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17 Jan 2017


If you would like to know more about me or my wrting, feel free to come visit me in my Writer's Journal at the link provided above!! I looveee questions, and am always more than happy to discuss anything LNW related with you!!! ;)





2018 FROGS Awards: Best Original Character

Roxi Zaroni in Love, Not War  - 3rd Place Winner!!


2018 FROGS Card graphic by abhorsen./Branwen


2018 Slytherin MFWHAT Award: Best Careful Handling of a Snake

Draco Malfoy in Love, Not War  - 1st Place WINNER!!

2018 MFWHAT Award graphic by beyond the rain 



June 2017 Slytherin OTM Award by: PaulaTheProkaryote   ~*~   January 2018 Slytherin OTM Award by me: RoxiMalfoy


"Love, Lot War" was one of HPFT's Featured Stories in May 2018!! (award graphic by abhorsen./Branwen)


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(Sidenote: Greengrass dys/function) by Beeezie

Rated:116 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

awards by abhorsen. (me)




The Greengrasses have always been a little left of center.


HPFT FROGS: Best Romance Runner Up (2018), Best Depiction of Mental Illness 3rd Place (2018), Best Original Character Finalist for Brendon Greengrass (2018)

Child of the Hunt Universe by Alexis Black

Rated:74 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

There is more to Alex Black's story than even she knows. Events in the past and the lives of others interweave and connect to Alex in sometimes unexpected ways. Welcome to the Child of the Hunt universe.