F.R.O.G.S. Hall of Fame

The F.R.O.G.S. Awards

Every year, HPFT runs the F.R.O.G.S. (short for Fanfiction Recognition for Outstanding & Ground-Breaking Story) awards to recognize the best and brightest on our archive. The authors, reviewers, and stories that win are truly the best of the best, and we really can't recommend them strongly enough.


Most Versatile Author

2018: abhorsen/beeezie | nott theodore

2017: TreacleTart


Best Reviewer

2018: Felpata_Lupin | justawillowtree | Stella Blue

2017: nott theodore


Best One-Shot

2017: Erasure by AbraxanUnicorn (Harry Potter)


Best Novel

2017: Saving Severus Snape by MegGonagall (Harry Potter)


Best Angst

2018: Gods Without Grace by dirigibleplums (Harry Potter)

2017: Schrodinger's Cat by TidalDragon (Harry Potter)


Best Dark/Horror

2018: The Skull Beneath the Skin by esmeraude (Harry Potter)


Best Description

2017: Bluebird by Aphoride (Harry Potter)


Best Dialogue

2017: Pure Intentions by toomanycurls (Harry Potter)


Best Family/Friendship

2018: Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black in Secret Keeper by poppunkpadfoot (Harry Potter)


Best Humor

2018: When Dahlias Bloom by dirigibleplums (Harry Potter)



2018: Hannah Abbott in When I Go Out With You by Dojh167 (Harry Potter)

2017: A Little Like This by banshee (Harry Potter)


Best Depiction of Mental Illness/Disability

2018: The Department by poppunkpadfoot (Harry Potter)

2017: Haunting Shadows by dreamgazer220 (Harry Potter)


Best Rare Pair

2018: Lavender Brown/Parvati Patil in Parisian Scars by Crimson Quill (Harry Potter)


Best Romance

2018: Nights Like These by banshee (Harry Potter)

2017: Chai, Carrots, And A Friend In The Wee Hours Of The Morning by 800 words of heaven (Harry Potter)


Best Original Character

2018: Dahlia Darzi in When Dahlias Bloom by dirigibleplums (Harry Potter)

2017: Finn Blishwick in The Harder They Fall by victoria_anne (Harry Potter)


Best Major Character

2018: Petunia Dursley in Beyond Repair by MuggleMaybe (Harry Potter)

2017: Lily Evans in In Fields Of Poppies by sunshinedaisieswindmills (Harry Potter)


Best Minor Character

2018: Peter Pettigrew in Liar by Felpata_Lupin (Harry Potter)

2017: Antonin Dolohov in Braided by Diogenissa (Harry Potter)


Best Original Fiction

2018: From by Stella Blue (Original Fiction)

2017: Absolution by Rhaenyra (Original Fiction)


Best Non-Harry Potter Fanfiction

2018: Silence Cuts Loudest Through the Chaos by 1917farmgirl (Merlin)

2017: Waiting for the Light by 1917farmgirl (Andromeda)


Best Harry Potter Marauders Era

2017: How to Tame a Marauder by melian (Harry Potter)


Best Harry Potter Rebuilding Era

2017: After Destiny by CambAngst (Harry Potter)


Best Harry Potter Next-Gen Era

2017: Dormitory 2.6A by dirigibleplums (Harry Potter)