in some ways cooking is a lot like art. I can totally see her being good at it. But, cleaning up all the dishes afterwards is another matter and that's definitely not her strength XD


I'm sure Lily was wondering the exact same thing about Conor's intentions, and she has no patience for him :P I'm enjoying your theories. More to come about the thing Marta stole in the next couple of chapters...


Thanks so much for reading and for your review!

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Prologue

This story definetly caught my eye right away from the description. Sci-fi and spaceships in the HP universe? I must read on!


Then, we find ourselves addressing one of the central issues of any good next-gen story- how the Potter and Weasley children deal with the challenges of growing up in a society where everybody knows who they are in the shadow of famous parents. This issue was realistically presented here, and I'm sure it will be a theme throughout the story. So far, Lily seems to be a sympathetic and relatable character through her narration. She's definetely a character that the reader would like to see succeed. 


So far, the prologue does a good job of drawing the reader in and grabbing your attention. I am definetely interested in reading more. 

Author's Response:

Hello! I'm so glad this story caught your eye! It's certainly an unusual one :P


Happy to hear that the issue of Lily's fame was realistically presented, and that she is a relatable character! And, of course, that's wonderful news to hear that the prologue is effective at catching your attention. Thanks so much for reading and for your review!

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Old and New

Hi, Kristine. Thank you for offering review swap.

I am happy to be back to your story. I missed your Lily. 


I like your way to describe Lily. She has glasses just like her dad, Harry and observes people around her and has unique comments for each person in her mind. It's fun to read about her friends just like when I first read HP books. I could feel Harry-ish POV while reading through this chapter. She doesn't care taking a shower or staying in her pajama. Harry was also so thick around girls and didn't care about the way how to wear clothes in his younger days.


Marta is a funny person. She does what she wants and her behaviour is wild. I feel for Harry and Ginny who tried to accept her. And Lily is also a unique person. I guess she can see some good points about Marta most of people can not see. I remembered the relationship between Luna and Harry. To see good things in such a person those who looks strange has been inherited from Lily Evans to Harry and from Harry to Lily. I like the circle.


I guess Lance has a feeling towards Lily. I also suspect he might put the weird object in the kitchen. Perhaps it was brought in from his work place. It may be a kind of ghost. It makes me wonder if the terrible or funny thing will happen next. It's so intriguing. I even expect Harry as a head Auror will have to save his daughter in the end. I like mystery...let's do review swap again. I am eager to read next, Kristin!





Author's Response:

Hey, Kenny! Thanks for swapping with me, and I'm glad you're looking forward to reading this story again!


Ha, I like that you pointed out the similarities Lily has to her father. While I did aim to write Lily as very much her own person, she undeniably has a lot in common with both of her parents and I think you'll notice even more similarities between Lily and Harry later on in terms of their decision-making, haha. It's interesting to me as well because the things you point out in which Lily reminds you of Harry aren't necessarily the ones I focused on while writing it, but I see what you're getting at and I'm glad it makes you think of you how felt while reading the HP books, that's great to hear! (And your comments about Harry's fashion sense as a teenager cracked me up, haha).


Marta is definitely a pretty wild character - and, it seems, somewhat divisive among readers of this story haha. And you're very astute in pointing out that Lily sees the good things about Marta - more to come about that in later chapters. But I really like what you said about how maybe it's just Lily's ability to see the good in others, like Harry has and like Lily (the first) had as well - what a wonderful connection to make!


I am not going to confirm or deny any of your theories in the last paragraph, but it's enjoyable to read them :P I'm so glad you're intrigued by the story and that you're enjoying it so far! Thanks so much for the swap!

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Tabula Rasa

Hello my love! Why has it been too long since I've read a chapter of this? 

Ugh, poor Lily just needs a hug. I can't imagine what she's going through while trudging through a world where she might not exist.  At least she has Lance; I'm glad he followed after her, even if he's still bad at giving hugs when she needs them the most. 

