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Name: MadiMalfoy (Signed) · Date: 24 Oct 2018 06:58 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #4

Hey Sian, back again for the House Cup Halloween Maze Adventure Maze One! :) 


I am honestly enjoying this so much! All of the new technology & ways of doing things 20-30 years after the Second Wizarding War is so interesting! I love seeing how you've updated the world to include muggle technology with a wizarding/magical twist to it. Roxanne's got great investigative skills and a good support network wtih Andy at the Prophet and her parents too, which is so nice to have -- a bit of brightness for now in what must eventually turn into a very dark story. You've now dropped quite a few bits and pieces about Roxanne's falling out with her brother Fred II and the distance she'd feel from Lily & James as well because of this, and I'm not sure if this falling out has to do with Daniel too, but oh boy I cannot wait for the big reveal! Also, I'm absoultely in love with your portrayal of George & Angelina's relationship here -- so cute and fun-loving even as adults that have suffered such a great loss. They definitely suspect more things are going on with their dearest daughter, but I feel like Roxanne is good enough at only releasing the information she wants them to know so she can remain in control of the situation and her parents' feelings towards it, whatever it may be that happened. And because they clearly are not so observant that they know that Roxanne & Fred aren't speaking.


But anyway I'm rambling on and just want to let you know I will be continuing this in the future because it is just SO GOOD! :) 

~MadiMalfoy x

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Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #2

Hiya Sian, here for Maze One of the House Cup Halloween Maze Adventure! :) 


So first of all, I absolutely adore the premise for this novel!! I'm always down to read a nice crime-mystery-reporting novel, and you have not disappointed with such a strong opening two chapters! We get to meet Roxanne, who is not quite enjoying what she thought would be the career of her dreams as a junior reporter at the Daily Prophet but maybe has the lead to what could really jumpstart her career. I really love the aura of mystery around her parents too -- is it actually George and Angelina? Or was she the product of Fred and Angelina before he died in the Battle of Hogwarts and she didn't know until after the fact? I sure hope you resolve that soon because I feel like that just gives an interesting tinge to the story as well, especially since Roxanne's not getting on very well with her brother Fred II right now either. Honestly I'm so looking forward to how you unpack what has fallen through with Mr. Daniel Finch and maybe they were supposed to be engaged?!!? WHO KNOWS? 


Anway, wonderful writing, as always, Sian, and I'm off to read a couple more chapters! :) 

~MadiMalfoy x

Name: facingthenorthwind (Signed) · Date: 24 Oct 2018 04:29 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #1


Hey Sian! I'm here for the House Cup Maze 1 and also because I love murder mysteries and should read more of your work, so here we go!


I love the opening scene -- it's so visceral, you do so well creating the word-picture of the scene. Also, the way "dread worms its way through his body" is so evocative is excellent. I should use the word worm more often. The way the reader knows something is wrong because the man is sweating even though the sunlight is pale (idk, I associate that with the kind of weak winter sunlight that doesn't really bring much warmth) is just... idk Sian, I just really like it! There's a reason I don't take English classes at uni, it's because I struggle to write good reviews :P


The way we immediately jump to the excellent headline "GODRIC'S HOLLOW UNDER SEIGE FROM GARDEN GNOMES" reminds me of one of those procedural shows where the cold open is the murder and then we jump to normal things happening to Our Heroes, you know? It's very good. I love when fics have co-worker interactions for some reason, I don't know why. I love all the little details you've worked in -- calling the boss by his first name to show familiarity, the reputation of Violet, all of it.


I assume they're using nokia bricks or something. If they're not, don't tell me, I want to live in this world. :P Wait, no, if they're actually using enormous 80s bricks, please tell me that, it's hilarious.


"Since the Prophet has become independent from the Ministry" I have SO MANY QUESTIONS. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. The whole state of media in the Potterverse is SO suspect and I love anything that addresses that, however tangentially.


Ooooh, intriguing Potter-Weasley dynamics! I wonder what she did -- I assume Daniel was a boyf, and Fred's friend first, and she.... Wronged him somehow? I guess we'll find out! I love Jane, too, and the way you've created  her character immediately in such a short time.


A delightful first chapter, Sian!!! I look forward to reading more. :D 


Name: melian (Signed) · Date: 16 Aug 2018 01:36 AM · [Report This]
Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #6

Quodpot – Match 2 – Crime/mystery


Hold the presses! We have a development!!

I realise how twee that sounds given Roxanne does write for a newspaper, but it was still my immediate reaction. (Probably showing my age there, but never mind.)

I’ll be honest, most of this chapter was about Roxanne and Daniel’s relationship. And I’m fine with that, but the bit at the end had me a lot more excited than their potential reconciliation did. This might be because I have expected them to get back together since I started reading this story, of course, whereas I DON’T know where the Armstrong inquiry is going.

Speaking of the Armstrong enquiry, I suspect Jane is somehow mixed up in it, given her absence from Roxanne’s life corresponds directly with her investigation. But that will come later on, won’t it? You’re such a tease, you know.

Again I liked the little references to canon characters – the idea that one of the Belby family opened a second hand bookshop, that Dean Thomas is head of the Hit Wizards. Each of those made me smile. And I’m also liking the names for all the drinking establishments you’re mentioning. It did strike me as weird that there was only one pub on Diagon Alley, to be honest, so I’m glad you’ve invented some more, as well as other places in London for wizards to frequent. Feels much more believable than just the Leaky, doesn’t it?

Another great chapter, Sian. Can’t wait to read more.

