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18 Oct 2016

Hello and welcome to my Author Page! I'm Gina and I've been writing fanfiction since 2007. I love exploring minor characters and I'm a loud and proud Dramione fan (don't hate--they're meant to be!). I'm 27 years young, a wife and mother, a crazy cat lady, and a very passionate English teacher. I love my job and I love writing. Oh, one more thing: GO GRYFFINDOR!

I'm currently working on two stories:
The Possibility of After
, chapter 4: 5% complete
Project Azkaban
, chapter 2: 30% complete

I'd love it if you stopped by and left a review. Thanks! :)

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The Department by poppunkpadfoot

Rated: Mature Audiences • 34 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star Past Featured Story

When tragedy strikes in Sirius Black's life, he decides some changes need to be made - not in his life, but in the Ministry of Magic. He may be just a rookie Auror, but he's certainly persistent, and he's not afraid to make waves.

Thus, the Department of Child Welfare is born.

Third place in StarFeather's Auror's Tale Challenge - Season 2 on HPFT
First place in StarFeather's Auror's Tale Challenge - Season 3 on HPFT
Winner of Best Depiction of Mental Illness/Disability - FROGS 2018.
banner by me

Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 01 Sep 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Hello my love! I thought it was about time I checked out this story since our conversation over on Twitter. It sounded really interesting when you were telling me about Sirius's job and this first chapter definitely has my attention! There are so many things that I liked, so let me try to not forget any of them...


First, I have to comment on Sirius's reaction to learning about Regulus's death. Kayla, it was perfect. I love his insistence on asking if the sources were accurate--his denial, his urgency. God, it broke my freaking heart. It felt authentic and true to character. Sirius still loves his brother and, though they haven't spoken in presumably years, this news breaks him.


I also love how the process to become and Auror has been "sped up" because of Voldemort's reign of terror, but becoming an Auror now means doing boring paperwork for a while before actually getting to do the work that Sirius obviously wants to do. That was a really interesting detail.


And OMG James. How freaking sweet is his concern for his friend? I mean, chashing him around the office when he starts acting off. I love it. And I love that they work together.


OKAY BACK TO REGULUS BECAUSE I'M SO SAD. It breaks my heart again that Sirius doesn't know what Regulus really did. I mean, his brother is a HERO and he doesn't even know. Does he ever find out? Like, I don't even know if it's in canon that he discovers the truth. Who does discover the truth? Please tell me Sirius does. Otherwise I will probably combust.


Okay, I'm exhausted and this review probably makes no sense but I will be back soon to read more.

Love Makes Me by MadiMalfoy

Rated: Mature Audiences • 212 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Banner by artemis. @TDA. 

The war is over and the Dark Lord has been defeated, but as the Golden Trio return to Hogwarts to complete their seventh year, the scars of the war remain. Hermione has been appointed Head Girl alongside Draco Malfoy. With an unknown threat lurking in the dark, is it possible they can build a new path that leads them all to something brighter?

Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 02 Dec 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: Prologue



Okay, maybe I did, but WHY HAVE I NOT READ THIS BEFORE?


Please forgive me, my dear. And also, thank you for writing this. I am a huge Dramione fan and 7th year fics are my absolute favorite. I love watching them recover from the war and find each other in ways they never thought they would. I love seeing Draco repentant and moping and AH! I am so excited for this!


AND YOUR WRITING. Madi, it's beautiful! I love the descriptions and the pacing and the flow--everything is honestly breath-taking! Also, the way you set up this chapter is honestly fabulous. I love that we start with present day, Hermione enjoying an afternoon, and then seeing a face that reminds her of something that happened in the past. The flashback was dynamic and horrifying, but you write with finesse. When Draco saves her, it's the perfect amount of mystery without feeling forced. Clearly, something was on his mind, but it wasn't the time or place for him to spill the beans. Hermione is obviously curious but knows she has a job to do, so she forgets about it--for now. And then the ending, when we discover that the face she sees in none other than Draco Malfoy, the one who saved her from the Death Eaters, the one who she has lingering questions about. THIS IS MASTERFUL.


I will definitely be back to read more! Don't let me forget! Oh, and happy holidays! :)


-- Gina

Best Christmas Ever by Rhaenyra

Rated: Teen Audiences • 2 Reviews

Lily Luna Potter and Elia Gardener have left Hogwarts.  They are doing their best to balance their family traditions with new ones of their own.  They think they may have found a schedule that works for them.  This may just be the best Christmas ever.

Runner up in the "Very Christmassy Love Challenge" ||  Sequel to Forest.  [[Lily II/Elia]]

Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 08 Dec 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: Best Christmas Ever



Okay, let me start at the beginning.


Even though the real action of this story didn't start until the second half, I was so drawn in during the first half, when you were explaining how holidays worked for these two, how their families were so different and yet everything felt like it fit so well. It was so relatable, as someone who is now married and has to find a way to mesh my life with my husband's. It isn't always easy and sometimes your in-laws feel like they have a completely different culture. I love that these two are finding a way to make it work.


AND OMG. The scene at the end when they wake up together, with messy hair, and snuggle up together--so stinking cute! I love the idea that they had both planned to propose to each other on the same day! There was a video going around social media recently where this happened and the looks on their faces--I will never forget the mixture of joy and hilarity! haha! I imagine that's what it was like for these two, and I think the giggling at the end really highlights that. They're so pleased to be engaged, but they're also kind of laughing at the timing of it all and that they both had the same idea. :)


Happy holidays!



Pure Intentions by toomanycurls

Rated: Mature Audiences • 26 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star Past Featured Story

Scorpius is faced with a dilemma - follow his heart and pursue Albus or follow his father's wishes and have a family? Will Albus tolerate being set aside while Scorpius dates his cousin Rose? Most importantly, will anyone leave this story without their heart being broken?

Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 19 May 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: Red Flags

Gah. Rose, I love this.


This is literally my headcanon of Scorpius. Totally gay but caught between his own desires and the desires of his family (which are, of course, to produce an heir). He's also a bit of a snot/quite moody. In short, your version is perfect. You write him in such a way that I feel bad for him, but I also kind of want to smack him. It's brilliant.


Albus. I just want to give him a hug. He is so stinking sweet and unsure of himself and clinging to Scorpius even though he senses it will end badly. I could feel the desire when he walked into the party and asked Scorpius to sneak away. How freaking adorable when they are dancing in the cellar alone. Harry's comment at the end ("There's not much to see down there") cracked me up. He has no idea, does he? Or maybe he does... It did say his voice was "unusually crisp" so maybe he does know and his feelings are similar to Draco's feelings on the matter. Hmmm. I would expect Harry to be different. We'll see.


