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14 Sep 2017

Hello, there!

My name is Emily, and I'm so excited you've found this page. Please feel free to visit the forums and send me a PM, post on my profile, or post on my Writer's Journal page if you'd like to chat. I love getting to know other members and growing our community.

I'm a twenty-something, U.S.-based book person! I'm bi/pansexual (which I personally use interchangeably for my own identity) and use the pronouns she/her. I love cats, reading, writing, and learning about true crime.

I am a very proud Hufflepuff! I've been writing Harry Potter fanfiction since 2006, originally at HPFF and now at HPFT. I'm slowly transferring my better stories to this site, and I hope you'll be patient with me as I do so. Feel free to ask for updates if you're wondering if something will be edited and posted here! And if you've read any of my work and/or want to ask questions or leave me comments, please visit my Writer's Journal topic!

On HPFF, my penname was DracoFerret11, and my username on the forums was DarkRose. Maybe we knew each other?

Here, my username on both the forums and the archives is Renacerá, which is Spanish for "she will be reborn."

I've been an Auror on HPFT since January 2018 and absolutely love my role. I read and validate stories, and I'm continuously impressed by the fantastic authors on HPFT. If you ever have questions about the archives, please feel free to PM me or post on my forum profile!

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