Cheers Mel

Author's Response:

There is a development, finally!  I can totally understand why the ending had you more excited than the rest of the chapter with Roxy and Daniel - there's more predictability (or is there?) to that storyline, and sometimes disappearances are just more interesting, to be honest :P  That was definitely the part that I had more fun writing, to be honest!


I think it's outrageous that you would call me a tease - why on earth would I be hinting at things and not being fully clear with readers in a mystery novel? :P


I'm pleased that you liked the references to the canon characters in the way that I built up the wizarding world.  I really can't imagine that if British wizards are anything like the Muggles, there would only be one pub in London for them to visit - there are plenty of villages around here that have at least five to their name, so it seemed unrealistic to me.  Inventing the new places was fun and I'm glad you thought it seemed believable!


Thank you for stopping by this story and I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far!

Name: melian (Signed) · Date: 16 Aug 2018 01:36 AM · [Report This]
Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #5

Quodpot – Match 2 – Crime/mystery


So, it all comes out. Oh, I don’t miss that stage of my life, I really don’t. So there’s alcohol and arguments and trust issues and a misunderstanding and now no one’s talking to anyone else. Seriously, Sian, why haven’t you written this story, instead of just referring to it? You know, the prequel to Jigsaw. Or maybe you have and I just don’t know about it because I haven’t spent enough time on your author page.

I really like Lucy in this. I can imagine Percy’s daughter being forthright like that and I like that she was the one Weasley cousin (James being Potter, after all) who became a professional Quidditch player, given Percy wasn’t interested in that sort of thing at all. Of course, like Roxanne mentions in I think the first chapter, if you’re a Weasley you have to have an interest, but his seemed to be cursory at best, and Audrey I think was a Muggle (or Muggle born, I forget) so she’s unlikely to have been a huge fan. So you choosing Lucy for this stands out a bit to me. In a good way, of course; it’s just that it was unexpected. (I must also say that I tend to get the million Weasley cousins confused a bit so it might have been this chapter that solidified for me who exactly Lucy was …)

The first bit of the chapter was well done, too. It’s unclear whether Malcolm Armstrong is the perpetrator or the victim, but I think victim is implied by the fact he was trying to throw off the Imperius Curse? Or am I way off here? I need more caffeine so anything is possible.

Anyway, another excellent chapter. Cheers, Mel

Author's Response:

It all comes out, indeed!  I don't blame you for not missing that stage of your life - there's a lot of drama and all of those elements making the (possible) end of this relationship up into a much bigger thing, which everyone else gets involved in unnecessarily.  Haha, I'm glad you think it could be an interesting story to write - I haven't done so, but mostly because romance and all of that scares me!


I'm really pleased you liked Lucy in this chapter!  For some reason, it's been my head canon for years that she loved Quidditch and wanted to become a Quidditch player - partly because I can definitely picture Percy having a daughter who's contrary and picks up something that she knows he's not that bothered about because it annoys him, and then grows a genuine interest.  


You're not off there!  I'm happy that you thought that scene was well done; I really wanted to try and just hint at things in that scene and have the reader guessing more at what was happening, so it's great that it's worked!


Thank you for this wonderful review!

Name: melian (Signed) · Date: 16 Aug 2018 01:35 AM · [Report This]
Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #4

Quodpot – Match 2 – Crime/mystery


George hasn’t changed, has he? I feel l should congratulate you on your characterisation here, by the way. Not only do you have George absolutely down pat, but I can really see Angelina turning into the woman you’ve portrayed here, and all your younger generation / OCs are really well fleshed out and with their own distinct personalities, which isn’t as common as I would like it to be. But, honestly, terrorising the new recruits by telling them tales about the till or the door or whatever is absolutely what George would be doing.

I also liked the expansion into hen’s nights and party ware that Angelina instigated, as well. It’s a natural progression for a joke shop but I can see George and Lee not really thinking about it, to be honest. I liked that Lee was running the Hogsmeade shop, although Fred was also involved. And I also liked the mention of the first Fred, in passing, and Roxanne’s thoughts about how that had taken years to happen. Losing a twin must be one of the hardest things to get through, don’t you think? Especially when they’re as close as those two were. So I can understand George’s behaviour there.

The other thing that struck me were the musings about what George and Angelina had lived through in the war, how the idea of Malcolm Armstrong being murdered didn’t even register as being a horrible thing because of what they’d already seen, already experienced. Really, when you think about it, it’s amazing there wasn’t a lot more PTSD in the war generation than there was, or that we know about. I hadn’t thought about that before, but you’re making me consider all sorts of things I had been able to conveniently ignore by focusing on Hogwarts and Marauder eras.

Great chapter! Cheers, Mel

Author's Response:

George and Angelina - but George especially - were a daunting prospect to set out and write.  I am not great at writing humour and while there are people who are excellent at depicting the twins, I've never felt that I'm one of them.  When I was originally planning this story, George and Angelina didn't appear anywhere near as much in the outline, but family is so important to Roxy that I almost had to include them.  I'm so pleased that you liked their characterisation here, and the way that I've portrayed and fleshed out the other characters who've appeared so far.  I could definitely picture George terrorising the new recruits, and it's great that you thought the progression of the joke shop felt natural, too.  I really like the idea of Angelina being a savvy businesswoman and having all of these ideas which help move the shop along, and get George to the point where he's excited about inventing again.


I can't even imagine the loss that George must have felt when he lost Fred, and I think you're right - it must be one of the hardest things to face and I definitely think it would take a long time to process.


