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02 Apr 2017

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At The Lake by Dojh167

Rated: All Audiences • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

For Chazzie's Ship It! Challenge and the Every Word Counts Challenge | Banner by .amaris @ TDA | Polyverse

Gabrielle Delacour/Daphne Greengrass

"Could true beauty really exist without true horror?"


Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed starstarstarstar
Date: 19 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: At The Lake

Awh. This is just so adorable. I do love it so much when you hand love to such minor characters and craft something meaningful and deep about it. What I love the most about this story in particular is that you weaved possibly the only bits we know from canon about Gabrielle with your own beautiful writing about love, and made this seem like a most natural union. The past blended with the present perfectly to surprise us at the end that this little moment of attention so many years ago has developed into genuine love and was being declared as a (hopefully) eternal union. As always, your writing is flawless and ever so dreamy. I don't know how many times you'll let me get away with saying that your writing is dreamy, but it really is nothing but a compliment, so you should let me get away with it. Hopefully. 

When I Go Out With You by Dojh167

Rated: Mature Audiences • 161 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Past Featured Story



Dedicated to FireOpal/Epikoinos

2017 Golden Chalice Award Winner: Best Description; Hufflepuff December 2016 Story of the Month

Inspired by You Don't Own Me by Lesley Gore for toomanycurls' challenge | Banner by .amaris

I'm young and I love to be young
I'm free and I love to be free
To live my life the way I want
To say and do whatever I please

- A Hannah Abbott Story -


Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: 09 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: Fools Rush In

Hi, I'm here again for the winter wonderland. 


 I really am in awe of how stunning your writing is. I really cannot fathom how manay to make it look so effortless when it really is so calculated. Every single word seems to have a purpose. There is no redundance and no complex words, yet you communicate all these complex emotions in such a magical way. You gave me all sorts of feelings, that at some point, I was pretty much transported to Diagon Alley, and I could hear her breath, and see her be flustered yet utterly happy to be in company of this girl she clearly has so many feelings for and is uncontrollably attracted to. 


 Having just read your other story XOXO, I'm so happy when she announces that she feels it in her blood that Susan shares the same sentiment. I mean, it is a bit hopeful and forward, but maybe sometimes you can really know. I personally wouldn't know. 


 There are countless beauitful sentences in this story, but I think I've managed to narrow things down to find my favourite ones. 


'As we stand transfixed among the constant movement of Diagon Alley my thoughts run in every direction.'


I think that it's a very clever twist on the cliche 'the world stopped still'. In fact, it's even more realistic. And I admire the contrast it shows, but more importantly, this idea that they were in their own little bubble, unreachable, unaffected by the environment around them. It's just so lovely. 

Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: 09 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 2: Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows

Still here for the winter wonderland.


At the moment, I'm not sure what I like more, you writing sexy or you writing romance. Not that they don't overlap but there's a distinct quality, an air to each that you manage to construct around your characters and suck the reader into that atmosphere. For now, let's say that I like both equally because you write both brilliantly. 


 There's a clear contrast between the previous chapter and this one. While the prior was about the excitement of potential new beginnings and the electricity that comes with that and the nostalgia of bumping into an old friend, this one conveys a whole different stage that comes with its own set of qualities: comfort, familiarity, understanding. The two of them are just so relaxed around each other, but also playful, fun, and sexy. And it's just so adorable and a treat to read. 


The next section of this review is going to run under the assuption that Hannah is polyamorous. It's a conclusion I came to between inferring things and, I'm not gonna lie, the tags in the story description. If that's the case, then I'm thrilled to see representation for polyamore. I don't think I've come upon any other story that had a polyamorous character. Or at least not a main character anyway.


 I suppose the true meaning of Hannah's question about seeing Susan again went right over Ernie's head. That makes me wonder if Ernie knows that Hannah is polyamorous. And if he doesn't, then I'm looking forward to seeing how he'll react and how this will develop. And while I have a thing for the dramatics, I do hope that he is understanding because I'm rooting for Hannah's happiness, however that may come!



Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed starstarstarstar
Date: 09 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 3: It's A Happening World

Hey, still here for the winter wonderland.