I'm curious to see what Scorpius does with his parents' wishes. Will he try dating women now? I loved some of the commentary running through that scene. Like how it was scary to date Al because he felt so strongly about him, so maybe it would be less scary to date someone that he wasn't attracted to. That struck me. And I'm really unsure how to feel about his mom. She seems to genuinely love him, but her whole "family comes before your own desires" is... eh... not the best advice. I see where she's coming from, but ultimately, as a parent, I would think supporting your child's happiness comes first. Is he really hurting the family by pursuing love? Like, can't he adopt? I don't know. Her views seem old-fashioned, but she clearly loves her son. So I'm torn.


This is beautiful. I love the nuance and the complicated relationship that Al and Scorpius have forged. I love your writing--it is descriptive but not overly so, and the characters already feel so well fleshed out. Dang. I need to read more of your writing.

Author's Response:


I can't tell you how much your review means to me. ^_^ I'm so excited that Scorpius feels right and makes you sympathize for him and want to smack him a bit. He's a bit unsufferable and loveable. 

Albus is a bit adrift. I don't have a great explanation/background about why he's so unsure of himself and willing to accept the relationship he has with Scorpius (gah, I almost typed draco -_-) Harry's tone was more about the cellar being where he and Ron were imprisioned rather than any thoughts/dislike about Al/Scorp's relationship. I did love writing them happy at the party together. :D Kind of a moment of happiness before it all goes downhill. 

I wanted to include the bit about why Scorpius is torn about following his heart because otherwise he's just too cold and cruel. I'm okay with that being how he seems but as I was giving a view of his feelings, I needed him to be more sympathetic. Astoria is definitely not a perfect mom. I feel like she's trying to support him based on what she knows/experienced but not really with objectively good advice. Adoption is definitely an option they don't even bring up (or having a baby momma situation). 

aaaaaaah! thank you so much -- this all feels like so much coming from you <3


Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 19 May 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 6: Red Balloon

So I just read this whole story. I'm sorry for not leaving reviews after every chapter, but I just couldn't stop reading. It's been a while since I've done that. Thanks for writing a fic that so totally wrapped me up.


I know I'm going to forget something, but let me try to gush about all the things I loved.


First... Scorpius's mom. I knew she loved him. That became obvious when Scorpius was kicked out and she came upstairs to give him money and wish him the best. That scene broke my heart. I can't imagine feeling torn between my husband and my child like that, and having to say goodbye to my only child. I wish she had done more, but at the same time, I think she did all that she could do, what with the beliefs she was probably raised with. It's hard for people to change. I get that.


I love Brandon but I hate him, too. Not really hate. But kind of. He's very mature, and that's good. Albus needs someone who is confident in themselves and I love that he felt like he was able to be free with Brandon. The comparison of the two relationships was stark. Albus probably did love Scorpius, but it's clear now that it was not a healthy relationship, and now Albus knows that, even though Brandon did break things off. Gah. I totally agree with Brandon, but I'm sad that he broke things off. Couldn't they have just talked about it? Couldn't Albus have gone out and done things for himself while still dating Brandon? Maybe not. Maybe he needed the wake up call. BUT I'M NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT, ROSE. NOT AT ALL.


Judging by the other stories in this series, they do manage to find their way back to each other. I'm excited about that.


OH, I almost forgot (see, I told you I'd forget something), I love Albus and Rose's friendship. It was so cute when Rose ushered him up to her room to avoid the awkwardness of a confrontation with Ginny about what had just happened. It makes the fact that they were mad at each other for so long even more heartbreaking. I also love that Rose was so upset when she heard that Scorpius had done something cruel to Albus, even though Al didn't tell the whole story. It was nice to see her believing Albus and taking his side, even though she did like Scorpius. Their break-up was so... I don't even know. So cold. But it made me sad for Scorpius, too, because he was so caught up in what his parents wanted at the time. I'm glad he's free now.


Albus as an inventor is lovely. I hope that he succeeds. He seems genuinely happy experimenting with magic and I'm glad that he feels like he has a path now. It's hard to find yourself after graduation and feel like you have purpose again after just being a "student" for so long.


I'm sure I forgot to gush about something, but I hope this review conveyed how much I enjoyed this story. I seriously haven't read fic in so long, so getting back into it feels like coming home. Especially this story. I just fell into the story and couldn't stop reading and I miss that feeling. So thank you. Thank you for writing this and for being a generally lovely person. :)

Author's Response:

I just love that you went throught the whole thing. I mean. While I value every review and admire it when people comment on every chapter (it's fun to see someone's journey) getting the final chapter review is the one I care about the most. I'm also just so excited the story stole you away and got you into it. :D :D :D :D 

I can't imagine being in Astoria's place (partly because usually my husband and I agree on big things). I'm glad that her love came through when Scorpius decided to move out. I feel like she's still very tied to the way she was raised and taught to be as a parent. She does break out of the way she was raised later on in the series. At least a bit. 

I wasn't happy writing Brandon and Albus breaking up. I knew that I didn't want Albus to be in a relationship at the end of the story but I didn't want him and Brandon to have a messy/hurtful breakup. That's when I saw the co-dependency forming and knew that'd be a good reason for them to breakup without it being an epic disaster. Brandon and Al do wind up together after a fashion. There are more bumps for them though (especially in the stuff I have planned). 

Writing Al/Rose's friendship was a delight. I love platonic friendship as much as romances. I felt bad keeping such good friends apart. Al was kind of taking a hit in his own happiness for Rose's happiness (obviously with not being an obstacle with her dating Scorpius but also) because he stepped back as her friend during that period even though it wasn't easy for him. I left Albus' story incomplete re: his full history with Scorpius because I want there to be more drama about that in the future, lol. I'm the worst. 

Thank you so much for getting lost in my story -- it's such a humbling thing to hear <3 I'm so glad you're jumping back into the site because you're just an amazing person. 

Faith, Hope, and Charity by 1917farmgirl

Rated: Teen Audiences • 2 Reviews

In a world so often cruel and dark, moments of goodness and light can always be found. 

Short collection of holiday stories.
Banner by amoretti @ TDA.


Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 09 Dec 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: Faith

Wow. This is stunning.


Remus leaving while Tonks is pregnant is canon, right? If not, it's my headcanon, so let's proceed.


I have never really considered--not for any sustained length of time, at least--how much Remus leaving affected Tonks. I mean, it's obvious it would. But I never considered how much that would've hurt, and how hard it would have been to move forward when he returned. I cannot even imagine being left behind while pregnant. I know that Remus did it out of his own insecurities and he thought it would be best to be out of the picture (which does make me sad, a little), but it was a stupid, stupid move and I'm mad at him for it. You left your PREGNANT wife, you selfish jerk! I'm glad that Tonks gave him a stern talking-to, and I loved the bit where she told him to stop worrying about 'what ifs' (I relate to that SO much).