I think there probably was a lot of PTSD after the war, and I like to think that it was talked about more than the war generation talked about things here, but I'm glad you liked the way that it didn't register the same for them as it does for other people.  Your experiences really shape how you view the world and it was interesting to explore that here.


Thank you for a lovely review!

Name: melian (Signed) · Date: 16 Aug 2018 01:34 AM · [Report This]
Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #3

Quodpot – Match 2 – Crime/mystery


The thot plickens, as my dad would say. Right. There are so many things I want to say about this chapter that I barely know where to begin. So good job there. J

My inner critic wants me to point out a typo – “mind” instead of “mine” when Lily and Roxanne’s eyes meet. *wipes brow* So that’s out of the way now. When you eventually go through and do an edit you can fix it.

Other than that, well there was so much going on here, wasn’t there? The different reactions to talk about the war were very interesting, along with the idea that Jensen Collins probably didn’t pay much attention in History of Magic. Naturally I’m assuming that Amanda and Obadiah are shagging, which will either be revealed or disproved in chapters to come. I like how they would have lived through the war, whereas the younger cohort didn’t and really have no idea what it was like. Roxanne has some idea, due to her comment about the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, but still I’m guessing she doesn’t *really* understand. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never really thought about how the war would impact the lives of the generation following it, but of course it would. I really should read more next-gen stuff, shouldn’t I? Hahaha.

I also liked the office politics, with the recognition that Andy is someone whose opinion matters when promotions are discussed. He’s got Miranda figured out, which can only bode well for Roxanne in that regard, but I am sure Miranda will stop at nothing to get this story reassigned to her.

And that last bit. What’s Fred up to? I still want to know why Fred isn’t talking to Roxanne (and why Lily isn’t, and why Daniel left her) but I’m sure you’ll reveal that at the right moment. Guess I’d better keep reading.

cheers Mel.

Author's Response:

Thank you for pointing that out!  I know I definitely need to go through and edit this because there's some typos and mistakes that I didn't catch the first time round, so I'll make a note of that one.


I'm glad you found the reactions from the different reporters about the war interesting.  I hadn't thought too much into it before writing that scene, but I think that there's definitely going to be a big variety of responses because of people's personal experiences.  I know a lot of people who were the children of those who fought/lived through it here didn't have a true understanding, even when they learnt about it later, because it wasn't really spoken about, so I feel like there would definitely be points when the next generation seemed naive and care-free to the ones who'd grown up having to fight against Voldemort.


Andy is a great mentor for Roxy to have, and he's a nice flip side to Miranda, who's not very easy or nice to work with.  Your thoughts on her and Fred are really interesting!


Thank you for this lovely review!

Name: melian (Signed) · Date: 16 Aug 2018 01:33 AM · [Report This]
Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #2

Quodpot – Match 2 – Crime/mystery


Ah, on the scene for the first case. And again, some nice use of canon surnames here – Parkinson (obviously) and Mockridge were the ones I noticed. It’s almost like seeing an old friend, coming across those names in a fanfic. So few people use the names already in the canon for this sort of thing and it frustrates me probably more than it should.

I think you’ve captured the tedium of this kind of thing very well. Roxanne wasn’t expecting it but you’re spot on – there is a lot more waiting around doing nothing than people seem to realise. I also liked the realisation she had that she hadn’t taken Richard Parkinson seriously as a photographer before because she’d only really seen him in a social setting, not actually on the job. It sounds like he has a form of white-line fever – switched on when there’s a camera in his hand, but not when it’s not. Incidentally, his mother IS Pansy, right? I like your description of what became of her life. I can really see her as a socialite divorcee, to be honest, but I had never thought of it before.

Daniel intrigues me a little. Did I say that last time? But then he was just a name, and now he’s a real character who we’ve met. I felt a bit like he was trying to push her away from the investigation, but whether it’s because he really believes it’s nothing or whether it’s something else I haven’t worked out. I’ll need to get to know his character a bit better before I make that decision, and despite what Roxanne said in the last line, I’d be extremely surprised if we don’t bump into him again. Onwards I go!

Cheers Mel

Author's Response:

Hi again, Mel!


The canon names are so fun to include and it's really nice to see readers like you picking up on them.  There's really such a wealth of names and detail in canon, isn't there?


I think Roxy had really built up the expectation of what her first story would be like in her mind, so to find out that it's actually pretty boring is a bit of a surprise, but there's a lot more legwork that goes into journalism and those professions around it than excitement and glamour.


Yes, Richard is Pansy's son!  I'm glad you liked my description of him, and of what's become of Pansy, too.


I'm glad you're intrigued by Daniel!  He's mentioned quite a lot in this story before he really gets any proper screen time, so I'm pleased that you found him intriguing in this.  I'll be interested to see what you make of him when you do see him again!


Thank you for this lovely review!

Name: melian (Signed) · Date: 16 Aug 2018 01:33 AM · [Report This]
Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #1

Quodpot – Match 2 – Crime/mystery


Sian! It has been far too long since I read one of your stories. What a nice surprise that the Quodpot has enabled me to start on this one at last! You may be aware that I don’t read as much fanfic as I would like to and perhaps as I should, and I have a to-read list that started about nine years ago when I was writing HTM. But this has been on it for a while, so the “crime/mystery” thing here was perfect.

