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Name: Rynna Aurelia (Signed) · Date: 13 Aug 2018 11:49 PM · For: The Final Frontier

Quodpot Review: Match 3

First off, moment of silence for Fred Weasley I. I loved him and you wrote him and George wonderfully and you managed to give me inadvertent feels. Second, I am a hopeless Trekkie, and I caught most(?) of the references, so thank you for that, it was awesome. This crossover was masterful, and I loved every second of it. You remembered so many details about both fandoms, from Verity all the way to the grain, and getting revenge in the same way as Scotty, and I was grinning from ear to ear.

It was such a great one-shot, and the way you constructed the mystery was great, even for those who have seen the Tribbles episode, as well as how you wrote the characters so it would be believable. (I can totally see Zonko's pranking the Weasleys like this, and the ending took me by surprise) Though, I'm convinced George was trolling with the "highly illogical" line. He seems like the sort. :)

Fantastic piece, and terrific Weasley twins. Even though this was meant for Quodpot, this was delightful, and I'm so glad I read it!

Keep writing the great write!
-Lady Ausra

Author's Response:

Hey Asura! 

I'm so glad you thought Fred and George were good in this. I'm always so nervous about writing well loved canon characters.

Yes!! A trekkie! It makes me so happy that you got the references.

I'm glad it still had a bit of a surprise even though it followed along with the Tribbles episode! 

Thank you for the lovely review! 


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