So the plot thickens. I suppose my assumptions have led me astray, but after all, that's all they were. I like the vision you have for this more than mine. I mean, I only thought that Ernie didn't understand the potential meaning of what Hannah had said about Susan in the previous chapter (and perhaps that's why it was an uncertain statement with a hint of a question, if I remember correctly.) I didn't realise that it's possible that Hannah herself was uncertain and even guilty about those potential feelings she had for Susan, and that we come to know now are not only very real but also reciprocated. 


But I suppose it can never be that easy, can it? Well, maybe in Susan's case it is. But we're not all that self-assured and unaffected by the opinion of the world and the constraints that society imposes upon us. Even I'm a little in love with Susan for deciding to be so true to herself for it takes a ot of strength and bravery. And at the same time, as she explains, it's very liberating and fulfilling to do exactly what you believe suits you. 


I'm eager to see what Hannah decides next and how this all will unravel when/if she tells Ernie. 

Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed starstarstarstar
Date: 10 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 4: You Didn't Look 'Round

Hi, I'm back once again for the winter wonderland event.

 I couldn't help but notice, now that I've read two chapters of Hannah being around Ernie and two of being around Susan, that she is not the same person. The comfort she has with Ernie brings out this relaxed, funny side of her that we don't get to see with Susan. And likewise, around Susan, she's introspective and she's just so enamored by everything Susan does, soaking as much of her as possible as if she's transient. And I suppose that's an actual concern for Hannah, given that she was still so conflicted about what to do about the feelings she has for two different people. 


 Initially, the way she got over the morning's tension,and how she lit up upon seeing him put such a big smile on my face. I was slightly concerned she might be casting Susan away because she must be heads over heels in love with him for him to have such an effect on him. And then he does what he does. Ugh. Hypocrite much?


I love how the plot is progressing and eager to see where else it'll go.



Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 10 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 5: I'm Coolin', No Foolin'

It's interesting to see a new version of Hannah in this chapter. Angry Hannah! I love how conficted she is because that's so realistic. Just because the person you love slights you doesn't mean all the good feelings you have towards them vanish. Not everything is so black and white with emotions. Things would be so much easier had they been. 


Susan also deals with this beautifully. First, she gives her the much needed space to vent and explode with frustration. Then, when she feels that she might be ready for reason, she starts to console her. And she's so good at it. There is a huge difference between being polyamorous and being a cheater. The distinction is crucial. Which is why I think it's so, so important that you're focusing on polyamory in this story.


And this was my favourite line in the story: 

"I know it seems like your world is ending, because you let Ernie be your world."


And it really is problematic when you let one person be your everything. Magical and special as the sentiment may sound. 


It really is amazing how despite the magical quality of your writing, you still manage to craft very realistic characters and emotions.

Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed starstarstarstar
Date: 10 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 6: I Won't Love You Anymore (Sorry)

Hi, I'm still here for the winter wonderland event. 


Alright, so maybe this is a sad chapter, but that's not how I read it. While I feel sad for her that she's so conflicted, but I'm glad that at the end she decided that maybe being naive and turning a blind eye to be happy is not enough. She does deserve better. And I'm glad that the moment she saw him and the moment he spoke, her insticts told her to run. And that's how we know that Susan has started to have a lasting influence on her. A good influence. So yeah, it's supposed to be a sad chapter, but it's a gateway to so much growth and change that will (hopefully) be good for Hannah.

Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: 10 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 7: Don't Call Me, I'll Call You

Hey, still her for the winter wonderland! 


I have been dipping into and out of this story all day and I'm still into it. The characters are growing on me and I'm starting to get attached. And I'm also biased because I'm here for honesty and diversity and all of the amazing things you are representing in this story. 


I think this is another pivotal chapter for Hannah. Even though she was ready to consider polyamory back when she was with Ernie. But here, after she had her feelings hurt by him, she is reluctant and confused. I do believe it takes a lot of self-confidence to be in a relationship with someone who is polyamorous. Like you said, she needed to let go of her insecurities. Just because Susan was seeing other people doesn't mean that she's saying that Hannah is lacking anything. 


The following scene is so cute when they kiss, and here I caught a glimpse of that comfortable and funny Hannah again. And I'm so excited for these two!

Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 12 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 8: One By One

Hi, I'm still around for the winter wonderland. The length of your chapters is so convenient for this, haha. 


So, erm, my review is going to be all over the place because there's something very important I have to address first. I was under the impression that we were done with the surprises but then you bring in Neville Longbottom. I should've known since you didn't say this is AU, but I suppose I just thought you weren't covering that stage of her life. But whoa, I'm still in shock, but I'm also so thrilled because I love Neville so much!


Okay, now that we've covered that, back to the start. The chapter started out so peacefully, so beautifully, which is necessary after the few intense and eventful past chapters where Hannah was so conflicted and confused. And to see her accepting of Susan's sexuality, so unbothered and unshaken by Susan's interest in other people shows so much growth and development. 


I cannot wait to see what's coming next! This just keeps on getting better!

Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: 12 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 9: Run Bobby Run

Still here for the winter wonderland. You should know that by know. 


You should also know by now that I'm love with these girls. Especially Susan. You can tell she has everything figured out by how casually she's talking with Hannah about Neville and how supportive she is being. It just blows my mind how amazing she is. I'm in as much awe as Hannah. Okay, maybe slightly less, but close enough. That's how beautifully written this all is. Oh, and she gets extra points for being so casual about natural body hair as well!


Aside from the glowing personalities that you display in this chapter, there is so much sexiness and love and ease that you communicate and that jumps of the page. Every happy chapter in this story has this dreamy quality that puts me in a trance, but this chapter does it the most. Just because of how these characters are growing together and so supportive of each other. It makes my little heart explode from joy (and cuteness).

Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 12 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 10: Sometimes I Wish I Were A Boy

I'm sat here literally clapping in front of my screen, oh my God! I'm so exciited!


I absolutely despise the idea that guys must make the first move. It's the most annoying thing in the world and it troubles me so much. I snorted when Hannah cursed the patriarchy under her breath (a very common practise in my personal live given that I'm surrounded by all sorts of sexist fools, but that's not the point. The point is that I related to her so much at the moment.) Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realise that I'm like Hannah. A bit of an overthinker and a conformist, but given the chance and adequate encouragement, I can take off. And I suppose that's why I've been rooting for her all along and have been so proud of her development. 


 And the biggest proof of that change and development is the last scene where she just follows her instincts and asks Neville out. It could've been more graceful for sure, but I'm so glad she didn't censor herself and her personality just so that she would get his attention in a way that would suit him. Nope. I mean, it was a bit awkward, but still cute, and I'm as proud as ever of her!

Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: 12 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 11: You Name It

I'm not going to lie, I was slightly nervous (okay, maybe more than slightly) about how Neville was going to react to the whole polyamory thing, but I should've had more faith in him. But after what Ernie did, I can't really trust anyone. But Neville. Ah Neville, he really is everything Hannah described him as and maybe more. Even I'm smitten on this side of the screen. 


I’m also not going to lie about this. I’ve never seen the word metamour used before, so it’s nice to also be learning new things. Like I said, I haven’t read any other story involving polyamorous characters, so my knowledge on the matter are very superficial. So I love that you go into great depths representing it here with all its complications and the social stigma towards it, but also all the beauty that can come out of it when people are understanding. 


I also think that Luna and Susan are a most natural pairing. I mean, you’ve nailed it here. They’re both such free spirits, they’re perfect for each other.

Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 12 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 12: Lilacs and Violets

I know I say that about every chapter, but this one was so, so beautiful. You went above and beyond. I don't know how you can write about heartbreak so beautifully, so tenderly. I was torn between crying because of all of the feelings and smiling because of your word choice and how smoothly it all flowed. There are far too many beautiful sentences in this chapter, but my favourite was the passage where Hannah is standing above her love. That's just pure poetry. It touched me more than you can possibly imagine.

Like Hannah, I'm happy to see a different side of Susan. It makes her more realistic and more relatable. As for Hannah, I suppose you can only get closer to the one you love by consoling them and being there for them during such a difficult time.

It just leaves me in awe how beautiful they are and their relationship is even in heartbreak. They are literally goals!

Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: 12 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 13: Look of Love

Is it okay that I'm still fangirling about Neville? Because I really can't stop. I'm so glad we get to see more of him in this chapter. Especially now that they're comfortable around each other and doing mundane things like going to a Herbology convention, but still managing to make it so cutesy and romantic. I'm dreamily sighing at the screen while writing this. 


I like that Hannah wants to give the Neville the freedom that he lets her have and accepts her need for. But what I like even more is that Neville knows what he wants. And he tells it to her so gently and so lovingly in a way that doesn't throw shade at the way she loves (as many may unintentionally do) while defending his need to love the way he loves. And I think this is a consistent message throughout this story. You're showing multitudes of relationships and forms of love, and showing that it can be healthy and even magical given that everyone is being honest and respectful. And this is why I'm so in love with all of these characters. They're the kind of people we need more of in this world. Except for Ernie. We've got loads of him. 

Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed
Date: 16 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 14: I'll Be Standing By

How do these two not cease to be cute after all this time? Every time I read one of your chapters, I'm full of envy but also full of positive energy and warmth. Especially when these two are understanding and on the same page. And even more so when Hannah is not afraid of bringing up difficult topics and discussing them like the mature couple these two amazing ladies are! I know I keep saying this, but I'm so incredibly proud of Hannah. 


 It's also so cute that Hannah was fretting about this moving in with Neville thing as if it might offend Susan or something. I think that sometimes it's nice to find out that even after a decent time into a relationship, you can still learn new things about your partner. And this is the thing with being with someone like Susan who is such a free spirit; she always has the potential to surprise you. And I'm glad that Hannah found this a pleasant surprise. I do believe that Hannah is a bit more conventional than Susan, so I was slightly worried that she'd take that the wrong way. But these two are destined to be together (fingers crossed; there's still a decent number of chapters after this one and who knows what you'll do!)


I've accidentally peeked at the title of the next chapter, and it isn't very comforting. So I'm gonna jump over to that to see what it's all about. 

to the end of time by clairevergreen

Rated: Mature Audiences • 53 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star Past Featured Story

Beautiful banner by cat! @ TDA




"Friends til the end, remember?"






2015 Diadem Finalist: Best LGBTQA+ || 2016 Diadem Finalist: Best LGBTQA+ Character - Parvati || 2017 F.R.O.G.S. Nominee: Best Minor Character- Parvati || 2018 F.R.O.G.S. Nominee: Best Family/Friendship- Lavender/Parvati

Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 16 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 10: Don't Apologize

Can I start crying now? Did you really have to do this? 


Okay, since this is the last chapter and therefore the last review I'm leaving on this story, I'll try to be coherent and say actual useful things. And it's easier now that I know everything and I'm not basing everything off my emotions and my expectations. 


 First of all, if I thought it made sense that Parvati had such a difficult time telling Lavender about her feelings because she didn't/couldn't come out to her, then it makes even more sense now. That she had some feeling, some hunch that her best friend didn't reciprocate those very intense feelings she harboured for her must be a very compelling reason to keep your mouth shut. The smart thing to do would've been trying to get so hung up and to move on, but it's never that easy, is it? And I think that's what you managed to create brilliantly here. A complex but common situation that many of us has experienced. And in real life, it doesn't always end with rainbows and butterflies flawlessly. Sometimes they just don't love you back. but the important thing here is that they mean so much to other that they're both willing to work away from this mess towards rebuilding and strengthening their friendship. I did catch a little detail; I was so touched to see that Parvati was still wearing the friendship bracelet after all of this happy. I can't decide if that's unhealthy or just a representation of the strength of their bond. But this is what you did with this story: you blurred all the lines and left me a conflicted emotional mess. 


 I'd like to thank you for the enjoyable read. I've been working my way through it all day, so it has been my companion for a decent chunk of hours now. And it's so well-written that I got emotionally invested (perhaps a little more than necessary), but that only goes to show how relateable the characters you've created are. 

Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed starstarstarstar
Date: 08 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: New Friends

Hey! I'm here for the winter wonderland!