Anyway. I really enjoyed this as a start to a story. You gave us the lead-in to the inciting event (the man being Imperiused – some nice descriptive work in there by the way) and then a very good background on Roxanne and her life. Sure, only snippets for now – the feud with Fred, the broken heart (what DID happen with Daniel? I’m sure I’ll find out), the hints on what her million Weasley and Potter cousins are up to these days. I liked the jibe on the exploding teapot being something that might have been sold in George’s shop, because that is definitely the sort of thing people would be saying to someone in Roxanne’s position. I also liked the nod to canon with most of the surnames; as a canon nerd myself I was pleased to recognise names like Chittock, Toots, Griffiths and, of course, McLaggen, and with connections to the original characters who bore those names (Griffiths and McLaggen being Quidditch players, Chittock and Toots in the media). I tried to do the same thing with HTM so I feel like you’re a kindred spirit here.

I also quite liked the obvious reluctance that Higgins had when he asked Roxanne to do the story of the missing wizard. Of course he would think it’s beyond her, but then again he’s never really tested her abilities, has he? So she’s seeing it as an opportunity for growth and to prove herself, whereas he’s probably wondering how soon he can rip it off her and give it to someone else. I’ve seen this so often in the professional world and you’ve reproduced that so well here. I also liked the parallels with Muggle life – rents being too much, cost of living pressures, young female workers being overlooked and/or overworked – it’s not so different from our lives, is it? You’ve even given them mobile phones, which I am finding a little curious, probalby because I’ve never seen them in fanfics before (where they weren’t just a case of authors being lazy or blatant anachronisms). Then again, I’ve not read that many next gen fanfics so it’s probably my issues, not yours. In any case I’ll be interested to see how you integrate them into the wizarding world.

Great job, and I look forward to seeing how this pans out.

 Cheers Mel

Author's Response:

Hi Mel!


Ah, it's such an honour to hear that you've been interested in reading this story for a while, especially because you're such an amazing writer <3


I'm really pleased you liked this as a start to the story.  I worked on this first chapter a lot, and there were several different versions, and though I kind of feel like I could probably do it better now if I tried to (it is over four years old by now), I'm still quite happy with it.  I really wanted to help set up the scene and get the readers to know Roxy a little better, as well as introducing some questions that they might ask so they want to read on.  I'm happy that it seems to have worked pretty well.


I love including little links to canon with surnames and things like that - I may have lists written out somewhere of all the different canon surnames that we have which I can use for minor characters in stories, if I want to :P 


Higgins is definitely reluctant when he's asking Roxy to do the article - she's the last choice, and he isn't afraid to let her know that.  But you're right that she does want to prove herself, so it's an exciting opportunity for her.  I think one of my biggest bugbears in next generation stories is the way that the Weasley and Potter children leave school and step into "perfect" lives and the careers that they want without any trouble - life really isn't like that.  One thing I loved about the HP books is that they're anchored in reality, despite being fantasy, and I wanted to continue that here.  The mobile phones are something I took a long time to decide about including, because I worry about Muggle technology in the wizarding world being anachronistic, too, but I've tried to incorporate them for a purpose and there is an explanation of how they work later on.  The technology for them is almost 40 years or so behind the Muggle world and all I can say is that they're there for a reason, not just me being lazy!


Thank you for this lovely review!

Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 12 Aug 2018 09:14 AM · [Report This]
Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #21

Quadpot Match 2.

Uh, my Merlin, I’ve never expected this. I mean I never guessed you would prepare a musician as a next victim! I love the idea, Sian. Vera sounds like a Latin singer. I could imagine how she looked and how popular she was. The description of the victim’s struggle she couldn’t sing, splendid! (‘caused by “the drug”, yes?)


 Oh, I never guessed Daniel would enter this timing in the Wedding ceremony! You are genius, Sian. Hmmm… Fred in your story is so mean to Roxy, but I understand he cared Daniel as a mate too much.


 Wa…one more holding my breath time: Roxy caught Daniel’s eye!


I also love you wrote Mother – Son scene. Charlie in fifties and Nana Molly.


Oh, I also love the spot, Charlie showed his angry burn on his forearm. I wonder what Charlie asked Harry…about feeling after Teddy married as his father? I chuckled Ginny cast the Silencing Charm on him.  :D


Every time I read a dancing scene, I feel happy. Yours is no exception, Sian! Ginny tries dancing with uncomfortable Harry, the readers will like the scene, I’m sure. And Roxanne’s parents’ kiss.


And wow what a romantic ending you set the greatest climax in this chapter! Daniel and Roxanne got together again.



Author's Response:

Hi Kenny!


I'm glad you liked the way that I used a musician as the next victim!  I felt like it was really important to have the potion saturating different areas of fame and celebrity, and this seemed to work out quite well.


The wedding was really fun to write - they can be so stressful to attend but I enjoyed writing this one.  Having all the different characters come in here was interesting to explore, and I'm really pleased that you liked Charlie's appearance and the dancing at the wedding.  And yes, there's a romantic moment at the end of this chapter - finally!


Thank you for this wonderful review and all the others you've left on this story so far!

Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 12 Aug 2018 09:12 AM · [Report This]
Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece # 20

Hi, Sian. Wa...Review Battle again? How can I ignore this? I love it, Quadpot for Match 2!

You are clever, 'cause you thought of making OC, Jane who had once a trouble and Roxanne let her stay in the house and then she gave Roxanne a hint to solve the mystery. It's a good plot.





I strongly agree with her 'cause it's too dangerous for Roxanne to take action alone. It's better to tell Harry information they gathered. I got phyched to know you would let Harry enter your story! TO tell the truth, I was looking forward to seeing him as an Auror for so long.





Muggle sports football and magical Quidditch were connected with the same cause including a celebrity, Griffiths. It's another smart plan, Sian! I remembered you love sports, especially football. I enjoyed your plot about using Quidditch and football into one of the keys to solve the problem.





