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Past Featured Story Imperium by Aphoride


Men become accustomed to poison by degrees - Victor Hugo


It is October 1949: Lycus Malfoy is dying, quarantined in his house alone but for his wife, Adelaide, who still hopes there is a miracle cure; Eileen Prince has vanished into a Muggle life, washing the dead and arranging flowers, away from the sneers she endured at school; Cygnus and Orion Black are at war with each other even as they bury their secrets six feet deep. 


There is a murderer on the loose, shrouded in paranoia, and the old structures, things of blood and age and time, are starting to crumble. 


And a ship arrives from Lübeck bringing Tom Riddle home. 


|| Nargles 2018 Winner: Best Description || 


Stunning banner by starbuck @HPFT

Series: Vauxhall Road

Published: 30 Jul 2017 · Updated: 31 Dec 2019

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 22 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 7: Vespasian


damnation eileen, why the hell would you go walking around without a wand?? all this ‘living basically like a muggle’ is most definitely *not* a good idea. especially while the war is brewing and tom riddle has something on her… not that i believe she could/would actually fight against tom or do anything against his wishes – the way she’s been so far makes it obvious she’s so so scared of him (for a good reason….)


hm hm hm eileen calls tom ‘my lord’ which makes me wonder….how much did she get caught up with the dark arts before she shunned the wizarding life (barring the occasional venture into knockturn alley). she obviously knows him well enough to recognise when he’s furious, she did stuff for him, she knows never to imply he needs help and.. *of course* she will do whatever he asks. eileen is just this huge enigma of a character and idk…makes me think in some future snape might’ve gotten some dark arts ideas from his mother? who knows :o


i’m starting to wonder about adelaide’s (almost?) obsessive love for lycus – like..she really seems way too desperate to do anything and it’s just fascinating. to think she might consider dark magic that would change who he fundamentally is and so, by default, change the object of her love into something she …well..let’s be real – probably wouldn’t have fallen in love with is so incredibly sad and disturbing. it reminds me of the tale of three brothers and cadmus with the resurrection stone. maybe whatever she gets (has gotten?) herself mixed up in will result in her own self-destruction / spiral into adelaide losing both lycus and herself?? it seems like an awful thing but you’re very good at doing awful things to your characters, in a totally beautiful way, of course :P


ah the mysterious hand is a thingie tom stole from the shop – i’m definitely looking forward seeing what sorts of trouble eileen gets herself into with the hand and the grave!


and alphard is glorious lol. idk if this is true but i got the feeling that he trolled tom on purpose, even though he’s probably aware of how dangerous he is, and he gets major kudos for that. he’s got cojones :P he did just appear in time to relieve the tension between cygnus, orion and tom…and i, like cygnus, wouldn’t be surprised if orion didn’t leave that room alive hehe. cygnus’ confession about how he’s all too aware of what tom is but doesn’t mind is…also fascinating. i’d love for him to dwell more on the why of it – does the idea of tom’s danger thrill him? that’d be cool to read about :P though i feel like he also thinks he’s… *special* for tom, and obviously…we know he’s deluded if he does think that, but maybe he likes being deluded – it wouldn’t surprise me at all :D


another fantastic chapter, thank you for swapping with me!



i shout the lightning by sibilant

Fandom: Original Fiction · Rating: All Audiences · Completed Poetry (any length)
7 Reviews · 8 likes · 135 reads

i shout the

lightning strikes.

Characters: Original Character

Pairings: None

Story Length: 1 chapters (131 words)

HPFT Forum House: Ravenclaw

Genre: Angst, General, Hurt/Comfort

Themes: Family

Inclusivity: Bisexual/Biromantic, LGBTQA

Advisories: None
Series: Ravenclaw Stories of the Month

Published: 29 Jun 2018 · Updated: 29 Jun 2018

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 19 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 1: thunder echoes

*sobs in a very sad but also loving way*


you're my friend and i love you and this is terrifyingly scary but at the same time beautifully written and i'm still very sad and useless at reviewing. but .... i just read the poem(s) and had to sad!react lovingly.

literal chaos fire by maraudertimes

Fandom: Harry Potter Universe, Harry Potter Universe > Next-Generation (2009-2040) · Rating: Mature Audiences · Incomplete Novellette (under 25,000 words)
10 Reviews · 1 likes · 42 reads

literal chaos fire

AMAZING banner by down-in-flames@HPFT <3


Victoire Weasley is a masters student in infectious diseases handling a devastating break up with her girlfriend of two years.


Lily Potter is a first year law student navigating a figurative minefield that is the star quarterback unrequited affection.


Molly Weasley is pursuing her bachelors in engineering while pining over her best friend - who doesn't seem to realize it.




Three women, three vastly different lives, all coming together with group chats, family dinners, and a whole lot of chaos.

Series: None

Published: 17 May 2020 · Updated: 22 May 2020

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 18 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 2: September 18th, 2021


omg TEDDY LEFT ME FOR *AMERICA* is the saddest thing but also the most hilarious thing and like i wish i was witty enough to write hilarious chatfics but at least i get to read them alllllll


drunktexts are the best and i can just imagine the three of them sitting all alone, probably on the floor (idk why it’s my default sitting not-sober place) buttt whyyy does no one stop molly from texting the guy who doesn’t love her back (or does he? who knows)


omg lysander ‘you say that every week’ what an oblivious dude but also maybe he’s just pretending to be oblivious <.< people are hard to read. and that ‘i love you too’ is just. ughh come on


yes ‘oh not like that…’


pshh yeah hi see the three of them came to the same conclusion as i did, but damn, (best)friends-to-lovers is always a good idea and should happen :o


teddy was cheating!! well fffuck but vic seems very off in her texts to lily and idk how you managed to portray that just through texts but gah somebody needs to love her and/or bang her brains out to make her feel better.


omg fuck off teddy these texts are cruel and annoying go away


*dominatrix* i already love dom but no i don’t love the ‘i like teddy’ and ‘are you sure’


yes least favourite sister, you go vic


also wotter you doing idk how you come up with these but they’re awesome


i love all of them drunk together they’re amazingly hilarious


*still cackling*


(also i’m not even sorry for mostly incoherent reviews it’s just showing how good this story is)



Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 18 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 1: September 15th, 2021


bahahha i don’t even know how to start this review except with laughing out loud :P


but i think that was the point soooooo it’s cool it’s all good


ahahah poor james (besides having a terrible username (? idk even. everyone besides roxy has a terrible name in this particular dopest house groupchat hahah)), obviously a terrible thing was done to him when left alone while passed out drunk, i sympathise, i know how you feel dude :P except with like….mixing up people but i’m also senile and have a tendency to do it so. am i james? possibly. woohoo


literal chaos fire on the other hand is the best group chat name, i dig it a lot. but yeeaahh lily law school is terrible, but at least it’s not architecture (that’s not really a comfort). but i support molly’s work hard, play harder life motto, it’s the best thing in the universe


‘actually …’ and then not saying anything and derailing the entire conversation is very sneaky vic and also wtfff dude you can’t do that to people, i’m way too curious. AND OOH THEY BROKE UP which sucks and all that but also at least she has the cat which is very important information because teddy does not deserve the cat. i want that cat. /oops


and then omg the entire chain of events that led from vic telling them teddy and her broke up to molly and james and scorpius all going to a strangers house!! is peak chaos and i loveeee it!


but the oscar for the best line(s) in this chapter definitely goes to rose and her ‘they promised to do all house chores’ and ‘i asked them not to tell me’ and ‘i don’t see the issue here’ what an absolute queenTM i love rose *_*




*kris cackles a lot incoherently*



Past Featured Story Witch Slap by tatapb

Fandom: Harry Potter Universe · Rating: Mature Audiences · Incomplete Novel (50,000+ words)
67 Reviews · 1 likes · 641 reads

Twenty-one year old Rose Weasley is a wannabe Healer at St. Mungo's, Albus Potter is working as a Curse-Breaker for Gringotts and Scorpius Malfoy is a beater for Puddlemere. Al convices Rose to move in with him and Scorp and together the trio try to claw their way through adulthood.  

Series: None

Published: 30 Jan 2020 · Updated: 19 Mar 2020

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 16 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4 - Insomnia, you fickle bitch

maybe i'm a heartless witch but damnation, albus needs to get the fucking over himself and self pity and all this ridiculous talk about one true love merlinnn aasjalfsjfladnasoiq


it's like he turned into a soap opera-y drama queen in these couple of shared moments in the middle of the night with rose. i much prefer the deviously teasing al than this...whatever-the-hell-is-wrong-with-him-al.


sorry :P but i just can't understand him like at all...


but i liked the fact that he called rose out on the fact that she has issues about keeping in touch with people (then again....people could try keeping in touch with her (no, i don't feel called out at all, why are you looking at me like that)). i dig the cousins-bonding a lot even though the're kinda sappy.


the subtle 'rose likes scoripus malfoy' jab was awesome and don't think i haven't noticed haha *wink wink nudge nudge*


also! al's cursebreaker 'i tried to steal from gringotts but all i got was this lousy tattoo' spell is perfection :D




(evs, team silverr)

Past Featured Story Inheritance by Bunbury

Fandom: Harry Potter Universe, Harry Potter Universe > Second Wizarding War (1995-1998) · Rating: Mature Audiences · Incomplete Novel (50,000+ words)
85 Reviews · 7 likes · 441 reads



beauteous banner by the inimiatble Beth/Mrs Darcy@TDA


Phaedra Morley leads a quiet, private life, working at a Diagon Alley apothecary and looking after her infirm mother. But Phaedra has a secret, and now she must retrace her father's footsteps through the Dark Arts and find out what he was working on when he disappeared in the wake of Voldemort's fall. Along the way she enlists the help of a feckless bookseller and -- much to his displeasure -- Severus Snape. 


A story of death, madness, haunted houses, true friends, and Cockroach Clusters. 

Characters: Borgin, Florean Fortescue, Garrick Ollivander, Mundungus Fletcher, Original Character, Severus Snape, Xenophilius Lovegood

Pairings: Severus Snape/OC (HP)

Story Length: 6 chapters (28763 words)

HPFT Forum House: Slytherin

Series: Sitewide Stories of the Month, FROGS Winners, Slytherin Stories of the Month

Published: 14 Feb 2019 · Updated: 01 Feb 2020

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 16 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 6: "Are you suggesting that I embezzle rodents?"

embezzle rodents! pls phaedra do ittt


or maybe giving hector a pet owl might not be the greatest idea but still i think it would also be kinda adorable so there's that.


the plot thickens with the spooks - i wonder why mr shade was so  afraid or angry of/at phaedra, my curiosity is dying to know.


also i lol'd at drunk!snape because idk if he ever would've just let phaedra into his room while sober. probably not but i dig booze so :P


and the goblin market with the crooked peddler! that's just perfection, i can't wait to read more about it.


your descriptions are as delicious as always :P


also! delilah is involved in something tricky! a dastardly plot?! who knows. not me but i really want to so pls write more/update soonish *grabby gremlin hands*




(evs, team silverrrrr)

The Face of Lingate Reef by Rumpelstiltskin

Fandom: Original Fiction · Rating: Mature Audiences · Incomplete Challenge Entry (any length), Short Story (under 10,000 words)
16 Reviews · 3 likes · 186 reads


banner by rumpelstiltskin

Lingate Reef is a peculiar place, with peculiar customs, and a particularly peculiar system for determining the elite. In the wake of this year's The Face of Lingate Reef Competition, things are about to become even more peculiar.


For MuggleMaybe's The [Blank] Meets [Blank] Challenge
featuring: The Frog Prince meets America's Next Top Model

Characters: Magical Creature, Original Character, Original Female Character, Original Male Character

Pairings: None

Story Length: 7 chapters (5734 words)

HPFT Forum House: Slytherin

Series: None

Published: 19 Jun 2019 · Updated: 24 Jun 2019

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 13 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 5: IV - Knave of Cups

(evs/team silverr)


damnation, you're amazing at crafting this story for renee's challenge and the two things you combined - frog prince and america's next top model into a fascinating and original story of lingate reef....where your place in the society is determined by your beauty. bleak but also very fun :p


can't wait to see what happens when jolene finds out she's been chosen! somehow i do thinkk she'll be too thrilled but maybe she will since despite the obviously kinda disturbing social hierarchy and how it's determined, for jolene it's also an opportunity.



Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 13 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 4: III - Prince of Rats

/here for evs/team silver


omg rumpelsss!!!! this is pure gold and idk where or how you get your ideas but this chapter (story...) is amazing hahah.


shebelbabub is one adorably evil imp and i love her. 600 years is a long time for humans to overstay their welcome and idk about you, but i symapthise with her :P


poor john! just when he (his beauty?) finally got the chance to shine, he got turned into a (infected??) rat :I sad story. i wonder if people managed to uhhh contain the plague or whether these people who are now living are maybe immune (if their ancestors were immune to the disease and that's how they survived?). it'll be interesting to see what happens to poor john!rat :D



pageantry by crestwood

Fandom: Harry Potter Universe, Harry Potter Universe > Next-Generation (2009-2040) · Rating: Mature Audiences · Completed Short Story (under 10,000 words)
13 Reviews · 6 likes · 76 reads

Sometimes a road trip is more than just that. Louis and Lysander thought so, anyway. 


For you-make-me-wander's "The Open Road Challenge" and Queer In Knitted Thing's Queer Your Faves challenge.

Characters: Louis Weasley, Lysander Scamander

Pairings: Louis Weasley/Lysander Scamander (HP)

Story Length: 3 chapters (3827 words)

HPFT Forum House: Slytherin

Genre: Drama, Fluff, Romance

Themes: None

Inclusivity: Bisexual/Biromantic, Gay, Mixed Race, South Asian

Advisories: None
Series: The Things Change 'verse

Published: 05 Jun 2019 · Updated: 07 Jul 2019

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 13 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 2: journey to the end of the night

joey! i'm here for evs/team silver *_*


i adore your descriptions - both of nice and of louis' and lysander's relationship. i've been in nice and from the couple of sentences that you spent on describing it, i thought you really managed to beautifully convey the look and the feel and the atmosphere of the city - it's really quite something.


and the relationship between louis and lysander makes me think of louis as this...leaf in the wind and lysander just keeping up with him, holding on to him, getting caught up in the wind with him. which maybe doesn't make any sense to anyone but me, but still. i think it's sweet and adorable, especially the fact that louis seems to get on with rolf so well :P unsurprisingly.


the gambling was actually so fun! i could imagine lysander internally rolling his eyes in mock annoyance but in reality enjoying the thrill of louis, even though i get that he might worry and might not want them/louis to keep doing it.


beautiful chapter!



For the Gander by KittenKnife

Fandom: Harry Potter Universe · Rating: Mature Audiences · Completed One-Shot (any length)
2 Reviews · 0 likes · 17 reads

Jake has been caught cheating and Jasmine makes him watch as she does the same with his friend Theo.

Characters: Original Female Character

Pairings: None

Story Length: 1 chapters (1329 words)

HPFT Forum House: Slytherin

Series: None

Published: 25 Mar 2020 · Updated: 25 Mar 2020

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 13 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 1: Not good for the goose

hey carl, i'm here for evs/team silver!


this was both terrible (for jake...but also for jasmine and theo despite the fact that they probably enjoyed the sex) but also kinda entertaining. idk, maybe i'm weird but the thought of jake being forced to watch his wife fucking a guy whose wife he fucked is sort of like poetic justice :P


and yet, even with revenge, jasmine seemingly isn't quite satisfied, or at least, it didn't really help her feel better and i think you show us that when she cries. in the end, she tries to be like this is all cool and she won, so to speak, but i have a feeling she's still suffering.


nice job on twisting up revenge sex into a story that, while it is smutty as fuck, still shows the characters as real humans with feelings :P



Author's Response:

Yeah, I wanted to show that the revenge for Jasmine wasn't fulfilling. It was more about hurting Jake as much as he hurt her. She is definitely suffering. Abusers and cheaters often are still loved by their significant others and that makes it even worse sometimes.


Thank you for the review. I don't usually go this smutty route, but this story needed it to push it to that level.



Raising Helena by beyond the rain

Fandom: Harry Potter Universe, Harry Potter Universe > Next-Generation (2009-2040) · Rating: Mature Audiences · Incomplete Novel (50,000+ words), Novella (under 50,000 words)
18 Reviews · 1 likes · 137 reads

banner by me 

In a family full of prodigies, be the normal one. In fact, you should aim to be the biggest disappoint they've ever seen.


Series: Raising Helena

Published: 18 Apr 2020 · Updated: 25 May 2020

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 12 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 1: What the Hell is a Nymphadora?

hey bex, i'm here for evs/team silver!


i love lennie. and what the hell is a nymphadora indeed hahah - we all know tonks would agree with this train of thought and thank merlin snape at least thought the name she was supposed to have *was* kinda ridiculous (but, you already know from twitter i definitely share your dislike of next gen names haha :P)


anyhow, lennie seems like a really fun character and i like the fact that she seems to have this delicious tendency to poke fun at snape, at her mother, at literally everyone around her - i dig that a lot.


olvier seems like the perfectly annoying, too-smart-for-his-own-good-but-possibly-also-adorable younger brother - i'm excited to see more of him :D


and ahh, even though lennie keeps getting compared to her parents with grades and stuff, she actually did really great in most of her owls, despite the ehh unfortunate Ps.


this was such a fun and also funny (haha :P ) first chapter, i'm looking forward to reading more about lennie!



Author's Response:

If there's a heaven in the HPverse (who knows with JKR on the loose) then it is safe to say that Tonks would have been screaming her objections at Hermione so loud that Severus probably heard her, and made sure that Nymphadora Eileen Ginevra Snape never came to be. It sounds like such an awful name, doesn't it. I don't think Hermione's that good at name picking, really. Just like Harry, haha! 


Lennie is a class clown without an audience, and her teasing and tendency to ignore the rules goes way past school hours. No one is safe! Oliver makes a reappearance, later on in the fic, though his chapter isn't up yet. Once I get chapters eight and nine finished - I'll put it in the queue! He's a bit of an annoying voice of reason...but is very inexperienced in the matters of the heart. He doesn't really understand gut instincts either, like you assess the information and read all the facts - and follow the facts. That's what he thinks...for now anyway. 


No school report is perfect, or maybe that was just me, and I think a few poor grades here and there just show the subjects a person really cares about! 


Thanks for reading, and for taking the time to review!

Past Featured Story Angelus by Noelle Zingarella

Fandom: Original Fiction · Rating: Teen Audiences · Completed Challenge Entry (any length), Novellette (under 25,000 words)
36 Reviews · 6 likes · 410 reads

fire, dragon, woman

Banner by Noelle Zingarella


Although she was one of the Seven Factors with the ability to interact with the Hidden World, Gobnait McCann never expected to do more than marry and bear children. All that would change one night in October of 1871 when a disaster, a dragon, and a stranger call her to duty in what could only be termed a baptism by fire.