I always really enjoy reading that sorting chapter from points of view other than Harry's, and this was no exception. I'm not sure if Padma is just not as worried as Parvati or if she's the stereotypical Claw like myself and just wants to follow the rules or if she's too taken by it all to bother really. But I kind of felt bad for Parvati, especially since she continues to worry and fidget after that. And even reassures Padma when it's her turn to put on the hat. That was such a sweet moment. 


 I've always had negative feelings regarding Lavender. Mostly because I've only ever read about her from Harry's very biased point of view. But I can't help but comment on how sweet she is in this chapter. Not only does she try to comfort Parvati, but she also notices that her sister got sorted into another house and that it's the cause of Parvati's distress. And that's just in their first minute together. I can't help but imagine how good of a friendship that should develop into. But I suppose that's what the following chapters are for, so I'll jump right onto that. But this has been such a solid, enjoyable start! Well done!

Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed starstarstarstar
Date: 08 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 2: Bracelets

Still here for the Winter Wonderand.


This was so incredibly sweet and relatable. I personally remember the years of exchanging charm bracelets with my best friends. So reading this chapter just filled me with all sorts of warm and fuzzy emotions. I wish I knew what year they're in at this moment just so I could put it into perspective and see how long it has been since they had first met. 


I also love the creative touch of magic you've added to this. As if the emotions aren't enough. No, it stays on with magic unless you want it to come off. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty cynical. And reading that line did initially make me feel like that could've been very useful when I used to have friendship bracelets. Then I immediately thought that this sounds like the premise for future drama. But that might just be cynical old me. Although I hope not. Because drama could also be a lot of fun. And from my slightly biased knowledge of Lavender, she has a knack for drama. 


Once again, this has been such a lovely chapter. It's filling me with nostalgia. I am still here, still hooked, and looking forward to see these two grow and bloom together.

Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 08 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 3: Just a Phase

This just keeps getting better and better. And I really I'm not just saying that. I grew up in a predominant all-girl community, and I just relate to all of this so strongly. Good, solid female friendship and highly unrealistic and deluded chats about boys and relationships as young teenages. All the nostalgia is killing me. 


I wish that the most common thing I've been feeling toward Parvati in this story wasn't compassion and empathy. I do suppose it's so hard in conversations like that when everyone assumes that by default that a. you have feelings for someone and b. that it's a boy. And I suppose it's even harder when it's you best friend. And it's the absolute worst when she apparently tells you about all the boys she frequently has crushes on. Poor Parvati must be so confused, but I think you wrote about it so well. And I like that you made her seem to cope with it so well. 


Yes, she realises it's a difficult situation. But you can tell how strong and true her feelings are for Lavender when she hopes that they aren't fleeting or a just phase. My heart just wanted to melt from all the feels.


And since I commented on its absence in the previous chapter, I must say that I was happy for some sort of reference for time in this chapter. 

Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed
Date: 16 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 5: My Sweetheart

Hey, I'm here for the winter wonderland event.


 See, I really like this story, but I don't like how I keep feeling bad for Parvati. I mean, as if unrequited love wasn't difficult enough. But imagine having to help the one you love maintain their relationship with someone else and even help them pick appropriate gifts for them! It must be torture. While Parvati tries to be helpful and set her feelings aside, she still slips a bit, trying to make Lavender question how much she knew about Ron and to reason with her that it might just be transient infatuation. And in any case, I like that Parvati isn't perfect. She's a human being who is in love and in pain. It is not only understandable but maybe even justified. 


 But I'm glad it ended on a good note. With chocolate. Of course, chocolate helped solve all of this. But also they seem to have a solid, mature frienddship where they can be honest about what bothers them regarding each other and able to make compromises. But of course, honest up to a point when it comes to love, I suppose. Please tell me things turn around for Parvati! 

Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed
Date: 16 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 4: The Yule Ball

Can you please, please, please stop breaking my heart? Every cute scene between those two and every flicker of hope you ignite ends up dissipating by the end of every chapter? WHY? I want to blame Lavender for being so oblivious, but then again, Parvati hasn't spoken up about her feelings. And most of the time, glances of longing, exasperated sighs, and subtle hints are not enough. 