The contrast between Happy Weasley family and mystery is marvelous, too. Roxanne with Richard alone, I held my breath. Agh, British people use so skillfully in such a good timing preparing tea for mystery scene! I love it. You did it great.





Yes, Rosanne is definitely a Gryffindor. She never stops investigating, whatever happens!






Author's Response:

Hi Kenny!  It's nice to see you here again, although I'm still sad that next time you'll be on an opposing team!


I'm glad you liked the way that Jane was able to help Roxy out with trying to work out the mystery and make some progress.  It's definitely going to be risky for Roxy to act alone, but she's very determined!


I love watching sports, especially rugby, and I'm glad you liked the way that they were all connected here, both in the Muggle and the magical worlds.  I'm pleased you liked the contrasts between the happier scenes and the more difficult ones, too!  


I think I just like tea too much - I hadn't noticed how much it appears in this novel until your reviews :P


Thank you!

Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 01 Jul 2018 04:16 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #12

Transferred from the old hpff,


18th August 2016:


Hi, Sian. I named my review activity as "Reviewmon Go!", and I chose your story for the 1st round. Finally, Roxy got her real job. I expect more Daniel with her to solve those incidents from here.


 I've worried if Jane was involved with a kind of terrible troubles, but she didn't. I felt relieved and it's great that Roxy took her in, which will be better for Roxy who has to find out the truth behind the scenes. I suspect someone trapped Richard. I sense a kind of conspiracy.


 Two people were talking about Rhiannon. "Will she live?" and "compromise us." sound creepy. If Roxy's hunch is right, I'm afraid that she would be attacked next. I hope her uncle Harry and her cousins will help her. I guess you prepared more action scenes from here. I'll come back. :)



Author's Response:

Hi Kenny!  Thank you for choosing Jigsaw again!


It's been interesting to read different people's reviews on this story and their theories and thoughts about what was wrong with Jane.  She's a really sweet character and a good friend to Roxy, and I don't think she would get too involved in the mystery - I think being evicted from her flat is probably more than enough for her to deal with!  


You might be right that there could be some kind of conspiracy going on!  At least, there's definitely people plotting to protect themselves here - your hunch about Rhiannon might be right!


Thank you for this review!

Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 30 Jun 2018 01:34 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #7

Transffered from the old hpff,

22nd December 2015:


Hi, Sian. Happy Birthday! (I sent a birthday message picture via twitter.)


 I felt very comfy to be back to your story after reading Robert Galbraith's crime novel III, which is a great story but has so much tensed scenes. Your each word is music. I really respect your flow of words.


 Two thoughts popped in my mind in this chapter.


 1.What I'd like to tell you reading this story,is that I remembered how Galbraith(J.K.Rowling) portrayed the characters around the main character of the crime novel in her story. She described relationship between the main character, Cormoran and Cormoran Strike's friends or the culprits. You also set the episode of Roxy's cousins and her boyfriend, Daniel to describe the situation around the main character.


 2.Just the thought popped up, I wonder it's one of style when the author writes the detective story that the main character suffers from unrequited love at the same time when she or he has to solve the mystery. Just the idea hit upon when I read the part Roxy remembered her bitter sweet memory of Daniel.


 Ah! Roxy got closer to Simon Upton! I wish she will be able to find the solution to the case and she can be a star of the newspaper. And another victim? why?



Author's Response:

Hi Kenny!


Thank you for the birthday review :)


It's such a compliment to me that you enjoyed reading this story even after reading the Strike stories, that means a lot!


Roxy definitely is getting closer to finding out some clues to help piece this mystery together, but there might be a little more to it than her immediate success, I'm afraid...


Thank you for this review!

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Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #6

Transffered from the old hpff,

5th November 2015:


Hi, Sian. I saw your update status for Jigsaw, so I came back here.

Wow, in your magical world, they use Muggle mobile phone, it’s clever!


 When I read these parts, “magical London is a little quieter, with the children back at school and the majority of tourists returning to warmer climes,” I remembered when I visited Scotland like a picture I took, I saw some school children in their uniform.


 Oh, was Simon Upton released without charge? So both Hitwizards and Aurors couldn’t find enough evidence to send him to Azkaban.


 I feel pity for Roxanne, I wish she won’t be back to the previous boring articles.


 Though there are lots of your splendid descriptions, I like this sentence, too!! -  "Gringotts rises up ahead of me, the snowy white like peaks of mountains, almost disappearing into the haze of warm sunlight, dominating the wizarding skyline.”


And the next paragraphs are very intriguing. What happened to Jane? Is she missing?


 I also like the description of Belby’s. We have the similar second hand book shops in my country, I could imagine how the bookshop was like.


 I really like the episode why Roxanne became a journalist, “He doesn't realise that it's not knowledge I'm searching for, but stories - even the faded inscriptions written inside a front cover tell a tale.  My passion for stories is the real reason I became a journalist, in the end.”


And wow, wow, she met Daniel at her favorite bookshop, what a situation! After her letter, how would he react? With much expectation, we wait for his next move. And he nods! Even he suggested somewhere on Diagon Alley, there is still hope they can go back together.


 Oh, Daniel understands her well. ‘I always said that Higgins was an idiot for not giving you a bigger story before.' He cares about her.


“it's one one of the reasons I fell in love with him in the first place.’ Reading this part, I nodded, too, wishing he would forgive her.


 Her thought, ‘Upton possibly had for harming Armstrong is the recent promotion they were both competing for, which the latter eventually attained’ is correct but why did she feel a bit flimsy?