2nd Place in Rumpelstiltskin's Original Fiction Challenge (with a Twist)


FROGS 2020 finalist--best original fiction

Characters: Magical Creature, Original Female Character, Original Male Character

Pairings: OC/OC

Story Length: 7 chapters (11773 words)

HPFT Forum House: Slytherin

Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Humor, Romance

Themes: Family, Fate/Prophecy, Magical Creature, Religion

Inclusivity: None

Advisories: Violence
Series: Kneazles, Bowtruckles, and Owls, Oh My!, Original Fiction

Published: 25 Apr 2019 · Updated: 23 Jan 2020

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 12 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1: 8 October 1871--Morning

hello hello friend, thhis gremlin is here for evs/team silver!


gahhh noelle your descriptions are fabulous and there's literally no other word to use- the style of writing is so easy to read and fluid and even when you're describing mass (in latin...which makes me think i should probs google when they stopped that because i'm senile and forgot oops) it's not ... hm i'd say boring, but that would be the wrong word to use. tedious? idk. i mean, even if gobnait is obviously religious, she's still portrayed as human and you know, as it happens your thoughts run away from you even during mass. and i really liked that aspect of her character, besides the obviously supernatural parts!


and wow the shadow, the factor, others ??? i'm full of questions, obviously, and especially about that mysterious man following her around since the summer. honestly, idk how she hasn't gone mad and/or approached him and maybe poked him with a stick to find out what in the world he wants from her but i suppose it's a different time when you had to be a lil' more sensible than my poor gremlin heart would be :P


i thought this was a fantastic first chapter that left me very much ??? but in a totally great way so :P



The Face of Lingate Reef by Rumpelstiltskin

Fandom: Original Fiction · Rating: Mature Audiences · Incomplete Challenge Entry (any length), Short Story (under 10,000 words)
16 Reviews · 3 likes · 186 reads


banner by rumpelstiltskin

Lingate Reef is a peculiar place, with peculiar customs, and a particularly peculiar system for determining the elite. In the wake of this year's The Face of Lingate Reef Competition, things are about to become even more peculiar.


For MuggleMaybe's The [Blank] Meets [Blank] Challenge
featuring: The Frog Prince meets America's Next Top Model

Characters: Magical Creature, Original Character, Original Female Character, Original Male Character

Pairings: None

Story Length: 7 chapters (5734 words)

HPFT Forum House: Slytherin

Series: None

Published: 19 Jun 2019 · Updated: 24 Jun 2019

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 12 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 3: II - Princess of the Shoreline

here for evs/team silver!


'He could take his rotten mood out on the rotten man downstairs, and they could be rotten together.' - gah this line is somehow perfection and also i feel like it captures the mood of this chapter really well.


i felt distinctly uncomfortable reading this, as if i was jolene who was frustrated that she couldn't yell at hunter, couldn't yell at her father...honestly, i'm surprised she didn't just get a stick to poke people who annoyed her, because i think i definitely would :P


your descriptions are as amazing as ever - the smell, the wet socks, the mud...ugh it's all just so very bleak somehow and very fitting considering both the prologue and the first chapter. they're somehow almost tangible! great writing :D


i'm definitely excited to see what happens with jolene but also with this john rendaux and what's that extraordinary something :o



Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 12 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 1: Prologue -- Page of Warnings

here for evs/team silver!


i read this back for the hc opener, but somehow didn't review?? idk what's up with that and why i skipped the prologue but eh i'm here now


anyhow! the way you start this story is so fascinating and immediately draws in the reader with all these mysterious warnings and how we need to pay special attention and heed the...welll...lesson? of the story.


but i've always loved stories/fables that had grim beginnings, then evolved, and also stories that are used to teach children on how to behave in the form of something fun.


this was really a creative way to write the prologue and just wow



Past Featured Story We, Lawbreaking Citizens by Rumpelstiltskin

Fandom: Original Fiction · Rating: Mature Audiences · Incomplete Challenge Entry (any length), Novellette (under 25,000 words)
52 Reviews · 9 likes · 567 reads

BEAUTIFUL banner by beyond the rain @TDA and @HPFT

The War revealed many truths about humankind...the most important of those truths is that all humans are innately inclined to violence and chaos. We are hosts to an entire horde of plaguing ailments like jealousy and greed and we lack the physical and emotional capabilities to cope with such diseases. That is how the War started. That is how the world ended. That is why there is a grand nothingness on the Outside, beyond the walls of the Sovereignty.


My name is Cyril Bernard and I play a highly important role in maintaining the peace and overall wellbeing of our wonderfully prospering society (despite what that Mark Van said because what does that peacebreaker know anyway).


Second Place in scooterbug8515's Anything But Harry Challenge

October 2018 Featured Fic


Characters: Original Character, Original Male Character

Pairings: Unlisted Pairing

Story Length: 7 chapters (21990 words)

HPFT Forum House: Slytherin

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 12 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 5: Fractured Glass

hey rumpels, i'm here for evs/team silver!


i absolutely adored your descriptions of the underground - even though it's smelly and sewer-y and made cyrill vomit, it still seems so very vivid and full of super secret life under the nose of the sovereignty.


the more i find out about the life mark and cyrill shared before the events of this story, the more i feel kinda depressed about cyrill's current state and idk how mark copes with seeing him all the time, talking with him, hanging out with him and all the while cyrill has absolutely no clue except for the feeling of loving mark, and even that is strange to him and he doesn't even know what it is.


big daddy dingle!! how is he even here what :o


and i loved amelia - she seems like this cool lady that probably has the most sense out of all of these characters :P


also you still manage to crack me up with the style of this story and how there's always this subtle humour intersperesed throughout everything.


awesome chapter!



The Non-Invention of the Time-Turner by Bunbury

Fandom: Harry Potter Universe, Harry Potter Universe > Non-UK · Rating: All Audiences · Completed One-Shot (any length)
7 Reviews · 1 likes · 47 reads

Venice, 1350. An inventor receives a visit that changes the course of history. 

For the October 2019 House Cup -- the Time Room. 

