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12 May 2017

I go by velllichor on pretty much everything else. You can also find me on tumblr as closetfanfictionauthor 

i'll be working on cottage neighbours this nano month

january 11, 2019:
-grace/alexei first date oneshot

following the above:
-zach/cammie proposal one-shot
-chapter 9 of a minor setback
-kat/hale oneshot
-chapter 4 of meddling aphordite
-gallagher girls/embassy row crossover oneshot
-lily in shining armor oneshot
-kai/cinder one-shot (long distance)
-chapter 10 of a minor setback
-thorne/cress one-shot (one liner)
- chapter 4 of cottage neighbours
-thorne/cress oneshot (by the sea)
-chapter 5 of meddling aphrodite
-jily oneshot (wiggle)
-anne/gilbert one-shot (you'll regret it)
-chapter 11 of a minor setback
- chapter 5 of cottage neighbours
-pick me oneshot
-chapter 12 of a minor setback
-chapter 6 of cottage neighbours

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