The echoes of the story of Jesus's birth were also beautiful. And I love how Tonks, despite not being religious, could understand how much faith it took for Mary to make the sacrifices she did for her baby. It's an awesome parallel, and I think it helps Remus to realize that he is being selfish and that they can do this. Together.


Your prose is also beautiful. So well done. I never felt like I was stumbling over words--it all flowed so well and helped me get sucked into the story.


Happy holidays!



Poetry Collection by MalfoysAngel

Rated: Mature Audiences • 3 Reviews

A collection of poetry I've written through the years and will hopefully continue to write. 


This will always be a WIP since the intention is to keep all my poetry in one place :)

Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 08 Dec 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: Music

Hi Tasha!


I wanted to stop by to leave a gift review for you and saw that you had written poetry! I've been a bit of a poetry kick myself, so I've been trying to read more poetry to get inspired. I'm glad I read this piece.


I like the movement and progression of the stanzas, how the mood changes with each one. I think it speaks a lot to the idea that different styles of music speak to each of us in a different way. One may resonate deeply and bring us back to our teen years while another feels empty. It was cool how you repeated lines, changing words here and there to show the effect of different styles of music, and how we can change over time.


Music has a lot of power and it can make a big emotional impact if we let it. I love that it can inspire us and "make us feel alive again," as you put it. I think poetry can do that as well. There's something so lyrical and moving about poetry, how it lets us each imagine what we want and take away what we need.


Thanks for sharing this! And happy holidays. :)



Imperium by Aphoride

Rated: Mature Audiences • 28 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Past Featured Story

Men become accustomed to poison by degrees - Victor Hugo


It is October 1949: Lycus Malfoy is dying, quarantined in his house alone but for his wife, Adelaide, who still hopes there is a miracle cure; Eileen Prince has vanished into a Muggle life, washing the dead and arranging flowers, away from the sneers she endured at school; Cygnus and Orion Black are at war with each other even as they bury their secrets six feet deep. 


There is a murderer on the loose, shrouded in paranoia, and the old structures, things of blood and age and time, are starting to crumble. 


And a ship arrives from Lübeck bringing Tom Riddle home. 


|| Nargles 2018 Winner: Best Description || 

Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 23 Jun 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: Claudius

I had a whole review typed up for you and my computer freaked out on me and it's now gone. Which makes me so sad because now I feel like I'm going to forget something that I typed. I'm sorry in advance, because I feel like this review won't be as good as the first. :(


I do remember that the first thing I commented on was your STUNNING prose. I forgot how much I loved it because it has been TOO LONG since I last read your work. It's amazing how vividly I could imagine every scene. The details paint a beautiful picture. It's like poetry and I'm obsessed.


I also commented on how I love the structure of each chapter, how you split it into four "acts." It seems fitting for two reasons. One, it's a great way to juggle your various characters with neat breaks, so I know who we are following and when the perspective shifts. Two, this story already feels like a play in the way you are establishing tension. It all feels so ominous. Shakespeare would be proud.


And of course, I had to comment on Tom Riddle. Tom is delicious. I love the hidden flashes of malice in his expression, like when the officer at the docks is questioning him about his purpose and his belongings, and Tom is acting so calm and collected, giving the "appropriate" response, then his gaze becomes dark, hinting at the danger he has brought with him. His manner is so cool and calculating. And with Cygnus, how he is able to manipulate the man so smoothly into believing that he is at his beck and call, when in reality it is Cygnus who would roll over for Tom in an instant. He clearly loves Tom. He's devoted to Tom in a way that Tom has clearly caught on to and is using. What will he get from Cynus' death? An inheritance? Or something more intangible... power? Esteem? Position? I'm curious.


I loved the scene with Adelaide. It was such an eerie yet also picturesque scene, with this young woman caring for her dying husband, and feeling so trapped and desperate in her position as caretaker. I loved the descriptions you included, of the flowers, and the dripping of the sponge, and the way she moved around the house almost like a ghost, like she's suffocating and alone. The line where you described how her husband is always dying yet still not dead was stunning. As was how you described the air as cloying and sickly sweet. It reminded me of a funeral home full of flowers, how the floral scent sticks to your nose and covers up the scent of death. It was very fitting. I wonder what the letter at the end was about, and why Adelaide felt the need to write it "just in case." I get the sense that she fears she's in or will be in some sort of trouble.


And finally, Eileen. I've never been a huge fan of Eileen honestly, but I almost feel bad for her in this scene. She seems to live a rather thankless life where she's basically invisible. But the end of her scene hints at her involvement in something bigger, so I'm curious to see how that all unfolds.


Okay, I think I touched on everything from the first review. I hope I expressed how much I enjoyed this piece and how STUNNING all the descriptions were. It helped me to imagine everything so distinctly, and it also helped to characterize each of these "players" in a unique way. You are incredibly talented, my dear, and this piece is no exception. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!

War Stories by forever_dreaming

Rated: Mature Audiences • 13 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star Past Featured Story

In the end, war heroes are, too, only humans. 

Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 13 Jun 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: courage

What do I even write? *sobs*


I'm finally here for your requested review. I chose the first chapter because I am particular about order, but I'd love to come and review the second chapter if you'd like to request again.


Okay, Gina, stop wasting time, you need to write a review.




There are so many things that I love about this chapter. The first thing that comes to mind is the repetition of "fifteen years later." Heartbreaking. Neville is holding onto the guilt fifteen years later, when Seamus has probably long since forgiven him. Neville seems to think that he lacks courage because of what he did, but there is a sort of courage in bearing guilt. It shows how just how much he loves his friends and how much he holds himself accountable. Of course, I'd rather he get his feelings down on paper and hash it out with Seamus, but the struggle in and of itself shows what a good guy Neville is. He's flawed, but great.


The way you weave multiple narratives into one is honestly astounding. I love the idea of storytelling with Neville's children (Frank and Alice... *sniff sniff*). It shows an interesting side of Neville that is concerned with the legacy he leaves for his posterity. And the constant revision of the letter as he rehashes the event is stunning. It reveals the complexity of his emotions about this event, and how he hasn't quite come to a place where he can fully explain his own part in it and his own emotional reaction to it.


Which brings me to the ending... It is perfect. I read your Author's Note about Tim O'Brien (which sounds very familiar) and instantly found myself nodding in agreement. The ending was PERFECT. It has so many layers. It shows how close Neville is with Seamus despite this incident, which hints at my belief that Seamus has already forgiven Neville. (Isn't that so common, by the way? That we are the last to forgive ourselves?) And it shows how damaged Neville is, really, because he believes that saying nothing is "best." What a poignant line, because no, saying nothing is NOT best, but I suppose Neville believes that he must stay silent to... I don't know... preserve their current relationship or keep his shame hidden.