Characters: Original Male Character

Pairings: None

Story Length: 1 chapters (524 words)

HPFT Forum House: Slytherin

Genre: General, Microfiction

Themes: None

Inclusivity: None

Advisories: None
Series: None

Published: 12 Oct 2019 · Updated: 13 Oct 2019

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 11 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 1: outrunning the sun

hey jane, i'm here for evs/team silver *_*


gahh i really love time paradoxes because they're a fascinating and frustrating mental exercise :p and so this story reminded me of the tv show 'dark' which also features a strange device that circulates time by passing through same hands...and so the question of its, or in this case, the timeturner's existence is very much in the air haha


i liked how you framed this *invention* in a humorous way, if only so frescobaldi could avoid terrible food...and certain death, but that's neither here nor there :p


and the fact that you put so much story content in just ~500ish words is amazing!



If You're Gonna Lie by maraudertimes

Fandom: Harry Potter Universe, Harry Potter Universe > Next-Generation (2009-2040) · Rating: Mature Audiences · Completed One-Shot (any length)
8 Reviews · 1 likes · 33 reads


Never come back, my head screams. 

And above that, the wish that grows louder with every heartbeat, Come home.



What can I do when I can't live with the truth but I can't let you go? Perhaps the French were right - you kill a small part of me with every touch.

Characters: Molly Weasley II

Pairings: Molly Weasley (II)/OC (HP)

Story Length: 1 chapters (1170 words)

HPFT Forum House: Gryffindor

Genre: Angst, Smut, Song Fic

Themes: Infidelity

Inclusivity: None

Advisories: Sexual Content
Series: Fatal Pleasures, Song Fics

Published: 07 May 2020 · Updated: 19 May 2020

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 09 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 1: Do It In My Bed


hey lo, here’s your resident gremlin for our swap!


aah so this is the molly&cedric backstory :eye_popping_emoji:


i find the relationship dynamic between the two of them fascinating. it’s almost as if molly is a masochist (too harsh a word but i can’t really think of a better one right now)  who enjoys (again, poor word choice lololo) *knowing* that he’s lying all the time, that he’s cheating, and it also gives her a certain type of power over him and/or their relationship. it’s like…she knows. she sits there, waits for him, drinks wine alone, knows *exactly* what he’s doing but she’s also in control…sort of. when he comes home, everything that happens after is again on her terms, even if it’s painful and makes her hurt and sad and she cries after they have sex, there’s still some small sliver of power and control over the entire situation. so it’s fascinating and kinda toxic and also i dig it a lot because i’m a lil fucked up like that :P


i loved your descriptions throughout the piece – they somehow fit perfectly the mood and the atmosphere of the story. everything is bleak, and dark and maybe grey with a pinch of wine-red, which is …fitting. the frustration molly feels about cedric not coming home, wanting him gone, the thoughts and anger culminating in the glass shattering was almost palpable, like i could touch it.


also i highkey love the watch detail and how it was a gift from her dad, totally reminiscent of the weasley clock in miniature, and then molly adds her own twist on it because it be like that – absolutely love it even if it’s, you know, totally sad and devastating knowing exactly when someone is lying to you, but it’s also…clever as fuck.


this line just perfectly summed up everything, i think – it’s very on point: ‘Every night I spend loving you ends up with another part of me lost, dead, and now I can't even recognize the girl staring back at me.’ and fatalistic and god now i want to see molly get her spark back because this really feels like it’s killing her slowly. in fatal pleasures she’s so vivid and so while this is devastating, i at least know things get way better. even though i also kinda shipped her with literally everyone, including cedric, in that first chapter lol :P


i loved reading this – it was so well written and showcased the failing/toxic relationship really really well. /also i know (i think? was this the story you mentioned in the discord gutter channel?) that it’s partially rl inspired and gahh that’s the worst and writing it out…idk if it helps. i write a lot from rl experiences and sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s just….very difficult. but at least it’s out there and well…


thanks for swapping with me *_*



Past Featured Story shenanigans by Beeezie

Fandom: Harry Potter Universe, Harry Potter Universe > Next-Generation (2009-2040) · Rating: Mature Audiences · Incomplete Novel (50,000+ words)
148 Reviews · 6 likes · 3007 reads

banner by abhorsen. @TDA

rulebreaking can generally be divided into three categories: some are nbd, some are dangerous, and some are outright illegal.


victoire and fred understand these distinctions, but they have never been particularly interested in them.


frogs best family/friendship runner up (2020, 2018), nargles best cast/ensemble (2019) and ravenclaw character (2017), diadem little claw (2016)

Series: Ravenclaw Nargles Winners, (sidenote: shenanigans), sidenote 2020: the reboot

Published: 12 Dec 2016 · Updated: 26 May 2020

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 08 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 2: The Magical Menagerie


:elmo_fire: /aka my weird way of saying i’m here for our swap oops


bahahha shirtless teddy is shirtless most definitely a little bit on purpose. i have a feelingTM. my feeling might be wrong but also not…and who could blame vic for not being able to look anywhere except at half naked teddy and objectify him, because we can all agree teddy is hot and deserves to be stared at by flushed vic. i support it.


and fred is the literal best for just flat out pointing it out /but also the way teddy is so damn cool about it haha. but he’s also the absolute best when he’s all concerned over both fred and vic aww *_*


i love the description of the menagerie lobby entrance, this massive dragon being carved in painstaking detail, and then wrapping its tail around the stairs sounds really beautiful and it’s really perfect for a menagerie entrance. actually, this entire idea of an underground menagerie for visitors like a zoo is brilliant and so creative. idk, i’m always a sucker for these incredibly cool additions that people come up with for the wizarding world.


that lethifold enclosure really made *my* skin crawl, it was positively creepy and perfect for a lethifold even if it’s stuck behind the safety glass. it’s just *there* being creepy and dark and shadowy.


also the weird empty cage teddy was staring at? *insert the eye popping emoji* i really need to know what it is and damnation why must victoire be so respectful and mindful :P


and there’s a poor lil baby basilisk with no eyes nooou. i have a soft spot for basilisks. /but i also i dig teddy putting his hands on vic’s shoulders and all that soft talking. but it’d really be interesting to see how someone plucked out the basilisk’s eyes :/


*your parent’s are going to kill me* aaah no teddy, we all know you’re probably adored by the potter/weasleys but damnation this was such a great thing of him to do, teddy is a good friend. and aww at the jacket and meeting up in hogsmeade (teddy is kinda adorably cool if that’s even a thing and even if it’s not a thing he made it a thing so it’s done) *_* yes get it vic


this was such a great view into magical creature-y part of the wizarding world and also a great view into the teddy/vic/a lil bit of fred dynamics and i loved it!


thanks for swapping with me *_*



Author's Response:

:elmo_fire: ily

your feeling is 30/10 not wrong, haha, oh teddy

tysmmm re: the menagerie, i'm so psyched it came across so well since magical creatures are slightly an obsession of mine haha, i have created So Many Sidenote Plot Points around magical creatures

empty is thestrals, teddy saw his father's mother die

OH THE BASILISK i'm planning to revisit that eventually bc there's a Story there

hahahahaha he is def adored by the potter/weasleys, esp since he does not blow shit up (omg adorably cool is the best phrase i must remember it) tysm!!

