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let's not put a label on it: the art of being nonchalant (or not) | secrets and plots

reckless: nuclear love | lionheart | playing with fire | echoes of wartime

intoxicating: young gods | bad habits | napalm skies

technicolour: dark days | black hole

FROGS: best short-form romance: nuclear love (2019) | best dialogue: the art of being nonchalant (or not) (2019)

MFWHAT: best dark/horror: no mercy. (2019) | best representation of a non-slytherin canon character: astoria greengrass in nuclear love (2019) | best OC&best multi-chaptered story: the art of being nonchalant (or not) (2019)


physical fatality - chapter 8 - 0% done

the art of being nonchalant (or not) - chapter 17 - 0% done

seven devils (sequel to playing with fire) - 40% done

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