All’s Fair in Law and Politics by The Heir of Slytherin
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In a world of law enforcement and political opponents, justice and corruption, everything’s fair game.

Categories: Harry Potter Universe > Next-Generation (2009-2040), Harry Potter Universe, Harry Potter Universe > Rebuilding (1998-2009)
Characters: Albus Severus Potter, Arthur Weasley, Blaise Zabini, Daphne Greengrass, Dennis Creevey, Dominique Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Ernie Macmillan, Gawain Robards, George Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Hugo Weasley, James Sirius Potter, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Lily Luna Potter, Lucius Malfoy, Lysander Scamander, Original Character, Original Female Character, Original Male Character, Padma Patil, Pansy Parkinson, Percy Weasley, Rita Skeeter, Ron Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy, Teddy Lupin, Theodore Nott, Unlisted Character, Zacharias Smith
Advisories: Consent Issues (Severe), Self-Harm, Sexual Content, Substance Abuse, Violence
HPFT Forum House: Slytherin
Genre: Action/Adventure, Angst, Crime/Mystery, Dark/Horror, Drama, Romance
Inclusivity: Ace/Aro, Anxiety, Autism Spectrum, Black, Blind/Deaf, Depression, Genderfluid/Genderqueer, LGBTQA, Neurodiversity, Other Mental Illness, Person of Color, PTSD, Transgender
Pairings: Astoria Greengrass/Draco Malfoy (HP), Daphne Greengrass/OC (HP), Draco Malfoy/Neville Longbottom (HP), Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter (HP), Harry Potter/Theodore Nott (HP), OC/OC, Unlisted Pairing
Story Type: Novel (50,000+ words), Novella (under 50,000 words), Novellette (under 25,000 words), One-Shot (any length)
Themes: Addiction, Breakups, Careers, Divorce, Dying/Grieving, Family, Forgiveness, Friends to Lovers, Friendship, Infidelity, Law/Politics, Love/Hate Relationships, Marriage, Parenthood, Slow Build/Slow Burn
Parent Series: None
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Series Type: Closed

Lover Dearest by The Heir of Slytherin

Rated: Mature Audiences • 1 Reviews


nancy drew. @ TDA.


There’s a murderer targeting the Wizengamot, a blackmailer in the Minister’s office, a liar amongst loved ones. And when they all come together, everything changes.


Can you keep a secret, Minister?