‘I can see the glint in his eye that makes it clear he's just thought of an idea, a sliver of the mystery becoming clearer to him as he talks it through with me.’

This sentence is inviting us to the next chapters of your story. We wish Roxanne and Daniel will get together and solve the case.


 When she told Daniel that she still did love him, I wished he would believe her!

 And finally, he said, “Okay, I believe you.” Yes! But he said later, “I need time, Roxy” … oh again? No! If I were Daniel, I would forgive her. Oh, poor Roxy, she kept the tears from appearing in her eyes.


 Sian, I really like how you ended this chapter. They will go to the spot where Armstong was found. I hope I’ll be able to be back to the next chapter, soon!



Author's Response:

Hi Kenny!


It's always really nice to know that you can picture the scenes vividly in this story and that they remind you of things that you've seen yourself here and at home.


Roxy doesn't have an easy time of it at her job, especially when she's so determined to succeed and doesn't get the breaks that she needs to do so.  But at least she's found out some more information on the suspects for the mystery!


I'm really pleased that you liked the scene between Roxy and Daniel!  It was definitely really interesting to write, as we hear a lot about Daniel before this point, but we don't really see him too much.  Their conversation was an interesting one and it's not going quite the way that Roxy had hoped, but the ending might change things - you'll see!


Thank you for this review!

Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 30 Jun 2018 12:59 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #5

Transffered from the old hpff, 18th October 2015:


Hi, Sian!


 Thank you for leaving kind review the other day. As you’ve written below, the mystery of Daniel and Fred have finally been revealed.

 The House of Horrors is REAL. Jealousy makes people go mad.


 The description of London skyline is superb! I imagined how it was like remembering that of Tokyo. We have the very same view: forest of tall buildings and pedestrians below look like ants indeed.


 In the next paragraph, the culprit entered finally drinking expensive water of life, whiskey. I wondered what whiskey he was drinking. (I recommend him Yamazaki, Japanese expensive whiskey.) Then two men appeared from the green flames. Are they Hit Wizards? He knew who they were, glancing at them, I guess they may be members of Potter or Wealsey.


 The reason why Roxanne and Daniel broke up was revealed, too. I could understand their complicated relationship. The man was too busy to spare time for his girlfriend and the woman was unhappy for his long absence. I had hunch that it would be more difficult for her to get back their previous relationship when Lily entered.


 At the end, please let me mention your wonderful poetic expression. I’m very impressed by your work again. I love these sentences: the tiny ember of hope that I thought was extinguished the last time that I saw him reignites, a chain of maybes and what ifs floating through my mind.


 I hope I can be back to the next chapter soon!



Author's Response:

Hi Kenny!


I'm pleased that you liked the description of the London skyline!  Cityscapes like that are always so impressive to me, so I'm glad you could picture it yourself.  It was definitely an interesting backdrop to set the scene against.


Roxy and Daniel definitely had a complicated relationship, and there was a lot going on which led to their break-up, even though Roxy blames herself for quite a lot of what's going on at the moment for her.  Your guesses about what might happen between her and Daniel are definitely interesting!


Thank you for this review!

Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 30 Jun 2018 12:42 PM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #4

Transffered from the old hpff,

31st August 2015:


#Last Spurt @ Review NaNo 5/ 21


 Hi, Sian. I came back to your Roxanne. The fame that she was also a member of Weasleys seemed to be her burden, but at the same time the name may be her tool for interviewing people for her report. I reckon she wants to stand by herself but reality is she is still a nameless reporter. I could understand how she felt optimistic when the young works stopped to answer her questions. It’s very hard to attract the other’s attention especially when you’re on work.


 The description about Archie, you compared to a golden Labrador, is interesting. I felt happy for Roxanne when she succeeded in pulling information from the young workers. Your description of the two was excellent, too. I visualized each character in my mind and enjoyed her questioning them.


 Then you inserted the scene of torture. I wonder how you visualized the scene. Have you ever written about the crime scene before? I think it’s well written. I wondered if the man who was punished was the missing man.


 I smiled at the description George still called her pumpkin and there are different vegetable names more. I learned you even say ‘Daughters today.’ We have the similar expression here.


 Thank you Sian for sharing your imagination filled with love towards George and Angelina. I could imagine how George became a father and I became happy to find the mischievousness remained inside him. You infused your picture of George's family with life.


 Still the question why Fred and Roxanne argued over something isn't answered. I'll be back at the next chapter!



Author's Response:

Hi Kenny!


It's always lovely to see your name pop up in my reviews!


Roxy definitely doesn't want to have to use her family name to get her places - I think that all of the Weasley children are like that, really - but she's stuck in such a difficult position here and she also knows she has to use every tool that she has to try and make sure she succeeds.  I'm glad that you liked the way she managed to get the two young workers to open up and answer her questions in that first scene.


I haven't written scenes like this before - or at least, I hadn't before I wrote this.  I'm glad that you thought it was well written and that you had questions from that scene!


George and Angelina were much less terrifying to write than I expected, and I really enjoy writing them, so I'm pleased that you liked my portrayal of them and the family relationship in this chapter!


Thank you for this review!

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Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #2

Transffered from the old hpff,

14th August 2015:


Hi, Sian.


 I read the chapter 1 and came here. The actress who played Guinevere at bbc Merlin on the banner as Roxanne, it’s very fascinating, too.


 I always love the description of the sea air and the coldness. To begin with the description of nature surrounded her is a good start to write about her expectation and fear for her first proper job as a journalist. Then you set her as a third person who observed the scene, which led us to the story naturally.