Requiem by clevernotbrilliant

Fandom: Original Fiction · Rating: Teen Audiences · Incomplete Novel (50,000+ words)
8 Reviews · 1 likes · 31 reads

Beautiful banner by amoretti@TDA



The Shadow Queen is dead. While the rest of the country celebrates the end of her tyrannical reign, her younger sister Clio can think only of revenge. Convinced that there must be more the story, she sets out into the unfamiliar world of magic and chaos her sister always tried to protect her from, determined to find the person responsible for her sister's death and show them just how terrifying a witch can be.

Characters: Original Female Character, Original Male Character

Pairings: OC/OC

Story Length: 3 chapters (6630 words)

HPFT Forum House: Ravenclaw

Genre: Action/Adventure

Themes: Family, Friendship

Inclusivity: LGBTQA

Advisories: None
Series: None

Published: 10 Apr 2020 · Updated: 05 May 2020

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 05 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 2: two.

hellou i’m back for our swap!


ahh, with original fiction, and especially with fantasy and science fiction, i’m always impressed with a writer’s ability to keep track of where things (places) are lol. so like…did you mayybe make a map or at least a sketch of the world you’re writing/of thero? or is it just this general idea in your head (honestly, i’m impressed by either one of those because making a map is hella impressive and so is just keeping all the info in your head or just in some notes :P). but anyhow! the placement of maleca on the edge of a forest before you reach a mountain and the desert actually seems like a pretty neat setting for starting us off on clio’s adventure. i feel like i can easily imagine it in my head from the way you described parts of it in the previous and in this chapter.


these people from the capitol visiting such a smol village makes me think they might have a vagueish idea that the shadow queen was from around here? who knows :o but the proclamation about how magic is now considered a capitol offense is definitely worrying for clio, especially if the people in the village might suddenly find it suspicious that their farm is always fruitful and all that – hopefully, all these villagers won’t suddenly turn into evil people who would rat them out, even on just a suspicion, but the way that man looked at clio, and the general ominous feeling she got from both the proclamation and the people around her are definitely….not very good things.


i loved the description when she disappears into the forest and how she just has to let this magic and power out, and how when she does, it comforts her and calms her. i wonder how her revenge plans are going to develop after these unfortunate happenings :I


ah so sylvie is definitely keeping clio’s secret, and honestly, i didn’t even think she wouldn’t, even when clio’s first thought was that she could be the one who sentences her to death – i didn’t get the impression that sylvie was antagonistic towards her, just the typical family banter and such. and of course, clio isn’t too nice to her in the previous (and this) chapter, but for now i’m attributing that to sadness/shock/annoyance at her sister’s death. but i loved sylvie’s reaction and how she was so fierce when she said ‘over my dead body’ – it really showed just how much she cares for clio, in just these couple of words.


this was another enchanting chapter, i loved it!


thanks for swapping with me *_*



Overwhelming Loudness by Ineke

Fandom: Original Fiction · Rating: Teen Audiences · Completed One-Shot (any length)
8 Reviews · 1 likes · 37 reads

Sensory overload is never a fun thing

Characters: Original Character

Pairings: None

Story Length: 1 chapters (956 words)

HPFT Forum House: Ravenclaw

Genre: Angst, General

Themes: None

Inclusivity: Autism Spectrum, Neurodiversity, Other Mental Illness

Advisories: None
Series: None

Published: 26 Dec 2019 · Updated: 26 Dec 2019

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 05 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

hey ineke, i’m here for our swap!


first of all – i really loved the way you chose to write this. the second person perspective is something i often find really hard to connect to and more often than not it doesn’t flow (at least for me…maybe i’m just weird?) but i feel like for this particular story, it was the perfect choice because it both gives a very intimate account of the struggles the narrator is facing and a certain type of “distance” from it which only, at least it’s how i see it, adds to the idea of the story and of being misunderstood as someone on the autism spectrum. because you can never fully explain it and you can never fully have people be immersed in the experience like it happens with first person pov.


so it definitely adds to the mood and the atmosphere of the story in a way that …simply works really really well. the feeling of being ‘not normal’ (while i’m not on the autism spectrum, i like to ask myself what even is normal whenever i contemplate the ways in which my brain is fucked up. and while it doesn’t really help, it at least makes me laugh from time to time) and ‘misunderstood’ and like nothing you ever do is going to be enough, both for yourself and for other people, is explored here in a way that’s horrifically tangible – with all the sounds and the sensory overload and the snapping at people… in the descriptions used, it all becomes too much even for the reader, and how could it not for the narrator who is actually experiencing this?


i think it’s a great feat of you as an author, that you’re able to draw from your own experiences and write them in a way that presents them to the world and doesn’t shy away from all the frustration and even heartache (not sure if this is the best word to describe it) for the way that there’s this awful dichotomy between what you feel and what the rest of the world feels, and neither you nor the world is able to fully or understand? each other in a way that doesn’t result in a type of frustration on both sides. because even the colleague that tries to be understanding and helpful, even that behaviour, seems to further the frustration of the narrator because it means they somehow need to be helped, while all they need is to be understood, and then we cycle back to the fundamental problem of understanding. so it’s all a circle.


the motif of music as a counterpart to all this other noise was a really effective way of showing just how something can help a person focus, can help them feel better, less frustrated, less tired and anxious, even if there isn’t actual music being played – the act of focusing on the lyrics or the tone of a song feels as if it’s this… comfort blanket? but you know, mentally. i just found it really beautiful, even if ultimately the narrator didn’t manage to get there and the sensory overload was too much, the idea that sometimes they can and that beautiful music helps them keep themselves together is really powerful.


i think that the way you used repetition of certain words was also effective in conveying the overload to the reader as a way to overload them, to an extent, with these excess words, and a great way to convey the growing tension and frustration without actually describing them, but using a stylistic tool to make the readers’ brains recognise the overload through reading.


thank you for sharing this story – i think it was a wonderful exploration of this sensory overload episode (wonderful in storytelling, not in the actual content, sadly :I ) and the way the person who is experiencing it is feeling.


i hope that in some smol way it helped to write it out, but then again, i don’t doubt that things often get like this and that just dealing with people and like…everything… becomes this tiring chore that you just want to get over with.


i enjoyed reading this, it was a glimpse into the narrator’s thought process that i feel is very valuable, and it was truly well written.


thanks for swapping with me!



not even a little bit (not even at all) by dreamshadow

Fandom: The 100 · Rating: Mature Audiences · Incomplete Challenge Entry (any length), Novella (under 50,000 words)
1 Reviews · 1 likes · 3 reads

Emma Rhodes planned on keeping her head down for senior year.
John Murphy planned on making some extra cash by taking out an unsuspecting pretty girl. 