I'm glad she's starting to realize that her plan wasn't a very good plan, but I'm hoping she'll come up with one soon. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing where this goes and how she discovers everything. Do Lily and James even exist? What's going on with Harry? WHAT IS EVEN REAL, KRISTIN?! 

Aww, Marta! It breaks my heart that she would seemingly fall through the cracks without Lily and Iris (WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO IRIS KRISTIN?!). I love Lily's eagerness to try and make it right with the people she's friends with in the other universe, although Marta doesn't seem to be jumping at the chance to get to know this weird girl. Not that I blame her, TBH. I'm sort of starting to feel like Lance is the exception to the rule. I'm glad he's around, but I really, really hope Lily gets some proper answers, a mug of tea, and a good hug.

I think she deserves all of those things. 

Your writing is lovely as always, my dear. Thanks for another excellent chapter ♥

Author's Response:

I cannot answer that question :P But the story has missed you, and so have I! ♥


Lance is such a good friend. 10 points to Hufflepuff. And yeah, Lily is so lucky that he’s there. It would have been absolutely miserable to have to figure it all out alone without a friend to lean on :(


Lily inherited her planning skills from Harry, it would seem :P Ehehe I’m enjoying all the questions this is raising for you, and of course I’m not going to answer them in this response :P


Yeah. Marta is definitely a lot more a product of her environment than Lance is, so she’s quite different in this universe. Lily hasn’t figured that out yet, though. At least Lily gets an okay hug, if not a good one. But things will turn around for her soon!


Thank you so much for coming by to read another chapter, and for leaving such a lovely review! ♥♥♥

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Daedalus

Omg omg omg I'm mentioned in this chapter! Yay!


You know, there's only been a few times where I desperately wish a fanfiction could be turned into a movie, and this is now one of them. I don't even really like sci-fi movies. That's how much I love this story.


Dammit Marta! Oh nooo now the press are all over Lily. How is she going to get out of this one?

Author's Response:

Omg, that is such a huge compliment, thank you so much. Eek! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


Thanks for your review! Love you

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Story:Icarus Chapter: Ghosts

Hi, my love! Just transferring some reviews that I left on HPFF and forgot to post here!  <3


You put that end note just to confuse me more, didn't you? :P

 And Lily doesn't remember anything... that's so sad... :( But maybe she'll get her memories back somehow? I hope so, I don't want her to completely love her experience.

 And I can't wait to see her meeting Lance! I've missed Lance! Surely, she did cause a lot of trouble using that cube, but she shouldn't be too hard on herself...

 I love that Iris has a child now. And Marta is always Marta *rolls eyes*

 And I love how Lily was immediately submerged by letters from her family! Ahahah! I love the Potters! (Well, it's understandable that they would react that way after four years, I'm surprised they didn't just Apparate at Iris' immediately)

 I'm almost at work now, so I have to leave you. But this was an awesome chapter as always (even if I would have liked some answers instead of more questions... but I will forgive you...)

 Love you so much!

 Snowball hug,


Author's Response:

Yeah, by this point with the past three chapters I've probably confused everyone to the point where no one will read it anymore :P But, I promise that the remaining chapters will start to answer questions rather than raise more. (Finally.)

Yay for Lance! He'll be in the next chapter :) I think Lily is in a difficult place and guilt/blame are kind of flying all over as she learns new things. She's understandably upset and her emotions are everywhere. But things will start to calm down for her and I think she'll be able to see things more objectively given time. :)

yeah, everyone's lives have definitely moved on a lot! More to come with Marta. Her story's not fully told yet ;)

Aw, haha I'm glad you liked that! I think that despite how nosy her family is, they do understand how overwhelming it would be for all of them to Apparate over there, and probably have grasped that being there won't help Lily as she's going through a lot that she has to process without being surrounded by people. So they settled for a million letters and a promise that she'll see them the next day, which I think is fair ;)

Thanks so much! And you even read this on a tiny screen on the train, so kudos to you :P Thanks so much for reading and for another absolutely wonderful review.

Snowball hugs!

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