And of course there's the added complication of Neville thinking about his parents, how their lives were forever damaged by the Cruciatus Curse. The Carrows are so clever. Evil and monstrous, but clever. It's not being tortured that is the worst punishment for Neville; it's seeing the Cruciatus Curse used against someone else, knowing its power to destroy their lives, and not stopping it. He's become the very thing he hates, if only for this one moment in time. And of course we can forgive him, because we understand how terrible things were at Hogwarts that year, but Neville cannot forgive himself.


YOU ARE A MASTER. My emotions are broken.

Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 23 Jun 2018 Story: Chapter: War Stories



You broke me again.


Here are some totally incoherent and unorganized thougts:


1. I loved how the story started with the italic portion because I wasn't quite sure who was speaking. At first, I thought it might be Cho speaking to herself and I wanted to crawl into the computer screen and hold her, because it was such negative self-talk. Then, as the flashback of her mother telling the tale unfolded, it became clear that it was her mother's voice, but I still wasn't sure if her mother was physically present or if Cho was simply hearing her mother speak in her head. Both options were fitting. I'm convinced now by your author's note that Cho's mother was physically present, but I can also see this being read as Cho having her mother's voice constantly in her head, and I think that version could reveal a lot about their relationship, if the nit-picking/guilt trip of Cho's mom has become Cho's own self-talk.


2. Speaking of Cho's mom, I felt like you really captured the role of the Chinese mother here. It's clear that her mom loves Cho, but she's a very domineering presence, and the guilt trip here just kills me. She keeps saying how she doesn't know where her daughter went, and how she sees only a shell, and how she's been by Cho's side for months now, and it all sounds terribly manipulative to me. Cho is suffering and her mother finds a way to make it about her. And on top of that, her mother thinks she's doing Cho a favor by encouraging her to be strong. This, I feel, mirrors the lack of education regarding mental illness that is so rampant in today's world. So many think they can just cheer someone out of a depressive state or nudge someone through a bout of PTSD. It doesn't quite work that way, and I think the best thing Cho's mom could do is just BE THERE. But she can't. She has to fix Cho to make herself feel better and it just... UGH. It's written so well, though, that she's not entirely a monster and I understand where she's coming from, and I can see that it's well-intentioned, which makes it all so complex. YOU. STOP IT.


3. I love that you wove in the story of the warrior women, because at its heart, it does seem to be a very motivational story of overcoming difficulty and becoming stronger as a result. Which is great, in an ideal world. We all want to become stronger for our adversities. But as Cho reveals at the ending, it isn't quite that simple. If you've been through something as traumatizing as war, you don't ever really "get over it." it becomes a part of you. And OMG that last line: "she was living their ending." I feel like the air has been knocked out of me. THAT. It's powerful. And it's a beautiful way to show how much Cho is hurting without falling on a cliche.


I'm sure there's more that I forgot to mention because SO MANY THINGS went through my head as I read this. Once again I am blown away by your writing. Thank you for requesting this second chapter. Please feel free to come back and request another story (I really, genuinely mean that).

Spectrum by Crimson Quill

Rated: All Audiences • 10 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star


credit to brokenbutterfly@tda for banner. 


 'He admired her when she was at the bottom. Nearly broken, she still shined.'


Crimson Quill as Archer Rose


Written for Tasha (MalfoysAngel) for Pass it Along Challenge. 

Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 17 May 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: Chapter 1



Clearly, I'm a huge Dramione fan.


Okay, Gina, focus.


First, I really liked the echoing refrain of opposites. "Mudblood, Death Eater." "Slytherin, Gryffindor." It was a cool set-up, because that's exactly how the world views them. In black and white. The world sees these labels and imagines that they could never work together BUT THEY CAN BECAUSE DRAMIONE IS LIFE. *ahem*


Second, CAN YOU PLEASE WRITE MORE? You write about their relationship so... gosh, I don't even have a word for it. It just feels right. That they both have pasts and they have to overcome them. I liked the notion of forgiveness, and moving forward, and learning to find each other in shades of gray. I would love to see a longer piece from you. No pressure or anything. Just... gah this is good.



Author's Response:



I'm really glad that you got to read this. I wrote this for a dramione shipper as a present and had no experiences with this ship at all. I'm so glad it came across well because I was nervous about how it would come out, I don't know if I would be able to write them in a longer piece though. I think I wrote this like how I would imagine it might happen, I think they would be good together on an intelligent level with having these discussions. I don't really ship them but there is a couple of things which I kinda like about the ship. I think they would challenge each other which is important in relationships. I'm very very flattered by this review!


- Abbi xo 


The First Female Minister for Magic. by Margaret

Rated: Mature Audiences • 5 Reviews starstarstarstar

Amidst scandals in the Ministry and wars and rebellions across the Muggle world, the first Minister for Magic is elected.

Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 08 Dec 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I swear I came to your Author's Page to review a story that had no reviews, since that's what you requested on your Wishlist, but I saw the title of this story and just HAD to read it.


First of all, I am not surprised in the least that a Malfoy would say something so sexist. Ugh. Their family has always struck me as very old-fashioned, elitist, and stuck in their ways. They know that they can only keep their power by falling back on the way things used to be (i.e. Purebloods were esteemed and Muggleborns looked down on), so they hold onto the old ways, including old ideas about gender. I know that this story is set in the past, but still... the Malfoys need to get their heads out of the sand.


Also, I LOVE that it was a Dumbledore who fought against it, who insisted that a woman's perspective was not only just as valid but perhaps NEEDED. Yes! The Dumbledores have always been held to a high esteem because of their actions rather than their ancestry, so it's good to see others listening to Dumbledore because of his character rather than his blood.


Most importantly, GET IT, ARTEMISIA! I feel like fist pumping right now. This story is empowering and I so needed to read it to remind myself that there are good people who fight for equality and for what is right.


Happy holidays!



Author's Response:

Thank you so so much for this review. I'm glad to get a review for anything. And a couple of people have reviewed the stories that had no reviews anyway.


And from Dumbledore's comments in The Tales of Beedle the Bard, it seems like the Malfoys have been on the wrong side of history for a long, long time. We only know that they are anti-Muggleborn, but they seem likely to be traditionalists in general.


I'm guessing your need for a reminder about good people has something to do with all the stuff going on in the world right now. If you need another reminder, Ireland's first female president is now chairperson of the Elders and still fighting for issues of social justice and so on. Along with the rest of the Elders, of course, but since this story is about the first female Minister for Magic, Ireland's first female president seems relevent. It's not the same; our president is merely a figurehead really, but she is still awesome. her inauguration speech included the now famous line that she was elected by "the women of Ireland, mná na hÉireann, who instead of rocking the cradle, rocked the system."