What neither of them planned on was each other. 


for down-in-flames' modern AU challenge

Series: None

Published: 03 May 2020 · Updated: 04 May 2020

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 04 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 1: back to the start

here for our swappy swap!


10 things i hate about you was one of my favourite teenagey films so i’m very excited to see what you’ve done with it and the 100 characters :D (also i’m high key impressed with people who manage to write about their chars through various different universes, au and canon…it’s hella impressive)


pshhh the just knowing how to push each other’s buttons is a nice, good trope that i love and it already offers this tension between emma and murphy which i’m here for. i love for drama, what can i say :P


ahh i thought you did a great job with this first chapter! there are all these smol things that you’ve dropped that, you know, remind of the 10 things i hate about you plot but i love that it’s not all the same – especially the part with the past relationship between emma and perri, because i feel like *that* is going to complicate things even more *evil cackle*


and obviously, emma still has feelings for perri which is..kinda sad and makes me wonder why they decided to break up (i know, i know, not wanting to lose a friend and all that but argh) since they seem to still be great friends.


and murphy doesn’t know anything :o  i mean, depending on how close he is to them, i guess he doesn’t really need to (especially with the way emma just flat out attacked him in school for teasing her about an apparently fucked up (?? maybe) family).


i kinda lol’d at finn being the worstTM because he was definitely the character i kinda hated on the show (idk if he got better in later seasons…). i assume he’s the joey of the story and i’m hoping he gets an ass kicking at least :P


i do wonder where murphy disappeared to and all these mysterious hints that are being dropped about past events are deliciously sprinkled throughout the chapter, it’s all very *chef’s kiss* and i looove it!


emma obviously has her own issues and omg the running and just physically exhausting yourself in order to be able to at least sleep is so relateable :I but she seems like such an interesting original character and i think you fleshed her out really well in the first chapter (idk, i probably shouldn’t be surprised because i thinkkk you’ve written her plenty already haha but still! great oc!)


looking forward to the next chapter!





let's keep it casual by down-in-flames

banner by me


lily evans: i’m going to kill him i’m going to kill him i’m going to kill him

lily evans: I’M GOING TO KILL HIM

lily evans: give me ONE good reason not to commit murder right now


james potter: you can’t fuck me if you’re in prison?


written for tatapb's Trope Stew Challenge

Characters: James Potter I, Lily Evans Potter, Remus Lupin, Severus Snape, Sirius Black

Pairings: James Potter I/Lily Evans (HP), Remus Lupin/Sirius Black (HP)

Story Length: 1 chapters (4919 words)

HPFT Forum House: Gryffindor

Genre: AU, Fluff, Humor, Romance

Themes: Friends to Lovers

Inclusivity: Gay

Advisories: None
Series: deerly beloved

Published: 03 May 2020 · Updated: 08 May 2020

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 03 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 1: let's keep it casual

here for our swappy swap!


lily evans: the creepy fucker SNUCK INTO MY ROOM and STOLE IT

lily evans: and had the nerve to leave me a fucking LOVE NOTE in its place


the above is so fucking creepy and deeply disturbing and i’m like what the actual fuck ??? (‘k we all know snape *was*….creepy and stalkery and uh well disturbing in canon but translated into this modern au it’s also kinda next level <.< ugh)


but omg james and ‘what does it say’ dude pls tell lily to hexstab him not be curious about a creepy ass love note :P


death eaters messageboard!!!!! this is brilliant


but for fuck’s sake james, telling a girl you love her while fucking her, then backtracking and leaving after you’re done is just…hilariously stupid.


james is like…he somehow becomes this idiot when it comes to lily and he doesn’t even try to hide it or pretend it’s not like that (well, play pretend doesn’t count hahah) and that’s adorable :P especially when lily is all business after the above fuckup with i-love-you. you can just tell he’s all confused in his poor brain and he desperately trying not to freak out via text message with her and keep his cool hahah. which is a feat since obviously there’s no description etc etc so i think you’ve done a great job on that part of the fic where it’s like…it’s not even a chatfic but it is?? which doesn’t make sense but also it does to me and it’s a compliment lolo :P


'he’d probably just wank to a note i left'


really a cursed mental image and i feel kinda sick about it oops


lily evans: as it happens, i have somewhat recently come to the realisation that my feelings for you are somewhat outside the bounds of what one would consider ~friendly~


but i lol’d at this like…almost reporter-style ‘well, fuck, i love you too’ from lily ahhaha. but i love how they immediately both concluded they’re a power couple and continued with lily’s diabolical plan, i dig that a lot.


severus snape: You’re just jealous because for once, the nice guy did get the girl.


the nice guy! how…delusional.


james potter: i think you need to calm down

james potter: you’re being too loud


ahhh best ending to that convo ever :P


i can’t believe you managed to fit all of those tropes maria gave you in this…chatfic but it was brilliant (and yk, fake engagement/fake wedding as well haha because why not put in more tropes in a trope stew) :D and even though you say it’s chaotic, i can honestly say that even if it’s totally wild i still loved it and it was a great read *_*


and i love the fact that all this revenge and phases and literally everything is all lily as opposed to her being dragged into one of james’/marauders’ schemes :D



Past Featured Story Periphery by firewhiskey_ginger

Fandom: Harry Potter Universe, Harry Potter Universe > First Wizarding War (1950-1981) · Rating: Mature Audiences · Incomplete Novel (50,000+ words)
94 Reviews · 7 likes · 1714 reads


Banner by golden. at TDA 


Chloe is content with her quiet life amid her Muggle parents' fear of magic.  But after suffering a brutal attack at the hands of would-be Death Eaters, Chloe is thrust into a world both exhilarating and terrifying.  Marlene McKinnon and her friends, the Marauders, are rule-breakers.  They leave laughter and chaos in their wake.  They are everything that Chloe thought she never wanted, least of all Sirius Black: cavalier, reckless and so strangely alluring.  As the years pass, Chloe's infatuation with Marlene and Sirius forces her to question where her loyalties lie in the shadow of a rising war.

