Rejections and Appeals

last updated September 10, 2017 (formatting only)


Rejections and Appeals

As a moderated archive, we require that all authors adhere to our [Site Guidelines], including using ratings and advisories appropriately. Failure to do so will lead to your submission being rejected. Our validators will always tell you why the story was rejected and what you need to change for us to validate it. We read each submission carefully, and we only reject them when we feel it is necessary.


However, we also know that we're human and sometimes make mistakes. Therefore, we've also set up a clear and defined appeals process, if you feel that your submission has been rejected in error. This includes both rejections that state that the content is never allowed on our archive and rejections for incorrect advisories/ratings. If you would like to appeal a rejection, here is how you do so:



  1. Contact the validator to ask them to take a second look. This is different from asking for clarification (which you are always welcome to do as well). To appeal a rejection, you will need to explicitly state that you are appealing the rejection and would like the validator to take another look at your submission, which you believe does fall within site guidelines for xyz reason.
  2. The validator will check in with another validator to get a second opinion. This includes sharing the submission, their rejection notice, and the full text of your appeal with the second validator. With the second validator's opinion, they will decide whether to stand by the initial rejection or accept the content. Regardless of the decision, the original validator will contact you back and tell you who the second validator was and what the outcome was.
  3. Contact an archive admin. If the validator stands by their rejection and you still feel that the validators are interpreting the rules incorrectly, you will contact the archive admins by emailing [admin@archive.hpfanfictalk.com]. The admin will have the final say. If they feel that the validators both interpreted the rules incorrectly, the content will be accepted and the rule will be clarified for both the validators and the members. If the admin feels that the validators have interpreted the rule correctly, they will explain why to to author.