Again, thanks for the review. I reckon it's longer than the story itself. Have a great time over the holidays.

Prisoner by Crimson Quill

Rated: Mature Audiences • 10 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star Past Featured Story

credit aurevoir @ tdas

We are all prisoners in some form, some physically but others mentally bound by our own sanity, anger, guilt and regret.


Written for Laura (Aphoride) Christmas ‘17


3rd Place in F.R.O.G.S 2018: Friends/Family | Winner of Best Minor Character at POGs 2018.

Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 17 May 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: Prisoner

Here for the Gryffie Review Tag! i have not read nearly enough of your work, my dear. I'm glad this gives me an excuse to visit your Author's Page.


What an emotionally charged piece. I don't really know how to coherently respond to this, so I think I'll focus this review on the parts that I especially loved--parts that stood out to me.


The first was when Ariana's mother was thinking about what House she would've been in had she been able to go to Hogwarts. It was such a sad moment. Being a mom is totally about those little moments of seeing your kids learning and exploring and growing. I think about those, too. I dream about the little things, like my daughter going to school for the first time and getting her hair cut, etc. That moment really struck me, when she's mourning that her daughter won't go to Hogwarts. It was a great way of showing her sadness through something concrete.


That Ariana's first word had been "dada"--that chilled me. You pack powerful emotions into simple moments. It's so heartbreaking that her father is imprisoned when he only acted out of fatherly devotion. I think I'd do the same if anyone tried to hurt my daughter. It's just instinct. 


That the ending was in second person was SO cool. Ariana isn't fully herself, so the invitation for the reader to become her, to fill in the pieces, was perfect. I love that the ending of this piece is like a new beginning for this family. When she says that her brothers are still holding on to the pain and the guilt, and that they will never let that go--that broke me. I hope that they can do so now, that they have moved on to the next life, the afterlife, and are together again. I imagine that Ariana will be "healed' now and they can move beyond what happened on earth.


BEAUTIFUL piece, my dear. I'm so glad I got to read this.

five lives by justawillowtree

Rated: Mature Audiences • 23 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Past Featured Story

| banner by choobacca @ TDA |


banner that says


Four lives Astoria saved. And then the fifth.

Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 07 May 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: four plus one

Gah. How do I even respond to this?

Let me just first say that I am in awe of this piece. That way you know that I loved it so in the rambling that is sure to follow you won't be utterly confusing.

I just... 

How did you do this? How? 

Let's start with the writing because that is something more concrete that I can gush about. You are a talented writer. I am so impressed by your writing. It never felt forced. It drew me in from the first sentence and half an hour later, when I finished the last line, I was brought back to my classroom (I read it during my prep period) and reminded that I wasn't, in fact, in Carrow-era Hogwarts. The language is BEAUTIFUL and POETIC and everything good. Please never stop writing.

The way in which you painted the era was just stunning. Horrifying, but stunning. This is a largely unexplored area of fic and I'm so glad you tackled it. I love dark pieces and so this was right up my alley. You did it COMPLETE and TOTAL justice, my dear. It's emotional and powerful and just so, so well done. I am even more disgusted by the Carrows than I ever thought I could be. They are monsters.

I adore Astoria. She's the perfect balance of haughty, self-righteous, brave, intelligent, powerful... She is definitely a Slytherin, raised by Purebloods, and she's also the "rebel" but she's somewhere in the middle and the nuances of her personality are striking. This whole piece is nuanced, and that's what makes it so difficult to respond to. Here's Astoria, working behind the scenes to help her fellow students, but it's not because she has a hero complex, and she's not about to join the DA. She doesn't do it for attention. She just... does it. Something compels her to help. And it's not because she has a heart of gold.

And the decision she had to make at the end just broke me. I found myself just as nauseated as Astoria when faced with the reality of the decision she had to make. Oh, God. I don't know what I would've done in her situation. My instinct would've been to fight, to do anything I could do to get out of that room--but then what would the repurcussions be? That she could consider all of that on the spot and make the difficult decision that she did is incredible. Ginny will never understand that decision. Hell, I'm not even sure I understand fully. That's what makes the ending so heartbreaking. Astoria doesn't know if she did the right thing, and neither do we. And her contemplation on which of the Unforgivable Curses is the most unforgivable was so fitting. Did she really save a life in the final section? Or did she somehow destroy a life? Did she destroy her own life? Her own soul? The chapter title is so clever, because the final scene here is not so cut and dry.

Gah. I am in awe, my dear. Everything about this piece is stunning. I need to read more of your work, after I pick myself off of the floor and manage to find my coherence again.

Author's Response:



Seeing this from someone who writes such beautiful prose just absolutely made my week, thank you thank you thank you <3


I literally can't stop smiling as I'm responding to this, which probably looks a little strange to my classmates, whoops (I'm responding to this in school haha). But ahh I don't know what to say!! I'm just reading this review again and again and just feeling happy all over again each time. I'm so happy that you like my writing, it means so much to me. And your encouragement just makes me want to keep writing forever, so thank you so much.


Ahh thank you!! (I keep saying that, but I really mean it.) Writing dark pieces is really hard for me (tbh writing anything is hard for me, I'm always freaking out about everything I write lmao) especially because I'm always like "am I making this too melodramatic or???" so your review is very reassuring hehe.


Writing Astoria was so much fun! Because I love writing Slytherins for some reason, despite being as far away from a Slytherin myself as humanly possible. Yeah, definitely, your analysis of Astoria is spot-on. Though she gradually gets more and more personally invested in the lives of the DA, she still holds herself at arm's length from them, and to a certain degree, it's only because the Carrows are such terrible, horrible people that she's bothering to help out the DA, I think.


I don't know what I would've done, either. I have a horrible tendency to freeze up when frightened, and I'd just probably sit there and try to talk my way out. Which wouldn't have gone well. But there's not a single choice she could've made that would have gone well, and I feel like Ginny was too horrified and nauseated by what Astoria did to her (for good reason) to think about it from Astoria's perspective.


Thank you again!! I loved reading this review and hearing your thoughts on what Astoria did at the end. <3



The Fox by StarFeather

Rated: Teen Audiences • 5 Reviews


                                                                           banner by starship2016 @sp


It was written for “nott theodore's Fairy Tale Challenge”.


I got a hint, a concept for this story from a traditional old English ballad, “Reynardine (The Mountains High)".



I'd like to dedicate this story to Holly, Alopex.


Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 16 May 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Back again for the Gryffie Review Tag! I love that I've got a chance to read several of your stories through the review tag. :)


This story is so tender. Bill strikes me as a very valiant person. By that I mean that he cares about others above himself, and this is a beautiful example of that. Of course Fleur won't have any of it. She loves him no matter what. I loved seeing this in canon because it shows that Fleur is not just the "pretty girl" and she's not vapid. She's more than that. She's a warrior and she's kind and loving. I really like her and Bill.


I loved the description in this story, too. The "lurid afterglow" was really cool, and it helped me to envision the scene.


I think the interpretation of Bill as an Animagus was neat, too. At first I thought the fox might be a patronus, but then when Fleur "removed the magic," it all clicked into place. Poor Bill. He must be suffering so much to try to hide from the woman who loves him. It's heartbreaking to think about how much they all suffered because of the war.


I love your one-shots. They paint beautiful pictures and are always full of so much emotion.

Author's Response:

Hi, Gina. I really appreciate for your coming back to the den. We barely managed to keep the place after the meltdown of the previous community doing so many mistakes (most of the blames to me). With your strength, Gryffindor Tower will be more wonderful for lions.


So yeah, partly weak Bill might be me. An independent woman is brilliant. I tried to describe the gap, Bill's darkness and Fluer's light of hope. If you could feel it, I am very thankful.

In the folktale, the fox man might be a really bad guy. But I added the original episode, the fox is Bill's animagus and he tried to see if Fleur would keep loving him after the attack. A whole concept is that he is a human, weak. It might be against Gryffindor traits. But I simply enjoyed writing 'weak Bill'.




Don't Know How to Say Good-bye by StarFeather

Rated: Teen Audiences • 5 Reviews



Brilliant Banner By Theia@tda



He didn’t even know how to say “Good-bye”.

Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 16 May 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Here for the Gryffie Review Tag! Sorry in advance for any typos... I've been staring at my computer screen for too long and my eyes are a bit blurry.


Gosh, you really know how to punch me in the gut with your writing! I mean that in the best way possible. You tackle some really difficult scenes and themes, and I thank you for that, because it makes your writing authentic.


I like how this piece goes from perspective to perspective, seeing through all the Potters' eyes as the terrible scene unfolds. I had thought about how terrified and desperate Harry's parents must have been in that moment. A parent's love for their child is indescribable, so of course they were thinking of Harry and of protecting him. It must have been gut-wrenching knowing they were going to leave him. A parent wants nothing more than to watch their child grow up and now they can't...


But the scene that really hit home with me was the final scene. It was the shortest but it was packed full of emotion. That Harry couldn't say goodbye to his parents... Heartbreaking. That put me into the mindset of a child and it was so illuminating. Children don't fully understand what's going on around them, which makes tragedies like this even more tragic. He doesn't understand why his parents are gone, just that they are.


Thanks for writing this piece, even though it made me cry. ;)

Author's Response:

 Hi, Gina! Thank you again for leaving a wonderfule review. This challenge let me think over life: Harry's life, James Potter's and Lily's.

I imagine the last thought James had must be regret. His impossibility to save his family. Lily, I guess she couldn't think over about her life. What she cared the most was her son's life. As we know from J.K.Rowling's book, she saved Harry trading her own life. Writing Harry's part was hardest. I imagined two people who lost their lives in Hiroshima when I wrote the part.

Good-bye, Ron by StarFeather

Rated: All Audiences • 6 Reviews

Go, go. Walk away from me. Don’t look back. Smiling, I wave my hand in the air.

beautiful banner by Tiffany @shadowplay

Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 06 May 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Hello! Here for the review tag so I can catch up one some Gryffindor stories before POGS nominations. I clicked on this one because I saw PTSD listed in the description and was curious. 

This is such a interesting take on post-war Lavendar. In my head, she died in the war... I’m not sure if that is canon or just my own imagination. But I really like your interpretation. I love that Lavendar does not regret fighting in the Final Battle, even though it has left her scarred. I see her Gryffindor courage and pride coming through!

I also enjoyed that she was still thinking about how popular she was, even while recovering from her horrific wounds. It was such a nice piece of character development, and it felt right for Lavendar. 

Of course, this story is also about Lavendar saying goodbye to Ron. Surprisingly, that part made me a tad emotional. I say “surprisingly” because I really didn’t care for Lavendar in the books, so I was happy to see her and Ron split. But seeing the story from Lavendar’s perspective changed things for me. I really feel for her. Especially when she compares losing Ron to losing her youth. That was especially powerful. 

I really enjoyed this story! I’m glad I read it. :)

Author's Response:

 Hi, again, Gina! I really appreciate you came back for lions. Without you, the activity there is very quiet. So welcome back!


As I had experience at hospital , I felt like writing about Lavender's angst. The description there, is the thing people often experience at hospital. I believe Lavender Brown survived the war, not dead.

In my imagination, she got stronger after the war. Compared with the days in her younger age at Hogwarts, she had hardship attacked by Fenrir Greyback. Ron was also a brave warrior. Lavender must have followed him. She might not loved him any more at that time, but I thought it would be wonderful, if she had still a thing about him.

I like happy end. So I added Seamus in the end.  :)   

Breath of Fresh Air by Crimson Quill

Rated: Teen Audiences • 6 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

credit theia @ hpft

'It was all slotting into place like a jigsaw puzzle, forming a bigger picture, a secret that you were hiding from yourself.'


Katie Bell/Alicia Spinnet 


Written for Renee (MuggleMaybe) as part of Secret Cupid Event.

Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 07 May 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: Breath of Fresh Air

Here for the Review Tag!


Ah, I needed a piece of fluff today. Mondays are hard, but this made it a little easier. 

I immediately clicked on this piece because I had never read this pairing before, and I was intrigued. I'm so glad I clicked on it. I really like these two together. It fits so well. Best friends turned lovers. 

I love the full-circle feeling of this fic, too. Starting and ending with the realization, and then the kiss. It felt inevitable, almost. So when it happened, it felt like the last piece of a puzzle falling into place. And the final image of the "breath of fresh air" was totally perfect, especially after the scene of her running at Quidditch practice and trying to catch her breath. You clever writing, you!

Thank you for writing this. I'm so happy I got to read it!

That's All New! by beyond the rain

Rated: Mature Audiences • 65 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Past Featured Story


 Banner by me.




A witch hides from the society that shunned her for being a muggleborn...and a slytherin. That is until two broken men, fighting on opposite sides of a war, give her no option but to return to the wizarding world.  Magic hasn't managed to convince Clara that she belongs, but friends are more persuasive than any spell could be.

Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 09 Dec 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: Prologue

Ooh! Such an intriguing first chapter!