Golden Chalice Awards - Best Drama, Best Original Character

Series: Sitewide Stories of the Month, Hufflepuff Chalice Winners

Published: 08 Nov 2016 · Updated: 18 May 2020

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 03 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 3: Chapter Two

i am backkk


i have never heard of floriography before but 1) it's so incredibly cool and 2) damnation, why does the black adder society know it <.< ('re going to laugh but whenever i read black adder society i immediately think of blackadder and so my brain gets all confused by the different emotions, anger and humour :P but! as a name for a secret hogwarts society it's perfect)


also damnation but marlene sounds so..enchanting, i love her and i don't know anything about her lol. sirius does as well, but marlene is *_* chef's kiss


i have no idea how chloe will be dealing with ptsd and all the trauma but argh hopefully, marlene and sirius and the marauders might help even if it does mean emotional turmoil?


but wow emily. i really loved the inner thought process that chloe had when she came to visit and i honestly would've loved her be even more...harsh (truthful??) towards emily but i also understand her not really wanting to have anything to do with her.


i also can't believe that none of the school staff thinks this attack needs an investigation or that they're not directly asking questions but then's kinda reminiscent of modern day. and if chloe doesn't want to say, it's easy enough to use that as an excuse to ...not do anything about it. but i wish mcgonagall was just...ugh....just that she tried more i guess.


awesome chapter and i'm looking forward to reading the next one!



Sparks by TreacleTart

Fandom: Original Fiction · Rating: All Audiences · Incomplete One-Shot/Short Story Collection (any length)
24 Reviews · 1 likes · 101 reads


Stunning banner by aurevoir @ HPFT


A one-shot collection. 


It was like meeting someone out of your dreams, or fantasies, or a beloved character from a favorite book.  -James Patterson

Characters: Original Female Character, Original Male Character

Pairings: None

Story Length: 2 chapters (3832 words)

HPFT Forum House: Hufflepuff

Series: None

Published: 17 Apr 2020 · Updated: 25 Apr 2020

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 03 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 2: Magic Mushrooms

hey kaitlin! i'm back :D


this oneshot is decidedly different in mood than the last one, at least it starts out that way but ahhh i love it all the same. i love the descriptions of this guide which tell us so much about him without the narrator even actually knowing him?? like. that's really something.


the way he avoids getting close at first really does seem like he's just kinda fed up with tourists but over the course of the story i've loved how you layered his character and how he opens up. yeah, he might be fed up. yeah, most of them don't care about the same things he does. yeah, even if he does make friends, it's still incredibly sad when they leave....but even with all of the above, there are sometimes these special connections that simply happen between people that make it all worth it. and i loved that about this oneshot.


of course, you can't expect one person to magically open up, and so the exchange of experiences and words/languages and interests between him and the narrator wonderfully showed just how quickly a friendship/companionship can form when both sides try at it and are willing to take a risk and actually make a new friend and it's so *worth it*.


so the heartbreak at the end is all the more sad, but in the end, i feel like even if there is no 'next time', the experience and the friendship is something they'll both remember and cherish and be happy about even though it's bittersweet.


if you can't tell, i really loved both of these oneshots and i'll definitely be back when you update!



Author's Response:

Hey Kris! Thank you so much for both of these reviews. They are everything. <3

Rosie by mymischiefmanaged

Fandom: Harry Potter Universe, Harry Potter Universe > Next-Generation (2009-2040) · Rating: Mature Audiences · Incomplete Novel (50,000+ words)
25 Reviews · 1 likes · 134 reads

Rosie Banner


Rose hasn't seen or spoken to Scorpius since graduation, but now he's in her office covered in blood and they need to work together to save her cousin. It doesn't help that the rest of her relatives keep being attacked and the two of them have somehow ended up as the chief suspects. 


Gorgeous banner by Beyond the Rain

Characters: Rose Granger-Weasley

Pairings: Rose Granger-Weasley/Scorpius Malfoy (HP)

Story Length: 3 chapters (8121 words)

HPFT Forum House: Ravenclaw

Series: None

Published: 21 Apr 2020 · Updated: 11 May 2020

Reviewer: grumpy cat Signed
Date: 02 May 2020 · Title: Chapter 2: Chivalry

i'm back! i just *had* to read this next chapter :D


first!!! there's history woohooo and potential drama and all that good stuff between scorpius and rose *wink wink* *nudge nudge*


i mean obviously that's my first comment on this chapter because i live for drama but hey! i appreciate a lil romance in my mystery :P obviously, things didn't end *great* but i'm dying to know what exactly happened between them :o


but okay okay let me backtrack - this entire attack is wild and ffs, i really hope albus *is* just missing like they think he is, and not........dead...especially judging by scorpius' injuries (my first thought was sectumsempra...). i'm glad rose was able to help him out, but also, can i just say i also love the fact that since she's a mental health professional, she just went with a drunken advice and fuckloads of dittany haha :P because idk, i think it's always easy to make rose this all-knowing-perfect-person but the way you write her is really cool and i love how realistic it feels (i might've said this already in my previous review, sorry if i'm repeating myself).


i really do wonder whether harry would be as trusting of scorpius as teddy was (btw i love teddy&scorpius cousin dynamics - i headcanon narcissa and andromeda becoming close after the war and so i both write them like that and immensely enjoy when i come upon fics where it's acknowledged that teddy and scorpius are cousins, and even better, when they have nice dynamics :D) - albus is his son and i can definitely see harry that we know from books acting irrationally when his family is in danger. so scorpius' reasoning may be understandable.


omg the toy hippogriff made me cackle :D awesome line hahah


i can't wait to read more!



Author's Response:

Hi Kris! Thanks so much for coming back for chapter 2. I also need a little bit of romance in my stories, regardless of genre haha.

And yes! I love Teddy&Scorpius dynamics. I want to write a bit about Andromeda one day and explore her relationship with Narcissa (if you write it please tell me I would love to read). 

This review really made me smile. Thanks so much. Emma xx