 You revealed one of her talents, a talent for remembering names and faces, which will be a key to solve the problem later, won’t it?


 I didn’t feel bored at the battle of reporters who tried asking the important question to solve the problem, waiting for Roxanne to do it with much expectation. Readers surely want her to perform great deeds. I waited for the moment holding my breath. Then I felt disappointed with her and wished Daniel would do something for her. Each description of their movement of emotion is marvelous, even beautiful. It’s very heartbreaking to read the sentence, ‘For the second time in a month, I look on as Daniel Finch disappears from my life.’



Author's Response:

Hi Kenny!


Yes!  I love Angel Coulby and she makes the perfect Roxanne, I think :)


I think it was really interesting to try and contrast the beauty and calm of the scene with what she then enters at the house, with the frenzy of the media trying to get the Hit Wizards to answer questions about the case.  I'm glad you're picking up on the different talents that she has, and that you found the section with the reporters asking questions interesting.  Daniel is definitely a mysterious figure at this point, but hopefully he'll become less so in the future!


Thank you for this review!

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Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #3

Transffered from the old hpff,

17th August 2015:


Hi, Sian!


 Wow, you set various characters tightly intertwined through the press conference. Do you write the plan about multiple characters before starting to write? Like, who are Roxanne’s rivals, victims or boyfriend, or enemies or supporters. And I wonder why Lily tried not to be aware of her like Fred. Will these questions be answered in the next chapter?


 She can’t forget her ex- boyfriend Daniel. Is she going to find a new one? I guess you set more romance scene in the next chapters.


 You mentioned Harry a little when you described inside the Ministry. Is it common sense not to write about him in the fan fiction world? Because I read somewhere in the review on my story that it’s wiser to avoid the main Canon character to put in the story. I just want to know.


 I’m getting one of Roxanne’s supporters, so I feel happy each time she succeed in doing pertinent remark at the press conference, and she is getting the link to the circle of front page reporters, and I guess she’ll  find important facts later, it’s very thrilling.


 One more question, you use the present tense. Is it popular writing style?



Author's Response:

Hi Kenny!


I'm glad you liked the way that I worked all of the different characters into this chapter!  There's quite a big cast (much bigger than I originally planned) but I did work out who would be in it throughout the story beforehand.  The questions about Daniel will be answered in the next few chapters :) (and then the rest of the story, of course).


I think it's more personal preference than anything else about whether you include Harry in the story - he's included in Jigsaw but not so much, mostly because writing him scares me!  I'm really glad that you're already starting to root for Roxanne in this chapter, though!


Thank you for this review!

Name: adorably cute (Signed) · Date: 03 Jun 2018 09:33 PM · [Report This]
Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #3

Miranda is THE WORST! She is even meaner than I imagined fromt he first chapter. Poor Roxanne, for having to deal with all of that as a co-worker. It was neat to see some of her other co-workers. Andy seems like a great mentor for her to have had all these years. I loved seeing him put Miranda in her place!


I'm loving finding out more details about the mystery, but I'm so so curious. The no arrests yet was so ominous and I'm eager to know what's next.  It was a great scene after the press conference with all the reporters the the Leaky Cauldron. It was neat of them to include Roxanne in there and was cool little thing to see her interacting with other peers outside the Prophet. 


You're doing a great job teasing this little family feud! The Lily part at the press conference reminded me about that! And then the Fred scene at the end has me dying to know. WHAT IS HE DOING IN KNOCKTURN ALLEY? WHY WON'T ANY OF THEM SPEAK TO HER?


My curiousity is peaked and I'm eager to read more (potentially after a nap) so I will return shortly!

Author's Response:

Mwahaha Miranda is SO MUCH FUN to write.  It was so interesting to set her up in the first chapter and then see readers' reactions to her here.  But yes, she's a complete nightmare for Roxy to work with!


I'm glad you're enjoying the mystery so far and the way that I'm trying to leave little hints and clues for the reader.  There's definitely a lot going on and it might be slow in coming out, but you will find out, for sure!  As for the family feud - you find out much more about that in a couple of chapters, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you think about it!


Thank you for this review!

Name: adorably cute (Signed) · Date: 03 Jun 2018 08:33 PM · [Report This]
Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #2

Hi Sian! Back for some more reading! Tried so hard to keep my eyes open last night to get through this but this stupid cold I'm battling beat me down.


Anyway, I continue to love how you've set up Roxanne's job at the Prophet. Sending her out suddenly on her first big story to something like this is really interesting. It was neat to see her little insecurities, like when she's questioning her abilities after her question to the Hit Wizard doesn't get answered. 


It was interesting to see Daniel at the crime scene! He and Roxanne definitely have some issues to work through. But after mentioning him last chapter, it was a good introduction this chapter. I'm curious to see what happened between them!


Very intrigued by the mystery of the missing man. I feel like there's definitely something sketchy about what happened. Roxanne's point about Hit Wizards being brought in is sending alarms off in my head. Also, Daniel's bit at the end is too. It seems like he started to get excited for her first big story before he started to remember the details of the case and doesn't want her involved. He obviously still cares for her but there's definitely something deeper to this story than what's on the surface. I'm excited to find out!

Author's Response:

Hi Sarah!


Roxy is a whole bundle of emotions in this chapter, and I'm pleased you were able to pick up on her insecurities here.  I feel like most people would have the same if they get shot down on the first question they ask, particularly when they've been building this moment up in their head before it happened.