 Still, I was glad that they had this cute moment here. And that Parvati got to dance with someone she really loves (even if the object of her affections didn't reciprocate that). But I suppose that doesn't quite make up for that sinking feeling you get when, sure, you might having fun with this boy, but you could be having so much more fun and something a lot more meaningful with someone else. I'm too familiar with that feeling, and this is why I can't help but biased and on Parvati's side. 


It's also nice that Seamus abandoned Lavender to go keep Dean company. Do I detect another budding romance between two friends?

Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed
Date: 16 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 6: Should Have Said

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE TWO? You're on the verge of death. You're going to fight a war. How do you not admit your love to a person you've been yearning for for so long? And if you say it, does it not give you another reason to live and fight? Honestly, when you made them make that promise, my breath got caught in my chest and being my cynical self, I expected the worst. And I couldn't begin to imagine what would happen to Parvati with both, all the unconfessed feelings and the loss of her best friend. 


 So I was literally on the edge of my seat and biting my lip, my heart being torn apart as Parvati started to cry. I really thought that was it and that my suspicions where on point. But I was so glad to be wrong, for once. I let out one long sigh in the end. I hope this was enough of a scare to push Parvati (or Lavender even, just anyone for everything's sake!) to say something and put an end to this madness! 


 I wish I could put together more coherent reviews or tell you anything constructive. But I think it's all perfect, and it moves me so much I can't help but gush incessantly. 

Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: 16 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 7: Move In

Erm, hi, I have another question? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? I don't know if it's my deduction skills declining or if you did this one purpose. But I really, genuinely thought without a shadow of a doubt that they got together from that starting scene. And that that's why Parvati asked Lavender to move in. But then you bring in Padma and crush all the excitement that I had built up in y head. Seriously, give us a break! 


 Okay, no, you keep doing what you're doing because here I am, still hooked, still hoping that Parvati will finally tip over the edge and confess her heart's contents. And while I agree with Padma that this moving in thing is going to complicate Parvati's life so much, I'm still kind of excited because this might encourage her to say something. But honestly, if nearly dying didn't get these two to speak up, who knows if anything ever will. Except for you, of course, so you can keep toying with our feelings. Please send hugs to Parvati on my behalf.

Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed
Date: 16 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 8: First Dates

Up until this chapter, I had a lot of trouble understanding why it was such a big secret, why Parvati was so scared to tell Lavender. I mean, yes, sure, she might risk losing her as a friend. BUT FOR FIVE YEARS? For goodness's sake. But this chapter, it finally hit me that her sexual identity was caught up in all of this. So much that she didn't even tell her best friend that she's a lesbian. I honestly don't know how Parvati does it and has been doing it for so long. I always feel like she needs to stop being a coward and just bloody say what she thinks and feels, but I suppose it's a bit more complicated than that. And more importantly, it takes a lot of strength of character and generousity of spirit to be so supportive of your friend pursuing other people when you're in love with her. And sure, Lavender has acquired her own set of scars during the war. But I can't imagine that carrying around so many secrets isn't big enough of a burden to be inflicting some sort of damage on Parvati.


Send her more hugs on my behalf, and send me hugs and tell me that everything will be okay, please. 

Reviewer: manno-malfoy Signed
Date: 16 Dec 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 9: A Moment of Confidence

I'm writing this before I start reading the chapter to let you know that I want to be hopeful because of what the chapter's title indicates. But I've done the same mistake before and you crushed me, so I'm not doing that again. 


Okay. All done. You've had me on this emotional rollercoaster all day, I'm starting to feel queasy with all the feelings. I got so excited when finally, FINALLY Parvati confessed about how she feels. It was dramatic, but it was so raw and honest, I was hollering in my seat. But then you broke my heart. Again. For like the 10th time today. And I still am asking why? 


 While things did end on a very grim note, I do want to mention that I thought it was adorable that Lavender wanted Parvati there in person to celebrate with her the news of her proposal. Or it's adorable from Lavender's oblivious side of things. 


 The problem is that, like I told you before, I've been where Parvati is, so every chapter is like salt on wounds I thought I'd gotten rid of. And this chapter is pretty much dejavu. This is why I'm so emotional and gushing about all of this. 


 At least you've left us a glimmer of hope. Let's see what Lavender's thinking is going to lead to. But I'm not getting my hopes up again.