I love the idea that this mysterious character, Ciara, decided to not take sides in the war. I mean, I personally think she should have, because to not speak out against evil is to allow evil to flourish, BUT, having said that, I think it makes for really interesting character development for her to just refuse to take part, and to show equal humanity to both sides. It's intriguing and unique and it makes me want to know more about her. I feel like she was forced to hide and I'm not sure why.


I also liked how Harry wanted to know more about her and she shut him up real quick. It made me chuckle.


I'm curious how McGonagall knew about Ciara when no one else did. And why she felt like it was okay, at the end, to reveal Ciara's true identity to Harry when she had been hiding for so long. I hope Ciara is okay with the revelation. I have a feeling Harry will not rest until he knows more about her, and I'm curious as to how she and Remus met, married, and maintained a relationship during the war as Remus fought and she remained neutral. Unless Remus didn't fight in your story, as it has already diverged from canon.


A great start! Just enough mystery to grab my interest, but not too much that I feel totally lost and confused. I like that it's tied to canon but it doesn't rely entirely on canon, so I feel like anything could happen!


Happy holidays!



Author's Response:

Hi Gina! 


Honestly this is so weird when a legend like yourself comes and reviews MY chapter. This is such a surreal moment. 


It's going to be a while before my story returns to this time period, but her reasons are a joint effort. I keep going back to this chapter and consider changing it - but no. I think to keep her out of the war completely whilst being married to REMUS LUPIN is going to be the biggest challenge ever - and I'm here for it. There are reasons I've chosen, including her own beliefs, but there'll be something bigger. It might even affect their relationship. Who knows! I feel like I'm 100 chapters away from there...but I also hope it won't take that long. 


You're so right, if Clara buries her head in the sand then she's just allowing the war to continue. It's a rubbish view to take, but I feel like it's a bit of a slytherin thing....if that makes sense. Had she not been a muggle born, she would have most likely chosen the winning side. Another terrible thing to do, but really she's a walking contradiction. She's only really interested in her loved ones, it's not about "peace on earth" and being a pacifist. Had there been a war that hadn't involved her friends and family, she wouldn't have cared. But it involves persecution of people like herself and her loved ones - so she's involved. She hates it. 


Remus will probably be less active in the war than he had been. Some things are definitely going to change, but again - it feels like a long way off. As you can see, I'm just telling myself this like my procrastination is acceptable. It really isn't. I have no idea what I'm doing. 


Thank you so much for this review!! 



Home by adorably cute

Rated: Mature Audiences • 125 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Past Featured Story

thanks to Newt Scamander at TDA for the incredible banner

Home was a rather relative word for the girl who bounced between countries to divorced parents (who continue to do so, going for the record there Mom?), but perhaps, as Carson Wood is coming to find, the word can mean more than just a house with furniture inside.


Or, of family, friendship, finding love, and a bit of Quidditch.


Joint winner of the POGs Best Original Character 2018


Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 17 May 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 2: two

The Gryffie Review Tag gave me an excuse to come back and read another chapter. And it's just as delightful as the first!


I am officially obsessed with Carson. She is hilarious and so well developed. That she calls her stepfathers by number is so comical, but also sad. It gives good insight into why she is so sarcastic and snarky--she's probably harboring a lot of hurt from living in a home where her mother was clearly unstable and didn't pay Carson a lot of attention. I'm really glad that she's in Gryffindor now; I had a feeling she would be. Her comment at the end was perfect, though. Gave me a good chuckle.


Carson's relationship with her dad continues to amuse me. I love that Carson is somehow in charge, but not. I hope that makes sense. Like, she's used to living one way, so she brings those habits with her (like drinking in front of company), but she doesn't entirely disrespect her dad for trying to make her more respectable. It's endearing.


Also, I SMELL ROMANCE. The way she describes James, it's clear she thinks he's a BABE and I can't wait to see them all in the same House together at Hogwarts. Oh, the escapades! The drama! The hilarity!


Fantastic chapter, my dear. Your writing is so easy to fall into. I can't wait to come back for more!

Author's Response:

Aww, thank you! Carson is such a blast to write and I'm glad that it shows! Her relationship with Oliver is definitely unique and I totally get what you mean by saying she's in charge but not. She's defintely got him wrapped around her finger!

No doubts our girl would be a Gryffindor. I'd forgotten about that last line until you mentioned it! Classic little bit of Carson sass, but as Neville said, she's got a few friends around, so she'll fit in alright once they start Hogwarts! I hope you continue to enjoy Carson and her wit and interactions as we continue!


Thanks for coming out to read and review!


Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 07 May 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: one

Here for the Review Tag and SO glad I stumbled upon this story. 

I am incredibly envious of your writing style. It’s so light and easy and I just lost myself in it. This is an incredible first chapter, too. It has the perfect balance of backstory and action. Also, you seem to know a lot about Quidditch because the details are perfect. 

Now I’m rambling. 

I really like Carson. She’s a great narrator. She has a total teenage voice, but it’s not over-the-top. She’s endearing and funny and her backstory is intriguing. Sounds like her life in America was less than ideal, with a revolving door of stepfathers. I already love her teasing relationship with Oliver, so I can tell she’s better off with him. 

Her new friendship with Freddy is killing me! I love it! I love that she is in charge of every situation. She always seems to get her way, but not by manipulating people. Just by being charming. And nosy. ;)

I am very curious what House she’ll be in at Hogwarts. I’m leaning towards Gryffindor. Of course, I am biased. But she seems to the be the brave type. 

Thos is such an addicting story. I will be back!

Author's Response:

Thank you! That was such a sweet compliment and really means a lot! Carson is definitely interesting and a lot of fun to write! I love that you described her as charming and nosy; that's her at her peak haha! I'm glad you liked the story and hope you continue to enjoy whenever you have time to come back!

Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 19 May 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 3: three

Back again!


Can you teach me how to write witty dialogue? Prety please? You are so good at it and my dialogue always feels so boring and forced. Probably because I'm a painful introvert in real life and I hate talking to people (only half kidding). Hehe. Seriously, though, I love the banter. Carson is hilarious and I'm so glad that she's making friends at Hogwarts.


Speaking of which, it's commendable how you can handle so many characters in one scene and still manage to make them each have their own unique personality. I am very envious of that skill as well.


So Carson is at Hogwarts now. I am ready for the drama that is sure to ensue! I wonder what path she will take. Will she be a good girl at Hogwarts? Will see get into trouble? Will she join Quidditch? I hope she joins Quidditch--it's in her blood! Is Freddy on the Quidditch team? If he is, then she absolutely has to join. I love their friendship. It's adorable.


I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response:

I'll teach you witty dialogue if you teach me how you to write description and emotion! Haha the banter is so fun between Carson and her friends so I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far! More to come for sure! I hope you enjoy Carson just as much at Hogwarts with all kinds of new fun! Freddy and Carson's friendship is so adorable and I love writing it so you can definitely look for more of that! Glad you enjoyed and thanks for reading again!


Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 13 Jun 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 4: four

Hello, hello! I'm finally here for the review you requested! Sorry for the delay. End of school year stuff and then I had family visiting. But enough of my excuses...

I'm so glad to be back with this story!

Okay, first things first, I KNEW Carson would try out for the team and I KNEW she'd end up on it as a Chaser. How could she not? I think it's awesome that she didn't initially want to try out, that it was her friends who encouraged her to do so. It shows that she's not as prideful as her dad (or at least that's how I imagine him to be).

You describe the auditions really well--the tactics that Carson used to score against Cooper, how Cooper kept his cool, how the Seeker who was chosen was so small that she looked like she'd be blown over by a gust of wind. Really cool details that made the scene unique and authentic.

WHAT IS GOING ON WITH TIM? Is it really just House rivalry going on here, or is it something more. As Carson said, Freddy is one of the nicest guys around, so it surprises me that he would dislike someone purely for their House. The comment about Tim hurting Meg made me really suspicious, because it seems like they know something that Carson doesn't. I am glad that Carson gave them the "guilt trip" because it's always best to treat others with respect until they've lost that respect, but I am going to keep my eye on that one.

Carson seems to be setting into Hogwarts very well, and I'm happy to see that. Her cheerful demeanor is magnetic. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the note from her dad! Ahaha! I still love their relationship and how teasing it is. It seems like Carson can truly be herself around her dad. I love to see strong familial relationships in fics. I think it's a good indicator that Carson will continue to have strong relationships at Hogwarts as well.

Great job again, my dear! Feel free to come back and request another review. :)

Author's Response:

Hi! No worries, totally understand, life happens! That's a totally accurate statement about Oliver and Carson. And it's not necessarily a bad thing. Oliver knows he's good at Quidditch and that's okay! But while Carson is definitely confident in her abilities, she's more likely to make a joke about it or play it off. The Gryffindor team is so fun to write and I'm glad you thought tryouts came out so well. Carson gave a great gulit trip right? Unfortunately for the boys, Tim will be sticking around for a while! Carson's definitely settling in well. Made some new friends and getting started with Quidditch. Glad you enjoyed and thanks for reviewing! Will definitely stop back and request another soon!

Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 04 Jul 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 5: five

Here with your requested review, my dear. :) Sorry it's a bit late.


I have to start out this review by saying that I AM LIVING FOR THE BANTER in this chapter. Carson is freaking hilarious and everything out of her mouth is pure gold. The bit at the beginning of the chapter when Coop doesn't realize Oliver Wood is her dad--brilliant. And then when her friend were talking about how hot her dad is. OMG. Poor Carson. It's the dialogue that makes this story so dynamic and it makes me want to keep coming back for more.


I also have to say that you handle party/crowd scenes SO WELL. It's really hard to keep track of and move so many bodies in a scene, but it seemed effortless. You managed to tell me how everything was set up and where everyone was situated with minimal exposition, which made the scene flow so well and prevented me from getting bogged down in details. It helped me to stay present in the scene.


Speaking of the party scene, I LOVE FREDDY. He is such a sweet friend. And I think Carson's theory about him liking Meg is spot on. (Sorry, I'm just rambling here as I remember all the random details I loved...) How funny that they kept mentioning poor Albus and how he's never going to live this down. I think at one point she called his abs cute? Because he's 15? Yeah, I definitely cackled at that one! So hilarious!


I think this story is helping me to understand how to make the little moments matter. Because this story is a combination of moments between friends and family and it is honestly so compelling watching everything unfold. And it's not some major plot event; it's just the day-to-day life of Carson and YOU ARE A MASTER for making me fall in love with her life. I hope that made sense. It's just... when I write a story I feel like I'm so focused on getting from one major plot point to the next that I forget about the moments in between, where you develop character and become attached as a reader and WANT them to succeed when you finally do GET to those big moments. Ya know? You do that so, so well. I'm inspired. :)


I'll be back, I promise!

Author's Response:

Oh my gosh, this was the NICEST thing to come read today! I am so so touched about that entire last paragraph you wrote here! It's such a sweet thing to say! I'm glad you're getting so much out of it and loving Carson and her life! And now to address the actual plot points you've brought up! I love how much you love the banter and dialogue in this! Coop was really the first one to really talk about how famous her dad was. Like Carson's always known it but her friends also have famous parents...so there's a sense of normalcy to the fame that they all share? Of course, their friends with non-famous parents are just fans, which is how you get scenes like this. Carson's been in America for most of her life, where Quidditch isn't huge, and hasn't had to deal with her friends thinking her dad's hot before. A whole new experience. I'm glad you thought the party scene went well! Freddy is definitely one of my favorite characters to write. He's so sweet and funny! Haha I honestly forgot about her calling his abs cute until you mentioned it, but, yes, she did! I'm excited to see what you have to say to upcoming chapters! I'll definitely be back to request more (though I may request the one-shot I mentioned before another chapter). You were wildly flattering in this review and lovely as always, but it's been kind of a rough week so this was wonderful to read! :)

Batman Rides a Motorbike, and So Shall I by Pixileanin

Rated: Teen Audiences • 4 Reviews


James Potter needs motorcycle lessons, and Sirius is not amused.


March 2018

Reviewer: Unwritten Curse Signed
Date: 08 May 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: Thrillride

Here for the Gryffie Review Tag. I saw this story advertised somewhere (in your signature?) and was super intrigued. Glad I made it to check it out!

This is such a fun and quirky piece. It cheered me up majorly (end of the school year shenanigans are getting to me...). 

I have to ask... is James reading Muggle books because he wants to impress a certain red-haired someone? He shrugged it off so self-consciously that it HAS to be about Lily. And I love it. It's adorable. And sneaky. And perfectly James.

The relationship between James and Sirius is also perfect. The teasing cracked me up. Sirius would hold this over James' head--the fact that he is better than James at something. So he's kind of teaching James and kind of laughing at his ignorance. It's great.

The ending though. Ah! Such a tender moment. It just goes to show that these two are genuinely good friends. I've always imagined them as almost brothers. So I was happy to see a small moment that showed their connection.

I'm glad I got to visit your Author's Page! It's been too long.

Author's Response:

Aww, thanks!  This was a fun thing to write up.   I'm so glad it cheered you up and made you smile.  End of year stuff drags me down too.  I hope you get a relaxing summer to look forward to!

Yes, James has those ulterior motives that we all know about, but that really wasn't the focus of the piece.  I'm glad you liked the brotherly relationship and yeah, Sirius HAD to have fun with it.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope to see you around again soon!