It's interesting to hear your thoughts on Daniel and Roxy's interaction as well here.  There are definitely issues to work through, and I'm glad you thought it was a good introduction to the pair of them!


Thank you for this review!

Name: adorably cute (Signed) · Date: 03 Jun 2018 02:25 AM · [Report This]
Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #1

Hi Sian! Stopping in for some POGs reading! I really enjoyed the start of this! I love seeing Roxanne as main character; I don't really feel like I see a lot of that and I like what you've done with her so far. I like how you've introduced her and I'm really interested in her storylines with her family and friends. What happened with Daniel and why are she and Fred fighting?


I love the Prophet setting and am really excited to see more about that. Her work place interaction wiht Violet was interesting and I kinda want to meet Miranda now, just to see what she's like. You've done a really great job setting up her job and the upcoming first story Roxanne has. That little tease at the end has me dying to know about this missing man!


Author's Response:

Hi Sarah!  It was really sweet of you to stop by and give this monster of a novel a try!


Roxanne hardly ever seems to appear as the main character, and the few versions of her that I've seen in different novels are wildly different, so it's always interesting to see what other people think of my characterisation of her here.  I'm glad that you liked her and that you had all those questions about what's been happening to her recently!


The Prophet was really fun to write, and it's an interesting angle for me to write in terms of solving a mystery.  You'll definitely get to meet Miranda soon, and I'm glad you're curious about what's going on here!


Thank you for this lovely review!

Name: almostunderstandable (Anonymous) · Date: 02 May 2018 09:33 AM · starstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #30

Just finished reading!
Whlie there are some typos its to be expected from a fanfic haha.
Absolutely loved it x

Author's Response:

Thank you for your review!  I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 27 Apr 2018 06:14 AM · [Report This]
Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #30

The Quidditch game was really well done and I enjoyed reading it. I read it in a football commentator's voice :P I'm so happy to see Roxy relaxing and enjoying herself. It's also lovely to read that she and Fred are okay again <3 Aw, and that Louis is feeling better and is out and about. Happy endings for all!


Ahhh this was just SO AMAZING, Sian!!! I've enjoyed reading it very very much. It's kept me guessing, made me laugh, made me cry a little bit. This is a wonderful ending to a wonderful story, and very satisfying. Beautiful work, I can't wait for more from you! <3

Author's Response:



I'm so happy that you enjoyed the Quidditch game!  I wasn't really sure whether people would think that it was the best ending for this story, but it's been in my head so long and it was the best way for me to say farewell to all the characters here, and I'm really happy that you enjoyed it.


And thank you so, SO much for all of your love for this story!  It's meant so much to me that you wanted to keep coming back and you've made it through this monster of a novel, and that you enjoyed it.  All your wonderful reviews have really made me smile, and reading back through them helps to convince me to do more writing, so thank you for all the love and support - for this story and in general! <3

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 26 Apr 2018 06:33 AM · [Report This]
Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #29

I'm so excited to be so close to the end of this story, but I'm also not sure if I'm ready for it.


I like the mention of the journalists during the court session - Roxy's kindred souls. It did make me a little bit sad for her to be seperated from them. It was a real "How did I get here?" moment, I think. All she wants is to be a serious journalist, and instead she's on the other side.


Hooray! Jemima Tebbutt is alive and well! Also, I'm coming to you next time I want to write a trial scene. This is amazing, and so well done. Sometimes I find these things boring to read but I'm absolutely loving this. You've done a fantastic job.


Oh my goodness I'm so relieved they found Pritchard guilty. I was holding my breath, so worried they would think him innocent and Roxy would be in danger all over again.


*whispers very quietly* Poor Daniel... Nothing can really excuse what he's done, but he's come from a very difficult position, and I do feel bad for him. Ugh, but he would have actually killed Louis. I'm very torn over my feelings for him, but either way, I'm glad Roxy can walk away and move on with her life without him, and that he's serving time for what he did!

Author's Response:

Ah, I was so worried about writing this trial scene!  Mostly because I know nothing about trials, and the research I did manage to do (which I'm very bad at, because I'm a lazy researcher when I just want to write my stories) so I'm mainly just really happy that you thought it was interesting to read and that you liked seeing the different characters here.


You know, I was sorely tempted to let them find Pritchard innocent :P  Maybe I should write a sequel when he's let out on remand?


Daniel has come from a difficult position, but you're right - there's not really anything that can excuse what he did, and I'm glad your feelings are mixed towards him.  Yes - Roxy can hopefully move on with her life now and start again!


Thank you for this wonderful review!

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 25 Apr 2018 09:08 AM · [Report This]
Story:Jigsaw Chapter: Piece #28

If you ever write a story where Roxy and Miranda solve crimes together, I just want you to know that I am SO here for that. As long as she doesn't do this: Her tone of voice is familiar; she's holding back on something and wants to be asked about it. I hate when people do that, haha!


This made me laugh, too: If my parents hadn't also taught me to be the bigger person (at least most of the time) when someone insults me, then Miranda would have had a black eye long ago. It's one of my favourite things about Roxy's character. She's kind and mature and considerate and it's why I love reading her so much.




Oh my goodness! I'm so proud she could fight the curse! GO ROXY! But what were the consequences? I'm almost scared to find out! Almost ;)

Author's Response:

Hahaha can you imagine?  They'd be the most argumentative crime-solving duo in the history of crime-solving duos, I think.  If Roxy had to work one-on-one with her full-time, Miranda would probably have a black eye every week :P




Roxy is awesome, and writing this ending scene was so intense - as for what happens next, I hope it'll be satisfying!


Thank you for this review!

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